The Best Wedding Website Templates You Can Get

The Best Wedding Website Templates You Can Get

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If there's one area where technology is a game changer, this is the wedding planning industry. With a nice wedding website, you can attract lots of clients, showcase your services, and display your portfolio. Thus, you'll be helping the bride and groom plan the best party.

However, the market waits for no one and there's no time to waste. By using wedding website templates, you can create a stunning site. Include a photo gallery, dress code, guest list, rehearsal dinner instructions, engagement photos, and all the important details pertaining to the event. Moreover, a template comes with a layout and features designed specifically for its purpose.

This is a list of the best wedding website templates with reviews, prices, and other features that are vital to promoting that special day. Every example has everything you need: a wedding theme, a stunning design, and useful characteristics.

Key Features to Look for in Wedding Website Templates

Maybe you have already figured out how you want your wedding website to look. However, this is only the first step. Any good website is a combination of looks and usability.

Also, you may need to find options according to your budget that also fulfill your needs. Here are the main aspects to consider when choosing the perfect website template for wedding events.

  • How customizable it is: make sure to check out the customization options available on a given template. A good website template allows you to change the font and the color scheme and lets you upload photos.
  • How responsive it is: you never know how your visitors may reach your wedding website. Hence, make sure all the details look good across different devices.
  • How user-friendly it is: most wedding planning experts are not tech-savvy. In other words, they need an intuitive platform with a short learning curve. At this point, optimizing time is very important.
  • How functional it is: analyze which features you need to add so that the website template serves its purpose. These types of pages usually need the wedding details, a gift registry, RSVP forms, and a photo gallery.

Beautiful Wedding Website Template Examples Where to Get Inspiration



If you're worried about finding a wedding style that suits you, LoveLove has the solution. Here you can choose from nine different style options. Based on HTML5, it includes specific features. For example, you can showcase an Indian/Asian wedding including planning and announcement tools. Finally, thanks to its responsiveness all visitors will see the best version of your wedding website.

Be Wedding


Simplicity is usually the best choice. This is the case with Forever. With its clean design, you can create wedding invitations or plan an event for that special day.

It comes with standard features that you can't live without if you're a wedding planning expert. This includes a gift registry, RSVP, Google Maps, and a timeline for the couple's love story.



For agencies or professionals in the wedding party business, Feelings is a great alternative. It was built on HTML and the latest Next 13 version. Through Redux Persist, you can keep the important details at hand even after closing the application. Its smooth design is based on Bootstrap 5 and includes Material UI.

Be Wedding Planner


Here is a WordPress website template that's easy to edit and customize. The Eternity wedding theme was designed for all kinds of admins, even if they don't have coding skills. With 24/7 customer support, RSVP features, a lightweight photo gallery, and support for Google Maps, Eternity is a great option.

Happy Wedding


Here you'll find lots of elements to help you build your wedding website. A fully responsive template allows you to show your site to more people. It will look great on various screens, adapting to tablets, smartphones, and desktops. Happy Wedding was built with Bootstrap 3.

Be Wedding Dress


Check out this fully-featured wedding template and planner. It comes with Flat icon, Google Fonts, and a vector library. Validated with WC3, it includes an Ajax form so that invitees can get in touch with the bride and groom.



Are you looking for a responsive wedding website template? Do you want to have special features at your disposal? Choose Marry and access a countdown timer before the big day. Include a location page supported by Google Maps and lots of other elements. With pop-up videos, a slider, and an image carousel, your wedding website design will look stunning.

Be Wedding Photos


Here is a WordPress option that constitutes a great tool for the wedding planning process. Work from your desktop or phone and access plenty of customization options. Liebe is a great alternative, especially for a free tool, and comes with RSVP features. Make sure you provide your clients with a great experience with Liebe.



Besides a clean and beautiful design, Sweetheart offers powerful features. Include stunning photos on a masonry or grid layout. Add wedding details like bridesmaids and groomsmen, a wedding day countdown, and a love story. The development team used tools like SASS, CSS3, jQuery, and HTML5 to build this beautiful wedding template.

Be Wedding Services


A great option if you want the best website design for your wedding party. Both for wedding invitations or engagement celebrations, Glanz has everything you need. It includes child theme support so that you can edit the site without the fear of losing your changes. Glanz can show unlimited photos and comes with a PHP-non RSVP form.



Access 14 color scheme alternatives, blog pages, and other useful website design elements. Based on CSS3 and HTML, this is a great option if you want to build a wedding site. Moreover, Belle is fully responsive.

Also, enjoy a sticky menu, animations, cross-browser support, SASS, and a video wedding invitation.



The key to a great template is usability. Always make sure that you're buying a solution rather than a complication. In this regard, Lovus will not bring you problems since it has a simple drag-and-drop interface. Also, it comes with impressive pre-made templates so that you can save even more time.

Wedding Vendor


Here is a great place for wedding vendors to showcase their products. You can add all sorts of services like photography, catering, ceremony, cake, music, florists, and venue details. Built on the third version of Bootstrap, Wedding Vendor is a great tool for creating your wedding website. It also includes features like couples' login and shop layout.

Wedding Love


A multipurpose theme to create several types of pages. Customization becomes easy thanks to its HTML files. This theme was designed for wedding activities and includes all the necessary features for these types of events.



If what you need is responsiveness, take a look at this template. The developers recently updated it removing JSON so that the Ajax response becomes easier to use. The previous contact form also became friendlier and there's a new option based on HTML. So, if you and your partner are looking for a reliable website to keep guests updated, this is it.



Feel free to include all kinds of wedding-related features. Add bridesmaids, groomsmen, the couple's love story, and a countdown before the big day. Mylove was built on Sass, Bootstrap, and React. A cool feature is that you can send the RSVP form by email.

Olivia & Enrico


Users will find this theme easy to navigate. The vertical menu on the side surely helps. With the video background, you can cause a good first impression while you build expectations before the wedding date. It includes an Owl carousel and Themify icons. For an extra touch of elegance, check out the Ken Burns effect.

Perfect Wedding


Based on CSS3, HTML 5, and Bootstrap 3.0, Perfect Wedding offers lots of advantages. Send RSVP forms with email validation and run the website on all devices and screens. It comes with comprehensive documentation and solid support so that you can create the best wedding invitations.

Lovely Wedding


Lovely includes two types of menus to make the site look more appealing. It comes with important features like bridesmaids and groomsmen, wedding details, and love story. A useful feature is the possibility to change the color scheme value right from the variables file, thus making the customization process much easier. Lovely Wedding, like other wedding website options, allows you to send the RSVP form via email.

Queen Flowers


Now we have a beautiful wedding website design with soft colors and a clean layout. Its smooth animations highlight the wedding details that you may want to add. Navigation is easy and intuitive facilitated by a sticky menu. You'll find that this template is compatible with all browsers, thus helping you reach more people. Also, it comes with a scripting language processor called SASS.



If you want to convey a sweet and nice feeling, check out Jolly. This wedding planner is based on jQuery, SASS, Bootstrap, and HTML. The team added three portfolios so that you can display all the wedding details. Present events, the love story, a countdown, and a section for bridesmaids and groomsmen.



An exquisite website design comes hand in hand with Lilac. One of its best features is the timeline, where you can tell the story of the bride and groom. Add the location, a gift registry, and a gallery, and share your wedding planning process on Twitter. An RSVP is also included so that you can know in advance who will show up at your wedding party. Besides being retina-ready, it is fully responsive and based on Bootstrap. When it comes to customization, you won't find any issues.

Wedding Event


A clean design with plenty of options. You have 6 templates to choose from and the possibility to shift the theme to a dark version. Its design works wonders for engagement parties and wedding invitations. Enjoy all the best features: brides and grooms' family, location, timeline, countdown, and gift registry. Whether you plan your own wedding or an event for someone else, this is one of the best wedding website templates out there.

Wedding Bells


Make sure the bells ring loudly on your wedding day. For this, you have a responsive theme to support you. There are plenty of templates and ready-made pages so the website design is like a walk in the park. Wedding Bells comes with 5 previously defined colors so that you choose the option that best fits your party's theme. With this HTML and CSS wedding template, your event will surely be a success.



Are you looking for an option that comes with good features and is easy to customize? Check out Aimer! It's fully responsive and its retina-ready technology helps you provide a great user experience. Convey a sense of anticipation and excitement through a countdown and make sure everyone is looking forward to the big event. Aimer includes Google fonts and allows you to expand reaching a number of 600 fonts. Finally, thanks to its blog section, the couple is able to share their experience as they prepare to walk down the aisle.



Union's design is elegant but fresh. The possibility to customize the RSVP form is a great plus. Allow your guests to choose their preferred meal or their favorite songs. It comes with a page builder to make the design process faster. Editing is also a piece of cake thanks to Union. Also, you have the chance to experiment with various colors and effects.



Create a minimal website and present your love to the world. You can customize every aspect of your website design and use a sliding effect for an impressive touch. There are three backgrounds to choose from and plenty of other usages. For example, you can create a contact form and a help file.



With this customizable theme, you can create a one-page wedding website with lots of features. Since it was developed with Bootstrap 5, the theme is fully responsive. In other words, your engagement photos will look great on all devices! Also, its retina-ready technology helps the user have a better experience. Finally, Neela was developed with CSS3 and HTML5.

Wedding Day


Choose from any of the 2 page versions and the 4 scheme colors. If you want to impress guests with cool functionalities, Wedding Day is the wedding website template for you. Browsing should be pleasant for people navigating your site and this is possible thanks to the theme's smooth transitions. After all, you want the site visitors to get a feel of what the wedding party will be like. To cover all your fronts, Wedding Day is compatible with all browsers.



Bodas is an elegant, minimal theme with mild colors. An excellent option for your wedding site allowing you to add plenty of features. This includes RSVP, gift registry, photos, countdown, and a timeline. Fully optimized for mobile devices, Bodas is one of the best wedding website templates. All you need is one page to impress your visitors and keep guests updated. Also, it comes with a sticky bar and an auto-scroll feature.



Are you looking for several options that can be implemented easily? CKARLA brings 6 possible homepages. It comes with a ready-made contact form and a sidebar menu. The theme's code is optimized for search engines so that your guests can find you online. Finally, with its Themify icons and retina-ready features, CKARLA will give your wedding website a unique, elegant touch.



This wedding planner and website template is a responsive solution for your wedding needs. With CSS3 and HTML, the theme incorporates Bootstrap version 3. All these technologies combined bring excellent results. Users will enjoy wide compatibility and several style alternatives. Set up your website with two possible layouts and three different color palettes.



With its full screen, you can display impressive pictures of the groom and bride. Also, you can showcase videos to make the invite more enticing. Navigation options are right there and quite visible for the visitor to find them quickly. With Lovebirds you'll find plenty of typical wedding features plus the ones that you'll find on any site like a sticky bar and masonry gallery.



Every wedding planner will make great use of this template. Nozze is based on HTML5 providing a modern design with a minimalist touch. Thus, the focus is on the content rather than the visual effects. Technology like jQuery, CSS3, and HTML5 are vital to keeping a theme running, especially when it meets all the standards of a good wedding website design. For example, its coding is impeccable and provides both quality and reliability. If you like sophisticated wedding websites, check out Nozze's CSS3 animation effects.



A jewel of the wedding planning world, this template has everything you need. You'll find an owl carousel, a YouTube popup, Themify icons, Google Fonts, and a Magnific Popup gallery. Besides looking great on all screens, this template has all links available in the Sources and Credits section.



Find a clean and modern design with PWE. It's amazing what developers can do using Bootstrap, and this is clear proof. All visitors can navigate the site seamlessly thanks to the sidebar menu. Also, make sure your pictures look stunning by placing them on an owl carousel. Add different animation effects through CSS and a Magnific Popup gallery.

Mary & Brian


Are you looking for beautiful designs? This template is perfect if you're planning weddings and want them to be perfect. It comes with a ready-made contact form and is fully optimized for SEO. Finally, the Flexslidr, the Themify icons, and the retina-ready features will help you create a stunning website.

Wedding Reval


Here is one of the best wedding website design options that you can find out there. It's a multi-page template with a high resolution and a fully responsive structure. Besides having an exquisite design, Wedding Reval is built with quality code. Thus, you get not only the looks but also optimal functionalities. All in all, this is a fantastic option for wedding planners and people planning their own events.

Final Thoughts on The Best Wedding Website Templates You Can Get

To sum up, there are plenty of options that allow the regular user to build interesting sites. With any of these wedding website templates you don't need to be a coding expert: all you need is some dedication.

Hiring a professional developer can be expensive, especially if you're about to throw a party soon. This is why any of these options can be a lifesaver for you.

When choosing your wedding website design, make sure it's attractive, easy to use, and appealing to the user. With this list, all couples can have a great platform and invite their loved ones to the most important event of their lives.

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