The Best Videographer WordPress Themes Out There
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The Best Videographer WordPress Themes Out There

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December 17, 2020
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The internet can have positive and negative repercussions for videographers. It makes it easier for videographers to reach and showcase their work to more people. However, due to increased competition, it is harder to get noticed.

Videographers need a professional and stylish website to attract attention. There are WordPress themes for videographers that can help you create a website without any coding knowledge.

Videographers will be able to find a the best WordPress themes that fulfill their needs in the list below. This article details videographer WordPress themes that provide several tools to create the perfect website. The themes include templates, plugins, widgets, shortcodes, and are available and editable with the click of a mouse.

These videographer WordPress themes provide access to everything a videographer needs to build a creative and professional video portfolio.



BeTheme is has a huge array of power tools and design elements it places at your disposal. It’s easy for beginners to work with. If trying to satisfy multiple clients has become more stressful than rewarding, BeTheme has a solution for that as well.

BeTheme’s selection of hundreds of customizable, responsive pre-built websites is the highlight and a proven stress reducer. These professionally crafted, pre-built websites cover 30 industry sectors, all the common websites, and an impressive range of business niches.

The customizability of the theme makes it a dream come true for its users. There are 4 types of Page Builders that you can use with it: WPBakery, BeBuilder, and Elementor among them.

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Reel is a WordPress theme designed to create a video website. It offers many features perfect for building a professional videographer website.

These features include background videos, Video LightBox, and sliders. Sliders allow visitors to view video after video effortlessly. The Video LightBox also has the option of sliders so visitors do not have to exit the LightBox.

No coding knowledge is necessary. Reel offers many customizable options for every detail of the webpage to fit the user’s needs. Colors and fonts can be changed and modified and a user’s logo can be uploaded with one click.

The themes adapt to any screen size for both desktop and mobile use. And it integrates with the WooCommerce plugin to make an online store.



Büro is a videographer WordPress theme that strives to step outside standard designs. It helps creators, including videographers, present their works in an impressive way.

It provides many features to showcase diverse projects in a creative way. It offers dozens of video portfolio layouts and modules. Different font styles and colors are available.

It also integrates with several plugins to extend functionality. It integrates with WPBakery to help edit the theme. It also integrates with WooCommerce to turn the theme into an online store.

Himalayas Pro


Himalayas Pro provides single page themes. Instead of relaying information on several pages, this theme provides all the information a visitor needs to know on the homepage. It includes several features that allow videographers to display their work.

It comes with a video header and social media buttons. Other features include parallax scrolling and fast loading to create an attractive webpage. It is also very customizable; colors, typography, and widgets can be customized to suit the style of the user.



Bazna includes many features to create a beautiful videographer website. It has five homepage design options. Premade slideshows, portfolio templates, and integrated video players provide videographers with the right tools to showcase their work.

Features like the testimonial slider and the contact form help users generate leads. And users have the freedom to customize the design to fit their needs.

The design is responsive to fit on any screen. Bazna has excellent customer support to help if something goes wrong.

Video Elements


Video Elements was designed as a video hosting theme for subscribers. It has twenty-one themes available. The theme design layouts are minimalistic and modern and are responsive to any mobile device.

This videographer WordPress theme hosts content from YouTube, Vimeo, and other video hosts. Advertisement integration is available in some of the themes to provide designated spaces for ads.

Theme options and widgets allow the themes to be customized according to the user’s needs. Purchasing the theme gives the user one year of support and updates.



Mato is another WordPress theme for those who want to display an online video portfolio. Mato has ten elegant demos with black and white color schemes.

The layout and design elements direct attention to the video content. And it was coded with SEO in mind to increase search engine traffic.

More features include Google Fonts, YouTube, and Vimeo support. It also integrates with WooCommerce.



Bridge provides demos for multiple types of websites, and also works for videographers. It offers 530 demos and additional demos are added frequently.

It integrates with the Elementor page builder and even WPBakery. Users can use either of these editors to create a beautiful site without knowing how to code.

It also integrates with other platforms to provide tools to create a beautiful website, and it integrates with WooCommerce and comes with shop demos for an online store.

Google Fonts and widgets are offered for the user to fully customize the webpage. Over 200 elements allow users like videographers to showcase their work without compromising on style.

Video tutorials guide users when installing and designing a theme. Customer support provides solutions to problems.



This WordPress theme is made for filmmakers and production companies. videographers and other niches can also take advantage of its tools to create an impressive website.

For example, there is a homepage layout that allows users to play any video content. This is useful for filmmakers to play a movie trailer. Other users can put this to use by showing instructional videos or other videos of importance.

Also, this theme has a template for movie artists to display numerous videos in the same place. Other users benefit from this because it allows them to showcase several projects in one place.

It integrates with WooCommerce and other plugins to extend its functionality. More features include several fonts, customizable aspects, and mobile compatibility. There’s a large selection of homepages and inner pages that are equipped with video button functionality.



Novo is a useful theme for photographers, videographers, bloggers, musicians, and more. It provides various features for users to showcase their work in a unique way. It also has shop features so users can sell photos or other products.

Novo offers twenty-five different demos. Each demo comes in both a dark version and a light version. Two demos are built specifically for videographers but there are many other options.

Portfolios can be displayed in five different styles. These are masonry, slider, flow, grid, or horizontal. Additionally, it comes with Visual Composer which has an easy drag and drop interface to edit with ease. It optimizes photos for space economy and has a high-speed performance.



Next on this list of videographer WordPress themes is Videozoom. This is a responsive WordPress theme for any type of videographer. Videozoom was designed so videographers can launch a site as fast as possible but still have a high level of functionality and professionalism.

The options panel allows users to customize every detail of the site. A user can embed videos from external sources or upload their own.

A video slider showcases featured images on the customizable homepage. Dark and light site skins are available and the theme has a responsive design for mobile devices.

Overall, this customizable theme is a great choice for a wide range of videographers and helps them quickly create a site.

Vlogger Video Blog


Vlogger Video Blog is a WordPress theme designed for vloggers, and is useful for videographers and other related sites too. It has all the tools to create a videographer website that showcases video content.

The interface is easy to navigate and is customizable so users can personalize it according to their desired style. It includes a call to action button and a back to top button for an improved visitor experience.

A slider and other features make an appealing layout to display videos. Social media options and SEO help users reach a wide audience.



Vlog was designed with a strong focus on videography. It was also designed to fit the needs of video news websites and video magazines. It offers layouts and other dynamic ways to present videos and articles.

Two hundred layout combinations are available to users. Users can post ads, change image sizes, add widgets, and customize headers. Vlog integrates with several plugins.

This theme is compatible with YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Twitch, and other video platforms. In a few clicks, videos can be imported and embedded into the theme from these platforms.

Videos and articles can also be grouped into playlists. Vlog lets visitors save videos so they can access them later. Cinema mode plays the videos without distractions.



Rekam is a videographer WordPress themes useful for videographers and for filmmakers to display video portfolios.

This theme was designed to be intuitive and easy to install or customize. Users can import demos with one click.

They can also customize the page with a drag and drop page builder. The live customization feature allows users to preview any edits they make.

Many other features give users full control of their website and allow them to personalize the theme to suit their needs. Every element can be customized like the header, footer, and typography.

The theme is responsive for any mobile device and has excellent performance speed. A customer support team is accessible to solve any problems.



Formota is a WordPress theme designed for movie studios and filmmakers, but it is also useful to create a videographer website as it is customizable.

The theme package includes twelve homepage layouts and also offers inner pages. Users find these inner pages useful to add a contact page, portfolio page, or service page. There are many options to display articles with four blog templates available.

Videos can be hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, or hosted by the user. It integrates with plugins to extend its functionality. For example, it integrates with WooCommerce to create an online store.

Many other features allow users to showcase their work with an elegant and modern design.



Salient boasts being not only a WordPress theme but a complete solution for website design. It is suitable for all kinds of sites, and videographers can make use of it as well.

This theme offers more than 330 templates that can be combined to create a website the user wants. It also offers more than 1,000 configuration options and several elements to customize the site.

There are nine different styles for portfolio galleries, with options for blogs and magazines.

Salient offers front-end editing so users can visualize and quickly design their website. The theme is responsive so mobile visitors can also enjoy its features. It integrates with plugins allowing users to create an online store.

A unique feature includes multilayered parallax effects that also work on mobile devices. Additional features include animations, icon collections, and more.



Odry is a photography theme that has support for both images and videos. This makes it useful for videographers, photographers, or for those who produce both. It provides the necessary tools to launch a website to showcase skills and promote services.

All four of the homepage layouts that Odry offers are suitable for videographers. Users can choose how they will showcase their work on several portfolio gallery layouts. Inner pages are included as well, with a wide variety of practical uses.

This theme is designed to be compatible with mobile devices and integrates with WooCommerce.



Graneon is a theme designed for any creative artist. Videographers are the epitome of creative artists and thus can use this theme to create a stunning website.

Graneon provides many tools to create an elegant and modern website. It offers twelve homepages, four blog templates, portfolio layouts, and a set of inner pages. With these tools, any artist can create a beautiful site to showcase their work.

It is compatible with other plugins like WooCommerce. It is SEO optimized to attract more visitors. It is functional, customizable, and will exhibit the creativity of the user.



SOHO is a powerful WordPress theme that provides the tools to emphasize creativity and build an engaging website. This theme uses a fullscreen layout to present the user’s works in an impressive way.

It offers a user many ways to present their work including a fullscreen slider, background videos, gallery album, masonry portfolio, and more. Custom page templates and landing pages are available.

Other features include advanced typography, before and after modules, and color management. This theme is optimized for fast loading.



Noha is a theme designed with the focus of users showcasing their brand and creative works. It provides many demos to create a wide range of sites.

The demos that interest videographers the most include the video demo, the portfolio demo, and the freelancer demo. Alternatively, videographers can repurpose the photography demo to display videos.

This theme supports YouTube, Vimeo, and videos hosted by the user. It also supports audio files. It is responsive so that a user’s website looks good on mobile devices.

Several plugins are included with the theme and more are compatible to extend functionality and build a beautiful site. Several other features included with Noha provide the tools to create a simple but stunning website.



Brooklyn is a WordPress theme that can be used for multiple purposes. It is a good option to create a videographer website because it supports video embed and high-resolution images.

Brooklyn offers forty-five custom websites. It includes more than sixty modules and over two hundred templates.

This theme can be installed with one click. Included is the WPBakery Page Builder plugin so users can build their websites by dragging and dropping. The Slider Revolution plugin is also included to create any style layout.

With these tools, websites can be built without coding knowledge with editing available at the click of a mouse.

More options and advanced features allow users to customize and amend their videography website according to their needs.



Ftage is a WordPress theme designed for those working in the film industry. Videographers can make use of its tools to create a website as well.

Ftage comes with more than 15 homepages that are available in both light and dark versions. It includes inner pages like galleries, about pages, and more. If users need to add more pages they can do so with the Elementor page builder.

This theme also comes with widgets that can be added almost anywhere. Users can customize by dragging and dropping and coding knowledge is not required. The theme is responsive and can be viewed on any platform.

The final scene on videographer WordPress themes

The videographer WordPress themes discussed in this article provide a wide array of templates and designs. So a videographer should consider how they want their website to look.

These themes are customizable so as not to restrict a user’s creativity, providing many tools to extend functionality and create a beautiful videographer website.

It is important for a videographer to have a website that showcases their skill and creativity. A professional and attractively designed website will help entice visitors, keep them lingering on the website, and come back for more.

Any of the above WordPress themes will help build a website worthy of exhibiting a videographer’s work.

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