The Best Themes For Elementor to Use on Your WordPress Site
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The Best Themes For Elementor to Use on Your WordPress Site

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March 29, 2023

Themes matter. If you plan to create a blog or website, you should remember this. Indeed, there are several factors that endear people to your site. The visual impression - layout and theme - of your site is one of those factors. Thus, you should consider a plugin that is compatible with amazing themes.

WordPress users know Elementor all too well as one such popular plugin. The front-end page builder makes creating custom layouts easy. And it does this with a simple 'drag and drop' interface.

There are hundreds of WordPress themes that work with Elementor. And that leaves you with so many options to choose from. A list of the best Elementor themes will make your choice less tasking. This article, therefore, examines the best themes for Elementor to use on your WordPress site.

Best Elementor Themes To Pick From

The following are some of the best themes for Elementor. And you can use any of these on your WordPress site.

  • BeTheme
  • Airi
  • Arteon Theme
  • Ashe
  • Astra
  • Bellevue Theme
  • Besa
  • Bulk
  • Centaurus
  • Customify
  • Hello Theme
  • Essence Pro
  • GeneratePress
  • Genesis Framework
  • Gumbo
  • Hestia Pro
  • I-max
  • Jupiter X
  • Kumle
  • Layers
  • MartFury
  • NeoTech
  • Neve
  • OceanWP
  • Orfeo
  • Phlox
  • Qudos Theme
  • Rhodos Theme
  • Rife Theme
  • Selfer
  • Siren
  • Sizzify
  • Spacious
  • Sydney
  • Vogue
  • Webbify
  • Zakra
  • ZOA

Let us now take a look at each of these WordPress themes.

1. BeTheme


BeTheme is the definition of multipurpose themes. It has a huge array of power tools and design elements it places at your disposal. It’s easy for beginners to work with. If trying to satisfy multiple clients has become more stressful than rewarding, BeTheme has a solution for that as well.

BeTheme’s selection of hundreds of customizable, responsive pre-built websites is the highlight and a proven stress reducer. These professionally crafted, pre-built websites cover 30 industry sectors, all the common websites, and an impressive range of business niches.

The customizability of the theme makes it a dream come true for its users. There are 4 types of Page Builders that you can use with it: WPBakery, BeBuilder, and Elementor among them.

And now with the BeBuilder Woo, it’s even more impressive.

But this is us talking about our theme. Why believe us, right? Here’s what a user had to say on Themeforest recently:

And there are thousands of reviews like this one.

Check out BeTheme and see why our users love it!

2. Airi


The theme's name connotes a breezy feel and points to the theme's lightweight. A theme like Airi would function exceedingly well on Elementor. This is because their creators designed them to work with Elementor.

Using Elementor to customize Airi on your demo content is easy. After all, the theme is Elementor-integrated. There are free and paid versions of this Elementor theme. The free version offers three options for you to choose your demo from. The Pro version, however, includes seven more.

Airi also supports WooCommerce. This feature will allow site owners to sell their products with e-commerce stores. The modern, flexible, and powerful theme is suitable for business sites. Both freelancers and companies can put it to use.

3. Arteon Theme


Here is a unique WordPress team that focuses on multi-purposes. For this reason, different agencies can use the theme to meet different aims. These include blogging, designing, freelancing, and e-commerce, to mention some. Some features of this Multi-Purpose WordPress theme are its ease of editing and interactive homepages.

Whatever business category your site belongs to, there is a homepage template for you. You can also customize its portfolio themes according to your preferences and needs. The professional templates on Arteon make it easy to design creative and unique sites.

4. Ashe


Even WordPress beginners can use this theme with great ease. It works for both personal and multi-author blogs. Its minimal and elegant layout is mobile-friendly. It also comes with support for a WooCommerce storefront. Its features include a text and image logo, header image, fullscreen slider, among others. The well-documented theme has a clean, responsive design. This makes it perfect for news, travel, fashion, and various other WordPress websites.

The theme has high compatibility with course translation and popular plugins. It is RTL-ready and greatly supports SEO practices. Overall, this theme's features put it on the list of the best themes for Elementor. Yet, it works just fine with Divi, Beaver Builder, and other drag-and-drop page builders. If there is any theme that will inspire and wow your visitors, it is Ashe.

5. Astra


Business site? Consider Astra. This fast and customizable theme is Elementor-integrated with detailed designs. The WooCommerce-ready theme is suitable for business sites.

You should understand Astra free Vs Pro and decide the ideal version for your WordPress site.

Even personal portfolios and blogs with a storefront can use it. It accommodates SEO, premium add-ons, and RTL. And it is search-engine friendly due to its code integration. This combines with its compatibility with Native AMP.

The lightweight nature of this theme gives it unparalleled speed. It weighs less than 50 kilobytes on the front-end. You can use Astra on all other page builders. Examples are SiteOrigin, Divi, Visual Composer, and so on. For your Elementor design buttons, you can conveniently add several global styles.

6. Bellevue Theme


Bellevue is one of those Elementor themes that is ideal for websites of lodging businesses like hostels and hotels. It is a user-friendly theme that persuades visitors into booking suites and rooms. Bellevue does this with CTA (Call To Action) buttons and sliders that showcase the rooms.

Map functionality is another feature of this team. It easily allows users to view your business' locality. Bellevue is one of the best themes for Elementor that you should consider. This is especially so if your business provides lodging services.

7. Besa


Besa is an Elementor theme of the WooCommerce marketplace. One of its unique features is that it comes with specific mobile layouts. The theme is highly compatible with the Dokan and Elementor interfaces. It also features a one-click demo installation, 3 homepages, and other functions.

8. Bulk


Bulk is another WordPress theme designed for the Elementor interface. It makes the usage of the drag and drop feature easy. And this makes the theme capable of creating any web page of your choice. It also grants you several other features that help create websites of any kind.

It features a one-click demo importer. This provides selections from over 35 available demo sites. The highly-responsive design of this theme for Elementor allows easy access for users. The device in use and its screen size is no hindrance to Bulk's performance.

9. Centaurus


This is another theme for WordPress that serves multipurpose. It presents a minimal and clean design for its users. With it are dozens of page templates to help in creating websites of your choice. These websites can include e-commerce websites or creative portfolios.

Centaurus proposes above 500 options for customization. These options help fine-tune your WordPress website without complex code.

10. Customify


Customify is a multipurpose WordPress theme. This free theme goes well with popular drag and drop page builders like Elementor. It helps create websites for any business niche. With it, you can perform several functions. These include: customizing theme colors, backgrounds, fonts, and navigation menus. It proves worthy after undergoing tests with every essential WordPress plugin. This theme is also fitting for creating e-commerce websites.

11. Elementor Hello Theme


Basic, lightweight, plain vanilla. These three terms describe the Hello Elementor theme by Elementor. With this theme, you get only what you need. And this feature makes it really fast. Its GTMetrix PageSpeed score is 100%. This makes it great for your landing pages.

Elementor designed the Hello theme for use with its Pro theme builder function. It supports all WordPress plugins, is RTL-supported, and has a very responsive design. It is no wonder that this is one of Elementor's favorite themes. And it is thus one of the best themes for Elementor that there are.

12. Essence Pro


This beautiful WordPress theme brings out the essence of lifestyle and wellness websites. It rests atop the framework of the Genesis theme. This provides its rock-solid performance.

It comes with custom Header and widgets, page templates, and multiple sidebars. With the WordPress live customizer Elementor page builder, you can customize the Essence Pro. You can also accomplish this with the Elementor page builder.

13. GeneratePress


This WordPress theme is page builder-friendly. Its layout is fully customizable and attractive. You can reform any page on your website to your taste using Elementor. Typography, background, and color are customizable. GeneratePress is highly optimal for SEO to provide a higher audience from search engines. It operates to hone the performance of the website. With this, website users navigate your website easily.

14. Genesis Framework


The Genesis Framework is one of WP Engine's latest acquisition. It is one very reputable and optimally performing WordPress theme. In other words, Genesis qualifies as an excellent Elementor-based theme. And this is because of its optimal performance base.

15. Gumbo


This modern theme on WordPress is the right tool for Podcasters. Gumbo is totally compatible with Elementor. It aids the top plugins of WordPress podcasting. It has several features that make podcasting less difficult. It also includes templates and custom elements for Elementor to your benefit.

16. Hestia Pro


This WordPress theme serves several functions. It is available today thanks to ThemeIsle another thriving theme of Elementor's. It is readily compatible with WooCommerce for easy customization of your shop layout. It is optimal, SEO friendly, and RTL ready. This provides speed and a large inflow of customers from around WordPress.

17. I-max


For an Elementor theme, I-max is quite the package. It comes with a drop-drag page builder interface and several choices for customization. Creating specific webpages in the nick of time is no problem with I-max. It has preset website layouts from which you can create identical ones in one-click. It is highly agreeable with WooCommerce's exclusive feature.

18. Jupiter X


ThemeForest has sold Jupiter X over 131 000 times. This is not without reason. The popularity of Jupiter X is due to its commendable features. It is very customizable and it offers detailed options in that regard. Again, its collection of over 290 pre-built sites highlights the strength of this theme.

19. Kumle


Kumle is another multi-purpose theme on this list of best themes for Elementor. It is a convenient, Elementor-compatible theme for all types of websites. Its lightweight nature allows it to load site pages with speed. It is so fast that its speed score on GTMetrix PageSpeed is 95%. Because this theme is very responsive, users of any device can have access to your site. Irrespective of the device's screen size, the theme maintains smooth scrolling.

20. Layers


This simple theme comes with updated features and is easily customizable. You get the best features from Layers Pro. And with WordPress customizer, you do not have to do any coding.

21. MartFury


There are popular names in the WooCommerce arena. This WordPress theme is one of them. It is one of the best themes for Elementor to use on your WordPress site. Its layouts are mobile-specific and it has packages for plugins that are multi-vendor. MartFury's compatibility feature covers a number of things. These include Yith compare and wishlist, Yoast SEO, MailChimp, meta box, and WPML.

22. NeoTech


Of the best themes for Elementor that exist, NeoTech is primarily for the magazine category. It is Gutenberg-compatible and mobile-friendly. The features of this Elementor theme range from its speedy load time to MailChimp newsletter support and widgets. There is also its ability to import demo with one click. Also, NeoTech has a live customizer and it is translation ready.

23. Neve


Lightweight and fast-running Neve is efficient for creating professional websites with speed. Besides Elementor, Neve is compatible with Divi, Gutenberg, and SiteOrigin. It also works with other WordPress plugins for page building. Neve shares this feature with Hestia, Astra, and a number of themes for Elementor.

24. OceanWP


Flexibility is synonymous with this theme. Its name brings to mind, the moving and supple waves of an ocean. It combines this feature of being flexible with its lightweight. This is not easy to achieve but OceanWP does it incredibly well. While doing this, it emphasizes easy customization.

To OceanWP, that is more important than speed or having the fastest foundation. And for this reason, the theme even uses WordPress customizer. There, it has several options that promote customization. Its array of styles is dizzying and altogether beautiful.

25. Orfeo


This is another multi-purpose WordPress theme for Elementor. Both small and large businesses alike can use this theme. The Elementor theme also supports WooCommerce features and has a live customizer.

The customization feature is not difficult to use. And it lets you make changes on your site at will. Also, Orfeo offers demo content for samples. Editing the templates to get your site to look like the demos is easy. It only requires one click. Without technicalities, Orfeo allows you to quickly create a professional and efficient site.

26. Phlox


With 30 widgets and close to 90 pre-built demos, Phlox is an advantageous theme. It is completely customizable and suitable for any kind of website. The modern theme lets you customize your menu, colors, as well as a professional portfolio.

Phlox is WooCommerce-ready and thus works for business sites. It is, however, also great for photography, magazine, and other site types.

27. Qudos Theme


Even with its one-page display feature, Qudos remains multi-purpose. This beautiful and Elementor-compatible theme has various layouts. And among these are three layouts for blogs and eight for portfolios.

The theme's interface is simple, requiring only to drag and then drop your designs. On Qudos, you can find templates for content pages. These include an about page, mission page, and of course, contact page.

28. Rhodos Theme


Here is one of the best themes for Elementor that has a clean design. The minimal nature of its design makes it suitable for business or professional sites. This theme lets you customize your website's typography. You can do this with any of the available Google Fonts or that of Awesome Fontello. Also, Rhodos comes with shortcodes and pre-built modules. All these contribute to its being highly customizable.

29. Rife Theme


This multi-purpose theme helps you exhibit your content through blogs and portfolios. It creates sites that you can effortlessly navigate with its one-page feature. It also comes with WooCommerce support so you can include a shop for your business. Thus, small businesses will find these features especially helpful.

Rife Theme has seven Elementor-built themes that you can use out-of-the-box. There are more than 450 theme options and sliders plus galleries for Elementor widgets. All these make this theme great for WordPress.

30. Selfer


Selfer is one of the best themes for Elementor that you can find around. This WordPress theme with a minimal landing page is available to designers. Also, developers, coder architects as well as photographers, etc. can apply it.

The mobile-eccentric theme ensures that your website’s design matches your needs. Selfer makes the website-building process remarkably easier for you. It does this with over 18 prebuilt Elementor widgets that come with the Elementor page builder.

Selfer has a dark background. And this ensures that your portfolio website stands out from the pack of other templates. The Elementor-compatible theme provides its users with comfort and natural experience. These stem from its gentle, smooth, and interactive animations.

31. Siren


Siren is not only popular but one of the best themes for Elementor. This WordPress theme is perfect for magazines and news websites.

It has over 40 unique pre-built page blocks with more than 500 options that are user-ready. Siren serves unlimited websites without the need for premium plugins. It is Gutenburg-ready with pre-installed custom blocks for any webpage creation.

The inbuilt Mailchimp and social counter widgets will create any website or e-commerce shop with ease. These features combine with social comment and advanced social share to achieve this.

32. Sizzify


When you think about a great custom Elementor template, Sizzify should come to mind. This custom template is easy to use and works great on different WordPress themes. This includes both premium and free themes.

It comes with powerful addons to make the website creation process smooth for even beginners. The premade page templates and WooCommerce widgets integrate fully with Elementor. You can expect only a few glitches when designing your WordPress website.

33. Spacious


Spacious features lots of elements for the optimization of businesses. The design aims at easing the process of developing professional business websites. And it achieves this with custom page templates and widgets.

This has 12 widget areas prebuilt to enhance the functionality of your WordPress website. It also features a single page widget that showcases your most important webpages. You can also choose between light and dark skin modes for super-display.

34. Sydney


This flexible WordPress theme is perfect for Elementor. Sydney is somewhat different from other multi-purpose themes on the list. Instead of adapting to any niche, Syndey focuses on helping freelancers and small businesses get a presence online.

35. Vogue


Any collection of the best themes for Elementor would be incomplete without Vogue. This Elementor theme is easy, multi-purpose, and well-built. With two footers and four header layouts to begin, your website gets a minimal design. And if you do not like how it looks, making changes is easy.

Vogue supports SEO and thus promotes traffic for your site. The compatibility of this theme extends to WooCommerce, Meta Slider, and BreadCrumb NavXT.

36. Webify


Create any website type using Elementor with this multipurpose WordPress theme. Webify is mobile-ready, GDRP compliant, and optimized for WooCommerce and Gutenburg. It also features demos and tons of elements to produce a smooth and responsive website.

37. Zakra


Zakra is one of Elementor’s best themes as a flexible, lightweight, fast, and modern WordPress theme. Preloaded with many free starter websites, Zakra creates a professional and unique WordPress website for any use.

Zakra has the capabilities of building portfolios, personal blogs, WooCommerce, or niche-based websites. This includes websites for weddings, education, yoga, charity, spa, etc.

With the responsive integration of Elementor and other page builders, you can create any layer with Zakra.

38. ZOA


Zoa features 11 pre-built exclusive homepages with a minimalistic WooCommerce Elementor theme. You can access the pre-made homepages using the one-click importer.

Zoa provides a store-based solution for numerous items. These include watches, men and women's items, clothing store, and bookstore. Other options are furniture, luxury jewelry, cosmetics, and accessories. You can use this simple theme to build any store you want.

FAQ about the best themes for Elementor

What are the best themes for Elementor?

There are many themes for Elementor, but Astra, GeneratePress, OceanWP, and Hello Elementor are some of the most popular ones. These themes are easy to use, don't take up much space, and are made to work well with the Elementor page builder.

Can I use any WordPress theme with Elementor?

In theory, you can use Elementor with any WordPress theme, but some themes may not work well with the page builder. To make sure everything works well and smoothly, it's best to choose a theme that was made to work with Elementor.

Are there any free Elementor-compatible themes?

Yes, Elementor works well with a number of free themes, such as Astra, GeneratePress, OceanWP, and Hello Elementor. There are many ways to change these themes, and they can be used to make websites that look professional without breaking the bank.

Which Elementor theme is best for e-commerce websites?

When it comes to e-commerce sites, it's important to choose a theme that is optimised for online sales. Astra, OceanWP, and Storefront are some of the most popular choices. The WooCommerce integration and customizable product pages that come with these themes are meant to help you sell more.

What features should I look for in an Elementor-compatible theme?

When looking for a theme that works with Elementor, it's important to look for things like the ability to make changes, the speed of the page, how well it works on mobile devices, and how well it is optimised for SEO. You might also want to think about how well the theme works with other tools and plugins that you want to use on your website.

How can I customize an Elementor-compatible theme to fit my brand?

Most themes that work with Elementor give you a lot of ways to change the colours, fonts, layouts, and other design elements to fit your brand. For more advanced changes, you can also use custom CSS or hire a developer.

Can I use a pre-made Elementor template with any theme?

Yes, you can use pre-made Elementor templates with any theme. However, some templates may need certain plugins or widgets to work properly. Elementor Pro also comes with a number of templates made to work with the page builder.

What is the difference between Elementor Pro and the themes that come with it?

Elementor Pro is a page builder plugin that lets you make custom layouts and designs for your website. The themes that come with it are pre-designed templates that you can use as a starting point for your website. Elementor Pro also has extra features like pop-ups, forms, and dynamic content.

Are there any themes that are specifically designed for use with Elementor?

Yes, there are a number of themes like Astra Pro, GeneratePress Premium, OceanWP Pro, and Phlox Pro that are made to work with Elementor. These themes give you more ways to customise them and more features that work well with the page builder.

How do I choose the best theme for my website's needs and goals?

When choosing a theme for your website, you should think about your brand, your industry, your target audience, and your website's goals. You may also want to look at the features and customization options that different themes offer, as well as how well they work with other tools and plugins that you plan to use. In the end, your needs and tastes will determine which theme is best for your website.

Ending Thoughts on the best themes for Elementor

If Elementor is your page building plugin for WordPress, you can enjoy numerous perks. Part of those perks is that you get hundreds of compatible themes. And these themes can help you build your unique website. This article looked into over 30 of the best themes for Elementor to use on your WordPress site.

You can choose any of them that suits your style. However, remember that the theme you choose should ultimately depend on your site. This is of more priority than personal preferences. That way, you can maintain the right traffic that leads to conversions for your site.

If by any chance, you don't like Elementor that much, there are several Elementor alternatives out there.

If you enjoyed reading this article on the best themes for Elementor, you should check out this one about unique WordPress themes.

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