The Top Entertainment WordPress Themes to Check Out
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The Top Entertainment WordPress Themes to Check Out

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An internet presence is a basic requirement for success in the entertainment industry. However, choosing the most suitable entertainment WordPress themes can be overwhelming. This article reviews the best entertainment WordPress themes, to help with your selection.

There are many fun themes that cater to the specific needs of entertainment artists. Musicians, filmmakers, critics, bloggers, and live event planners will all find an appropriate theme amongst this collection.

The unique facets of the entertainment industry require that their websites be attractive, stylish, and responsive.

Entertainment WordPress Themes for Everyone Else



BeTheme is the definition of multipurpose themes. It has a huge array of power tools and design elements it places at your disposal. It’s easy for beginners to work with. If trying to satisfy multiple clients has become more stressful than rewarding, BeTheme has a solution for that as well.

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Art Gallery Responsive WordPress Theme


This uncluttered theme is designed to highlight the visual displays of artists, filmmakers, and event planners. It is Retina Ready so visuals display authentic high pixel density. This design is quick and easy to set up with step by step instructions. It is SEO friendly and loads rapidly



Divi allows you to design pages in real-time and see instant results. It features an undo and redo option so users can review their edits. Divi brands itself as a website design system and promises that its websites will be unique and functional.

For Musicians, Song Artists, DJs, and Bands



Phase WordPress theme is designed for record labels and artists. It has stylish and chic music themes, with a variety of music-related features, including functional artist pages. The shop feature facilitates music-related product sales globally or locally. Phase recommends using WooCommerce shop features with this template.



JamSession features one-click demo import, unlimited colors, and multiple layouts. YouTube and Vimeo support means artists can share recordings of live shows. This music theme is translation-ready, prepared to appeal to a worldwide audience of fans, desirable for local and national artists alike.



Vayvo offers everything you need for music streaming and subscription websites, including options for a high-performance project. Vayyo is ideal for gated content. Features include content restriction, membership levels, Video Rating System, and a video player. Vayyo is responsive and mobile-ready.

Music - The Ultimate WordPress Theme For Music


High-quality functionality and sophisticated design make this a perfect match for music-related websites. The intuitive features and appealing layout keep visitors and subscribers interested in your website. The powerful designs are styled for DJs, producers, rock bands, and other genres. Responsive and aesthetically appropriate this theme is ideal for music and audio websites.

Muzak - Music WordPress theme


Muzak is dedicated to fulfilling artists’ website expectations. Its stylish designs add visual appeal to the music. This theme is ideal for DJs, Musicians, Vocal Artists, and producers. This theme features an event management system, as well as Tracklists and WooCommerce compatibility.

Buzz Club


Buzz Club enables you to create powerful and attractive websites. The functionalities and widgets are perfect for music clubs’ and DJs’ websites. Support for popular third-party plugins is included. Buzz Club has an events calendar plugin, a grid portfolio layout, and a special events schedule.

Filmmakers, Production Companies, Actors and Theatres



Movies is a WordPress theme ready for search engine optimization. Its simple, black, textured design makes film images appear on the full-width slider. Movies have the feel of a classic movie theatre. It is perfect for a filmmaker’s portfolio. It is responsive and optimized for all popular screen resolutions.

The Producer


The Producer is a film industry-focused WordPress theme, great for studios and production companies. This theme is designed to showcase videos. It has unique features like a “panel” effect when scrolling and the traditional credit roll effect. With easy navigation and unique design, The Producer is a filmmaker’s dream. Users have access to excellent support and customer service from the designers.

Online Movies WordPress Theme


Online Movies WordPress Theme is powerful, polished, and intuitive. It is ideal for creating an elite e-movie website. The PageBuilder feature helps to create custom content using familiar widgets. All the frequently used screen resolutions are optimized in this responsive design. This WordPress theme is innovative and outstanding.

Critics and Reviewers



Built exclusively for writing reviews, Reviewer is ideal for critics. It can be customized for reviewing movies, TV, music, or restaurants. The Star Rating system t makes this entertainment WordPress theme perfect for critics and reviewers. Five background options and two layout designs allow users to customize their page for their reviews.



This is an excellent product for film critics and reviewers who want to find their reviews trending online. Enthusiasts can also use this theme to build blogs on filmmaking, actors, movie catalogs, acting, and film production. This theme will work well for any website related to the film industry. The style is modern, appealing, and attractive.




Respawn is great for creating gaming websites. It has a large selection of pre-built demos to match a variety of needs. Options include a demo for building a gaming magazine website, promoting e-sports events, and features for gamers and streamers. It has an e-commerce page option for selling games and gaming-related products. Features include profile photos, social media links, and a section for promoting sponsor products and other offers.



Pixie Huge offers a selection of five demos for gamers and gamer sites. These include traditional gaming website designs and other templates that provide several options. PixieHuge offers support for creating and displaying an unlimited number of team pages. Templates are also included for creating player profile pages to help gamers standout.



This intuitive WordPress theme is ideal for websites reviewing games, movies, TV, and music. The interface system is easy to install. It facilitates beautiful writing and income generation with affiliate links. WooCommerce integration is another valuable feature of Gamez, helping to generate e-commerce.

Ludos Paradise


Ludos Paradise is specifically for clan or team pages and gaming blogs. Features include Gaming Live Streams, Clan Member Management, tournament charts, event calendars, and a Woocommerce store. Ludos Paradise is created for SEO and easy customization. It’s also mobile device responsive.

Events & Festivals



Party Planner is great for live event planning and promotion. Its simple Drag-and-drop page builder enables you to create an event website quickly and easily. It is fully customizable, with multiple layout options and adjustable color settings. The developers created this theme for cutting edge performance and excellent response in all browser types.

Amusement Park


Amusement Park offers premium entertainment website themes. The styles have a contemporary and sophisticated feel. It’s simple, versatile, and intuitive. The straightforward configuration panel enables users to personalize and style the website. This includes control of theme colors, fonts, backgrounds, and layouts. One of the features allows the search engines to search and display snippets of the website in search results. Amusement Park is simple, yet highly effective.



Well suited for music and other live entertainment, Event has great customization options. Its bold and colorful design is attention-grabbing. This theme is customizable for more conservative events. A simple layout, and functional one-page design, is eye-catching.

Uploading custom images and videos is easy with custom post types. Using the Themify Builder increases the customizable options.



Webify’s easy process enables websites to be quickly up and running live on the internet. Ready-to-use samples make this a quick plug-and-play option. These samples are ready to go, or can be modified. Webify is slightly less customizable than other options but the simplicity balances this out. Lastly, Webify’s drag-and-drop page builder saves time and effort, providing a visual display of all the coding and design work.



A collection of over 40 demos makes MagPlus perfect for a huge variety of projects. Use Mag Plus to create an online hub for whatever is currently trending in entertainment. MagPlus doesn’t require any skills or expertise for building blogs and online magazines. This expansive option is ideal for both novice and experts. Choose a relevant demo and a full-scale website will be readily available.



RedMag is excellent for entertainment news, with a focus on monetization. It is built to be eye-catching, without sacrificing user experience. Red Mag comes with built-ins to promote trending entertainment news items. Custom widgets create connectivity with social media. The pre-built and customizable pages deliver a professional news desk feel.

Grace Mag


As a free WordPress topic, GraceMag is ideal for your destination news and local interest magazines. Grace Mag is perfect for websites focused on magazines, blogs, news, and individual destinations. Users appreciate the adaptability of the WordPress live customizer. The responsive format ensures that websites display beautifully on all devices and screen sizes.



This option produces a fully functional website in less than 24 hours. Bimber is perfect for quickly launching viral magazines. It includes features to encourage sharing such as sharing buttons, trending listings, and multiple ad locations. User friendly and built to trend, Bimber enables your website to go viral today. Users’ rave reviews make Bimber stand out among entertainment WordPress themes.



Mismo is designed for blogs, magazines, news, editorial, and article distribution. Its excellent display on all portable and office devices gives websites a highly professional look. It is exceptionally adaptable by accommodating different site and page layouts. Mismo is cohesive with modules like WooCommerce. It has a built-in wide advertising space, is SEO friendly, and designed for speedy responsiveness.



Astral is popular for its classic simplicity. Ideal for entertainment news and blogging, this free theme uses minimalist designs to highlight photos and imagery. Simply customize the header, logo, and menu.



Brewski is designed as a Pub and Brewery WordPress theme, with an Extensive admin interface. The homepage features an advanced animated dynamic slider. The slider introduces a section for Craft Beer. This industry-specific theme is ideal. It has so many useful features such as the restaurant menu, working hours, event news, more options. This theme is quick and easy so Brewers can concentrate on their craft



Jevelin’s flexible design optimizes the multi-purpose entertainment WordPress theme for any project. This theme is built for entertainment websites wanting an accessible and simple interface. The styling includes appealing layouts and intriguing designs. Javelin’s features are an excellent fit for general entertainment websites.



ROSA1 is built specifically for the restaurant industry. Niche features, like mouthwatering menu pages and online reservations, make it ideal. Independent restaurateurs desiring to be top of the search engine page want these features. Easily customizable and fully responsive, its features allow users to create a website with a strong personality. Create a sophisticated website with appealing visuals that impress guests.



Onair2 is another excellent option for website set-up, especially for online radio channels or stations. Features include widgets, music player, podcast support, event calendars, and integration with WooCommerce. The basic yet unique features include 3 demos, a chart rating plugin, 14 custom shortcakes, a show scheduling system, and Podcast post type.

FAQ about entertainment WordPress themes

What features should I look for in an entertainment WordPress theme?

When looking for an entertainment WordPress theme, you should look for features that will help you show off your content in a visually appealing way. This includes audio and video support, galleries, and layouts that can be changed. You should also look for themes that are easy to change and have options for making a schedule or lineup already built in.

Are there any entertainment WordPress themes that are specifically designed for a certain type of entertainment industry, such as music or film?

Yes, there are a lot of entertainment WordPress themes that are made for specific types of entertainment businesses. For example, there are music themes that already have ways to show albums and tour dates, and there are film themes that already have ways to show movie trailers and information about the cast and crew.

Can I customize the colors and fonts of an entertainment WordPress theme to match my brand?

Yes, you can change the colours and fonts on most entertainment WordPress themes so they fit your brand. Most of the time, you can do this by using the theme's customization options or a plugin that adds more styling options.

Are there any free entertainment WordPress themes available?

Yes, there are many free WordPress themes for entertainment sites. But free themes might not have as many features or ways to customise them as paid themes. Also, it's important to be careful when downloading free themes from sources you don't know or trust, since they could contain malware or other security risks.

Do entertainment WordPress themes come with built-in functionality for selling tickets or merchandise?

Some WordPress themes for entertainment already have built-in ways to sell tickets or other items, but this is not a standard feature. To add this feature to your site, you may need to use a plugin or a service from a third party.

Can I use an entertainment WordPress theme for a non-entertainment website?

Yes, you can use a WordPress theme for entertainment on a site that doesn't have anything to do with entertainment. Just keep in mind that these themes are usually made with entertainment in mind. You might need to change the theme to make it fit your needs.

How important is responsive design in an entertainment WordPress theme?

It is very important for any WordPress theme, including entertainment themes, to have a responsive design. With responsive design, your site will look good and work well on a wide range of screen sizes, including those on mobile devices.

Are there any SEO-friendly entertainment WordPress themes available?

Yes, there are many entertainment WordPress themes that are SEO-friendly. Look for themes that use SEO best practises like semantic HTML, image optimisation, and structured data.

Can I use an entertainment WordPress theme to create a website for a single event, such as a concert or festival?

Yes, you can use a WordPress theme for entertainment to make a site for one event. Look for themes that come with pre-made page templates for event schedules or ticket sales, or use a plugin to add this functionality to your site.

Are there any entertainment WordPress themes that come with pre-built page templates for common entertainment website sections, such as a schedule or artist roster?

Yes, many entertainment WordPress themes come with page templates for the most common parts of an entertainment website. Look for themes that are made for your business or niche, as they are more likely to have these kinds of features. You can also use a plugin called a "page builder" to make your own page layouts.

Conclusion of this collection of the best entertainment WordPress themes

Website builders have a vast selection of functional and customizable themes at their fingertips. These top entertainment WordPress themes have a wide range of functionality including widgets and e-commerce features. Tasteful designs and flexible layouts appeal to users.

Vibrant video and photo galleries, drop-down menus, and social media buttons keep sites relevant. User-friendly admin panels, separate blogging sections, will move visitors to prolong their visit to these pages.

It is clear that these themes allow designers to stand out from the online competition.

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