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The best BuddyPress themes you can download

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May 21, 2020
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It’s almost impossible to imagine a life without social media today, with Facebook being arguably the biggest platform, having the most users and longest engagement rates.

Web developers and those managing their own website can engage with their community by using a free WordPress plugin, BuddyPress, which allows you to build your own social media platform. You can easily connect your friends, co-workers, and your family. You can create a purely working environment, or you can keep it social and fun. Regardless, BuddyPress will fill your requirements.

BuddyPress can use its own themes to enhance the appearance and ambience of your platform. If you’re unfamiliar with the various theme options, this article explores the best BuddyPress themes available.

The Best BuddyPress Themes

Be Theme


Be Theme is one of the most versatile, useful, and functional WP themes that you can use for BuddyPress. The Premium template is compatible with BuddyPress, WooCommerce, Gravity forms, BBpress, and other WordPress products.

One of Be Theme’s best features is the 500 different pre-made layouts for enhancing the look and feel of your site. You can make your choice with just one click. Be Theme allows you to begin immediately, eliminating the need for lengthy installations and setting-tweaking.

It’s a perfect theme for most people, including new users with no knowledge of BuddyPress or WordPress, and more advanced users. Transform your website into a custom website with just a click.



The Boss theme was created by BuddyBoss, a team of specialists for BuddyPress. It is their flagship theme, so you will be able to enjoy all its premium and advanced features.

This theme provides top-class experience, design, and layout. Boss gives your social media platform a professional and sophisticated appearance. You’ll receive all the support and advanced features necessary for the success of your BuddyPress campaign.

The layout, customization options, and settings are fully adjustable and customizable.



Socialize is a BuddyPress theme that will help you create an awesome online community of followers, friends, or associates. The design is simple, charming, low-maintenance and straightforward. Socialize offers many niche advantages to set your site apart from the competitors, including activity streams, member profiles for everyone, private messaging systems, and user groups.



Cera is an excellent BuddyPress theme available, offering great quality and a wealth of features, which should satisfy most users.

One of the bigger selling points of Cera is the unique, beautiful design and the many customization options, as well as a customizable mobile version.

Social Learner


Social Learner is an excellent BuddyPress theme for educational websites, enabling you to create a rich and engaging learning community that offers helpful tips and advice to others.

You can also link to an eLearning site straight from Social Learners’ platform, allowing you to create something with almost unlimited potential.



Salutation is one of the best BuddyPress themes that also supports bbPress. The outstanding features of this theme include a beautiful, responsive design, clean interface, and content-focused theme.

This theme also offers Slider Revolution, which improves the customizability of the theme, and the admin panel allows for more simple and quality options. The drag-and-drop layout manager will allow you to create unlimited page layouts and also set up a custom header and footer.



Klein is responsive and sleek WordPress theme for BuddyPress that helps to create a fully functional and responsive website. You’ll be able to use plugins such as bbPress, BuddyPress, WooCommerce. The built-in color presets offer great customization.

You’ll be able to create your dream website with the full-width sliders, and your members will have the ability to create profiles, share their comments, views, and discuss ideas on your website.



KLEO is packed with some amazing and helpful features, and is one of the more customizable and versatile BuddyPress themes on the market, allowing effective engagement with your community.

You’ll also be able to make your site feel amazing and look great without any coding skills, or without spending extra money on designers or coders.



Woffice has a charming and elegant design, and is very easy and intuitive to navigate, both for you and your users. Woffice is a multi-purpose tool, suitable for school networks, businesses, or government.

Woffice is a fully functional WP theme in itself; however, it specializes in creating an outstanding online community while also enhancing the appearance of your website, and it adapts for multiple devices.



The WildCommunity theme is integrated with BuddyPress, enabling you to create an exceptional social network. The design is simple and minimal, perfectly adequate for a website that focuses on content.



OneSocial is one of the newer BuddyPress themes, which will make your BuddyPress experience simpler while also improving and revolutionizing your website’s function.

OneSocial’s simplicity makes it perfect for your first BuddyPress project.



Mingle is a WordPress compatible theme that allows for discussions and builds an excellent community site.

It is a great theme for beginners, as it has a very simple set up and great usability. Your users will be able to interact flawlessly and easily with the highly intuitive and accessible communication platform.

There’s a drag and drop layout manager for ease of set up.



Thrive is a sturdy BuddyPress theme with some very solid and robust features. It’s integrated with BuddyPress, WooCommerce, bbPress, and Dash.

Built with the Underscore framework, this Thrive theme is usable and It is attractive, flexible, that’s easy for your community to use and includes very good support.



Reign is functional and easy to set up very quickly. It has great third-party plugin support so you’ll be able to use Reign for a large number of projects, including eCommerce ventures and creating a community.



Social Marketplace theme enables you to build a comprehensive marketplace, care for your community, and allows your users to engage with each other. It also allows your users to create their own shop and brand, and you will act as a host. It gives the users complete control over the website and the platform.



Kudos is a powerful and beautiful BuddyPress and bbPress theme. There’s a good selection of customization options, including options for creating a clean and elegant design.

This is an excellent theme for creating an amazing website or platform where your visitors can connect and establish a sense of community.



Seeko is built with the latest technologies, to offer you a fast and innovative way of creating and designing your dating website. It is also compatible with Elementor.

Sweet Date


Sweet Date is also a fantastic theme for dating websites. It has social community facilities and a great admin control panel. It’s WooCommerce compatible and allows for a great integration of media.

Ending thoughts on the best BuddyPress theme

A good BuddyPress theme is essential for becoming acquainted and collaborating with your community as well as encouraging user engagement and driving traffic to your website.

BuddyPress is certainly at the core of the community building experience and for small businesses, it’s the perfect plugin to create a memorable community experience.

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Albert Ślusarczyk
Albert Ślusarczyk
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