The Best WordPress Themes for Musicians to Choose From
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The Best WordPress Themes for Musicians to Choose From

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To succeed today, musicians and bands must maintain a significant digital presence. Most rely on building a following on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

But how do they get to the next level and reach a global audience? One method is to create a website using a WordPress theme for musicians.

Why use WordPress themes? Where are the best musical themes found?

WordPress themes for musicians can help to build the best music hosting site. An effective music hosting site can open many important doors.

It makes it possible for agencies and record labels to send booking requests. They might even make contact about the possibility of signing a contract.

This article highlights the best WordPress themes for musicians and bands. These can help them get to where they want to go.

WordPress Music Themes for Everyone in the Music Industry



BeTheme is a fully responsive WordPress theme that has a huge array of power tools and design elements at your disposal. It’s easy for beginners to work with. If trying to satisfy multiple clients has become more stressful than rewarding, BeTheme has a solution for that as well.

BeTheme’s selection of hundreds of customizable, responsive pre-built websites is the highlight and a proven stress reducer. These professionally crafted, pre-built websites cover 30 industry sectors, all the common websites, and an impressive range of business niches.

Is it the best WordPress theme for musicians? You bet there is. You have so many customization options that you can make a modern website for your music band or any type of business you have in the music industry.

The customizability of the theme makes it a dream come true for its users. There are 4 types of Page Builders that you can use with it: WPBakery, BeBuilder, and Elementor among them.

And now with the BeBuilder Woo, it’s even more impressive.

But this is us talking about our theme. Why believe us, right? Here’s what a user had to say on Themeforest recently:

And there are thousands of reviews like this one.

Check out BeTheme and see why our users love it!



Rockwell is another great WordPress theme for musicians. It has all the features needed to build a strong musical website.

It includes over 15 unique demo options and is easily customizable to your vibe.

It comes with pre-designed pages that are ready for use. This enables users to create their website and go live very rapidly.

RockWell features blogging capability and portfolio layouts. It allows WooCommerce integration so that musicians can sell their music products online.



Decibel enables musicians to build a website geared to their audience.

Visitors can browse the video and photo gallery, view tour dates, and buy music products. They can also listen to a music playlist or explore your entire catalog of musical works.



Lucille enables users to share links to their music. They can also share information from their website to Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

It has a customizable design for uploading videos, photos, albums, and information on upcoming events. Users can add blogs and forums to their pages.

With the WooCommerce feature, musicians are able to sell their music products. To date, Lucille has 4 pre-launched demos, with more demos for musicians on the way.

This theme uses visual creation which is great for beginners. It works well on all screen types.



This theme allows users to sell their music via the WooCommerce feature.

It gives site visitors the ability to:

  • listen to your music
  • countdown to the release of singles or albums
  • view the dates of upcoming gigs
  • explore the photo album
  • discover the full body of your musical work and collections

Lush comes with many theme styles to choose from. These include Hipster, Awake, Solo, Spintable, Grenade, Outlaws, Rock, Classical, and the like.

Users can choose the layouts, colors and fonts, parallax background effects, and more. This theme is suitable for rock bands, solo acts, classical musicians, startups, or pro-artists.



The Soundboard WordPress music theme promotes your work by its fan-friendly design. Fans can see all the information they need right on the homepage.

Soundboard provides users with 5 customizable widgets. This makes it easy to display news, tour dates, new albums, latest videos and photos, and items from the online shop.

For those who want to add more information to the site, it’s possible to add more widgets to the homepage. Another great feature is the ability to set the mood of the site by choosing between a light or dark premade skin.



This theme is great for solo artists, DJs, bands, fan sites, entertainment magazines, record labels, and more.

The aim of the MusicPress theme is to deliver your music to the masses. It enables your audience to listen to music from your website while examining the music catalog and galleries.

MusicPress helps to create an SEO-ready website that is responsive and user friendly.



Wayfarer permits users to customize their music and video players. It also offers support for single or multi-track playlists.

With built-in audio and video libraries, users can showcase their work anywhere on the website.

This theme is specifically designed for musicians, bands, and record companies. It has a feature that keeps followers informed about gigs, tickets, and gig locations.

Wayfarer’s visual design is modern and includes an image slider for homepages. Although it has many advanced features it is easy to create a site using this theme.



Glytch is edgy and has an amazing design with multiple style variations. These range from elegant to urban to modern, and much more.

This music theme has all the tools needed to create an online presence. It also includes that all-important streaming feature for musical websites.



This theme comes with a music player, visual composer, blog, and portfolio functionality. It also enables the purchase of music products.

AQURA is multilingual and SEO-ready and is special in its ability to sync with your social media. It includes a social media share button and photo galleries.

The drag and drop builder makes it simple to set up and customize.



The Music theme plays to artists, musicians, managers, and app developers. It gives your audience ease of access regardless of the device they’re using.

Visitors to your site can share and re-share your blog posts, albums, videos, photo galleries, and more.

Coding skills aren’t necessary for this theme. Just drag and drop to build using an unlimited number of page layouts.

Users can customize their site's logo, background images, colors, and Google fonts. A full-width video background is also included.



Blackoot Lite is a free WordPress theme designed for musicians and photographers. It is particularly useful for those looking to quickly build and go live with their website.

It comes with features that enable automatic language translation and customizable backgrounds.

The premium version, Blackoot Pro, offers additional features. These include the ability to create slideshows and full Google Maps integration.



Oscillator is another great music theme produced by WordPress. It has a smart music player, an event calendar, image galleries, and videos.

Oscillator also has custom widgets for content display and allows for social networking on Twitter, Flickr, and more.



Kentha is attention-grabbing. It has a loud and brash appearance that can be seen in all of its 30 pre-built demo layouts.

This music theme’s strongest feature is its e-commerce capabilities. Site visitors can take advantage of the ‘Add to Cart’ buttons built-in to your playlists

Kentha also has a music player and offers many customization options. These tools are great for displaying events and creating profile pages.



With Milend, users can arrange their homepage in a gallery-type style. This makes it easy for fans to find the information that they are looking for.

The graceful transitions of the slider’s animation effects are hypnotic. Using the pleasant color schemes and monochromatic photos give sites a modern look.



As the name suggests this theme bridges the gap between artist and fan base. It enables fans to stay updated with your latest projects and beats.

Bridge works well for bands, artists, recording studios, and more. They stay connected and fans can access important information, such as tour dates.

What about that personal connection that fans crave? This theme allows musicians to tell their story on the website or through the blog feature.

There are also several sample sites to choose from. Go with the one that most appeals, tweak it to your style, and get your name out there.



2021 brings new trends and moods. Stay ahead of the game with a theme that anticipates this new year.

Playbit is a flexible music theme that is fully customizable to the taste of the user. Practical features include the ability to translate a website into any language.

It also includes audio players, event information, the ability to create wish lists, and background videos.



Musicians work extremely hard to offer their fans the highest quality music. Using a WordPress theme with professional tools can help them to build the highest quality music website.

Epron is full of first-class features such as:

  • the ultra-flexible Muttley Framework
  • a revolutionary shortcode manager
  • Slider Revolution
  • Scamp music player with Soundcloud support
  • WooCommerce plugin
  • smooth CSS3 transitions
  • 380+ Google Fonts
  • Nivo Slider
  • 6 custom post types

For Musicians and Bands



Amplify allows fans to listen to music via the audio player. It also gives bands and musicians the power to create online playlists.

The custom widgets enable the uploading of gig videos anywhere on the site.

It’s great for showing visitors the time and location of the next gig. They can also discover how to access tickets to the event.

Amplify permits users to customize their website’s headers, backgrounds, and color schemes. It also provides templates and multiple layout options.



This WordPress theme for musicians is great for upcoming singers, bands, and DJs. Using this theme will highlight your focus and drive.

Moonlight displays the user’s picture at the very top of the screen. This will be the first thing that every visitor to the site will see.

This WordPress theme enables visitors to listen to your music online and read your story.



Slide makes sites easy to use while generating gigs and sales for the band. It has a fast load time and works great on any device.

Slide allows fans to browse the music catalog, view band member profiles, upcoming events, concert footage, and more. This WordPress theme both showcases your talents and makes it simple for fans to buy your music products.

Slide uses a visual drag and drop feature to build the website. This removes the need for coding skills or previous experience in building websites.

Choose Slide if you’re a professional musician who wants to generate a bigger fan base while making money.



Rebellion is the WordPress theme that steps outside of the norm. It gives the creator the choice to select the inner page styles, to give a different feel and vibe on each page.

Artists can sell their music online using WooCommerce or other online stores. Rebellion also connects with streaming sites like Google Play, Bandcamp, Spotify, Amazon MP3, and Deezer.

The band or artist can add lyrics to their albums, and show upcoming events and event locations. Rebellion can also display the status of ticket sales.



This WordPress music theme allows musicians to make their music available for free download. Or they can sell their audio/video works from the site by adding the 'BUY NOW' feature.

AtomBand uses a drag and drop page builder. That makes it easy to create a website without prior web design training.

It builds an efficient music website where you can upload entire albums or single tracks one by one.



With Firemaster, it is possible to build a stylish website. Here bands and artists can promote their gigs, videos, and other creative content.

Firemaster provides pre-built content such as complete website demos. Use this WordPress theme to easily build a creative music website.



This theme comes with great features such as a music player, or the Visual Composer page builder (now WPBakery). It also contains an easy menu builder, video backgrounds with stylish parallax effects, and a grid building tool.

FWRD enables the online sale of music products using the WooCommerce plugin. Other plugins and features include translation functionality, slideshow plugin, and retina HD.

This WordPress theme creates a responsive website and allows you to post events and gigs on the site.

Back to Rock


This theme is tailor-made for bands. Back to Rock comes in a few different versions so that users can create the right type of website for their band.

Back to Rock provides useful music and performer-related templates in the package. It includes an album manager and a tour calendar.

It also features a full set of e-commerce templates for selling digital downloads and physical products from your website.



A stylish theme, great for both solo musicians and bands. This theme can work for anyone as it is easy to customize and comes with a premium page builder plugin at no extra cost.

Mousiqua doesn’t complicate things. It has a one-page design that displays all the key information on your homepage.



This theme is attractive but simple. Kayo suits solo performers and bands that want to reach a global online audience.

Kayo is useful for publishing musical works and other media files online. And it enables musicians to create and manage playlists and video galleries.

For DJ’s, Rap Artists and Urban Musicians



Noizzy is a great theme for DJs, rap artists, or urban musicians.

Noizzy has an urban vibe. It creates the feel of an underground club with music pumping for an exclusive crowd.



Apex is another high-quality WordPress music theme engineered for DJs, musicians, and bands. It's a simple theme that features a distinctive split-screen layout.

The content displays on the right of the screen, and prominent branding appears on the left.

Apex enables webpages to load quickly and allows your audience to listen to your music and view gigs. It gives users control over the site's fonts and other customization options.

Music Club


Music Club is exclusively designed for DJs, music bands, singers, or studios. Users can display tour dates, events, and ticket status using the prebuilt templates available.

Its WooCommerce and WPML plugin compatibility enables artists to sell their music merchandise.

Music Club is a theme designed to fit all devices and quickly load pages. It helps to make an elegant and SEO-ready site for your music band.

Customize your pages by using widgets, menus, and headers. The Music Club theme also provides free updates and support from the theme’s creators.

FAQ about WordPress themes for musicians

What is a WordPress theme for musicians?

A WordPress theme for musicians is a template that can be used to build a website for musicians, bands, DJs, music producers, and other professionals in the music industry. These themes come with pre-built layouts, custom widgets, and music-related features like event calendars, music players, and discographies.

What features should I look for in a WordPress theme for musicians?

When looking for a WordPress theme for musicians, you should look for features that will improve the way your website works, how easy it is to use, and how it looks. Some important things to think about are a music player, an event calendar, a discography section, integration with social media, and colours and fonts that can be changed. Also, you might want to look for a theme that works well on mobile and is SEO-friendly.

Are there any free WordPress themes for musicians?

Yes, you can find many free WordPress themes for musicians. Most of the time, these themes don't have as many features as premium themes, but they can still be a great place to start when building a music website. Music Lite, Virtue, and Sydney are a few of the most popular free WordPress themes for musicians.

How do I install a WordPress theme for musicians?

First, log into your WordPress dashboard and go to Appearance > Themes to find a theme for musicians. Then, click "Add New" and either look for a theme or upload a file with a theme. Once you've found the theme you want to use, you can make it your active theme by clicking "Install" and then "Activate."

Can I customize a WordPress theme for musicians?

Yes, a WordPress theme for musicians can be changed to fit your needs and preferences. Most WordPress themes come with built-in ways to change colours, fonts, layouts, and other things. You can also use plugins or custom code to add new features or change ones that are already there.

How do I choose the right WordPress theme for my music website?

When choosing a WordPress theme for your music website, you should think about your audience as well as your own needs and tastes. Look for a theme that is easy to use, works well on mobile, and is SEO-friendly. Also, think about the features you need, like a music player or a calendar of events, and choose a theme that has those features.

Are WordPress themes for musicians mobile-friendly?

Yes, most WordPress themes for musicians are mobile-friendly and responsive, which means they can be viewed on a variety of devices and screen sizes. This is important because more and more people are accessing websites on their phones and tablets. A website that is easy to use on mobile devices will help with SEO and make the user experience better.

Can I add audio and video to a WordPress theme for musicians?

Yes, adding audio and video to a WordPress theme for musicians is easy. There are many plugins you can use to add audio and video players to your website, and many themes already have them built in. You can also add audio and video from outside sites like YouTube and SoundCloud.

Do I need to know how to code to use a WordPress theme for musicians?

No, you don't need to know how to code to use a WordPress theme for musicians. Most themes have built-in customization features that let you change your website's design and layout without touching any code. Also, there are a lot of plugins you can use to add new features and functions to your website without having to know how to code.

Can I use a WordPress theme for musicians on my existing website?

Yes, you can add a WordPress theme for musicians to a website you already have. But you'll need to make sure the theme works with the content you already have and any plugins you're using. You may also need to change the theme so that it fits with your brand and design. It's important to make sure that the theme you choose fits with the overall look and feel of your website and that it has the features you need to promote your music and interact with your fans. If you aren't sure if a certain theme will work with your website, you might want to ask a web developer or designer for help.

Ending thoughts on the best WordPress themes for musicians

Using WordPress themes for musicians will not lead to disappointment. It may even help artists on the road to success.

WordPress music themes can help to build an effective website with global reach. So making the right choice today can change your tomorrow.

Choose to use WordPress themes for musicians and reach the world with your music.

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