Stunning Yoga Websites for Creative Inspiration

Stunning Yoga Websites for Creative Inspiration

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Are you a yoga teacher? Do you have an online yoga course to offer? Do you want to promote your own yoga studio?Just as high-quality in-house personal classes need advertising to reach clients, virtual yoga classes also require promotion to reach virtual clients. An inspirational website can help you to reach the right audience!

Today we'll talk about yoga website design and share some fantastic website examples. Learn how to make your own yoga studio website by checking out 58 of the best yoga websites around the world.

Designing Your Yoga Website

When designing an eye-catching yoga website, think about color. Choose fresh, subdued colors to send a calming and relaxing message.

The best yoga websites follow the rule of less is more. Have a slogan, and be specific with what your yoga therapy offers participants. The opening page needs to grab the attention but not be overwhelming.

Make sure that your website is clear and easy to maneuver. Think carefully when designing your navigation menu. Be sure to include a variety of categories. Include prices, schedules and how to contact you.

Don't be a faceless studio. Use your yoga website to brand yourself. Don't underestimate the impact of photography. This is where you present who you are and what you represent. Use pictures to promote.

Include testimonials. Newbies love to feel the yoga alliance. Talk about teacher training, and share details about your high-quality yoga classes.

Use original first-hand experiences from your clients, don't fake them or make them up, readers can sense when something is not original.

Be sure that your contact information, address, email, phone number and all your social media handles stand out.

58 Fantastic Unique Yoga Websites

Check out some of the best, most amazing, around-the-world yoga website examples. Some websites are for large yoga studios and others promote smaller, more personal sites.

Yoga Ed


A sweet Seattle-based Glow Flow instructor is Nina Park

Elena Brower


On Elena Brower's website, you will find links to her multiple businesses. Access links to to this teacher’s books, meditation and yoga classes and podcasts.  You can subscribe to her membership program.

Be Yoga 2


Check out this website where strength and exercise classes are paired with deep breathing and specialized classes are offered by Mat Rebel.

Yoga Off East


In North Carolina, Kathryn Sell Smith offers teacher training, yoga classes and retreats. This well-known tennis competitor went from playing tennis to practicing yoga and has many secrets to share.

Be Yoga 3


Do you want to expand your yoga knowledge including meditation and calm living techniques?  With more than 500 experts offering instruction from the most basic to the most advanced styles, this is the ideal site for learners.

Chrissy Carter


Are you planning to visit New York? Check out Chrissy Carter's site first. If you can't get to meet her in person, a visit to her homepage is worth the trip. You can read about her philosophy, lifestyle, and tasty recipes. You can always schedule an online appointment.

Be consultant


"Your decisions today will define your tomorrow" is the mantra behind Boho beautiful. It's more than just a yoga site, it's a developing travel brand that inspires a positive long term outlook on the mind, body and our planet.

Yoga in DeMun


When you check out Christy's site you will be immediately drawn to her, the face of the studio. She is the brand, the energy and the image of more than just the website, but also her individuality.

Be Gym


Women's Nude Yoga Classes are unique to Rikki Yeoward. All questions and queries are answered on her website and landing page as she openly shares her recovery.

Mountain Soul Yoga


We loved the notification on the bottom right corner of each page of Mountain Soul Yoga. Eye-catching images promote this fantastic organization. Check out their in-person and live streams with clearly posted daily schedules.

Karma Yoga San Francisco


This power-housed landing page is multi-dimensional. Floating info blocks share special deals and the organization's goals. It's easy to learn about Karma's instructors by checking out their profiles and history.

Sansara Surf & Yoga Resort


Want a total getaway? Try Sansara surf & Yoga Resort where you can practice yoga in a shared space waterside.

Black Swan Yoga


Would you like to become a certified yoga teacher or receive more teacher training? If so, Black Swan Yoga is the perfect destination. You will find distinct styles in distinct destinations throughout Texas and Colorado including San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Austin and Denver.

Feel Good Yoga


You choose! Virtual yoga class or in-person. All kinds of classes are offered by a variety of instructors to choose from. This project was created out of a true love for yoga by Sohie D'Avenia.

Kino Yoga


Would you like a taste of the tropics? Kino's website paints a beachy picture of the ocean and the tropics. One of the best yoga website examples that plays with pastel colors and great poses. Check out her calendar of events, blogs and even do some online shopping.

ONE Yoga


What an amazing location! A studio with modern vibes! This website incorporates images and style by combining a superb location with the folks that are behind the practice.

Yoga Maya


The Yoga Maya website shows off true professionalism. These folks truly want you to fall in love with good yoga! This site is designed in Vinyasa Yoga style for the energetic.

Alo Moves


We adore the background of this homepage. They offer an eye-catching video drop that shows off their unique and modern subscription service. Compared to other yoga studio websites, this one comes across as very high-tech.

Bulldog yoga


Simple. Unfiltered. Relaxed. Three adjectives that quickly come to mind when you check out Bulldog yoga.

Arden Yoga & Wellness


Kira has been practicing healthy living and yoga since 2012 from her home state of Tennessee. Her site emphasizes her values, connecting students to their bodies and minds.

Yoga Trade


Here is a yoga international site! Post the job you want. Connect with other professionals, students and instructors. If you are looking for work and wellness opportunities, this is a great website for you.

The Journey Junkie


This website has a great social media tactic. Allie offers a variety of free programs to people on her mailing list. Her ingenuity helped her turn her love into a powerhouse that gives her the time and liberty to sail the world with her husband. Allie has a big community and a yoga alliance.

Dylan Wener


This is a fabulos site that caters to males. We all know that the yoga industry in the past has been aimed toward women, but Dylan's site is a darker focus and as he travels the world he offers: retreats.

Cama Mind


You can learn a lot from Cama's branding. Investing in similar images and eye-catching colors will catch and keep the attention of your audience. The longer they stay, the more they will play! A site like this promises significant sales.

Meghan Currie Yoga


Far from the faceless yoga studio websites is Megan Currie. The choice of a handwritten font, and personal photos depicts her as approachable and down-to-earth. A real yoga teacher for the real yoga student.

Luminous Face Yoga


This yoga studio website encompasses true holistic living, beauty and wellness while at the same time focusing on face fitness and techniques that stimulate face and neck muscles.

Papaya Wellness


Papaya Wellness combines a yoga retreat with a surfing adventure. The site makes a connection between the mind, water and body energy. India Reinartz, the founder, mixes therapeutic yoga and sport.

Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga


Are you a live-stream fan? This site will give you unlimited yoga classes and meditation streaming access for free just for joining their studio.

The Ladies That Lift


What a great website! Anna Marsh's site found the balance between femininity and strength. Through color and photos, this weight training specialist/nutritionist used a great color pallet to attract women who want to achieve their fitness and health goals.

Wanda Badwal


A great way to hook an audience. When you sign-up for her newsletter you receive a free class video. Her approach offers something for everyone.

Daya Yoga Studio


Here is a great example of a clear clean website. Good graphics paired with white spots for emphasis. Daya Yoga is a very professional site. The audience gets a natural, earthy feel.



Glo - Drawn from global! A great name that says it all. With an enormous global network of yoga teachers offering endless courses, users can give demos a try while viewing mock lessons on their mobile devices and laptops.

Mountain Soul Yoga


In the Vail Valley you will find Mountain Soul Yoga.

Daniel Rama Yoga


A site that is worth checking out. Try the Becoming Balance App created by Danial Rama, an instructor passionate about simple life. His lessons are available for all levels and can be found on his App.

Seven Senses


Erica provides continuous live training. Keep up with her schedule and session on her website, SEVEN SENSES. She is also a trained Naturopathic doctor that offers a variety of yoga classes. Learn more about yoga practices and their benefits in the writing section of her website.

Katy | Apple Yoga


Katy's website has a great calendar feature with all the details of her online video course and teacher training opportunities along with a variety of upcoming events. As attractive as her video header is, unfortunately, her blog is very outdated

Kristin McGee


From pilates to yoga, Kristin McGee is a star celebrity. She has made a name for herself in the industry by making her classes accessible, entertaining and downright fun. A true pioneer in the yoga and health field.

This is Yoga


A name that rocks! With matching graphics and photos this site is full of class. It includes a phenomenal "customer review" section. Social media at its best. The website matches its stand-out-in-a-crowd name.

Chelsey Korus


Featured in magazines such as Prevention and Women's fitness Chelsey Korus has a lot to brag about. From the videos to pictures, it is a classy, professional, first-class yoga website design.

Yoga Buzz


Take a step back in time: old theatrics, beer and yoga rolled up in one site! Yoga Buss is a nonprofit wellness organization that continuously hosts pop-up events, training opportunities and scholarships.

Stephanie Snyder


In 2017 Stephanie started LOVE STORY YOGA classes featuring Vinyasa Yoga. Simple, inspirational and definitely popular in the world of yoga.

True Ayurveda


Sign up online to get all the updates from this yoga website. Julie Bernier is an ayurvedic yoga practitioner and owner of her own website: True Ayurvedic. Whether it’s herbs, diet, self-care or simply lifestyle suggestions, this is the one-stop spot. Read here about her future workshops and events.



Amanda Cook founded this website to empower business owners! The purpose is to promote business courses to aid them to grow and be successful. Her motto is to make a living without burning out. Great templates to share.

Yoga Video Courses


Unlike the other sites on this list, the website does not promote a studio but rather video courses. If you want to design and offer digital yoga classes, take the time to go through this website.

CorePower Yoga


The orange and black design pumps this site with energy. CorePower has over 200 studios throughout the United States. With a true modern kick, they incorporate a chat app, something their competitors should copy.

Synergy Yoga Newquay


The orange and black design pumps this site with energy. CorePower has over 200 studios throughout the United States. With a true modern kick, they incorporate a chat app, something their competitors should copy.

Synergy Yoga Newquay


In Newquay, UK, you will find Synergy Yoga. As a great tech perk, the site features Perch CNS integration. Users have the ability to edit their class timetable and follow updates on their blog posts.

Lila Lolling


Lila has 20 years of experience teaching and practicing yoga. In this website the follower is invited to EcoYoga Life TV where Lila uses yoga as her life medicine while promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Kia Miller


Through personal experience and yoga techniques, Kia Miler, writer, teacher and founder of Radiant Body Yoga, uses her website to share the radiant experiences of the full body yoga practice.

Yoga with Adriene


Who doesn't like free online YouTube videos? Yoga with Adriene, founded by Adriene Mishler, is outrageously popular! Her brand offers a paid program with exclusive lessons but also some free online videos on its YouTube channel.

Prema Yoga Brooklyn


This site uses a great strategy to generate more traffic to their website. Using good imaging they create the feeling of in-person yoga lessons. This is a great tactic to increase sales, membership and overall business.

Exhale Yoga Retreats


Here we see some international flare. With retreats in Bali and the Philippines, Exhale Yoga Retreats offers teacher training as well as online courses. The colorful media, pumped videos and images they incorporate add a real genuine feel to their retreats.

Nava Yoga Center


Looking to establish a daily routine? Look no further! For group and individual classes, the Nava Yoga Center at the Navy Yard is your ideal choice.

Cristi Christensen


An injury caused former Olympic Gymnast Cristi Christensen's career to end earlier than planned, but despite that setback, she has become famous in the Yoga world. She has been featured in numerous magazines and she is the well known author of the best-selling book, Chakra Rituals.



TINT Yoga is an online platform that connects top yoga teachers with dedicated students. You can check out its memberships and purchase the one suitable for you. It also provides an overview of the yoga teachers and their details. There are also yoga magazines categorized into yoga styles.

Gypset Goddess


Calling all bohemians and jet setters! Gypset Goddess is a yoga teacher for you. From web content that offers travel recommendations and a blog, it's a shout-out to an international audience.

Brooklyn Yoga Project


Did you say ‘low-heat vinyasa flow’? Or, did I hear  ‘Iyengar-inspired yoga courses’? Or maybe you are looking for a plain and simple restorative yoga teacher? Well, regardless of what you are looking for, Brooklyn Yoga Project is the boutique-inspired studio for you! It wins the price for the most minimalistic website on our list. Maybethat's why we like this design so much!

Concluding Words about Yoga Websites

Details, color, and in-your-face graphic designs are aggressive branding techniques but we can't deny the attraction to the short but sweet, the simple but bold, websites that caught our eyes on this 50-plus list of incredible yoga websites.

It's inspiring to see the diversity in the understated crisp and clear top ten yoga websites that we have evaluated. Ideas to share, designs to digest.

A well-designed website that focuses on promoting your services and values. This will always grow your business, it doesn’t matter if you’re getting started, or if you have decades of experience.

Remember to promote your services, and sell your business your way. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, let it be your values that grow your business and let your style shine through.

2022 was a year that hosted excellent yoga site designs. Check out some or all of these 58 examples that we have shared in this post.

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