The Best Actor Websites You Should Check Out
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The Best Actor Websites You Should Check Out

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Some people believe that, due to the nature of their profession, they don’t need to own a website. This is not true. All people, including actors, can make use of a website in some way.

Even though actor websites might not be as popular as eCommerce websites, they have an important purpose. An actor that finds it difficult to get hired can easily present their experience in a better light with their own website where they can showcase their talent.

Moreover, people who lookup actor names online can find out more information about them. There is much more to a website other than increasing sales. You can sell your own image and improve your career through a site, making it a great idea no matter how well-known you are.

Continue reading this article for a list of some of the best actor websites out there and get inspired to create your own.

Do Actors Need Websites?


In the era of the Internet, what’s the first thing you do when you want to get informed about something? The most obvious answer is that you read about it online. If you don’t find anything about the topic you’re interested in, you’ll probably forget about it.

This applies to all things – whether you heard about a new pub in town or a professor that everyone loves, you will look the name up on Google. Finding a dedicated website that gives you more information about it will make you more inclined to engage with the subject in real life.

You might visit the pub or contact the professor for private lessons, something that wouldn’t happen if you weren’t able to access any information online.

The same goes for actors. If you are an actor and someone looks up your name, you would definitely want a website to pop up and tell your story, showcase your work, and enable others to contact you for casting or collaboration.

When people find no information about your name online, it’s easy to be overlooked and forgotten.

Top 5 Mistakes Present on Actor Websites


Once you’ve decided to create a website, it’s time to learn a few things about the do’s and don’ts of actor websites. Here’s a list of the most common mistakes:

1. Bad design. Following some aesthetic principles is an unavoidable requirement when building a website. As an actor, you should include a well-organized portfolio with captures from different movies or plays you’ve been in. Try to make it look as professional as possible. Cheap design will make people leave your website in seconds. Check out the latest graphic design trends to stay current with your website design.

2. Poor navigation system. Your website has to be responsive to keep users engaged. If the site takes minutes to load, everything lags, and the navigation menu is difficult to find, no one will wait around to figure things out. Make sure that your website is intuitive and loads quickly.


3. Outdated content. If the information included on your site is very old, has nothing to do with your current state and you haven’t posted anything in a while, you will only mislead people. Make sure that you upload your latest contact information, pictures, awards, and achievements. Create a blog section that you update regularly for best results.

4. Overly verbose language. Don’t try to fill the content with ideas that have nothing to do with who you are. Keep the information real and on point, so that your story seems genuine. If users will feel like your bio is a work of fiction, they will most likely have a good laugh and leave your website.

5. Too much is too much. Actor websites should generally contain a portfolio, a professional shot, some contact details, your past experience, and that’s about it. Don’t try to transform your actor website into a virtual amusement park!


Top 5 Essentials That All Actor Websites Should Feature


Now that you know about the worst things to include on actor websites, let’s focus on the best:

1. Business contact details. Your personal contact details should remain that way – personal. Your website behaves just as an acting portfolio, so you want it to look as professional as possible. Only list your business contact details where people can reach you for collaborations.

2. Reels. Your reels should be easy to access. To do that, you can embed YouTube or Vimeo on your site or provide users with redirecting links. The former option is recommended because it looks more professional and visitors are not required to leave your website in order to see your reels.


3. Make it mobile-friendly. Smart Insights has pointed out that more people use their mobile phones than their PCs, so it’s very important to make your website scalable and responsive for all devices.

4. Behind the scenes. Actor websites should be interesting and catchy to keep visitors engaged. Adding some behind the scenes photos or exclusive information on your site will drive more traffic to it than to your social media profiles.

5. News. Let your visitors know what you are up to. By seeing that you have a busy schedule and you are constantly investing time into your career, people will perceive you in a more positive light.

Examples of Actor Websites You Can’t Miss

Leonardo Di Caprio


Di Caprio never ceases to impress the audience, and neither does his website. This full-screen, slider site is probably one of the best actor websites out there. It presents everything you would need to know about Leonardo Di Caprio, from what movies he starred in recently to what he’s up to in his personal life.

You can see that there is a clear connection between Di Caprio’s actor website and his social media profiles, as he is constantly pointing at them and encouraging people to interact with them. This makes his website a great marketing tool that increases his audience day after day.

Stephen Fry


Actor websites should make great use of a person’s experience. For instance, Stephen Fry presents his career starting with the year 1981. Because of his very long career, he built the website chronologically and went through all of his experiences.

It is a great example of how an actor website should look.

Woody Allen


Woody Allen is both an actor and a comedian, so his website is a merger. Woody Allen’s website is more like a branding site, as he presents the most important aspects of his entire career here. The site is based on WordPress, the most popular CMS out there.

To create an actor website, you can follow Allen’s example and use a CMS that you can personalize the way you want.


The examples presented here are just a few of the many actor websites you can find on the Internet. One thing is certain – if you are an actor and you’re planning to expand your career, you need to build an online presence. The best way to do so is by having a professional-looking website, updated regularly and linking back to your social media accounts.

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