Catering Website Design Examples You Want To See

Catering Website Design Examples You Want To See

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August 26, 2023
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August 30, 2023
Realtor Website Design: Inspiring Examples for Success
August 26, 2023
Website Designs With A Luxury Color Palette
August 30, 2023

You're diving into the world of catering website design? Cool beans! Let me tell you, the digital age has changed the game. Gone are the days of flipping through Yellow Pages. Now, whether it's a swanky wedding, a big corporate gig, or a chill social gathering, folks are hitting up the web to check out what you've got to offer.

Having a killer catering website? It's like having a digital storefront. It's where you get to strut your stuff, show off what makes your catering biz unique, and reel in those potential customers.

If you're either rocking the catering scene or you're a web designer hunting for some inspo, I've got a treat for you. I've been on a digital scavenger hunt, and I've found some of the raddest catering website designs out there. Each of these sites has its own flair, whether it's top-notch design, wicked writing, killer marketing vibes, smooth navigation, or jaw-dropping photos.

Ready to dive in? Let's roll!

Catering Website Design Examples

Watertanden Catering


Watertanden? They're all about that unique catering vibe that'll have you drooling. Picture this: food trucks rolling up with the tastiest grub. You pick the vibe, they bring the flavor. It's all about crafting that perfect catering experience and making your event the talk of the town.

Begnis Catering


Begnis Catering? They've been in the game since '85. This site is a blend of sleek design and rich history. They've been planning shindigs from weddings to corporate events. The site's got a cool mix of design, content, and a sprinkle of art direction.

Global Gourmet


Global Gourmet is all about the visuals. Stunning photos that'll make your stomach rumble. They've got this chic mix of big and small pics, with a dash of detail and event layout shots. The fonts? Classy. The colors? Minimalistic. And navigating the site? A total breeze.




Stone Cove Catering


Stone Cove's site is like the blueprint for catering websites. It's got all the essentials. And their menu page? It's like stepping into a Wes Anderson movie. Artfully designed menu cards that are just chef's kiss.

Club Vivre


Club Vivre keeps things neat and tidy. Booking chefs and dishes? Easy peasy. The site's got this pro vibe with a minimalistic color palette that's easy on the eyes.

Soul Catering


Soul Catering is serving up restaurant-level catering right in Kiev. The site's goal? Show off the company and give you the 411 on all their services.




Proof of the Pudding


Proof of the Pudding is all about that Southern charm. They've been dishing out delish cuisine for over four decades. Their site? It's sleek, modern, and all about showcasing their customizable menus and event planning magic.

Joels Catering & Special Events


Joels? They're the big shots in New Orleans. Almost three decades in the game, and they're still wowing folks with their culinary magic. If you're looking for an experience that's gonna stick in your memory, these are your peeps.

Queen of Hearts Catering


Okay, first off, those card symbols for branding? Genius. The whole site's got this consistent color vibe that's super easy on the eyes. And that 'about us' page? It's like getting a backstage pass to their world.

24 Carrots Catering


These guys are all about that Cali life. Think fresh, local, and sustainable. Their site? Sleek, modern, and totally shows off their passion for top-notch food and creativity.

The Catered Affair


This site? It's like stepping into a dream. That header video? Pure class. And the photos? They're the kind that make you wanna dive right into the event. Plus, showcasing venues? Smart move. It's like a stamp of approval from the cool kids.




Love Catering


LA vibes all the way. Glamorous events, drool-worthy food, and photos that just don't quit. From the dishes to the venues to the team, Love Catering is all about that A-list service.

Instinct Origine


Homey feels, seasonal goodies, and dishes that are just bursting with flavor. It's like a trip to grandma's, if grandma was a gourmet chef.

Cellar Society


Minimalism for the win. This site's all about letting the content shine. Loads of white space, killer testimonials, and a focus on the brand. It's like the cool, artsy kid in the class.



T(n)S? They're the wild cards. Their site's like nothing you've seen before. And those Easter Eggs hidden around? It's like a treasure hunt and a catering site all rolled into one.

Catering by Michaels


Straight outta Chicago, these folks are all about fresh ingredients and rad menus. Their site? Sleek, stylish, and totally showing off their top-tier catering game.




Joy Wallace Catering


Three decades in Miami and still going strong. Joy Wallace? They're like the globe-trotters of the catering world. From weddings to corporate shindigs, they're serving up dishes inspired by global flavors.

Little Wolf Catering


From finger foods to those epic grazing tables, Little Wolf has got the goods. Their food? It's the kind that hits you right in the feels. And their site proves that top-notch cuisine can be just a click away.

Chapa Catering


Down in Sydney, CHAPA is keeping it in the family. Modern Aussie menus for all kinds of events. Their site's a visual feast with popping colors, cool typography, and pics that'll make you drool.



Kaspars? Their photos are the stuff of foodie dreams. And navigating their site? Smooth as butter. Everything's right where you'd expect it to be.

Fresh Connections Catering


Over in Northern VA, these guys went for a fresh digital look. Clean design, custom pics, and a whole new brand vibe. The food's the star of the show here.




Above & Beyond Catering


San Fran's got a gem with Above & Beyond. They're consistent, timely, and always serving up fresh menus. Whether it's a big bash or a cozy gathering, they've got it on lock.

Ridgewells Catering


Ridgewells? They're all about that classic charm. Their site's got this timeless feel, with killer pics and a super user-friendly menu. It's all about quality and creativity with these folks.

A'Britin Catering


Two decades of dishing out deliciousness in LA. Boardroom Catering knows how to keep those corporate taste buds happy.

Hattie Mauleverer


Hattie's spot on the web? It's like a visual feast. Bold flavors, unique dish presentations, and all wrapped up in a sleek design. Those top-notch pics, classy fonts, and that clean layout? It's the whole package.

Lovely Night Catering + Events


These folks? They're the go-to for weddings, shindigs, and all those corporate gigs. Serving up tasty dishes with a side of warmth and top-tier hospitality.




Heirloom LA


Over at Heirloom LA, they're all about that healthy eating life. They're championing the cause of knowing where your food comes from and making sure everyone's got access to the good stuff. Big shoutout to them for supporting local organic farms.

Bubble Food


Bubble Food's site is like a burst of color and creativity. Playful animations, eye-catching pics, and fonts that pop. It's a digital experience that's as unique as their approach to food.

Casella Catering Configurator


Casella's got this cool web app that lets you craft your dream gourmet food experience. The interface? Sleek and user-friendly. And the smart input validation? It's like having a digital helper by your side.

Morins Catering & Events


Morin's? They're like catering royalty. Part of a hospitality legacy that's been going strong for over a century. Four generations of the Morin fam have been at the helm, and their site totally reflects that rich history.

Salt + Smoke


Salt + Smoke? Their site's got this artsy vibe with a touch of minimalism. Everything you need to know? Right there on the homepage. And that bar with all the deets? Super handy.

Tommy Ruff


Tommy Ruff is all about that online ordering game. Their menu? Organized and on point. And the branding? Thought out to the T. Plus, they've got three spots to check out.

M Culinary Concepts


Started by celeb chef Michael DeMaria and business guru Brandon Maxwell, M Culinary is all about breaking the mold. They're a bunch of fun-loving pros out to shake up the culinary scene.

Pinch Food Design


Pinch? They're on a mission to change the catering game. They want to flip the script on how parties feel and how guests vibe with events.



Ottolenghi's site? It's like a trip to Italy. Minimalist, efficient, and oh-so-pretty. The side-opening menu and product pages? Super sleek.

Berlin Cuisine


Berlin Cuisine's site is a visual treat. That artsy video header? Total eye-catcher. And the pics? Drool-worthy. Plus, navigating the site? A breeze.

FAQ about catering website design

What's the Best Way to Make My Catering Website User-Friendly?

Oh, you bet! Making a catering website user-friendly is like cooking a perfect meal. You need the right ingredients. Start with a clean layout, easy navigation, and mouth-watering images.

Don't forget to add a pinch of clear call-to-action buttons and sprinkle some responsive design for mobile users. It's like setting up a buffet where everything's easy to reach. Your customers will love it!

How Can I Showcase My Menu Effectively?

Ah, the menu, the heart of any catering website! Think of it like presenting a gourmet dish. Use high-quality images that make the food jump off the screen.

Include detailed descriptions but keep 'em short and sweet. Add prices if you want, but make sure they're clear. And hey, why not throw in some customer reviews? It's like having a friend recommend a dish. Makes it all the more tempting!

Should I Include Customer Testimonials?

Customer testimonials? Absolutely! It's like having a chorus of happy diners singing your praises. Include a few well-chosen words from satisfied clients, maybe even with their smiling faces.

It adds credibility and a personal touch. It's like when you're at a party, and someone says, "You've got to try the dip!" You're gonna try the dip, right?

How Do I Optimize My Website for Mobile Users?

Optimizing for mobile users is like making sure there's something for everyone at a banquet. You've got to make sure the site looks good and works well on all devices.

Use a responsive design that adjusts to different screen sizes. Keep the navigation simple, and make sure those buttons are big enough to tap with a finger. It's like setting the table so everyone can reach the salt and pepper. No one's left out!

What About SEO for My Catering Website?

SEO, my friend, is like seasoning in cooking. You've got to get it just right. Use keywords that your potential customers might search for, like "wedding catering in [your city]" or "corporate event catering." But don't overdo it; keep it natural.

Add some tasty meta descriptions and sprinkle in some internal links. It's like adding the right spices to make the dish sing. Your website will be the talk of the town!

How Can I Make My Website Reflect My Brand?

Your brand is like your signature dish; it's got to be unique and memorable. Use colors, fonts, and images that reflect your catering style. If you're all about elegant events, go for sophisticated design.

If you're fun and funky, let that show! It's like dressing for the occasion. Your website should wear what your catering business is all about. It's your online storefront, so make it inviting!

Should I Include Online Booking on My Website?

Online booking? It's like offering a reserved seat at a hot restaurant. It's convenient and makes your customers feel special. Include an easy-to-use booking system, maybe with a calendar to show availability.

Make sure it's secure and sends a confirmation email. It's like giving your customers a golden ticket to a fabulous feast. They'll appreciate the VIP treatment!

How Often Should I Update My Website?

Updating your website is like refreshing the buffet. You wouldn't leave the same food out all night, right? Keep things fresh with new images, seasonal menus, and updated testimonials.

Maybe even write a blog about catering trends or your latest events. It's like chatting with your customers about what's new and exciting. Keeps 'em coming back for more!

What Should I Do If My Website Isn't Attracting Customers?

If your website isn't attracting customers, it's like a party with no guests. Time to send out new invites! Look at your site's design, content, and SEO.

Maybe even ask for feedback from friends or customers. It's like tweaking a recipe until it's just right. Don't be afraid to try new things. Sometimes, a little change in the seasoning can turn a bland dish into a masterpiece!

How Can I Secure My Catering Website?

Securing your website is like locking the doors to your kitchen. You wouldn't let just anyone wander in, right? Use strong passwords, keep your software up to date, and consider an SSL certificate.

It's like having a top-notch security system for your online space. Your customers' information is like your secret recipes; you've got to keep 'em safe! It builds trust, and trust is key in any relationship, especially in business.

Conclusion on Catering Website Design

Catering sites? They're not just about food pics. They've got vibes, from the fancy to the laid-back. We've just taken a whirlwind tour of some killer catering website designs. Whether you're into the clean, modern look or something a bit more rustic, there's inspo here for everyone. Dive in, explore, and find what resonates with you.

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