Cycling Websites Design Inspiration for Web Creatives
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Cycling Websites Design Inspiration for Web Creatives

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You ever think about how a bicycle and the digital world would mesh together? Sounds kinda odd, right? Well, it’s actually a mind-blowing combo. Cycling websites are like a secret alley in a bustling city, packed with amazing surprises.

So, are you up for some kickass inspiration? Dive in!

Cycling Websites To Check Out

Santini Cycling


These guys collaborated with Different Media Productions and Six Socks Studio to craft a dope website. It was all for the 2022 Yellow Jersey celebration, given that they're the fresh sponsor of the legendary Tour de France.

Cycles Cavale


They've jazzed up their site. Complete makeover! New pages, a rad bike customizer, and a sleek eShop. Totally worth checking out.



Alright, so they're all about that smooth ride. Smoove creates these super cool lubes for bike chains. It's like giving your bike a spa day. Cleans and neutralizes in a snap and is perfect for whatever weather you're cycling in.




Cycle Torch


All about that bling for your bike. Think cycling accessories that are lit!



This place is a virtual candy shop for cyclists. Name it, they've got it. Bikes, gear, cool brands... The list is endless! Think Chrome Industries, Cinelli, and even Kryptonite. A goldmine for any cycling enthusiast.



For the purists out there, Cervélo is your jam. They're all about creating those super speedy road and aero/tri bikes. Been at it for over 20 years!

Sole Bicycles


Imagine starting a business with your BFFs. That’s what happened here. They’ve got some stylish yet budget-friendly bikes. And the coolest bit? They're almost fully set up when they arrive at your place.

Bold Cycles


Meet the new kids on the block from Switzerland. Their brand, «Bold», is just wow. Their site is built on WordPress/WooCommerce, and it's packed with this epic bike customizer. Feel like going for a virtual ride?

State Bicycle Co.


Smooth rides are their promise. They're not just about bikes but the whole shebang. Parts, accessories, and even some trendy sporty outfits to get you looking sharp while cycling.




Yeti Cycles


Yo, meet Yeti Cycles. Their main gig is their site and store. Not just any store, but THE store. Check 'em out, for real.

BMC Switzerland


BMC? Yeah, they’re straight outta Switzerland. These folks have got these suave bikes that are like...the future of cycling. Super comfy, super slick, and they'll legit help you find a bike that's like a second skin.

Beat Cycling


So, these folks here are revolutionaries. First global cycling club to pop up a pro cycling team. If you're vibing with cycling, whether you ride or just fanboy/fangirl over it, Beat Cycling is the VIP club to get into.

Quality Bicycle Products


Legends in the game. They’ve been crafting top-tier cycles and bits for like, forever (okay, over 30 years, but still). Tons of bike shops under their belt, plus their store is stocked with every bike part you can dream of.

Giordana Cycling


Giordana's not just any brand, they've got history. Three decades of it! They’ve revamped their image and now their site is like this glossy magazine of cycling awesomeness. The geo-location bit is super neat too, helps you find their store in a jiffy.




Mike's Bikes


Mike's? Oh man, they’re old school cool. Started in the ‘60s and they’ve been shaking things up since. If you're into brands like Salsa or Santa Cruz, this is your haven. Plus, they've got this massive team of bike nerds to ensure you’re always riding happy.

Performance Bicycle


Started by the Snooks in the '80s, Performance Bicycle is a true Cinderella story. From a small shop to this massive online kingdom, their goal's been simple: cycling joy, innovation, and the best ride of your life.

Ruff Cycles


Got a thing for custom cruisers? Ruff Cycles lets you build your dream ride. Choose your style, color, accessories... the whole shebang! It’s DIY bike heaven.



Last but not least, YT USA. Born out of one dude's passion because he couldn't snag a decent ride. Now, they're all about giving everyone that mountain rush. Their bikes? Top-notch. Warranty? A solid five years.

Damian Harris Cycles


Down in South Wales, UK, this spot's the go-to for anything on two wheels. Damian Harris Cycles has got the goods, and their online store is popping. Dive in, find your ride, and pedal on.






Ecotric? Oh, they're next-level. Birthed in 2007, their mission was all about jazzing up urban transport. Fast-forward, and they've got these e-bikes that are just... chef's kiss. All about that eco-friendly ride with a sprinkle of UL certification. Money well spent.

New Order


Ever walked into a place and thought, "Woah, this changes like every week"? That's New Order for ya. It's not just a cycling store; it's an experience. Themes keep rolling in, cycling vibes keep flowing out.

Bicycle Warehouse


Alright, storytime. Picture it: July 4th, 1992. A dream to bring the dopest mountain bikes to the scene. Today? Well, Bicycle Warehouse is more than just bikes. Tires, tubes, gear - the full cycling shebang.



Bodhi's shaking things up with some Belgian flair. Designer cycling outfits? Yup. For everyone? You bet. A little birdie told me they're launching online shopping soon. And some team customization. Intrigued yet?

Polygon Bikes


If bikes were superheroes, Polygon Bikes would be assembling the Avengers. Expertly crafted bikes by some genius minds and tested by pro riders from, well, everywhere. Got your eye on models like XQUARONE or Collosus DH? They've got them!






Coming straight outta Minneapolis, All-City isn't just a name. It's a vibe. And their bikes? Pure urban elegance.



Razor's the kind of place where your inner kid and adult find a middle ground. Bicycles? Check. Skateboards, scooters, hoverboards? Double-check. Decades in the game and millions of rides sold, they know what's up.

Riley's Cycles


Riley's Cycles is serving old-school charm in Sherborne, Dorset. Their website? A digital dive into a vintage cycling dream. Proper nostalgia trip.

Marin Bikes


Alright, ever heard of Marin Bikes? These guys kicked things off in '86 and yeah, they’re like the OG mountain bike crew. Picture this: top-notch bikes, made with oodles of love and passion. They’re all about giving folks like you and me those epic ride vibes.

Hero Cycle


So Hero Cycle? Massive! They're pumping out a staggering 7.5 million bikes a year from their setups in India and Sri Lanka. From Firefox to Viking, they're the brains behind some seriously awesome brands.

Bianchi Café & Cycles


Imagine sipping an espresso while surrounded by sleek Italian cycles. Sounds dreamy, right? That’s Bianchi Café & Cycles. They’ve meshed Italy’s finest - delish food and killer bikes. And guess what? Their digital space? Just as inviting.

The Work Cycle


Here’s something different: The Work Cycle. It's this cool digital space that celebrates the whole vibe of commuting on two wheels. Folks are ditching the traffic jams and falling head over heels for their bikes. This site’s capturing that magic.

FAQ On Cycling Websites

What's the best platform to build a cycling website on?

Man, that's like asking what the best bike is! So, the answer is kinda personal. Some folks swear by WordPress because it's flexible and has loads of plugins. Others might prefer something more straightforward like Wix or Squarespace.

It really boils down to what you're comfortable with and what features you need.

How much does it usually cost to set up a cycling site?

Ah, the million-dollar (or hopefully less) question! Basic websites can sometimes be free, especially if you're using platforms that offer free plans.

But if you're looking to get all fancy with custom domains, design, and special features, you could be looking at anything from $50 to a few grand annually. Remember, you get what you pay for!

Should I focus on mobile or desktop users?

Alright, imagine you're out on a ride, and you wanna quickly check a cycling route or a shop nearby. You gonna pull out a laptop? Nah! Mobile-first is the mantra these days. But don’t totally ignore the desktop crowd. Just ensure your site looks good and functions well on both.

How can I make my site SEO-friendly for cycling keywords?

SEO, the dark art! Kidding. First, produce killer content that people wanna read. Use relevant keywords but don't stuff them in unnaturally. Backlinks are golden, so get reputable sites to link to yours. And don't forget to use tools like Google's Search Console to track your progress and spot issues.

What should I include in my website's 'About' section?

Spill the beans! People wanna know the story behind the site. Are you a pro cyclist? A hobbyist? What got you into it? Make it personal and authentic. Photos of you in action can be a nice touch too. Connect with your audience on a human level.

Can I make money from a cycling website?

Dollar signs in your eyes, huh? Sure, there's potential. Affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, or selling cycling-related products are options. But don't compromise the quality of your content for a quick buck. Trust is hard to earn and easy to lose.

How often should I update my site?

Regularly, but no need to go nuts. If you've got fresh content, great! But if you're just updating for the sake of it, maybe hold off. Quality over quantity. And remember to keep info like cycling routes, events, or product reviews current.

How do I handle negative comments or feedback?

Thick skin, my friend. Everyone's got an opinion, and not all of them will be rainbows and sunshine. Engage politely, address valid concerns, and remember you can't please everyone. But avoid feeding the trolls. Some battles ain’t worth fighting.

What's the importance of imagery on a cycling website?

Imagery is HUGE! A picture speaks a thousand words, right? High-quality photos of scenic routes, gear, or events can captivate your audience. Videos? Even better. Just ensure they're relevant and of good quality. Nobody wants to squint at pixelated images.

How do I connect with other cycling communities or websites?

Network, network, network! Engage with other cycling websites, leave thoughtful comments, or reach out directly. Attend events or rides. Maybe even guest post on other platforms. It's like making friends at a new cycling group – show genuine interest, be helpful, and the connections will come.

In The Rearview Mirror...

Cycling websites? They're not just pages; they're stories. They're about passion, community, and the sheer joy of riding. Whether you're a web junkie or a two-wheeled aficionado, there's heaps of inspo to be found. From sleek designs to compelling content, these sites are a masterclass in blending form and function.

So next time you're diving into a design project or just hunting for some fresh ideas, take a leaf out of the cycling world's book. It’s all about riding with style and purpose.

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