29 Top Esports Website Design Examples

29 Top Esports Website Design Examples

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January 21, 2024
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Impressive Furniture Website Design To Inspire You
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Ever dived into the electric world of esports website design? It's not just about flashy graphics and neon colors. It's a journey through the heart of gaming culture, where every pixel counts and every layout speaks volumes. Here, we're peeling back the digital curtain to show you how it's done, using esports website design examples as our guide.

Imagine crafting a digital space that's a magnet for gamers. We're talking user experience that's as smooth as your favorite online game, and interactive design that makes visitors stick like glue. From the adrenaline of competitive gaming site layouts to the sleekness of mobile-friendly interfaces, this isn't just about looking good. It's about creating a hub where esports teams, tournaments, and the gaming community converge.

By the end of this ride, you'll grasp how to blend aesthetics with functionality. Dive into topics like SEO strategies tailored for gaming websites, the art of engaging esports branding, and the science behind user-friendly interfaces. Get ready to transform your digital canvas into a masterpiece of esports web design.

Esports Website Design Examples

Team Solomid Esports Facility


Dive into the digital design for gamers at the Team Solomid Facility Center. It's more than just a site; it's an interactive esports platform showcasing our journey and successes in the esports world.

Esporte Clube Bahia


Check out the official website of Esporte Clube Bahia. It's the digital home for Salvador's favorite soccer team. Here, we blend the passion for sports with sleek esports website design examples, creating a unique online presence.



GOALS isn't just a game; it's a revolution in gaming UI/UX design. A free, cross-play, multiplayer football game that's esports ready. With its interactive scoreboard design, GOALS takes football gaming to the next level.




Minnesota Esports Club


Welcome to the hub where community, leadership, and education meet esports. Here, we focus on more than competition; it's about growth, skill development, and creating an inclusive esports ecosystem. A place where gaming event landing pages meet real-world impact.



esports.net is your one-stop gaming hub. We're not just about esports news; we're about bringing you the entire spectrum of the esports industry. From professional gaming site architecture insights to player profile page layouts, we've got it all.

FaZe Clan


FaZe Clan is more than an esports team; it's a cultural phenomenon. Our site reflects our unique blend of disruptive content and a passionate fanbase. Experience an esports team website template that embodies our spirit and global influence.



At HSEL, we're reshaping the world of school esports. Here, coaches and students collaborate to choose games that reflect their passion and skills. It's a place where online gaming interface examples meet educational values.

Esports Players Club


Esports Players Club is where gaming meets learning. We use video game design to teach kids coding and programming. Our approach is fun, interactive, and all about fostering creativity and critical thinking through gaming.




Contender eSports


Contender Esports is where gaming becomes an extraordinary experience. Our site reflects the essence of our stores: top-notch gaming stations, unique retail products, and an atmosphere that makes every visit memorable.

Team Vitality


Explore Team Vitality's world, a blend of passion, dreams, and top-tier esports. From our Parisian roots to our European triumphs, our site is a journey through what makes us a leading name in esports, showcasing esports streaming website features and more.

Global Esports Federation


Here, at the Global Esports Federation, it's all about giving esports its well-deserved spotlight. Think of it as a melting pot where esports athletes, gaming UI/UX designers, and industry hotshots unite. Our mission? To amp up the competition, nurture communities, and bridge the gap between traditional sports, esports, and cutting-edge tech. We're the voice of the global esports movement, echoing from every corner of the online gaming interface.

British Esports Federation


British Esports isn’t just dreaming; we're building. Imagine a future where the UK tops the esports charts globally. That’s the vision. We're laying down the tracks for an esports superhighway, complete with responsive gaming site designs and player profile page layouts. In 10 years? Watch us lead the global esports scene.




Team Liquid


Team Liquid is not just a name; it's a legacy in the esports realm. Established in 2000, we're talking major leagues, over 15 different esports, and a battalion of 150+ players worldwide. We're a blend of pro gaming site architecture and the competitive spirit, where every player and every game tells a story of triumph.

G2 Esports


G2 Esports? It's all about living on the edge of entertainment. Our social and content platforms aren't just channels; they're a playground for our players and fans. Engagement, entertainment, and the #G2ARMY – that's our trio. We're not just playing the game; we're setting the stage for millions to watch, engage, and be part of our ever-growing esports journey.



Fnatic stands for more than just winning; it's about leveling up every gamer out there. Born in London, 2004, we've become a symbol of supremacy in esports. Our secret? A mix of top-tier gaming event landing pages and a relentless drive to win. We're not just a team; we're a global esports phenomenon.



PlayVS is where high school esports turns varsity. Coast to coast, we're the real deal, the only recognized high school esports league. Imagine a world where your esports skills get you that varsity jacket. With PlayVS, that world is here. We're the playground for the next generation of esports heroes.




Rocket League Championship Series


The Rocket League Championship Series is not just another league; it's a revolution on wheels. With a staggering $2 million prize pool, nearly 400k viewers, and each game a spectacle, we're not just growing; we're exploding onto the esports scene. Every match is more than a game; it's a record-breaking showdown.

ESTNN Esports News


ESTNN? Think of it as your all-access pass to the esports universe. Packed with the latest news, in-depth interviews, pro tips, and a heap of tournament coverage. We're all about bringing you closer to the heart of gaming. It's like having your own personal guide in the vast world of esports website design examples and competitive gaming.

UNCG Esports


UNCG is where esports gets real. Hosting tournaments? Check. Opening doors to innovative gaming careers? You bet. And our 3,300 square foot arena? It's a gamer's paradise with top-notch gaming stations, VR systems, and even broadcast capabilities. It's where esports streaming website features meet academic brilliance.

Dota 2 Esports


UCI and Dota 2? Perfect match. Our gaming community and Game Design major set the stage for some epic esports showdowns. UCI Esports is all about blending learning with passion. Think inspiring, think cutting-edge. That's us, setting trends in esports website design examples and beyond.




PUBG Mobile World Invitational


PUBG Mobile burst onto the scene, redefining battle royales. It's not just a game; it's a phenomenon. Challenging gameplay, endless customization - it's all here. This title didn't just join the esports league; it set a new standard. A perfect example of mobile-friendly esports sites in action.

Esports Insider


Here at ESI, we're the ones with our ears to the ground in the esports biz. Business, events, news - we cover it all. Think of us as your go-to source for the latest and greatest in esports. From gaming event landing pages to industry scoops, we've got the insights you need.

World Wide Scholastic Esports Foundation


NASEF's all about harnessing the power of esports for good. We're the non-profit making waves in the scholastic world. Using esports as a platform, we're helping students develop crucial skills - from STEAM to social-emotional learning. It's where education meets gaming in the most awesome way.

Dota 2


Dota 2? It's a game-changer. Free-to-play, packed with unique heroes and team strategies, it's taken the esports world by storm. Valve's hit isn't just a game; it's a phenomenon that's shaped the esports landscape. It's a prime example of how a game can redefine the scope of the esports industry.

FAQ On Esports Website Design Examples

What's Crucial in Esports Website Design?

Esports sites? They're like digital arenas. Key is immersive user experience. Think vibrant graphics, intuitive navigation, and responsive design. Cater to gamers' dynamic taste.

Add live tournament updates, player stats, and interactive elements. Remember, design should echo the energy of esports – high octane, always engaging.

How Do I Make My Esports Website Stand Out?

To stand out, blend unique branding with stellar user interface. Inject personality—reflect your game's spirit. Use high-quality visuals and interactive design to hook users.

Incorporate social media feeds, gaming news, leaderboards. It's about creating a community hub, not just a website.

Are Mobile-Friendly Designs Important for Esports Websites?

Absolutely! Most gamers are on mobile. Prioritize responsive design to ensure your site looks great on any device. Think about easy navigation and fast load times.

Mobile-friendly means accessibility anywhere, which is vital for keeping your esports audience connected and engaged.

How Can I Optimize My Esports Website for SEO?

SEO for gaming sites? Focus on specific keywords like ‘esports tournaments’ or ‘gaming strategies.’ Create quality content around these topics.

Don't forget technical SEO—fast load times, mobile optimization, and structured data. Remember, great SEO is about more than keywords; it’s about creating a valuable resource for gamers.

What Content Should an Esports Website Include?

Your content must resonate with gamers. Feature game reviews, player interviews, tournament schedules, and live match updates.

Engage your audience with insider tips, strategy guides, and gaming community news. It's all about creating content that gamers seek—informative, entertaining, and up-to-date.

How Important Is User Interface in Esports Web Design?

User Interface (UI) is your first impression. It’s critical. A clean, intuitive UI keeps visitors on your site. Think about easy navigation, clear call-to-actions, and a layout that puts the most sought-after information upfront. Good UI isn’t just about looks; it’s about usability.

Can Incorporating Multimedia Elements Boost Engagement on Esports Websites?

Definitely! Multimedia like videos, streams, and interactive graphics enrich user experience. They're not just engaging; they bring your content to life.

Live streams of tournaments, highlight reels, and interactive game guides can transform a static page into an immersive experience.

How Do I Balance Creativity and Functionality in Esports Web Design?

Strike a balance by focusing on user experience. Creative graphics and animations? Sure, but they must serve a purpose. Your design should guide users effortlessly through your site. It's a dance between eye-catching visuals and practical, easy-to-use interfaces.

What Are the Latest Trends in Esports Website Design?

Trends? Think bold, dynamic layouts mirroring the fast-paced nature of esports. Integrating virtual and augmented reality elements is on the rise.

Plus, designs are leaning towards dark mode aesthetics for a more immersive gaming vibe. And always, mobile optimization stays top of the trend list.

How Can Analytics Improve My Esports Website?

Analytics let you peek into user behavior. Track which pages grab attention, where visitors bounce, and what content they consume.

Use these insights to tweak your design, content, and SEO strategies. Analytics is like a roadmap guiding you to create a more engaging and successful esports website.


Wrapping up our deep dive into the world of esports website design examples, let's remember the core takeaways. It's all about creating a digital space that's more than just pretty graphics. We're talking about building a community hub, a place where esports enthusiasts feel at home.

Key points? Responsive design, because nobody wants to fumble around a site that doesn’t work on their phone. Next, user engagement – it's the secret sauce. Integrating interactive elements like live streams and gaming leaderboards keeps visitors glued. And don’t forget about SEO strategies, because what good is a stunning website if gamers can’t find it?

Now, take these insights, the vibrant examples we've explored, and start crafting your own masterpiece. Think outside the box, blend functionality with creativity, and always keep the user experience at the heart of your design. The goal? To create an esports website that’s not just a digital space, but a dynamic gaming community. Ready, set, design!

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