Delicious Looking Bakery Websites to Inspire the Web Designer in You

Delicious Looking Bakery Websites to Inspire the Web Designer in You

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Marketing for your company should always enjoy your best efforts, no matter what you sell. Business websites are a must for every industry.

In this blog, you will see examples of excellent bakery websites. They show how you can present your baked goods. You will also learn what kinds of functionalities are necessary to make the best bakery websites. You want to make your visitors hungry and ready to place an order.

This is a great place to start if you have a bakery and want to start your bakery website. The examples show what the latest trends are in bakery website design and how you can make yours stand out from the competition.



The first bakery website to check out is Sonoma’s. They make a product that pays homage to the local land and its people.

Be Baker 3


The King Arthur Baking Company is proud of the responsible sourcing of the ingredients it uses. Besides their products, this employee-owned bakery invests in philanthropic and other good causes. Its website well indicates what they offer,and shows them in a unique broken grid layout. The color scheme is bright and attractive. Their quality images complete the website design.

Cobs Bread


Cobs Bread’s website has secured its place on this list of the best bakery websites. Its design is exceptional. You will notice the split-screen layout and the hero header. On the right, you will see a slider and an image of one of their products on the left.

Be Baker 2


Sweet Delight is famous for the unique design of its desserts, like its carrot cake. They mirror the uniqueness of their product in their website design. It tries to show as much variety as possible.

Land & Monkeys Bakery


Here is one of the most inspiring bakery website examples on this list. It uses a background video to catch your attention. On top of the video, you can read the well-designed menu. The overall website design is clean, which makes website navigation easy and pleasant.

Be Baker


If you want to rediscover your inner child, you should go to Milk Bar. They show their outrageous desert in gorgeous high-quality photos. The colors, sprinkles, and other decorations will make you want to eat them.

Pinchman’s Café & Artisan Bakery


Pinchman's boasts two decades of baking experience and passion for its products. Everything they make is fresh and looks appetizing. They use fresh authentic ingredients: fresh farm eggs, good butter, salt, and sugar.

Be Cakes


Back Door Donuts hails from the peaceful island of Martha's Vineyard. Their website is so inviting that you will want to make a trip to try their donuts. A large hero image slideshow welcomes you as you open the website. The colors and drip effects emphasize the brand image.

Nine Times


Many people suffer from some form of dietary restriction. No problem at Nine Times bakery. They make something for everyone. You can find dairy-free, gluten-free, and other great-tasting cakes and pastries. They always use the best ingredients so that you can enjoy their product with your friends.

Be Cafe 3


This bakery website uses a classic layout and design with thin borders and pastel colors. This design works very well with the Greek lettering forming an appealing design.

Grandir Kyoto


This Japanese pastry shop has a website that takes a bold approach. It uses large images that have great zoom effects. It makes you feel like you're in a movie. This is an example of a website that engages with its visitors.

Lutz Bakery


Lutz Bakery’s website displays a huge gallery of all the desserts this pastry chef offers.



This bakery website design is creative and inspiring. A hero slider shows you beautiful and appetizing pictures. A nice tagline and clear call to action makes this website design very effective. Navigation is very pleasant thanks to the sticky menu, where you can access locations, and menus.

LA Farm Bakery


This LA baking website presents a classy version of a seductive video that shows the art of making bread. It has some ASMR slow kneading, interspersed with images of the beautiful texture of dough. It is very effective because it makes you want to eat bread.

OWL Bakery


This is yet another elegant bakery website that balances story and creativity. The OWL Bakery website design uses parallax scrolling. The text and high-quality food images are well-balanced.

Lamanna Bakery


The Lamanna Bakery and Pizzeria is famous in Toronto, Canada. They boast a long heritage that goes all the way back to their grandparent's vineyard in Sicily. They have gathered a long list of family recipes and mixed them with new ideas. Lamanna's food is fun, delicious, and adventurous.

Niedlov’s Breadworks


Niedlov blends the activities of a wholesale bakery and cafe. The cafe and the website have a simple design, which reminds one of an upscale coffee shop. This concept attracts wholesale customers and individuals. You can download PDF versions of their menu, which gives you an idea of what Niedlov's Breadworks stands for.

Vienna Bakery


The things that you will notice immediately are the typography and logo on the menu. It draws attention to the craft involved in making their pastries. It also brings the website design together and gives it a pleasant and warm feel.



Puratos educates its potential customers through this website. They are a wholesaler of raw materials and specialty products for bakeries and patisseries. The website has a classic design with a few added features. You will love the hero slider and the calls to action.

Porto’s Bakery


Porto's Bakery features a chef's hat for a logo. The logo together with the design gives a sophisticated impression. Their special feature is called "Baked at Home". In this program they deliver packages of baking materials you can use to bake at home.



The next example on the list of best bakery websites has a modern design, but it isn’tt boring. It keeps your eyes and taste buds interested. From the homepage, you can go straight to the web shop. If you scroll a little further down, you will find some interesting facts about Chambelland's history.

Steven Baker


The images on Steven Baker's website are so good that you can almost taste the sweetness. The homepage welcomes you with some delectable close-ups of cheesecakes and other sweet treats. If you scroll down, you will see a card carousel with the shop's most-sold products and their stories.

Mira Cake House


This chain of bakeries also has a web shop. Here, you will find the unique Mira Cake House cakes and cake mixes. The cake house's customers are diverse. They focused on a more professional website design rather than a nostalgic one.



Levain is a chain of New York bakery shops. Some describe the website's color palette as cosmopolitan pastels.

Gayle’s Bakery


Visiting this website makes you feel at home. Everything has a sense of community. There is a nice picture of the bakery shop and an invitation to sign up for their newsletter.

Primrose Bakery


The British website for this pastry shop pleases the eye with a colorful design and beautiful images. The main color is pink, which gives it a fresh, modern, and calming impression.

Colorado Marketplace and Bakery


The next example gives plenty of web design inspiration. Colorado Marketplace and Bakery wants to offer the best culinary experience. They have a wide range of beverages, foods, and bakery ingredients in a perfect blend of seasonal and year-round products. They promise efficient, convenient, and friendly service.

Wildwood Bakery


This is great bakery website from Australia. The Wildwood shop is well worth a visit. They have a nice selection of sweet treats shown their website. There are some small but effective animations set in a palette of earthy colors. The result is a bakery website that has a different vibe and energy than the rest.

Emporium Pies


Large pictures of pie make your mouth water, please the eye, and feel nostalgic. The pies on the Emporium Pies website make you think of home and long summer holidays.



Large fonts and images and a parallax effect, make up this great bakery website design. The aim is to impress the visitors. That is exactly what the Goguettebread website does. The content is minimal but provides everything necessary for an effective online presence. The top of the page contains links to the shop's social media accounts.

Alliance Bakery


Alliance Bakery is from Chicago, and they want you to know that. The design is very simple and incorporates their home city. They further emphasize their location with a short description of where you can find the bakery shop.

Hans & Franz


This website is unique, and gives a lot of design inspiration. It will grab your attention with bright colors. Colors produce emotions, so Hans & Franz paid much attention to choosing the right colors.

Brace’s Bakery


The Brace family’s bakery shop is in Wales and has been there for more than a century. In the past, they delivered bread to people's doorsteps. Now they distribute their products through supermarkets and corner shops in South Wales and parts of England.

Salt N Sprinkles


This website is not for a bakery but for the Salt N Sprinkles food blog. The blogger used Squarespace to create the minimalist design. Yet, it has everything to make you want to know more. There are high-quality images of delicious treats, a signup button for her newsletter, and links to other blog posts.

La Brea Bakery


La Brea Bakery has one of the best bakery website designs. We all remember the classic web portal design. This bakery website is the modern version of that design. The advantage is that it shows a lot of information in a small space. You will also notice their emphasis on blogging content and marketing.

Sidekick Bakery


This bakery website is simple but has various attractive design elements. It has a bright image background, social media links, calls to action, and parallax effects. You can access the About page, location, business hours, gift cards, and more with only a click.

Susie Cakes


Susie Cakes is a chain of bakeries with locations around the US. The website is happy and playful thanks to the animations and bright colors.

Simmons (Bakers)


The Simmons bakery has existed over 80 years. It has been a constant landmark in a community that continued to change. The family behind the shop makes sure that there is fresh bread every day and that it tastes as good as it did 80 years ago.

La Cannelle de Martini


The most remarkable feature of this one-page website is the scrolling experience. As you go up or down, the images paint themselves on the canvas with animations. It combines design and ease of navigation.

Windy Ridge Bakery


The design of this bakery website is very smooth and has a strong visual hierarchy. First, you will see images of bakery products filling your screen. It also implements modern techniques like parallax effects. It is the perfect example of good content and plenty of white spaces.

Bakery Lorraine


The Bakery Lorraine expresses its web presence through this classic but beautiful website. It has attractive pictures and motivating calls to action. Customers will feel welcome and keep a warm first impression of this great bakery business.

Boudin Bakery


The Boudin Bakery is the original producer of San Francisco Sourdough.

Sweet Mae’s Cookies


The web developer for Sweet Mae's Cookies used common web builders like WordPress and WooCommerce. The result is both simple and enticing. It projects a strong branding by referring to cookies as flavors. The sweet southern charm oozes off the pages.

August First


August First website has a visually appealing homepage. You will find beautiful images, clear calls to action, an amazing slider, and an engaging tagline. You can interact with the business through its social media platforms. The most prominent things are the links to the social media pages and contact details.

Carlos Bakery


This bakery website sparkles and shines. It gets you excited right away. A small drawback is that it pushes you to buy. There are large 'Shop Now' buttons that send you to the online ordering section.

Bavarian Bakery & Deli


The Bavarian Bakery & Deli is owned by a first-generation German family of bakers. They set up business in the center of Delaware's capital, Dover. They have a wide selection of authentic German bread.

Jane The Bakery


This website goes further than only showing images of bread and cakes. It is a huge collage of culinary masterpieces. This website wants to convert visitors into paying customers and it is very good at it. People from San Francisco and the area pour into this bakery every day to get their hands on Jane's products.

Terra Breads


The homepage shows different baked goods in a grid layout together with other menu options. There is a sticky header that guides you to the social media pages and contains additional links.

Portos Bakery


The website for Portos Bakery opens with an outstanding video background. Watching the video makes you want to go and buy their products. This example shows that with a video, you can both establish authority and add a personal touch to your message.

Mah-Ze-Dahr Bakery


Mah-Ze-Dahr is the go-to place if you want a culinary adventure. The website evokes mystery, desire, and decadence. Their bakery website really is an exceptional experience.



Website visitors will first note the simple layout. However, it makes up for its simplicity with impressive and unusual pictures. If you take the time, you will start noticing subtle scrolling animations and a menu hover effect.

The Radford’s Pie Company


This bakery is an outsider because it makes savory pies instead of sweet ones. Its website design has a very inviting look with nice images and clear information.

The Little Tart


Instagram plays a central role in modern internet marketing. The Little Tart bakery makes ample use of this platform to present its products. This teaches an important lesson. Images are powerful in conveying a message. You will notice how the Little Tart website expresses its message.

Billy’s Bakery


Billy is a bakery that makes special pastries and pies. Again, you will notice the power of images. The website is a huge gallery with delicious pictures of pies and pastries. They bring back memories of grandmother's kitchen and the delicious smells. The background has light pastel colors, which work very well for this website.

Pekara Dubravica


You will find a lot of web design inspiration on this bakery website.



This warm website uses soothing pastel colors and features inviting texts. The products of the Partake bakery are vegan and free of common allergens, such as gluten. The packaging that the bakery uses matches the overall branding. Altogether, it feels pleasant and coherent.

East African Bakery


The East African Bakery makes the best bread. They cater to restaurants, ethnic markets, and grocery stores. Despite its size, it has a strict quality control policy. Each bread should be authentic and taste delicious.

Lune Croissanterie


As the name suggests, this bakery specializes in croissants. As they focus on only one product, they likewise have a simple website. Because they have limited content, they have more space to experiment with their layout and website design.

Tartine Bakery


This is a great example of how you can make a website that differs from all other websites. It has a clean and modern look. The typography plays an important role in making the website look attractive. It creates will have a very enjoyable user experience.

Dominique Ansel Bakery


The last example on this list of best bakery websites is Dominique Ansel. This New York bakery has a very special website because of its navigation. It uses images for each link, instead of the traditional text links. There is a nice animation when you hover over the picture links.

Conclusions - How Do You Like These Bakery Websites?

Baking is as creative as painting or making music. You need to have the right knowledge, technique, love, and passion. Only then can you make something that brings true joy. When you make bakery websites, this is what you want to convey. You need to be original otherwise, your audience gets bored.

Some bakeries just show their work. Others add a story to it. The styling choice is up to you.

Have in mind that you want to tell a story and get more customers. Make people feel welcome and show off your best products. It never hurts to tell something about yourself.

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