Gaming Website Design Examples to Inspire You

Gaming Website Design Examples to Inspire You

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June 23, 2023
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Video games started out as a simple pastime for young people to enjoy. But the overall success of video games converted the market into a booming industry.

The video game industry continues to grow and thrive. If you want to create a popular game that will blow the competition out of the water, where do you start? The first thing to consider is how to market your video game.

A gaming website is a great way to let the world know about your game. You can use your webpage as a portal for people to buy and download your game. It's also a great way to let people know the latest news. You can also use it to give gamers who love your game a place to come together.

The user interface of your game plays an important role in how effective your website design will be. Whether you want to build a platform for developers to launch their games or build your own site, it's helpful to draw inspiration from existing sites. Below is a list of some of the best gaming website design examples.

Best Gaming Website Design Tips

The gaming industry is a unique field, subject to its own specific guidelines and rules. This affects the way a person develops their gaming website design. The guidelines and practices are often different from what works best in other fields. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Make the website design attractive.

It isn’t necessary to put as much detail into your website design as you put into the visual effects for your video game, but your website should still be visually engaging.

Include multimedia.

Include video segments, screenshots, and teaser trailers for your game. This will help build anticipation and draw in potential players.

Make a positive user experience a priority.

No one will care how visually attractive your site is if they have a hard time navigating it. Make it your goal to create an easy user interface.

Create a responsive website design.

Including adaptive components in your website design lets your website fit neatly into a variety of screen sizes. This way visitors can enjoy your site no matter what device they are using to view it. Adaptive elements include flexible images, fluid grids, and so on.

Use special effects.

Especially in the gaming field, people want to feel entertained. When you include interactive elements and media on your site, potential customers will enjoy the experience more.

Best Gaming Websites



This is a good example of gaming website design for a Web3 gaming studio. The developers specialize in hybrid games that are blockchain enabled. The game site design itself is powerful and eye-catching.

Be fantasy


This game website presents a fun daily word puzzle for those who like a challenge, but want something new.

The Legend of Zelda


This is a great example of a gaming website design that stays true to its roots. The website design, the fonts, and the images all have a nostalgic feel to them. Whether someone has been playing since the original game or is visiting the site for the first time, the Legend of Zelda website design perfectly represents the game itself.

Be Game


Oculus is a virtual reality video game gear website. Their modern, sleek website design is an inspiring source of design ideas.



This web app makes creating music fun for kids. Initially, the designers focused on school workshops, but now students can have fun and explore their own musical expression.



This is a great example of a launch page. The web app intends to connect people. The design is another wonderful source of inspiration for your gaming website design.



Here is an interactive gaming website. From the landing page, visitors start out already involved in the story and the journey. The visuals are lovely and the story is engaging. Each step of the journey is well-explained and the instructions are clear. Visitors can also get links to other games through the website too.

Be PaintBall


Gaming, manga, and fashion? Although it sounds like a complicated combination, the team responsible for creating Chainzoku pulls it off beautifully. The website design both advertises the video game and provides background and information about the game and the team.

Far Cry 6


This game website landing page both conveys the spirit of the game and draws people in. The website design pulls people in, making them feel already involved in the game. The site itself is visually complex, spanning multiple sections. But a balanced layout keeps the site from looking too crowded.

Be casino


This website allows you to experience all 14 SoundWave performances back to back.



This space-theme game website design takes the form of an interactive universe. The game website design is immersive and intriguing.



The dynamics of this gaming website design are very user friendly. The animations and the pop up menus catch the attention of the visitor. The game website design also reflects the overall spirit of the game itself. The whole website is just what you would expect from an award winning game developer.

Injustice 2


This is the website for the sequel to the hugely popular video game Injustice: Gods Among Us. The website previews the new and popular returning features. For example, now gamers can customize their favorite DC characters with gear earned in-game. Besides powering up their characters, gamers can also change the way their characters develop, fight, and look across a variety of game modes.

3d Steering Wheel Configurator


This company creates cutting-edge equipment for e-racing sports. The customizer on this game website allows you to customize your controller with dozens of options. Then you pay at the end.

Steam Deck


This handheld gaming PC is a powerful device that brings you all your favorite Steam games right to the palm of your hand.

Apex Legends


This is one of the best examples of gaming website design. Dynamic and engaging, this modern website design provides the perfect balance of visuals and text to keep visitors’ attention. The game website includes all the information potential customers might want to know about the game, from PC requirements to character information.



Mortal Combat, a game that quickly became one of the most popular in the world, was the creation of NetherRealm studio. Their website design focuses on advertising the game rather than the company itself. The website includes some high-quality images from the game. The visuals impact gamers visiting the site.

Block Rage


This unique website design makes use of your desktop and mobile device together. Once you open the game website and get ready to play, you can scan a QR code with your phone. This converts your phone into a gamepad from which you can control the game elements. This unique approach makes Block Rage a great example of original gaming website design ideas.

The Cycle


The Cycle is a match based game. The game website design includes access to the game itself, information about the developers, and game news. At the bottom of the home page, the team has included a section with the minimum system requirements necessary to play, and the optimal requirement if you want the game to operate at its best.

Look Again


This game website features a daily visual puzzle. Each day, they replace the puzzle with a new puzzle or art project. The website design itself is simple and directs all focus on the game.

Letter Run


This Webflow-based scavenger hunt uses a variety of technologies. These integrate seamlessly with Webflow to create a custom design that stands out.



Sports video games have been popular among gamers since the beginning. This football video game is a great option for every level of ability.



If you are looking for inspiration on how to create a gaming website focused on sharing news and updates, look no further. GamesRadar+ is well known among gamers as the best place to go for the latest news. Because their intention differs from the others on this list, the design of this website diverges from your average gaming website design. Rather than eye-catching visuals and bright color schemes, this site is more business-like and news-oriented.



This is a mobile game company's website. The website centers around their brand and provides information about their games and their team.

Saad Haider Portfolio


Are you looking for inspiration on how to create a personal portfolio website for your work? Here is a great place to get some design ideas for your portfolio.

Green Man Gaming


Here is a great source of design examples if you are looking to create a website for an e-commerce technology company. This retail gaming website design stays true to the style and image of a gaming website. Their layout also resembles other online stores, so potential customers can browse available games.

Across The Multiverse


Here is another free game website. Gamers can explore a 3D multiverse in their browser.



This website has the option to display in up to 16 different languages. The user interface is both visually pleasing and easy to use. The footer includes information about the company, but it doesn't distract the viewers’ attention away from the games themselves.

Bonne Sobriyearté 2023


This website is simple, but enjoyable to look at. The game encourages players to watch their energy use.



This multifunctional media company offers support to the cyber sport and video game market. The whole website design centers on branding and company image.



This is another news website for gamers who are looking for the latest news, or just want to connect with other players. The website design centers on written content, forums, reviews, and the latest news. As a result, the layout features more white space, less color, and fewer images. The design works perfectly for a gaming website designed for reading content rather than shopping or playing.

Giant Bomb


Everything about this gaming website design revolves around the news articles and information. The layout directs the viewer’s attention fully to the text, and the neutral colors and background prevent visitors from being distracted from the material.

Shadow Gambit


This is the gaming website for the newest game by Mimimi games, an award-winning studio based in Munich, Germany. This gaming website design allows serves to advertise the game, and keep players updated on all the latest news.



This game website showcases the Web3 mobile game 2219 by Mechachain. This cutting edge mobile game website design shows off the game to its best advantage and draws players in.

Destiny 2


This game website design uses stunning imagery, bright colors, and large text to pull players in. The website gives an overview of the game itself, as well as information, news, and a store where players can purchase game-based merchandise. Players can also connect with others who form part of the Destiny 2 community in the forum.

Summer Afternoon


This game website opens with an avatar standing on a quiet street on a peaceful day in summer. Your avatar can wander around the buildings and down to the beach as they play under the hot summer sun.



The landing page for this standalone game website showcases the newest game by CD Projekt Red. This company is a master of special effects, and the web page reflects that skill. The level of excellence featured on this page makes it one of the best gaming website design examples.

Swiss Army Man


Speaking of original approaches, they actually designed this gaming website to promote a movie: Swiss Army Man. Even though the "game" is not really a game, the graphics are outstanding. As the "game" progresses, they reward you with clips of the movie after completing short tasks. The movie clip shows where each task drew inspiration from.



The bright colors and animations of this gaming website design are great examples of ways to make your game website fun.



This beautiful game website is fairly straight-forward. But that doesn't make the design any less stunning. As a visitor scrolls, they can purchase the game, view an overview of the storyline, or watch trailers for the game.

Red Arcade


This website specializes in high-quality gaming video compilations. The web design makes it easy to submit video clips. Then they review them and create a custom video compilation that is unique to Red Arcade. The company boasts over 4.9+ million subscribers to their channel, and in 2022 alone, they had over 1.4+ billion minutes of videos watched on their website.

Room 8 Group


This game website is a parent company to other game studios. They are a leading global group in game development and game art production.



The Rend game website homepage showcases a team-based survival game. The website also provides information about the game, game news, and links to other games by the same company. As the visitor scrolls, they can find more information about the technicalities of the game and what went into its construction.

What Kind Of Elf Are You?


Tired of sending the same old Christmas cards year after year? This game allows you to evaluate your Christmas spirit and play with the elves as you design fresh and new Christmas cards.



No pets allowed at your apartment? Why not try a virtual pet? This game website gives anyone the experience of raising and caring for a pet. The goal is to create an accessible experience for everyone to enjoy.

Cömunidad Family


Ikea family members interact with other members of this virtual community as they play mini games. The design is bright and cheerful, which matches the message of the game: helping each other will improve our lives and theirs.

StarCraft II


This gaming website design is a visually breathtaking experience. The outstanding graphics transport players to the game world. Once on the page, the website includes options to learn about the rules of the game through resources like video guides. Visitors can also find external links to news pages, forums, and Reddit so they can get more information about the game.



This game website is unique on this list. Rather than focusing on a specific game or genre, the company specializes in sound effects for a variety of games. For a developer looking to add special sound effects to their new game, Potion Audio Studios is a great place to start.

No Man's Sky


This well-designed website markets their game. Aside from offering spectacular images from the game, it gives a wonderful overview of the many options players have to experience the game. A gamer can strike out on their own, or they can connect with the online community through the link on the home page. They also include an entire section dedicated to updates and news about the game.

Exploring Prespa


The company directed this online educational game at children, but everyone can appreciate the website’s charming design. The animations of animals, plants, and people are cute and fun for all ages.

The Syndicatz


This game website presents an interesting game about a secret society of rebel cats standing up to the evil upper class.



The vibrant colors and animations of this gaming website design are certainly eye-catching. The graphic novel-style artwork and the easy to navigate layout make this a great example of gaming website design.

Midea True Space


Midea Building Technologies presents an immersive online virtual experience.

Cloud Castles


This game website provides a sneak peek into the world, gameplay, and creatures of the Cloud Castle's game. The website provides an immersive, 3D look at the game. The idea is to pique the interest of potential players.

Metacrafters 2023


This website is a multichain "learn and earn" platform. Learning developers acquire new skills through a world-class education. From there, they can access a whole new world of employment possibilities.

Festive Fiends


The latest AI imaging technology combines with cutting edge WebGL. The result is a fun and captivating experience.

New VR Games


Virtual reality is an up-and-coming market, and this company is on the leading edge of this market. They optimize the website layout as an online store, but customers can also get more information about what the company does and the services they offer. They can also review case studies.

Girls Who Code Girls


Women are very under-represented amongst the game coders of the world. This leads to misrepresentation in the games that already exist. This website aims to help women to change that.

Breederdao 2023


This single page site is well-designed to make a point without sidetracking visitors with too much information. That's not to say it lacks detail. The animations and the text are fun and engaging without being distracting.

Solid Bash


A gamified website for a global game development studio. The website has two navigation modes. The studio offers bespoke solutions for each step of the development process.

Animal Crossing


Experience one of everyone's favorite games in a whole new setting!



The visual design of this website is fun and engaging. Visitors can dive right into the game, or view the menu for more information.

T-Mobile Game Of Phones


Players can navigate a virtual map earning points and answering trivia questions. The website also includes external links to share progress.

Minecraft Site Design & Build


This Minecraft-style website offers a unique design and layout. The color scheme is lovely, and the site is easy to navigate.

FAQ on Gaming Website Design

What are the key elements in a gaming website design?

A gaming website should be a virtual playground. It needs a vibrant design, intuitive navigation, and high-quality graphics. You'll want to feature games or products prominently, with engaging visuals and concise descriptions. Incorporate social elements, like leaderboards or chat rooms. Make sure there's a smooth user registration process for any multiplayer or community features. And don't forget about mobile-friendly design – many visitors will be accessing your site from their smartphones.

How can I make my gaming website user-friendly?

Keep things simple and straightforward. Navigation should be intuitive, helping users find games, news, or other content with ease. Speed is important, too. Optimize your site to load quickly to keep gamers engaged. Ensure any game previews or playable demos run smoothly. Make sure the site is responsive and looks good on various devices. And offer customer support options, like a FAQ section or live chat, to address queries or issues.

How can a gaming website design attract and retain visitors?

Engagement is key. Offer a variety of games or content to cater to different interests. High-quality visuals can attract gamers and keep them on your site longer. Implement social features, like leaderboards, forums, or chat rooms, to foster a sense of community. Regular updates or new content can keep visitors coming back. And consider personalization features, like game recommendations based on user preferences or playing history.

How important is visual design in a gaming website?

Visual design is vital in the gaming world. It can capture the spirit of the games you offer and attract the right audience. Use high-quality graphics, eye-catching colors, and immersive backgrounds. The visual design should enhance usability too, guiding users through your site. Remember to maintain consistency in your design elements. And consider your audience - the visual design should appeal to the demographic you're targeting.

How can a gaming website be optimized for mobile?

A lot of gaming happens on mobile, so your site needs to be up to scratch. Responsive design is crucial. Make sure navigation is easy on a smaller screen and buttons are large enough to tap. Ensure game previews or playable demos work well on mobile. Speed is key too – optimize your site to load quickly on mobile devices. And always test your site on different devices and screen sizes to ensure a good user experience.

What are some ways to incorporate community into a gaming website design?

Incorporating community can give your site a big boost. Forums or chat rooms allow gamers to discuss games, share strategies, or just chat. Leaderboards can foster a sense of competition. User profiles let gamers show off achievements or share their favorite games. Consider features that encourage user-generated content, like game reviews or fan art. And always moderate community features to maintain a positive and respectful environment.

How should gaming news and updates be presented on the website?

Gaming news and updates keep your site fresh and relevant. Create a dedicated section for news and updates, easily accessible from your homepage. Use attention-grabbing headlines and engaging images. Make sure articles are easy to read, with a clean layout and good use of white space. Add share buttons so users can share content on social media. And consider SEO when writing content - it can help your site show up in search results.

How can I showcase game previews effectively?

Game previews are your chance to grab a gamer's attention. Use high-quality screenshots or video trailers to showcase gameplay. Provide key information about the game - genre, developer, release date, etc. A brief synopsis can give gamers a taste of the story or concept. Make sure any playable demos are easy to access and run smoothly. And consider a 'wishlist' feature, so users can save games they're interested in for later.

What is the role of user reviews in a gaming website design?

User reviews can be a powerful tool. They help gamers decide which games to try and give you feedback on your offerings. Create a section for user reviews on each game page. Make it easy for users to write and submit reviews. You could allow rating systems, like star ratings or 'thumbs up' counts. And make sure you moderate reviews to keep them constructive and respectful.

What are some monetization strategies for gaming websites?

There are several ways to monetize a gaming website. You can sell games directly, or offer in-game purchases for free-to-play games. Advertising can generate revenue, especially if your site draws a lot of traffic. Just make sure ads don't disrupt the user experience. Affiliate marketing is another option - you could earn commissions on game sales from links on your site. Subscriptions or premium memberships can offer users perks or ad-free experiences for a fee.

Conclusion on Gaming Website Design

The gaming industry makes up a special part of the world market. As the industry continues to grow and evolve, the market has to change with it. This includes websites. A website that keeps up with the latest trends and technology stands a better chance of succeeding and thriving. Audiences will stay captivated and communities will form around your game and your site.

Hopefully, the examples in this list will help you find the inspiration you need to create an outstanding gaming website design.

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