The Best Looking Ice Cream Websites to Check Out

The Best Looking Ice Cream Websites to Check Out

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Ice cream is a favorite sweet for many people. And there is something so appealing about the atmosphere of an ice cream parlor. So when those ice cream businesses go to create a website, how does it recreate that classic, appealing feel online?

The key is in the design. The design can draw people in and increase revenue, whether the page offers catering for events or highlights popular flavors.

This list will provide you with ideas for creating ice cream websites. There are 35 options in a variety of styles and layouts. These ice cream websites will help you find inspiration as you create your own unique website.

Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream


This website combines the vibe of a local ice cream parlor with elegance. The website highlights its two ice cream parlors and also promotes its country-wide shipping.

Be Ice Cream 2


Satin Ice's website focuses on showcasing its employees’ skills. Whether visitors are planning upcoming events or are just looking for inspiration, they are sure to be impressed. The website also features a blog where people can find the answers to any questions they have.



This classy-looking website really reflects the business it represents. Jeni's has been making unique ice cream flavors for over 20 years. It has received recognition for its adherence to fresh, real ingredients. The founder's cookbooks have even been best-sellers on both the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. The website reflects this level of professionalism while still being fun, like ice cream websites should be.

Be Ice Cream


This website has a sleek, elegant appearance. The layout of the site is easy to understand. The images featured on each page are appealing and mouthwatering.

Jude's Ice Cream


Jude's homepage highlights what the company is doing to reduce its environmental footprint. This helps visitors to its site build respect for the conscientiousness of the business. It will also appeal to people who care about the impact companies have on the planet.

Be Cafe 3


The colors on this website have a warmer tone, playing to the concept of being both an ice cream parlor and café. The image gallery of ice cream and gelato is eye-catching and mouthwatering.

Pierre's Ice Cream


This business has been around since the 1930s. The homepage of the website highlights its history in the ice cream business. It also features links to the blog and featured flavors. Under the drop-down menu for products, visitors can browse an extensive list of the wide variety of ice creams Pierre’s Ice Cream offers.

Be Cakes


Nick's business came about after the founder started looking for ways to make snacks that were pre-diabetic friendly. The website uses large images and text to catch the eye and direct visitors where they want to go. An about section tells the story of how these tasty treats came into existence and how they came to be successful.

Milk Sugar Love


The main page of this website highlights popular menu items and other products available for purchase. The color palate and layout are cute. A FAQ page discusses how the company stores and delivers products and how they have adapted to meet COVID-19 safety protocols.

Be Cafe


This ice cream business has multiple locations across the U.S. The website also features information about its vegan ice cream. The design of the website feels reminiscent of an ice cream parlor with a pastel color scheme and large images of ice cream.

Connoisseur Ice Cream


The dark background provides an elegant feel to this website. Connoisseur promotes its products and provides a page with recipes that feature its brand of ice cream. It also includes links to their Instagram and Facebook pages so that visitors can keep up with the latest news.

Subzero Ice Cream


Besides the classic flavors of ice cream, Subzero offers some original flavors on its website. Guests have the option of finding the address of the shop to visit in person or placing an order for ice cream online and getting it delivered.

Dasher & Crank


The online store on this site sells more than ice cream. Visitors can also buy gift cards so that others can enjoy the store's products too. The bright pink and blue colors make the website pop.

Graeter's Ice Cream


Five generations of the Graeter family have dedicated themselves to the family business of making ice cream. As the times have changed, the family business has adapted. At the same time, they have stayed true to the ideals and heritage passed down to them. Even the design and colors of the website have a classic feel.

Mr. Pops


These are no ordinary ice creams and this is no ordinary website. Mr. Pops gives great attention to the quality of the ice cream, and that attention to detail is reflected in the website. The goal for the ice cream, and the website too, is to make a connection with the visitor and draw them in.

Afters Ice Cream


Afters Ice Cream's website uses primarily a black-and-white palette. The crisp tones provide the perfect backdrop for the photo gallery. It also gives the website a sleek, elegant look. It also provides merchandise and other online shopping information. There is also a tab that discusses how the business is being COVID-safe and how it’s trying to be as accessible as possible to all people.

La NewYorkina


This website features the many products the business has to offer. The options aren't limited to ice cream, but the Mexican-style ice cream treats take their place at the front and center. On the about us page, the owner of La NewYorkina explains how she came to start her own ice cream business and from where her inspiration came. In addition to one fixed location, they also have other seasonal locations around the city.

Rebel Ice Cream


Rebel Ice cream is on a mission to find effective ways to make ice cream with the same amount of fats as regular ice cream but without any of the sugars. On the about us page, there is a chart showing different nutrition facts contrasting their ice cream with the competition.

Pretty Cool


The bright colors and large lettering on this website grab the attention of visitors at a glance. It also has an entire page dedicated to explaining how Pretty Cool makes allergen-friendly products. It even makes gluten-friendly products.

Burrocacao Gelateria


This website dedicates the homepage to explaining the convictions and the ideals that go into the practice of the craft. Burrocacao strives to use natural, fresh ingredients, and the images that are displayed on the website highlight that goal.

Mister Dips


What started out as a burger and ice cream truck (or 1974 airstream trailer) has since expanded to several restaurants in New York and Detroit. This branded website features fun, bright colors and animations. The about us page is in black and white with old pictures from Mister Dips early days.

Handel’s Ice Cream


Named the number one ice cream in the world, Handel’s Ice Cream’s website has a classic feel to its design. Rather than go for something showy, the website lets the ice cream itself take center stage. The stores have at least 45 different flavors every day with a total of more than 100 unique flavors in all. People can view a list of each flavor under the menu tab.

Oat & Mill


The overall design of this website is easy to follow and navigate. The layout is simple but lovely. People can easily locate a store that sells Oat and Mill ice cream. Or they can learn more about the business and how they got their start making dairy-free ice cream.

Malai Ice Cream & Cakes


The name Malai figuratively means “the cream of the crop”. It draws inspiration from South Asian spices and ingredients. On the our story page, it introduces the team that works with Malai. It even includes each person's favorite ice cream flavor. This is a fun way to engage with guests on ice cream websites and convince them to give your ice cream a try.

Gelato & Chill


Visitors to this site will appreciate the beautiful color palate and the clean, organized layout. The artisanal gelato comes in many flavor options, including vegan and dairy-free choices. Visitors can browse the menu and see information about catering and events.

Blue Bunny Ice Cream


This website focuses on marketing its ice creams. People can view all the different products and locate stores that sell Blue Bunny ice cream.



This engaging website features their popular ice cream flavors. If you hover the cursor over an ice cream a box will pop up with a brief description of that ice cream. It also has a section with the latest news about the company and brand-new products.

Haagen Dazs


The Haagen Dazs’ website also includes recipes that promote the use of its ice cream. They also have a news section and a tab about the history of the business. The design is clean and includes images of people enjoying their ice cream.

Sweetport Ice Cream


From an ice cream truck to an established shop, this ice cream has come a long way. In addition to ice cream, people can also buy merchandise with its brand on the website. They also have a link to book the ice cream truck.



The main goal of KetoPint is to create ice creams that fit into a no-sugar, ketogenic lifestyle. The professional photos and videos highlight its dedication to providing healthy products.

Marco Ice Cream


The ice cream flavors from this company are inspired by foods and flavors from around the world. Each bite provides a taste of the cuisine from faraway places. People can also buy merchandise with Marco's brand from the online store.

The Social Brooklyn


This website gives off the same vibe as a local ice cream social. Ice cream lovers will enjoy browsing the menu with its clever, original ice cream names.

Kind Kones


Ice cream websites with multiple shops can draw inspiration from this website. A window when the site opens asks for a person to select their location, and then they can view the menus for that location.

Bassetts Ice Cream


The old-fashioned style of this website feels like an old-timey ice cream business. Each image on the main page will redirect a person to a different part of the site. Or a header menu at the top of the page can also help direct a visitor to the page they want to visit.

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