The Best Food Website Designs that Will Make Your Mouth Water

The Best Food Website Designs that Will Make Your Mouth Water

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January 4, 2024
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Well-Designed Lawyer Websites for Web Design Inspiration
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January 5, 2024

Imagine biting into a warm, freshly-baked cookie. Each crumb tells a story, a blend of texture, flavor, and aroma that entices you to come back for more.

It's a dance of the senses. Now, picture a food website—a digital version of that delightful cookie. This is the essence of food website design examples: crafting a feast for the eyes that beckons online visitors to stay, explore, and relish.

You're in for a treat as we slice through the layers of visual appeal and user-friendly menu design.

Together, we'll sift the key ingredients that bake up the most responsive design for food blogs and sprinkle in the latest culinary website themes.

By the finale, you'll have a buffet of knowledge to create an appetizing online presence where every pixel serves up purpose.

From the subtle zest of high-resolution food photography to the full-bodied richness of UX/UI design, we're setting the table for success.

Let's commence our journey through the world of food website design examples that are as satisfying as the cuisine they celebrate.

Food Website Design Examples

Organic Oren


Organic Oren greets visitors with a scrolling video postcard that displays both good food and the flavors of the season. It also follows the theme of an organic lifestyle, displaying great ingredients from local farmers.

Be Recipe 3


Sakara is an online business centered on delivering organic, healthy, and ready-to-eat meals directly to their customers, which, needless to say, has become popular. Sakura’s website starts right by establishing its goals and USP on its homepage.



Rowse Honey has an interesting initiative toward sustainability and improvement. Its new website helps communicate this goal to visitors to encourage them to stay or engage with the company.

Be Recipe 1


Kaiten showcases its amazing menu of food and wine while leaving space for its equally impressive catalog of knives and ceramics. While this is no easy task, Kaiten does it well.

Peskesi Restaurant


Peskesi is a traditional restaurant featuring Cretan cuisine. It is a welcoming restaurant, and its restaurant website shows that welcoming spirit well within its design

Be Recipe 2


Bombaywok takes a unique no-nonsense approach to website design. While the text may catch users off guard, an automatically rotating image gallery will show you the restaurant’s menu of mouth-watering Asian-inspired dishes to show that they mean business.

Skikkelig Digg Mat


Skikkelig digg mat in Norwegian means really tasty food, and for good reason. Skikkelig is a Norwegian food blog aimed to help inspire visitors’ cooking minds. Its aim is to cook meals with joy, and it comes through in their website design.

Be Bistro 4


Chef Pierre Thiam does more than just create delicious meals. He also writes and teaches his skills to others. His website showcases how he has placed the fine dining world’s attention on West African cuisine and how delicious it can be.

Phil’s Finest


Phil’s Finest shows that both meat and vegetables can live in harmony. Its website design demonstrates this with high-quality images.

Be Diet 2


The Global FoodBanking Network has a story to tell. Their website shares this story through bold, dynamic, and interactive design.

Hidden Valley


Hidden Valley uses its website as an opportunity to share its products, recipes, and rewards. It includes all the content that a true ranch sauce enthusiast would need.

Rib Rack BBQ


Rib Rack BBQ makes use of high-quality images to demonstrate its sauce’s simple ingredients and featured dishes. This means the website is easy to navigate because foodies can find what they’re looking for quickly.

Herbie’s spices


Herbie’s spices create a sense of cohesion, sophistication, and refinement with its consistent color scheme of green, white, and burgundy. It also employs a simple single-page layout to direct visitors toward its products.

Savage Jerky


Savage Jerky uses its website as an opportunity to demonstrate its brand’s story, attitude, and personality. It also uses it as an opportunity to showcase its wide catalog of jerkies, spices, and sauces.

Curry Place


Curry Place uses a clear and simple website that doesn’t over-stimulate visitors with unnecessary add-ons or trimmings. It also uses wide images of fresh ingredients and spices that will draw you toward the amazing world of Indian cuisine.

Cereal Bio


Cereal Bio uses an often-changing website design that gives the website renewed interest. Remember when creating your own website that you may need to change and your food website design should change too.

Jones Bar-B-Q


Jones Bar-B-Q is well known for its amazing flavors, and its website does well transmitting those flavors through images and interesting text. It also uses the site as an opportunity to promote its sauces, which have made a bang in the food industry recently.

Top Bun


Top Bun wears its personality on its sleeve in this bombastic website. This website exudes one of the strongest personalities and humor on this list of restaurant websites.

Toast Cafe And Deli


Toast Cafe And Deli uses its website as an opportunity to sell its locally sourced deli online. It does this well by including features like the date/time of collection services, event reservations, and table bookings.

Kiawe Roots


Kiawe Roots is an authentic Hawaiian restaurant in Lawai. It uses its website as an opportunity for visitors to get a peek of its unique dishes and cheerful atmosphere.

Future Noodles


Future Noodles has invented a new way to eat what we would call Cup-Of-Noodles, and a healthy way at that. Its website showcases its next-level noodles and its nutritional advantages.



Smallchops provides comfort food for its customers, so needless to say, its website had to be comforting as well. It did this well by featuring a brief video of its food springing out of the package, building a sense of excitement for their food.

Chi Chi


Chi Chi utilizes an interesting side-scrolling page to catch visitors’ interest. It also uses attractive images of its food to hook customers into ordering.

Ocelot Chocolate


It’s hard to tell if Ocelot Chocolate’s website is a food website or a modern art museum because of its captivating images. It also uses large image blocks to show off its stylish products.

Fine Dining 128


Fine Dining 128 uses an elegant restaurant website that shows visitors what the restaurant is about. It includes all the needed components to create a beautiful and modern website.

Viking Aqua


Viking Aqua has a great story to share, and its website does well telling it. It is the world’s most sustainable salmon farm, and they work hard to keep that title to this day.



SILV creates exceptional quality peanut butter because it pays attention to the details. Its website caters to peanut butter lovers because it was made by peanut butter lovers.



Bandits is a New York bar and restaurant that prides itself on its popular cocktails and traditional bar food. It shows this pride in how the website is formatted around its strengths.



Fabbrica shares an authentic and warm Italian experience in Paris. It does well sharing this experience on its website.

Notorious Nooch Co.


Notorious Nooch Co. catches visitors’ interest with its inventive website design and easy-to-navigate features. It also showcases a healthier lifestyle and mouth-watering spices.

Mils -Joris bijdendijk


Mils - Joris Bijdendijk is a dynamic and relaxed site that showcases the delectable meals by Joris. The website also displays difficult and distinctive cooking skills to create the environment of a chef’s website.



Pa’lais offers a wide spread of vegan soft cheeses and sauces, yet it still leaves plenty of white space to draw visitors’ eyes. It is a website from which to draw inspiration.

Mama’s Fish House


This website is supported by closeup images of Mama’s Fish House’s dishes. However, its roots are highlighted by the Hawaiian music and imagery to contextualize the cuisine with its culture.



The Fitz Group combines high-flying festive and gustatory concepts to create an interesting website. It also successfully faces the challenge of reconciling fine food and great parties.



Supernatural creates new and exciting plant-based sweets to encourage creativity in the kitchen. All of its products and recipes feature vibrant colors which builds a more interesting color scheme for its website.



IRVINS uses its website as e-commerce for its chips. It does a good job displaying its products and prices in an easy-to-understand way.



Ballardran is a restaurant that works in all things canelés. It brings their expertise into the spotlight within this informative website.

MT Food Group


MT Food Group utilizes its website as an opportunity to promote its services. It professionally promotes its online food, menu, and ingredients. It also utilizes an easy-to-use menu bar to help visitors navigate throughout the site.



Weirdos is well known for creating tasty and healthy snacks “for your tastebuds, and mindbuds”. Its website demonstrates the company’s weird and funny personality while keeping a sense of professionalism.

Xi’an Famous Foods


The New York-based Chinese food chain, Xi’an Famous Foods, has a great site that uses a mainly monochromatic design. It takes advantage of the aesthetically pleasing stark contrast of black, white, and gray to spotlight important information.

Press Butter Sand


Press Butter Sand offers a wide array of new and interesting cookies, and its website does well showcasing them. When your website makes cheese-flavored cookies look good, you know you’re doing your job.

Juicy Marbles


Juicy Marbles has the difficult job of substituting plants for meat, but its website makes the transition smooth. It uses powerful imagery and interesting text to keep visitors interested and hungry.

Heavenlynn Healthy


Heavenlynn Healthy is a blog born of a love for food and nutrition, which led to the creation of great recipes that are both healthy and satisfying. It also includes a blog that discusses natural beauty products and more.

Quay House


Heavenlynn Healthy is a blog born of a love for food and nutrition, which led to the creation of great recipes that are both healthy and satisfying. It also includes a blog that discusses natural beauty products and more.

Quay House


Quay House crafted its website as a dynamic branded experience. It draws visitors towards its curated ambiance where they can picture the restaurant, food, and service.

Erewhon Market


Erewhon created a website with easy navigation features and appetizing imagery. It used a custom layout to meet its individual needs.

Burrocacao Gelateria


This small-town ice cream shop recently renovated its online presence to create a new modern mood. It focuses on bringing powerful storytelling, photography, and a new online ordering experience to its online customers.



Tilton is a leader in the ecodesign of plastic packaging, and its website helps show its strength. It instantly catches visitors’ attention with moving elements and an interesting design.

Di Bruno Bros


Di Bruno Bros’ website uses an interesting horizontal layer design adorned with images of its menu. It also utilizes plenty of white space to place further focus on these images.



Lunchbox creates a powerful-looking website by using a strong color scheme of black and yellow. It also uses eye-catching skater designs that keep the website interesting.

The Gluten Free Brothers


The Gluten Free Brothers work hard to create the world’s best gluten-free protein snacks, and its website displays this effort well. Its blog also demonstrates the company’s dedication to all things gluten-free.

a fork and a pencil


This is a great, clean-cut website built specifically for all your recipe desires. It showcases many collections based on meals, snacks, beverages, and more.



Infermentum uses an interesting yet simple single-page site that keeps visitors focused on the important information. It also shows its passion for pastries and its artisanal style.



Fergus is an online grocery store that offers easy and friendly delivery, even without a subscription plan. Its website portrays its friendly personality with warm colors and nice text.

Jo Cooks


Jo Cooks is an online recipe book where you can read blog posts, learn many new recipes, or purchase interesting cookbooks. This website is filled with mouthwatering imagery of delicious food that leaves visitors wanting more.

Bistrot Instinct


Bistrot Instinct uses a monotone color scheme to highlight its interesting imagery. It also showcases its staff, which helps potential customers understand the culture of the restaurant.



Misfits uses the power of plants to deliver protein bars, protein powders, and other health supplements. It showcases this reliance on plants with its color scheme and images.

Dandelion Chocolate


Dandelion Chocolate’s online store is minimalistic and easy to navigate, which helps clients find important information quickly. This website also represents the brand well with its simple yet elegant design.

Crosta and Mollica


Crosta and Mollica brings authentic Italian food to tables around the world, and its website helps showcase that authentic Italian feel. The website also uses delicious imagery to display both sweet and savory delights.

FAQ on Food Website Design

What makes for an effective food website design?

An effective food website design marries high-resolution food photography with user-friendly menu design. It's about creating an intuitive journey, where the story of each dish unfolds visually and textually. Pairing practical navigation with mouth-watering visuals ensures a memorable user experience, much like a well-prepared meal.

How important is responsive design for food blogs?

Responsive design isn't just important; it's essential. Think of it as ensuring your food website adjusts to the device like a chef adjusts seasoning—perfectly. This grants your mouth-watering content the flexibility to look delectable across devices, improving reach and user satisfaction.

Can I integrate social media into my food website?

Absolutely, integrating social media is like adding spice to a dish—it enhances the flavor. For a food website, it drives engagement, sharing, and builds community. Highlight your Instagram feed or include share buttons to connect your foodie web design trends with broader social networks.

What features are a must-have for food websites?

Custom food website features like online ordering systems, a robust recipe layout, and a mobile-friendly design are non-negotiable. Add to that SEO optimization to help your site rank well on search engines. Remember, great functionality, like fresh ingredients, is key to a sublime end product.

How do I choose the right color scheme and typography?

Gourmet website graphics rely on a palette that complements your cuisine's vibes. Warm, earthy tones evoke a rustic feel, while bright, bold colors speak modern chic. For typography, clarity is king. A legible font invites readers to easily digest your content.

What's the best way to showcase recipes on my website?

To showcase recipes, think about the user journey—simple navigation to discover and follow recipes is key. Detailed steps, essential tips, and high-quality images turn browsing into an experience. Including user ratings or comments can add an interactive dimension, mirroring a community table.

How do I ensure my food website is SEO-friendly?

Ensuring your food website design is SEO-friendly starts with keyword-rich content and meta tags. A sitemap and proper schema markup aid search engines in digestion. Regularly updated content, fast loading speeds, and mobile optimization are like the perfect seasoning—essential for the best results.

What's the role of user interaction in food website design?

User interaction is the secret sauce of food website design examples. Interactive elements like search bars, filters, and recipe ratings invite participation. It's the difference between a passive glance at a menu and the active pleasure of creating a meal.

How often should I update my food website?

Regular updates keep your site as fresh as farmers' market produce. Posting new recipes or culinary blog content weekly entices repeat visits. Updating UI/UX elements ensures smooth navigation, mirroring evolving user expectations and technological advancements.

Current foodie web design trends lean towards minimalism with bold imagery. Ease of access to recipes, personal stories behind dishes, and sustainability elements are hot. UX/UI is all about creating immersive experiences, blending storytelling with technology, much like how the best chefs blend tradition with innovation.


Snagged a glimpse at some stellar food website design examples?

You bet. It's been a dive deep into the art of creating appetizing digital spaces—a spoonful of this, a dash of that, all stirred together with killer aesthetics and topped with a cherry of functionality.

Color splashes here, gourmet website graphics there, and voilà, you’re cooking up a storm in the digital kitchen.

From mobile-friendly layouts to recipes that pop off the page, it's clear that a smidge of creativity goes a long way. Mixing in the social media integration, and SEO spices like schema markup, ensures that your site isn’t just another dish in the potluck—it’s the main course.

And hey, getting this craft down pat? It's all about practice, taste, and a zest for sharing the love of food online. Remember, a great food website design sends taste buds on a journey—long after the plates are cleaned.

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