The Best Museum Website Design You Can See Today

The Best Museum Website Design You Can See Today

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The value of a museum website is not obvious to everyone. Yet, museums can improve their position in the market by setting up a good museum website.

A good museum website design can provide interesting and engaging interactive elements. It can be a place for inspiration and whetting the appetite of the audience. Another option is to highlight information about the current and upcoming exhibitions. Information could include stories and background information.

Museum exhibitions often center around visual pieces, like paintings, sculptures, and video montages. Many visitors enjoy understanding more about the meaning behind the exhibited pieces.

If you work on similar projects in a museum or art gallery, it is a good idea to stay up to date with web design trends. This collection with some of the best museum website design examples will help you.

City Museum


The first museum website design is from the City Museum. Have a look. There is much to see.

Be Museum


This Turkish museum website presents a cross-cultural exhibit with a universal perspective. Contemporary art is the main feature of the Odunpazari Modern Museum.

Food Culture Museum


This Japanese museum website design features a variety of attractive interactive features.

Be Museum 2


When you visit this museum's website you will notice the ease of navigation. The web design is fresh, modern, and beautiful. The high-quality images of the old Dutch master make this example outstanding. Besides, there are various lock-down services that let you enjoy the museum without visiting it.



This website shows you a web exhibition by the Australian National Museum. The digital exhibition shows various aspects of the social history of Australia. The web design is fully functional and features many educational resources.

Be Science Centre


You can find all navigational features at the top of the Frans Hals Museum page. You don't need to scroll to find what you want. The footer, on the other hand, has a more traditional design. When you open the site you will see a large Welcome sign. At the top, there is the site's menu. You can find there a link to buy tickets or to view the exhibition.

Fukuoka Virtual Museum


Scroll your way into this spectacular virtual museum.

Be Architect 5


The original purpose of this website was to display the creations of Bachelor students. It is one of the best-designed platforms in the museum industry. The Digital Ideation site is interactive, easy to navigate, and has tour and map features.

The Met


The New York Met is one of the most famous art museums in the world. Their website is interactive and loaded with interesting material. The beautiful pages are easy to navigate and have a fresh and inviting feel. It does look like an online museum. You can go from one area to the next, and there is always something new to explore. It is nothing like an old dusty and boring museum.

Be Architect 4


This is a very interesting art museum website that has a pleasant flat design. The designers wanted to make something simple but information-rich. At the same time, they wanted to keep it attractive and pleasant to browse.

Japanese American National Museum


It is evident that the Japanese American National Museum wants to promote American cultural and ethnic life. It highlights the Japanese-American experience with this lovely museum website.

Phoenix Art Museum


The Phoenix Art Museum is a product of the PhxArt Group. Its main exhibitions center around Western America's mining activities. The web design is functional and uses the country's landscapes as a backdrop. Besides the beautiful design, the museum website is easy to use. In the menu you find links to buy tickets, sign up, or view one of the mining exhibitions.

Design Museum


The header of the landing page shows the outside of the museum building. The building is a work of art by itself. At the top, you will see a concise website menu. If you go down the page you will see announcements of current and upcoming exhibitions. The large photographs catch your eye.



Many know the Elektra Virtual Museum as a place where you can find spectacular displays. This new 3D experience is something that goes beyond that.

Crypt Art


One of the best museum websites comes from Crypt Art. Their website is a big source of inspiration. You can tour basement rooms, catacombs, and vaults. This website makes good use of an online gallery. Crypt Art has several different special events each year.

Museum of Pink Art


The theme of the website of this art gallery is pink!

The Museum of Science and Industry of Chicago


This is one of the best museum websites when it comes to design. It grabs your attention right away. It uses great copy, high-res photographs, and intuitive navigation. The header helps you to find the most popular items.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum


Isabella Stewart is a well-known art collector with her own art museum. Her museum website has an About Us section that tells you more about the person behind the collection. The website opens up Isabella's art museum for people from around the world. You can see the gardens, music collections, and art exhibitions.

Interaction Museum Sharaf Rashidov


This is another inspiring example of a great museum website.

Museum of the World


The animations on this museum's website are what makes it intriguing. You can move the mouse around over a map and select a place and a time in history. On the right, you can refine your search with different categories. When you click something a pop-up appears with a preview. From there, you can explore the museum further with art and events.

National Museum of Mexican Art


This year, the National Museum of Mexican Art celebrates its 40th anniversary. It brings the art of the Mexican community to the attention of a wider audience.

Luxam Museum


This is not a museum website per se. Luxam produces lighting solutions for museums and art galleries. This website is more like a portfolio with examples of museums that use Luxam's light solutions. They show off their most vibrant, spectacular, and precise products.

Hong Kong's Global Museum of Visual Culture


This museum website with a modern design has an important collection of art from the 20th and 21st centuries.

The Heckscher Museum of Art


This museum website shows samples of the Heckscher Museum. The inspirational exhibition gallery is in Huntington, Long Island.

Sergey Parajanov Museum


This is the next example on this list of best museum websites. It displays images in an alternative reality, Sergey Parajanov’s reality.



Waiting for a page to load is annoying, but this art museum has an engaging loading page. It brandishes words that relate to the main feature of the museum. The museum website features appealing hover animations. You get to see high-resolution pictures with relevant news items about the exhibitions.

The Strong National Museum of Play


The goal of the Play Museum is to see what ways of playing encourage creativity and learning.

Whitney Museum of American Art


The two main characteristics of this website are the large fonts and the animations. The design is clear and simple. It has everything you need, including prominent calls to action. You can buy tickets, subscribe as a member, and read related news.

Murray Art Museum Albury


This museum is a tribute to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders cultures from Australia. It shows how these cultures have contributed to modern Australian society.

British Museum


Continuing the list of best museum website designs you find the British Museum. This museum houses artifacts from the world's most influential cultures. The design that adorns the British Museum's buildings provides a lot of inspiration. The typography and background of the website reflect this source of inspiration. The GSAP animations complete the web design.

Dallas Museum of Art


Explore the website of this Texan art gallery to find more inspiration.

The Getty


This museum website allows a peek into the Getty's current exhibition. The digital platforms reveal some of the museum's exhibits and give interesting commentaries. You can learn more about the institution, its departments, and the research they do.

National Museum of African American History & Culture (NMAAHC)


This next on the list of museum websites centers around African American culture and history. It is the only American museum of its kind. The elegant museum website is modern, clean, and well-designed.

Miami Children’s Museum


The Miami Children's institution runs a museum for educational purposes. It caters to the expectations of a multicultural community. There are interactive exhibitions and learning programs about culture, art, and the community.

Van Gogh Museum – Amsterdam


This website design well reflects the colorful world of Vincent van Gogh. The website of the Van Gogh Museum exhibits many of his paintings. Most impressive is the virtual tour of Van Gogh's artwork.

National Air and Space Museum


At the page's header, you see a variety of web elements on a split-screen. The elements come to life when you hover over them. Also, take note of the parallax scrolling effect.



ENIGMA is all about postal and telecommunication and their history. You find plenty of information, including news, videos, thoughts, and opinions.

Guggenheim International


The Guggenheim has one of the best museum websites. Take a look for yourself.

National Gallery


The National Gallery houses one of the most important art collections in the world. Their museum website designs are simple but attractive. You can explore some of their many paintings.

The Originals Renault Museum


This is a beautiful page to explore if you are into vintage European cars.

Brussels Museum


People love pictures. The power of this museum experience is the many pictures that it placards. There are social media links to interact with the institution. Navigation is easy, thanks to the sticky menu on the left and right.

National Museum of Singapore


The website of this museum has several key elements that can inspire you.

National Museum of Asian Art


The last on this list of museum website design examples is from the National Museum of Asian Art. Enjoy the full-screen images and the hero header. You can access collections, exhibitions, events, and more.

Thoughts on the Best Museum Website Design Examples

A museum website should show the power and beauty of an exhibition. The colors, theme, and tone should match the exhibition.

The design unites the color selection, font, pictures, and overall aesthetics. A museum website design should also work well, load fast, and be mobile-friendly. Guests must enjoy the visit and be tempted to visit the museum in person.

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