The Best Conference Websites to Inspire You

The Best Conference Websites to Inspire You

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As the digital world gets bigger and bigger, the more necessary it becomes to have a standout conference website. Keep in mind, this site is usually the introduction visitors get to your event. Your conference website design can accomplish one of two things, the visitor buys a ticket or leaves your page and moves on.

A lot of wasted energy is spent trying to publicize a conference without the use of an event website. But a website is a great tool, and technology has reached the point where you can instantly set up a fantastic conference website with minimal effort.

This article contains a roster of the most on-trend conference websites on the web. Let them stimulate your creative flow as you go about creating your own site.

People Nerds Conference


An annual conference brought to you by dscout, People Nerds aims to nurture a sense of community for movers and shakers and UX professionals with a people-centric focus. Attendees learn to strengthen their research capabilities and boost their careers.

The event website allows you to watch content from 2022, because as it says, the event “may be over, but the learning doesn't stop there.”

Be Webinar


Bold typography and color pair up with retro animation to create an interesting homepage for this three-day conference. Notable industry speakers are brought together to motivate, instruct, and direct.

FloQast's Take Control


Conference website designs may need a makeover from time to time. FloQast has updated its distinct green and navy color scheme to be more complementary and brighter than ever. Two CTA buttons beckon visitors to take a peek at the on-demand content.

Be Meeting


Held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center for 2023, DrupalCon is held every two years for the benefit of the Drupal community. When it morphed into an open-source project, it widened out to influence and inspire a growing global audience.

AFSM Tripartite Conference


The AFSM Tripartite Conference aims to take on the obstacles currently facing the healthcare industry. The jaw-dropping city of Kuching, on the island of Borneo, Malaysia is the setting of this crucial conference.

Be Event 5


The event organizers of Demuxed have put together a conference for engineers to discuss all things video tech. While the spotlight is mostly on web content, other topics (like coding and playback) are also considered.

Leading Design Festival


It's vital that a web designer gives importance to color when creating a homepage, and Leading Design Festival's site makes good use of orange and blue as complementary colors. This choice of color creates a sense of professionalism and engagement for the brand.

Be Event


AIGA Design Conference is perhaps the event of the year for artists in the U.S. The homepage boasts a sleek design combining red and blue primary colors with classic typography. An eye-catching yet simple hero header directs visitors to the CTA to register early for discount prices.

Affiliate Summit East


Great conference websites like to show off their speakers, sponsors, and affiliates, and that's exactly what you get with this bold, modern site. This event has proven to be invaluable to players in the retail industry.

Be Event 8


This conference applauds advocates who focus on reinventing industry business strategies. They work hard to be head and shoulders above the competition. Dynamic and interactive design elements keep it interesting.



Great conference website design doesn’t always have to be formal and serious. You can design a fun, colorful, and eye-popping site, like Converge’s. The conference location is set in London and is a single-day event all about design systems.

Canvas Conference


A large background featuring people shows that Canvas Conference is people-centric. The website grabs and holds visitors’ attention through lively colors and bold, easy-to-read typography.

Lines Conference


Lines Conference's homepage uses an exciting and diverse set of fonts to advertise its brand and purpose, which is to create a platform for wordsmiths to engage and learn in the realm of blogging, social media, and strategy.

Collision Conference


Collision is a global conference hosting individuals and companies exploring ways to change the tech industry. Website visitors scroll through a modern, simple design to a gallery of headshots introducing a diverse group of speakers.

UX+ Conference


This two-day conference is the biggest event of its kind in Asia. Top participants of UX design are brought together to share their know-how with Asia's emerging talent.

An Event Apart


Stand out from the crowd by featuring in-house creations on your homepage. An Event Apart's website is playful, creative, and accessible. The when, where, and who are immediately provided before you even scroll.

Quality Excites Conference


Using video as a background feature is a fantastic way to create a dynamic homepage that holds onto your visitors’ attention. This national conference based in Poland is all about software quality.

Consumer Technology Association


Keep your visitors glued to your homepage with an intriguing tagline. In Consumer Technologies’ case, “Be in It” gives huge insight into the theme for the next CES event. A user-friendly drop-down menu makes it easy to find whatever information for which you're looking.

We Cargo


A conference website that links you to past events is an effective conference website. “Why”, you ask. Allowing visitors to view any previous talks or program highlights will pique their interest in any of your company's upcoming conferences.

This particular conference focuses on the air cargo industry. The website has an attractive layout and use of color.

Startup Grind Global Conference


Here we have a mix of photo imagery and geometric design features that catch the eye. The design draws your attention to two CTA buttons with the option to buy tickets or apply to exhibit.

Section Cut


Section Cut is a virtual conference for managers and operations professionals involved in architecture, engineering, architectural landscaping, and interior design.

Section Cut’s innovative take on typography creates an industry-appropriate and original theme and aesthetic.

OnBrand Conference


OnBrand is a conference that unites the current players influencing the marketing, creativity, and technology landscape.

Digital Design Days


Conference websites like this one for Digital Design Days can grab potential attendees with pop-up banners offering to sell tickets at discount prices, all they have to do is sign up. Ticket sales are bound to increase, along with more visibility for the next conference.

The MarTech Summit Singapore


Are you hosting a conference in a far-flung, one-of-a-kind location? Make use of a postcard-perfect picture of the locale to create further interest in your conference website and event.

Webflow Conf


This conference is an annual conference organized by Webflow. Creators and idealists come together to mold and reinvent the future of the web.

Industry Conference


There are many conferences dedicated to software products, but Industry Conferences are the ultimate events for software product managers. The homepage is classic, professional and informative.



You cannot miss the “Get Free Ticket Box” placed front and center on ProductCon's homepage. This is a great strategy when it comes to turning new visitors into repeat attendees because it's so easy to sign up for the event.

Gramado Summit


Effective conference websites feature modern design concepts, like video and animation, with simplicity. The Gramado Summit website does just that for one of Latin America's most engaging events for innovators and entrepreneurs.

C3—A Conference by Conductor


A unique feature to incorporate on your conference website is a link on the navigation bar to past conference events. C3's site achieves this and more as it manages to draw attention to its status as an SEO and content marketing conference.

Demuxed 2020


The conference website for Demuxed's 2020 event is a great example of functional creativity. The site flows like an interactive sketch notebook wherein visitors can check out quality content related to technical aspects of videography.

The Design Conference (Brisbane)


Australia's best-loved conference for virtuosos is helping to shape the design world of tomorrow. Visitors can watch on-demand content and stay up-to-date with past topics and content.

Remote Design Week


Remote Design Week is a five-day event that connects designers from diverse industries and locations via virtual conference. They can network and inspire one another. The website layout is fresh and easy to navigate.

Ecommerce Conference


This conference website contains all necessary information on one page. It lets visitors know that this event is all about helping the emerging Macedonian e-commerce community navigate the market.

DIBI Conference


DIBI's motto is “Design it, Build it”. The event is dedicated to shining a light on the digital products and services landscape. The website's layout makes it easy to check out the lineup of speakers and navigate to other pages to find out more.

Design Systems London


Design Systems London is one of those conference websites that keep it straightforward and informative. And that works perfectly for a non-profit conference for the community.

The Phocuswright Conference


Phocuswright Conference's website makes a great first impression by drawing your attention to stimulating typography. The heading “TRAVELERS. TITANS. TRAILBLAZERS.” clearly expresses the quality of who is going to be speaking at the event.



Epicurrence is a two-day conference filled with meaningful dialog, interactive workshops, and more. Attendees have the option of attending in person in North Carolina or online via a worldwide stream.

VueJS Conference Amsterdam


This conference is the Vue community event of the year. Over 1,000 people from various countries come together for two days. The event is jam-packed with all the current advancements being made in the world of Vue.

Design Thinkers


If you're a visual communicator in Canada, this is the event for you. It is a dynamic conference website that is easy to explore.

The Next Web Conference


The design of this site does an excellent job of using page space to communicate as much as possible. Images tell a story as visitors scroll. Visitors learn as they go along, which is a great way to market a conference that takes the lead in the tech industry.

NooMa Conference


This is the right place to find yourself if networking with trailblazers in the Adtech world is your goal. It is a marketing conference for the Noosphere with a website that manages to capture the essence of the event and the company.

An Interesting Day (Amsterdam)


This is a playful site design to market a one-day event that takes place in an eccentric schoolyard.

Circles Conference


Circles Conference is all about creative design. The website features a registration button at the top and a chat box to help visitors find out more.



Loupe is a conference featuring discussions related to design, code, and tooling. Framer is the event organizer.

National Counseling Conference (Asia)


The National Counseling Conference’s website is a beautifully designed site that uses a calming color palette. It promotes a conference focused on counseling and psychotherapy. Industry experts are invited to share their knowledge with anyone looking for mental health support or wanting to find out more.

Ampersand Conference


You want as many people as possible to attend your event. Good conference websites like this one for Ampersand keep it simple by highlighting its speakers, recognizable sponsors, and affiliate members.

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