Well-Designed Lawyer Websites for Web Design Inspiration

Well-Designed Lawyer Websites for Web Design Inspiration

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January 4, 2024
Podcast Website Examples: Showcasing the Best in the Business
January 4, 2024
The Best Looking Hair Salon Websites for You to See
January 4, 2024
Podcast Website Examples: Showcasing the Best in the Business
January 4, 2024

Picture this: Your law firm's website pops up on a potential client's screen. In seconds, they form an impression. Will they stay, or will they bounce? Solid lawyer website design examples are the game-changer.

In our digital world, an attorney's online presence could be as crucial as their courtroom prowess. So, I put together a guide to showcase some killer designs that scream professionalism and credibility.

Get ready to dive into a treasure trove of layouts, user-friendly features, accessibility essentials, and the latest trends pushing the envelope in the legal realm.

By the end of this read, you'll have the inside scoop on how websites can become a lawyer’s digital handshake. We'll explore the melange of aesthetics and function, navigating through responsive design, eye-catching color schemes, and SEO best practices that help your firm rank higher.

Be prepped for a lineup of legal website design gold that could set the stage for your next big client win.

Examples of Lawyer Websites

Lawyers Without Borders Canada


A straightforward, monochrome layout helps those who need to fight for their human rights and obtain justice.

Be Lawyer


This law firm’s website gets right into business with its menu bar. Whether a road, public space, or work-related injury, Redlich’s Work Injury Lawyers makes you the priority.



The law firm website design for Brownson uses a simple, yet elegant font and a black and gold color scheme for this established Minneapolis-based firm.

Be Lawyer 2


Krasner & Long, LLC: Philadelphia Criminal Lawyers


The Krasner & Long firm boasts some seasoned lawyers working in criminal defense. Using a professional photo of yourself or other lawyers puts a human face to the firm and helps clients relate to law firms.

Arnold & Itkin LLP


This website is a good example of a lawyer website that is engaging. Excellent animation and graphics coupled with a parallax scrolling feature adds vibrancy to Arnold & Itkin’s website.

Be Lawyer 3


Lawyer websites that are all-inclusive convert visitors into clients. For example, this particular site uses video to promote the firm, helps you find out more about the court process, boasts a list of cases won, and has an in-depth FAQ to answer any lingering questions.

Litiguard Attorneys


Great law firm websites communicate what theyre all about simply and effectively. Litiguard’s site draws prospective clients to various CTAs by maintaining a straightforward layout.

Be Lawyer 4


Taylor Vinters’ site is as innovative as the firm. A modern feel is carried throughout the site with design choices incorporating specific color schemes and images. It also places current events, concepts, and articles front and center.



Infense has a tight-knit team of lawyers, assistants, and secretaries. A fun yet professional gallery showcases each individual that makes up this team.

Be Lawyer 5


Law firm sites can make good use of video as a background for the homepage. This firm’s many legal services, related to whistleblower fraud, are displayed over the video image to draw visitors’ eyes.

Houston Personal Injury Lawyer


The attorney website for Brian White & Associates, PC is built to promote conversion and to create an engaging user experience.

Hodgson Russ Attorneys


Classic design principles are used throughout this website. It’s classic for a reason, you don’t want to overload visitors when they’re navigating through your site. Information should be easy to find and understand.

Trey Porter Law


Web design choices for this site give you an immediate sense of authority and expertise. Reviews and testimonials shine a spotlight on this law group’s talent and track record. An attractive, fresh design engages visitors and drives them to continue navigating the site.

Wallmans Lawyers


Wallmans Lawyers is a commercial law firm situated in Adelaide, Australia. Its pool of talent is comprised of experts across various key industries, and its client base ranges from local to international (including private and government sectors).

Gecic Law


Here is another fantastic example of using video as a background to your homepage to catch and hold the interest of prospective clients.



The use of interesting yet readable fonts on white space is a fantastic way to communicate your services to visitors, which is another good design principle to consider for your own website.

Kaplan Lawyers


New York is a diverse city. Kaplan Lawyers understand this and has tailored its approach to personal injury law in order to best meet the needs of its clients.

The Law Offices of Brian R. Kazarian


If you want to create the best law firm website for your company, keep it simple and let visitors know straight away what you’re all about. The site for this criminal law firm does just that.

As you scroll you are presented with a variety of practical and informative content, which promotes the firm as not only credible but knowledgeable.

Vass Lawyers


This corporate boutique law firm from Romania made the Legal 500 in 2014. Visitors can sign up for a newsletter, follow the firm on various social media platforms, and check out its comprehensive blog.

Aharoni Business Law


The website features a strong tagline in its hero section, an attractive color scheme, and fun icons. Potential clients can easily access contact information should they want to get in touch with a lawyer.

Rosen Injury Lawyers


This law firm specializes in a variety of mass tort injury cases from drug injuries and defective products to vaccine issues. A live chat window opens up immediately to ensure strong communication with visitors looking to learn more.

Taylor Jannis Workplace Law


With a focus on employment and labor law, Taylor Jannis LLP boasts a website that contains a wealth of relevant content for every kind of client; although, it is not user-friendly.



The tagline says: “Compliance. Uncomplicated.” “Uncomplicated” is the approach taken for the web design as well. A straightforward drop menu reveals all the areas of expertise offered by the firm, and a live chat option allows for easy communication.

Mode Legal Abogados


Mode Legal Abogados is a legal practice based in Spain with a focus on multi-currency mortgages, bankruptcy law, divorce and separation, and more.

Waldon Adelman Castilla Hiestand & Prout


An appealing fusion of modern design concepts and color schemes bring this minimalist site to life.

Graham Scofield Injury Lawyers


An Atlanta-based injury law firm website with professional photography features the attorney himself in action.

McCarthy Tetrault


McCarthy Tetrault has branded itself as a firm to stand out amongst competitors, offering a unique take on legal issues for unique clients. Visitors to the site get a feel for this strong sense of branding.



Here is a lawyer website that uses a simple yet elegant design concept to market this boutique law firm that provides services for startups, growth companies, and investors.

Alberta Legal


Law firm website designs that feature videos and the voices and faces of the company creates an instant connection with potential clients. This is a powerful look for any law firm wanting to be seen above the competition.

Counsel for Creators


Counsel for Creators is all about serving the creative sector. Website visitors can access the official site on their mobile devices. The layout is user-friendly and contemporary.

Lawyers of Distinction


Established in 2014, Lawyers of Distinction seeks to assist its member lawyers to set themselves apart from the competition. Their membership includes professionals from all 50 states in America.



Effective lawyer websites, such as this one, create ease of navigation for visitors. For instance, the tab labeled “Insights” on the drop-down menu allows visitors to search through categories, industries, or practice areas to find the right service for them.

SSP Consult Legal Firm


Sleek, modern imagery and design elements take the law firm’s brand to the next level.



Whether it’s an environmental law firm or a company dealing with immigration law, the best lawyer websites keep it simple and easy to navigate. This element is found in Crucible’s site design.

HCA Lawyers


The homepage showcases a tagline that feels personal and empathetic. Attorney websites that can communicate convert visitors into clients.

PXR Legal


PXR Legal’s site is an attractive, contemporary website with animated elements that help visitors navigate the site. This firm deals with business law and supports venture capital and private equity investors.

Wards Lawyers PC


Ward Lawyers is a family law firm with a site that shines a spotlight on its expert team and includes a powerful mission statement. The drop menu directs you to an informative blog and testimonials, among other pages.

Skepsis Legal Solutions


Skepsis Legal Solutions offer its services to the finance, consulting, real estate, construction industries, and small businesses. Their content is presented in an informal and fun tone.

Vogel LLP


Vogel LLP covers a range of practice areas involving family law, estate litigation, and personal injury. Itsr vibrant website is proof that simple design doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

Horea Crisan Lawyer


This is an elegant, sophisticated website built using Drupal, parallax effects, and responsive design elements. It has a strong sense of professional branding. Horea Crisan can assist clients with a range of issues, from civil law and malpractice to intellectual property and insolvency.

JLongtin Law


JLongtin Law is a criminal defense attorney law firm that advocates for compassion and passion in their legal strategy. The site has video content on various mental health issues and a blog where a potential client can learn more about the firm and its approach.

Studio Legale Menghetti & Partners


Based in Rome, Studio Legale Menghetti & Partners offers legal services for both companies and individuals regarding labor law, family law, and more. They provide free consultations for first-timers and legal assistance in every judicial and extrajudicial phase.

Most law firms want to present a modern, professional image; this website promotes such an image.

Dennis and King Law


As you enter the homepage of this website, you are guaranteed a fair fee charge and a free consultation. The website uses an interactive video that allows website visitors to state their issue and to receive further assistance via live chat.

Its practice area deals with personal injury, and it boasts more than five decades of experience (seven decades in fact). If you want to stand out from other lawyer websites, then integrating videos into the layout is the way to go.

Turks Legal


Take note of some quality design features on this law firm’s website, like an easy-to-use menu that directs you to the firm’s lawyers, tells you more about the firm and its services, a concise Publication Hub, and good use of white space and video.

Scroll down to choose from commercial, insurance, or banking practice areas. A modern law firm requires a modern site, and that’s exactly what you see here in this layout and ease of access.

FAQ on Creative Lawyer Websites

What should be included in a lawyer's website design?

A lawyer's website must be a blend of professionalism and functionality. Start with a clean and modern layout, add clear navigation, integrate practice areas, showcase attorney profiles, and ensure the site is mobile-responsive. Emphasize CTA buttons for consultations and sprinkle in client testimonials for trust.

It's critical. With most users on mobile devices, your site must adapt. Mobile-friendliness affects user experience, search rankings, and client acquisition. So, a responsive design is non-negotiable for a lawyer's website – it should look great and function seamlessly across all devices, ensuring accessibility anytime, anywhere.

Can SEO really impact a law firm's website?

Absolutely. SEO drives visibility. It's the difference between being found and being invisible online. Optimize with relevant legal keywords, quality content, and local SEO strategies. This way, when potential clients search for legal assistance, your firm shows up. Remember, Google Analytics is your friend here - measure and tweak often.

What's the best color scheme for a law firm's website?

Ah, the power of color. It should echo trust, integrity, and calm. Think navy blues, deep greens, and crisp whites. Avoid overly bold palettes that can seem unprofessional. The right color scheme resonates with clients, enhances your brand, and should still make a statement—subtly.

How do I showcase my firm's expertise on our website?

Demonstrate expertise through detailed practice area descriptions, highlighted notable cases, and informative blog posts. Profiles of attorneys with their credentials, experience, and publications work wonders too. The goal is to tell potential clients, "We're knowledgeable, we're experienced, and we've got your back."

Should a law firm's website have a blog?

For sure. A blog is a powerhouse for driving traffic and establishing authority. Share insights on legal processes or comment on recent legal news. It boosts SEO, engages readers, and shows you're up-to-date. Just keep it regular and make content digestible—big legal jargon can be a turn-off.

How do we get our lawyer website to rank higher on Google?

Optimize your site for SEO by targeting legal industry web standards, and ensure that it is rich in relevant content. Regularly update your blog, maintain a strong backlink profile, and engage in effective local SEO practices. Also, don't ignore the technical side—speed and security matter a lot.

What role do images and videos play in a lawyer’s website?

Images and videos break up text, can explain complex ideas simply, and make your firm seem more relatable. They add a touch of personality and help with SEO, especially when they’re tagged correctly. But please, keep it professional—no cheesy stock photos of gavels or scales of justice.

Is it important to feature client testimonials on a lawyer's website?

Big time. Testimonials are like gold – they build trust and credibility. Showing potential clients that you've successfully helped others provides reassurance and can be the nudge they need to reach out. Feature these prominently, but always get permission first, and maintain client confidentiality.

How often should a lawyer’s website be updated?

Stay fresh or risk being forgotten. Regular updates keep content relevant and SEO rankings up. Plus, law changes. So, your website should too. I'd say at least review it quarterly—check for outdated information, revise the legal advisor online branding as needed, and keep adding new testimonials and case studies.


Alright, we've cruised that gallery of lawyer website design examples – from slick, modern flair to the more buttoned-up classics. You've seen the color palettes painting trust right off the bat, and those layouts? So clean, they practically leave a sparkle.

Before bounding off to revamp your digital digs, remember the smart bits. Keep that user experience smooth – like butter, really. Make sure that when a visitor lands on your site, they know exactly where to click.

And hey, let's not just make it pretty, okay? Pack it with power – the good kind. SEO? That's your secret sauce. It puts you in front of eyes looking for precisely what you offer. Because what’s the use of a masterpiece if it’s tucked away?

Wrap it up by showing off your legal prowess with tasteful, informative content. Sprinkle in client praise, and voilà, you've got yourself a website that works just as hard as you do.

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