The Best Looking Hair Salon Websites for You to See

The Best Looking Hair Salon Websites for You to See

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When designing your beauty salon website you must give it a fresh look. You don't have to run a large business to have a great online platform where clients can see your services.

The key is to show rather than tell. In other words, stunning pictures will be your best friends. If you want to give your salon website that special vibe, choose the right colors and typography. Don't forget to mention your staff, especially if you employ skilled hairstylists.

To sum up, salon businesses must have beautiful, functioning platforms to offer their services. Websites also tell a brand's story. The following are some hair salon websites to inspire you.

Album Hair


Album Hair has a stunning hair salon website. This business is dedicated to innovation and collecting skills from collaborators worldwide. Their homepage is an excellent example of how to convey a brand's message. In this case, Album Hair offers a variety of services in a modern style.

Be Hairdresser


With a multi-scrolling layout, Pastels Salon's website displays its services. Similar to a gallery screen, this website has a special system. Instead of changing the screen, it turns into a complete picture with text. Undoubtedly, one of the best examples of website design.

Salon Bon Vivant


David Landry is a Canadian visionary who created a powerful salon website. With 20 years of experience in coloring and styling, he offers key services at his salon. David gets inspiration from many sources and was voted the number one hair stylist in Montreal on three occasions.

Be Hairdresser 2


Fringe Hair Salon has a simple but conveying homepage. The best hair salon websites combine simplicity with quality, and this is what Fringe does best. You'll find a menu bar at the top with all the necessary information.

Ginger and Maude Salon


Clients can book an appointment right from this hair salon website. Ginger and Maude Salon presents a great homepage with a sticky header. To make their brand stand out, they included a video. All in all, a great platform for online booking and salon services.

Be Hairdresser 3


LUXE Concept is among the best hair salon websites. They offer a variety of services so that you get the cut and color of your dreams. This beauty salon also has a barbershop area for gentlemen.



Based in Vancouver, Hairsoda specializes in styling, balayage, creative highlights, barbering, skin fades, lived-in blondes, and long hair for men. Their minimal hair salon website is highlighted with a powerful video header.

Be Barber 4


This design is a one-page website that goes straight to the point. Website visitors can find the information they need quickly. It displays featured services and large pictures.

Lavish Salon


If you're looking for easy online booking, this is the right website example. Check out how Lavish Salon presents an elegant design while conveying a message. Besides the excellent booking process, the site showcases a list of hair care specialists.

Be Barber


Animation and clever imagery are ingredients of the best hair salon websites. Camerino Alzira makes excellent use of both. Check out the neutral color scheme that reflects the brand's personality. Also, the black background highlights central salon services.

Parlor by Haides


Every beauty salon needs a website like this. Website visitors are given a choice between the salon or the barbershop. Then, they can see all the services on a clean, elegant layout.

Versa Salon


Beauty salon websites must combine style and usability. In this case, Versa displays stunning images that demonstrate what an awesome job they can do. Turn website visitors into new clients with marketing strategies and testimonials. Versa Salon is a good hair salon website to learn this.

Nine Zero One Salon


With a clear menu bar at the top of the homepage, Nine Zero One has one of the top hair salon websites on this list. The light background helps highlight the beautiful pictures. Likewise, the layout was planned carefully. Users will see several call-to-action buttons with the main one right at the top of the page.

Great Lengths


A beautiful salon founded in 1992 in the city of Rome.

SOHO Hair Salon


Being a classic representative of the beauty industry, SOHO Hair salon presents an elegant website. It has slightly interactive features and an interesting layout. Visitors can see how the left side is still while the right one allows further scrolling. Thus, salon clients can access all the key services and content.



Besides having one of the best hair salon websites, SALT Hair is committed to the environment. Their brand is so popular that it appeared in Magazines and TV.

Urban Lift Salon


Simplicity and elegance go hand in hand on this hair salon website. Here you'll find all the information about the booking process, services, products, and staff. To improve retention, they set up a sticky header. In other words, visitors will always have the menu bar at hand.

Hair Expert Guild


This top salon website presents an outstanding, elegant design with a luxury feel.

Cinta Salon


This is one of the best examples when it comes to hair salon websites. You'll find the main options on the menu bar right at the top. Designers gave it a unique touch with a FAQ box, a book, and a reschedule" section. Attractive and colorful images will make the user want to stay on this salon website for a long time.

Luis Neto Hair Design


Luis Neto represents a traditional-looking webpage with all the right features. Elements stand out against the site's pastel theme. Finally, this salon website example is user-friendly and straightforward.

Wild Moon Hair Company


Here is a minimal hair salon website design. This business is based in Melbourne and offers tailored services. Focused on men and women, this cute salon treats all kinds of hair.

Blast Blow Dry Bar


Specializing in blow-dry and hair styling, Blast Blow Dry brings a great website example. Check out their call to action right at the top of the page inviting people to book an appointment online. Then, the list of services with their prices is simple and straight to the point.


The best hair salon websites have stunning headings to draw visitors' attention. Fringeny is a great example, with stunning images and elegant design. Just below the heading, new clients can find all the services available.

Jet Rhys


The full-screen background displays compelling hero images. Besides making the hair salon website more appealing, it gives it a modern touch. By clicking the menu bar on the top of the page, visitors will see different options. The call-to-action buttons are colorful and encourage people to book an appointment.

Mabe Hair


Sometimes you go to a beauty salon for more than a haircut. Mabe Hair salon's website offers comprehensive services in a relaxed environment. Notice how they present themselves with an original and colorful design.

Platinum Hair Studio


There's nothing like a polished and professional salon website. In this case, Platinum presents a unique design with a distinguished color palette. Every service is presented with a stunning picture, and the prices are only at a click's distance. It is one of the top hair salon websites for your inspiration.

Bad Apple Hair


Bad Apple hair salon was founded in 2006. Since then, they've created nine salon businesses across the West Midlands. Training cosmetology programs are available. Everything is laid down nicely and neatly on their hair salon website.

Fabio Doti Salon


If you want to get ideas from the best hair salon websites, check out Fabio Doti's salon. Right from the heading Fabio presents its services with a beautiful picture. You'll also find an Instagram feed, call-to-action buttons, and social media icons. Get some marketing ideas, and check out how they offer their subscriptions.



COSY Hair presents its products and services on a clean layout. However, the pictures speak for themselves showing a resourceful approach to haircare services.

Hair and Spa


All you have to do is set up a slider heading like this one and you're good to go. This hair salon website simply presents its work in an attractive way and leaves the rest in the visitor's hands. Click on the menu bar to see all the options.

Modify Hair Lounge


Modify Hair surely knows how to attract its target audience. Its stylists have their own identities and establish their fees.

West End Hair Company


Located in El Paso, Texas, West End offers hair services and spa sessions. This hair salon uses cruelty-free hair products only.

Appel Nouveau Salon


Apple Nouveau presents a user-friendly website design.

The Charlee Salon


Here is a minimal design with a colorful touch. The best salon websites must catch the viewer's attention, and The Charlee Salon does a great job at it. With a simple layout, this salon website design does wonders.



With a simple yet elegant layout, Suki presents a stunning beauty salon website. The brand is focused on empowering a new generation of hair stylists that are among the finest in the industry.

Hair and Co BKLYN


This brand has two salon locations in Brooklyn. After the impressive header, visitors can see the salon's professionals. Each of them creates a unique style for each customer.

Leo’s Hair


If you're looking for design inspiration, check out this option. Although simple, the website construction is one of a kind. Visitors scroll down to see various text, boxes, and pictures on a dark background. As a result, the pictures seem even more stunning and colorful.

Hedwig’s Hair Salon


A salon website design must be simple and easy to navigate. Check out how Hedwig's Hair Salon does it. If you want to book an appointment, you have everything you need right on the homepage. You'll find that the pictures represent different styles and personalities. Since their Instagram link is on the main menu bar, it's easy to find and access.

Fibre Hairdressing


Jayden Presleigh has a trendy salon in a downtown style. Specializing in bridal and hair services, they display their portfolio across the homepage. Their salon also includes a boutique so that future brides make only one stop.

Forza Kappers


Being one of the top hair salon websites, Forza Kappers offers usability and great content. Its modern look will surely inspire those who want to create their own hair salon website. They've done a great job adding hero images to the header. Thus, the website has an elegant and unique touch.

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