Sombre Funeral Websites With Interesting Web Design

Sombre Funeral Websites With Interesting Web Design

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Sombre Funeral Websites With Interesting Web Design

Funeral homes have a very important mission: consoling loss. In line with this, we can understand why funeral websites and their designs are so important.

In situations of grief, you need to be there for your customers but also promote your services. This is why your funeral website must have a simple, effective design.

However, your layout should not be overestimated. It’s important that families can easily navigate the site and find everything they need. Thus, the navigation features of the website become vital.

The key is to present a functional platform where all services are easy to find. To achieve this, there are plenty of original ideas that funeral websites can use.

This list presents websites with different features and tools. Besides displaying information in an interesting way, they offer modern designs that fit perfectly with the funeral industry.

Greenwood Funeral Homes and Cremation


Greenwood quickly catches the attention of all visitors. It comes with a bright layout and attractive photos. By highlighting the emotional benefits of the funeral home, families feel that they find a solution in times of despair. Check out this funeral home website and see how they use the pre-planning approach. They offer peace of mind, the possibility to save money, and a guaranteed end-of-life request.

Be Funeral Home


Digital marketing needs to have a careful approach when it comes to funeral websites. Take a look at Munford and see how they do it. You’ll see lots of white space so you can find information quickly. The clear calls to action are also a big plus. They’re strategically placed on the top of the page, making navigation easier.

Jeffers Funeral Home


Jeffers Funeral Home is one of the most beautiful funeral home websites. Thanks to the navigation bar, families can find what they are looking for hassle free. Planning a funeral for a loved one is not easy. People need to order flowers, choose a cemetery, and write obituaries. Thanks to their funeral website, Jeffers makes these processes easier. It also comes with a beautiful obituary section.

Be Theme's Clinic


Visitors will find a clean and minimalist design on this funeral home website. A custom layout like this one can make a difference in your audience. Customers can create their cremation packages seamlessly. All elements are arranged neatly and the homepage includes compelling content. With the smart use of white space, Tulip includes nice visuals to present its services.

Will Makers of the Midlands


In 1999, David Raybould established Will Makers of the Midlands. This is a firm that specializes in trusts, probate services, and pre-paid funeral plans.

Be Doctors


Thanks to their top customer service, Haisley Funeral and Cremation Service gets great interaction. Their website offers top value to families undergoing the loss of a loved one. The website’s homepage includes obituaries, testimonials, and engaging banners.

Affordable Cremation Services


From all funeral home websites, this option presents one of the cleanest layouts. Its simple design fits perfectly with its straightforward navigation. Scroll down and you’ll see all the services and prices. All information is clear, and the page ends up with a clear call to action. The tagline at the top of the homepage is one of the site’s best features.

Be Nursing Home


With a unique and modern website design, Gathered Here is one of the first funeral websites in Australia. It compares reviews, prices, and management of different funeral homes. This site brings helpful features and functionalities. All visitors and potential customers can find the right services for them. Its advanced search option is definitely a plus.

Taffo Onoranze Funebri


This funeral home has unprecedented value in the industry. It provides tailored services through a stunning website. They present a unique page with photos and videos of real clients. During difficult times, Pray Funeral Home celebrates life, opens up your heart, and brings hope.

Washington Cremation Centers


All the family must stay together to overcome grief. In line with this, Washington Cremation Centers lays out all the information that they need. A bright section offers further details about their aqua cremation options. Finally, the vibrant images on the heading and the homepage are inspiring.

Jenkins-Soffe Utah Funeral Home


Hosting a funeral is more than finding local florists. Moreover, the era of digital marketing brings innovative solutions. Jenkins-Soffe Funeral Chapels & Cremation Center knows how to use these advancements. Offering live streaming services, this funeral home brings an alternative to those relatives who can’t attend in person.



A great advantage of this funeral home website is its community page. They present themselves with an inclusive invitation that states, “You’re invited.” Such an invitation helps bring their message not only to the families they help, but even to the community. Also, check out their clean design with a video and beautiful imagery.

Wiles Remembrance Centers


This website has plenty of modern elements and cool shapes. All memorial pages and obituaries are easy to find and navigate. Visitors can send their respects with only a few clicks. They can also send flowers, offer their condolences, and honor their loved ones.

Wendt Funeral Home


If you have a funeral home business, you’ll want to take inspiration from this website. One of its best features is the video background, which brings a unique feel to the page. The accessibility widget at the top of the homepage is one of a kind. Providing a superb user experience, Wendt Funeral Home includes smooth animations.

Funeral Studio


Promote your funeral home in an innovative way. Funeral Studio features a welcoming homepage and interesting functionalities. This is an ideal design to make a brand stand out from its competitors. The website has a minimal layout, yet it catches the attention of the viewer. Follow this example if you want to have a professional funeral home website.

Keep It Simple Cremation


With perfect use of white space and smooth animations, this website boasts style and simplicity. Scroll down the page and enjoy the cool effects. The large call to action at the top of the page is quite visible, with a clear anchor text: Preplan Online. When users click, the system shows them a quotation system so that they can put together their plans.

Peach Tree Cremation Services


Here is a pet cremation website for families who lose their best friends. Thus, Peach Tree Cremation Services is one of the most unique options on this list. The website offers plenty of information in a tasteful design. It’s also quite helpful for finding prices and other important data. Most people don’t know what to do when their pet dies, so Peach Tree offers lots of resources, including testimonials and links to pet hospitals.

Sytsema Funeral & Cremation Services


Blogging is a great way to attract customers and inspire trust. This is especially important in the funeral industry. By posting regular entries, you can show your company at its best. Share educational content, show your leadership skills, and create communities.

Stanfill Funeral Home


Here is a website that families will find inspiring. Stanfill Funeral Home can give you plenty of ideas for your own funeral business. The hero image on the heading is simple, yet it has everything: introduction, name, contact, and phone. Each customer can navigate the site easily thanks to the sticky header.

Bland-Brumback Funeral Home


With local imagery to ornament the heading, this website brings a beautiful design. All the photos are stunning, helping to create a great first impression. Check out the sliding gallery with pictures of the facilities. Scroll down and you’ll see four distinct sections so that you can navigate the funeral home website.

Forked RiverFuneral & Cremation Service


One of the most functional options on this list, Forked River offers support to the family by providing various resources. This company brings top-notch yet affordable services that are reflected on the site’s presentation. Families can access all sections easily thanks to the card layout. You’ll also find advantages over other funeral homes and touching testimonials.

Funeral Innovations


A funeral home business needs a good digital marketing strategy. In this sense, it’s no different than any other industry. Check out this website and see their stunning hero header. Moreover, you’ll find catchy headlines and calls to action. All in all, Funeral Innovations brings a great website to combine email marketing and social media.

Cremate Me Now


With Cremate Me Now, families will find a good way to pay their tributes. The calls to action are there to generate more conversions, and information is right at hand. Also, their distinctive motto reflects the spirit of the business: “There are no limits when it comes to honoring your loved ones.” In line with this, you can see hero images with people surfing, skiing, and parachuting. With Cremate Me Now, they can spread the ashes under the most unique conditions.

The Springs Funeral Services


The last website on our list is special. Inspiring the funeral business, The Springs Funeral Services has an excellent website. You’ll find cool features like hover effects, sliders, and stunning photos. Also, this website shows a clear advantage over others: an impressive hero header. You’ll see taglines and full-width images. When scrolling down, you’ll find a helpful menu with large, clear boxes. In other words, families can find everything they need easily.

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