Creative Writer Website Examples to Inspire You

Creative Writer Website Examples to Inspire You

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Writing websites are valuable tools that help you find new clients and display your portfolio. They allow you to advertise your writing services and strengthen your personal brand.

From blog writing to website copy and social media content, a strong portfolio of writing samples is crucial for a steady work stream.

You can easily update a writing portfolio website to include your most recent projects. It showcases your work to prospective clients and invites them to contact you.

A creative writer website will reflect your character, training, and skills while framing your best work. No matter the type of writing career you have chosen, it will bring you unique opportunities.

In this article, you will discover 44 of the best writer websites to inspire you. Notice how each embodies the writer's style and personality while showcasing their work. To avoid learning how to use website builder tools, you can resort to an experienced web designer.

Freelance Writer Websites From A to Z


Alaina Thomas


Alaina Thomas has been freelance writing since 2020. Her website highlights Ms. Thomas’s popular writing services.

Alaina uses a conversational tone to connect brands with their ideal customer. Her resume includes knowledge of editing and website builder tools.

Be Copywriter 2


Alexandra Munroes is a curator and educational content author. Her online portfolio has a black-and-white color scheme and meaningful photography work.

With an impressive background, Munroe includes sections for exhibitions, books, videos, and news.

Ally Denton


Ally Denton is a freelance writer who loves to create content about various topics, from books to fashion and retail. Her website includes a journal feature with multiple articles on yoga, which Ally also teaches.

Be Writer


Ann Friedman is a professional writer welcoming her clients with a distinctive homepage. There is a large logo, a header menu, and clickable image links.

A detailed contact page completes this freelance writing website.

Ann Handley


Ann Handley is a best-selling author that empowers businesses to create results-driven marketing. Her site is full of bold images and captures her vision of balancing true human connections with technology.

Be Copywriter


Beth Demmon delivers a unique freelance writer website focused on beer and cider. Her writing portfolio features many bylines in a catalog layout. It samples her inspiration and style for potential clients aiming to create insightful articles.

Brandon Sanderson


Brandon Sanderson is a science fiction and fantasy writer with a site that transports readers to his universe. He has an online library and a secret novels section where fans can access exclusive content.

Be Story


Brittany Berger is a content marketer focused on remixing content instead of creating it. Her site establishes the 3 rules of minimalist content marketing.

Clients get multiple content creation solutions with a blog, a free worksheet, and a quiz.


Camryn Rabideau


Camryn Rabideau is a freelance writer who loves to write honest product reviews, e-commerce, and affiliate content. Her portfolio site describes her writing as approachable and conversational.

Be Book


Catherine Conelly is a writer, editor, and marketer. Her writer website is simple, with a large photograph on the home page.

Her portfolio focuses on the wellness and health industry.

Caroline Gibson


Carolina Gibson filled her creative writer website with color and engaging content. Like other examples of freelance writer websites on this list, it highlights her latest blog post, past clients, and awards.



Joanna's freelance writer website highlights her writing skills and versatility. Her target audience includes business executives, startups, and technology companies.

It is the perfect example of using your website to reflect your writing style and personality.


Douglas Smith


Douglas Smith is an author, translator, and historian with many published works. His site has a white background and uses different fonts to underscore important information. The details pair perfectly with Smith's work and style.


Elna Cain


Elna Cain keeps content straightforward. Her primary focus is on prospect conversion. Her ideal client ranges from a SaaS company to a blog writer.

Her homepage introduces her writing approach and outstanding client testimonials.

Erin Dionne


Erin Dionne includes everything great writer websites should have on her own website. There are enticing call-to-actions, an introduction to her work and books, and an engaging blog.



Every is a collection of business newsletters from freelance writers. The site announces its philosophy and approach with an elegant layout.

The portfolio divides the newsletters by themes.


Ferenc Nemes P.


Hungarian author Ferenc Nemes P. has a unique writing website with a chat forum for users to connect with him. The home page features his handwritten signature, lovely background music, and contrasting colors complement the engaging content.

Francesca Nicasio


Francesca Nicasio helps SaaS companies produce high-performance content focused on results. Her writing portfolio site features work for e-Commerce, retail, tech, entrepreneurship, and marketing.

Her communication is straightforward from the homepage.

Freddie Braun


Freddie Braun presents a stunning writing portfolio site with a distinctive 90s inspired design. He has worked with various industry-leading brands and loves to write meaningful content.


Gari Cruze


Gari Cruze is a copywriter with a unique vision and style. His content is impactful and relatable, fully capturing his character.

Cruze's freelance writer website uses a grid layout for the latest projects.


Haruki Murakami


Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami uses motion effects on the front page to promote his books. His portfolio site incorporates many moving elements, a community page, and a resources section.


Julie Yuen


Julie Yuen's freelance writer website introduces her with an interesting tagline. She outlines her different services and presents a gallery of past written projects as social proof.

Her writer portfolio offers potential clients a peek at her background.


Karina Barker


Karina Barker targets the real business world by creating copywriting that converts. Her writer portfolio website presents notable projects and past clients, showcasing her work as a writer and coach.

Kat Boogaard


Kat Boogaard is a freelance writer focused on careers, productivity, entrepreneurship, and self-development. Her portfolio site also emphasizes her passion for educating.

The design is modern, with different fonts and illustrative elements.

Kayla Hollatz


Kayla Hollatz is on a mission to help your copywriting look, sound, and feel more like you. Her freelance writer website is inviting with a simple design. She offers free writing resources for those who join her online community.

Kayla Voigt


Kayla Voigt introduces herself as a “writer, creator, and explorer”. Her creative writer website contains features, services, and client testimonials. It also promotes her 30-day Content Marketing Strategy course.

Kristi Hines


Kristi Hines is a freelance writer with extensive experience in SEO and digital content marketing. Her homepage presents her latest blog post and her social media platforms.


Locke Hughes


Locke Hughes is a writer, editor, author, content leader, and health coach. Her work on health and wellness has appeared in various renowned publications. Her site has enticing call-to-actions and clickable social media links.


Manjula Martin


Manjula Martin is a writer and editor who is unafraid of white space. Her site is elegant and engaging, introducing her from the home page. There are sections for books, events, and editorial project submissions.

Marlen Komar


Marlen Komar specializes in fashion and lifestyle freelance writing. Her online portfolio features bylines for many renowned publications and companies.

Large photographs placed throughout the entire website complement her storytelling approach to research-backed writing.

Martha Hayes


Martha Hayes is a writer, journalist, and talent booker. She shows off her impressive writing portfolio in a magazine-style layout. It includes cover stories, features, first-person articles, profile interviews, and special projects.

Matt Phil Carver


Matt Phil Carver is a copywriter, blogger, and word nerd that makes your writing reflect your personality. He has one of the best websites on this list, maintaining a simple layout with illustrative elements.

Megan Cornish


Megan Cornish is a conversion copywriter with a fantastic freelance writer website. It is humorous while highlighting her proficiency.

The content addresses the pain points of companies looking to improve their connection with clients.

Molly Stubbs


Molly Stubbs has one of the best-writer websites with beautifully curated details. She uses bold colors and different fonts with moving illustrative elements.

Molly’s writing portfolio highlights her versatile writing style for potential clients.


Nozlee Samadzadeh


While having no images or colors, this one-page freelance writer website is engaging. Nozlee Samadzadeh introduces herself as a programmer, sewist, editor, and writer.


Rosalie Durst


The best-writer websites are often the most simple and elegant. Rosalie Durst uses a pastel pink shade and emphasizes her services to potential clients.

It is a great example of a purposeful creative writer website.

Rupi Kaur


Rupi Kaur wrote, illustrated, and self-published her first poetry collection. Her work has captured millions of readers.

The site inspires creative writers to embrace artistic elements. It has stunning photos, book covers, videos, and illustrations.


Seanan McGuire


Seanan McGuire's homepage has her latest release, news, and site updates. The imagery and style create the feel of entering the author's genre.

Exploring the several pages, you will learn about her inspiration and career.

Stephanie Chizoba Odili


Stephanie Chizoba Odili is a Nigerian writer whose work embraces different industries and styles. Her writer portfolio explores her inspiration, career, and written pieces.

It is impactful from the front page, with a media and a contact page.

Stefanie Ellis


Stephanie Ellis introduces herself as a storyteller, idea architect, and word magician. The home page of her freelance writer website features a large photo.

The content is engaging, with rich imagery and balanced color shades.


Todd Henry


Todd Henry is an author and speaker focused on helping creative professionals to thrive under pressure. His work on productivity, passion, and leadership has helped many elite performers.

His portfolio site captures his philosophy superbly.

Tyler J Koenig


Tyler J Koenig designed a freelance writer website, reflecting his personality and inspiration. The design captures his approach of combining tech, content, and sports, particularly basketball.

Unlike other writer websites, Koenig uses a short video to complement his introduction.


Writers' Portraits


This excellent writer website celebrates Lithuania's renowned writers between 1845 and 2007. It has an interactive timeline and opens a page for each writer when you click it. Sweep your mouse over the tags and reveal the portrait underneath.


Zadie Smith


Zadie Smith is an award-winning author with a one-page site that exhibits her best writing. The home page features her latest work and introduces Zadie and her media features.

All contact information appears at the bottom of her creative writer website.

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