Graphic Designers' Portfolio Websites That Look Amazing

Graphic Designers’ Portfolio Websites That Look Amazing

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January 3, 2024
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January 3, 2024
Amazing Website Designs That You Shouldn’t Miss
January 3, 2024
Great Looking Car Dealer Websites to Use for Inspiration
January 3, 2024

Every swipe, tap, or click is a chance to stun. It's a digital gallery walk, and you're the artist on show. In the realm of pixels and palettes, graphic design portfolios are more than a collection; they're a story, an identity, whispered in every shade and shape.

Picture this: a curated spread of creativity, with design inspiration that leaps from the screen, portfolio examples that stir the senses, all stitched with the finesse of a creative portfolio architect.

It's an intimate dance of your personal brand identity designs, your triumphs, and your bold visions that turned into visuals.

By the journey's end, you'll be weaving your own digital tapestry. Think visual communication mixed with design software skills, spiced with the audacity of interactive portfolio elements.

From the crispness of typography to the palette-knife spread of color theory application, each section unfolds like chapters in a design odyssey.

Engage, and transcend the noise. Let's chart the map to mastery in mesmerizing showcases. Here's to crafting portfolios that don't just whisper, but roar.

Thus, this article will share 68 graphic designers' portfolio websites with outstanding presentations. Below, you will find all the inspiration you need to create and maintain your own portfolio website.

68 Graphic Design Portfolio Website Examples By Artist Location


Angello Torres


Angello Torres is a freelance graphic designer. His impressive archive goes back to 1990 and showcases his skill and versatility.

Torres mixes fonts, colors, and illustrative elements. His work proves that bold graphic design portfolios are the way to go.

Be Design 4


Basement Foundry creates and sells unique typefaces with computing you can trust. They have multiple pages that potential clients can explore before making a decision. Their website also introduces the design studio team and their development process.


Darren Hughes Art


Darren Hughes is a wildlife and figurative artist who produces highly-detailed artwork. His website has a clean, modern design and heroes his love for the outdoors.

Visitors can shop for top-quality reproductions of his work. A portion of all sales reverts to conservation and animal welfare projects.

Be Design 3


Plau has one of the most original graphic designers' portfolio websites content-wise. They share regular updates through the Entrelinha online publication. Plau creates unique typefaces and allows visitors to choose between fonts and content.


Alex Fisher


Alex Fisher welcomes visitors with a warm, floral theme. The logo design is stunning, and the header menu makes navigation effortless.

Alex displays her art concept with moving elements. Her creative portfolio integrates seamlessly with the design templates.

Pro tip: use a logo maker to create a similar logo based on templates.

Be Design 2


Rosetta is a studio that designs and distributes original typefaces. They present a bold graphic design portfolio with large text and contrasting colors. Besides having an awarded retail font catalog, they also provide bespoke and consultancy services.


Soren Rose Studio


Soren Rose Studio uses large images displaying the latest projects for its homepage. They develop various products, including furniture pieces, and embrace bespoke projects. It is a great graphic design portfolio with its own site design style.

Be Design


WEAREHEAVY is a digital production studio developing online experiences. They use WebGL for website animations and transitions.

Their site will help you see how to think outside the box for your online portfolio. They also include a journal page for company updates.


Adrien Loret


Adrien Loret presents his design portfolio on the homepage. He focuses his brief on his professional vision, experience, and past clients. The linear structure conveys a sense of proficiency and honesty.

Be Web Design


Jean Jullien delivers a content-focused minimalistic graphic design portfolio. His online portfolio follows a simple structure with header and sidebar menus for easy navigation. Following his distinctive style, Jullien showcases an eclectic work production..

Plain Form


Plain Form is an independent typographic practice focused on expressive letterforms. Graphic designer Lucas Descroix has an excellent eye for detail and much creativity. His portfolio website shows a variety of styles and applications.


Andreas Gaida


Andreas Gaida is an art director and graphic and web designer. Visitors can browse the companies he has worked with or filter them by field.

He maintains a clean design portfolio and includes all essential information on a single-page website.

Christina Vanessa Greifenstein


Christina Vanessa has a beautifully crafted graphic design website. Prospective clients can explore projects on which she has been a creative director. Despite its simplicity, this is one of the most impactful graphic design portfolio examples.

Lena Steinkühler


Lena Steinkühler welcomes visitors with a curated display of selected projects. Her single-page online portfolio splits into three sections introducing her work and herself as an artist.

Regarding graphic design portfolios, Lena will teach you to go big or go home.


Luca Nardi


Luca Nardi is a digital designer and creative developer. His website surpasses most graphic design portfolios.

He uses light and shadow to introduce his award-winning work. With ingenious creativity and skilled execution, Nardi offers a fresh view of graphic design.

Nicola Merici


Nicola Merici is a freelance web developer and designer. Her website comes in a white, black, or colorful theme and includes several interactive features. She uses a list layout with images and text to display her design portfolio.


Studio Bagaz’


Studio Bagaz' are visual storytellers with impeccable taste. They pair bold colors and use a sticky menu on the sidebar to ease navigation. Potential clients can easily browse their graphic designs and web development projects.



Muze is an agency focused on UX and brand design. Their design portfolio emphasizes the companies they have worked with.

Its background has light gradient colors and smooth motion features. Despite being content-rich, the website is straightforward and engaging.


Roos Beeldt


Illustrator and graphic designer Roos Beeldt has a witty and colorful portfolio website. She includes some of her services, like logo design, animation, and visual identity, on the homepage. Beeldt keeps separate portfolios for graphic design and illustration.

South Korea

Eun Jeong Yoo


Eun Jeong Yoo's online portfolio conveys her concept of delivering art-based visual experiences. Besides the delicate font, she blends textures, colors, and shapes with distinguished elegance.

It shows how graphic design portfolios should not need much text to be impactful.




Kurppa Hosk created KH Type to build and distribute original typefaces. They work with retail clients and custom orders and provide other services, like art direction. Their website uses the parallax effect and offers a fully interactive experience.


4media group


4media group is a global integrated communications and marketing business. Their website is highly responsive and includes a video background.

They highlight their services and present a selection of case studies. There is also a page dedicated to introducing their team.

Anthony Burrill


Anthony Burrill built an exceptional graphic design portfolio. He compiled over five hundred design exemplars with Neal Fletcher and Richard Nichols.

It includes in-use and discarded lo-fi graphic design and typography visitors can download or pin.

Aries Moross


Aries Moross is an artist, illustrator, and award-winning graphic designer. Their portfolio website has a simple layout and displays their work archive since 2006. The clickable images allow site visitors to explore their visual collection in further detail.

Bunker Creative


Bunker Creative is a full-service creative design agency. They offer users the choice between a dark or light theme on their graphic design portfolio website. They include video content, and their latest projects pop up as you scroll. .

Craig Black


World-renowned artist Craig Black focuses on custom-made artwork. He has a black-and-white design portfolio website with a page dedicated to contact details.

His online portfolio includes product and package design and art installation. It inspires graphic design portfolios to integrate and emphasize high-quality imagery.

David Shrigley


David Shrigley is an artist whose work has captured countless fans worldwide. His portfolio website is distinctive and includes hand-drawn social media icons at the header.

It exemplifies how graphic design portfolios should mirror the personality and style of the designer.

Maria Marie


Marioly is the creative director behind Maria Marie. Her graphic design website invites potential clients to choose their journey.

This portfolio design is a great example if you plan to offer different services. Marioly takes on various roles, from mentor to brand designer.

MDZ Design


Stacey Mendez is a designer with over ten years of experience working with individuals and startups. Her website has compelling pictures and presents a video case study on the homepage. It is a practical example for more strategy-focused graphic design portfolios.



Prekesh is a designer currently working at Sketch. His website includes moving 3D elements and displays some of his professional and personal projects.

Graphic design portfolios are tools to showcase your best designs, so a simple layout should be enough.

Morag Myerscough


Morag Myerscough has a unique website and makes impressive use of bright and contrasting colors. Morag keeps a simple portfolio template that highlights large images of her remarkable creations. This graphic design portfolio also includes some video animation.

Nathan Smith


Nathan Smith is a design and art director with an impressive background. He uses parallax to feature some of his projects on the homepage.

His website is an interactive experience in itself. It includes a widget for the latest updates.



Obladee is a purpose-led graphic design studio that builds solutions with social and commercial impact. They offer a completely free virtual purpose discovery workshop.

Their website exemplifies how graphic design portfolios should convey your intentions and vision.

Tim Smith


Tim Smith has worked with world-renowned brands on diverse projects. His website describes his story in detail, including past employers and an enviable award record. It is a great example of a simple website with excellently crafted details.




Hot Büro presents a unique single-page website with contrasting colors and a fully responsive user interface. Their graphic design portfolio includes clickable image links with explanatory captions. They underscore web design quality and the care they put into every project.



Lynn Fisher


Lynn Fisher is a web designer working with niche projects, illustration, and handcrafted CSS. Her website introduces personal and professional projects, thus, truly capturing her brand identity. Lynn uses different shades of blue and includes a link to her Etsy shop.


Aaron Mcguire


Aaron McGuire has a highly interactive graphic design portfolio website. He plays with motion, shapes, and colors to showcase work projects and experiments. Unlike other designers, he includes social media links in several locations.

Annie Szafranski


Annie Szafranski heroes typography through her portfolio website. She uses three pages for her original content, including an archive and a visual journal. Szafranski has a black-and-white background and some descriptive written content.

Artemiy Lebedev


Artemiy Lebedev is a designer and art director. His dark-themed website portfolio uses photography, text, motion, and video.

Artemiy creates incredible digital experiences. His website will inspire you to display your visual design skills on your own website.

Gleb Kuznetsov


Gleb Kuznetsov is a graphic designer focused on delivering emotional digital experiences. He uses his Dribble web page to share his portfolio online. Through the platform, he shares his projects in areas such as artificial intelligence and automotive design.

Heather Shaw


Heather Shaw is a graphic designer with a passion for nature and wildlife. She adopted a gallery style for her web page layout to highlight several outstanding projects.

Unlike other designer websites, there is no contact page but a compelling invitation for visitors to reach out to her.

Juliet Creative


Juliet Creative is an independent creative agency with an online portfolio focused on graphic design. They use parallax, vertical and horizontal scrolling on the same page.

They balance different fonts, moving elements, photography, and video content with style and grace.

Robbie Simon


Robbie Simon presents a hand-written logo and limits color use to his featured imagery. He maintains a minimal composition and has barely any written text. His design portfolio shows how letting your art speak for itself can lead to incredible results.

Ryan Haskins


Ryan Haskins is a world-famous creative director and brand designer. He creates distinctive, spectacular art and has received recognition from numerous organizations.

Haskins includes press features and editorials on the homepage, followed by upcoming projects.


Be Kind Design


Be Kind Design has been turning frowns upside down since 1986. They use thoughtful messages to include a human feel in their graphic design portfolio website. With a light pink shade for the background, they incorporate illustration and motion.

Allison Bratnick


Allison Bratnick presents a great example for other graphic designers' portfolio websites. Her work is beautifully displayed for visitors to browse, open, or play as a slide show.

Bratnick offers art direction, design, and production services.


Robert Irish


Robert Irish is a graphic designer with over 20 years of experience and a published author. His website is straightforward in layout and content. There is a link to his page on Behance to present his design portfolio.


Cristiaan the Designer


Cristiaan Jackson maintains a professional yet playful graphic design portfolio. She keeps contact details on the footer of the homepage and includes client testimonials under her bio.

Despite playing with different features, this graphic designer delivers a uniform structure.

Jason Combs


Jason Combs is a talented computer artist. His graphic design portfolio includes logo design, poster creation, and collages.

Personal projects are vital elements of a solid portfolio website. Thus, Combs also references his risograph studio, photography, and drawings.


Aaron Lowell Denton


Aaron Lowell Denton is an artist and professional designer with a unique approach and concept. His design portfolio website has a simple structure with large clickable images. He has a section where visitors can shop his stunning posters.


Hom Sweet Hom


Lauren Hom is the artist behind Hom Sweet Hom and delivers a unique design portfolio website. Hom introduces herself on the homepage and presents her portfolio in a gallery-style layout. Her graphic design skills are a focal point throughout navigation.

New Jersey

Brendan Dowling


Brendan Dowling has a great portfolio website. The sidebar allows visitors to explore some of his graphic design projects.

The site maintains effortless navigation and a simple layout. It is an excellent option to inspire you for your own graphic design portfolio.

New York

Adam Ho


Adam Ho is a graphic designer and artist with an independent studio. His online portfolio features selected projects from 2018 onward.

He plays with fonts and web development to create a unique design. Additionally, he introduces his own artwork collections.

Alex Trochut


Alex Trochut is a multifaceted artist and designer. He presents a hand-written logo and uses a vertical parallax effect to display his design portfolio. Thus, it shows how you can integrate diverse projects on a single portfolio website.

Kaye Blegvad


Kaye Begvad is an artist, designer, and author. Her online portfolio is rich in content variety and quality. With one of the best graphic design portfolio examples, Begvad highlights her versatility. Her website is an inspiration for minimalistic design portfolios.

Milton Glaser


Milton Glaser is one of the most iconic names in the industry. He was a renowned graphic designer and opened his design studio in 1974. This website includes a store with original print design posters.

Yeshi Designs


Sophia Yeshi is a designer and illustrator who uses a tile-style layout for her design portfolio. She also makes ample use of shapes and colors with skill and finesse. This configuration is perfect if you want to include extra information on your online portfolio projects.

Stefanie Brüeckler


Designer and art director Stefanie Brüeckler shares her work through a graceful portfolio website. You can find everything from packaging design to illustration. The color, font, and content disposition give the portfolio a luxury feel.

Verk Studio


Nataliya Verk is a UI/UX designer crafting impactful experiences through innovative solutions. Her single-page portfolio website showcases her work with high-end brands.

You use her elegant layout and consistent presentation to inspire you for your own portfolio.

North Carolina

Brook Perryman


Graphic designer Brook Perryman keeps a white background to highlight her excellent design work. She refers to her projects as stories and sorts them into different categories. Her design portfolio also includes a page dedicated to client testimonials.


Kim Dero


Kim Dero is an independent designer specializing in food and beverage packaging design. He uses a right-aligned header menu for easy navigation. The minimalist layout and large imagery underline his stunning, top-grade work.



Type design studio Vectro has a black-and-white portfolio website. Their website allows users to create a personal account.

They play with font size, style, and movement, emphasizing their expertise and proficiency. Besides, they have a blog page for significant updates.


Chris Tammar


Chris Tammar has a single-page graphic design portfolio that heroes his outstanding work. The layout is simple but still showcases Tammar's web design skills.

The portfolio site leads to his résumé with a thorough background description and contact details.

Travis McClure


ravis McClure opts for a clean graphic design portfolio composition with smooth animations. The distinctive font and detailed background story help make his website memorable.

Graphic design portfolios require little content. Instead, a neat structure will enhance the work you display.


Sierra Plese


Sierra Plese is an experienced graphic designer with a unique style. Her portfolio includes branding, digital, and print work.

The way she applies her skills is a reminder that graphic design portfolios can enrich art for potential clients.


Summer McClure


Summer McClure is unafraid of any design challenges. Her website is the perfect graphic designer's business card.

You can explore her latest projects, from brand identity to web design. There is also a section for sketches and experiments.


Fake Honey Pictures


Fake Honey Pictures create beautiful photography and film content for benefactor organizations. Their website is a perfect reflection of their brand identity and values. They focus on remote production and explain their creative process in detail.

FAQ on Graphic Designer Portfolio Websites

What should be included in a graphic design portfolio?

Your portfolio needs to be a smorgasbord of your skill set. Show a mix of design inspirationpersonal branding, and the design layout skills. Toss in logos, websites, and brochures to showcase versatility. Tailor it with pieces that highlight specific design software skills while ensuring it's coherent and clear.

How many pieces should I include in my graphic design portfolio?

Less is more, you know? Aim for around 10 to 15 top-notch pieces. Quality trumps quantity. Each piece should demonstrate a unique skill or style. Think of it as your greatest hits album - only the best tracks make the cut.

What makes a graphic design portfolio stand out?

A killer portfolio tells your story, your creative journey. It's got to have that wow factor. Rich visuals, a compelling narrative, consider adding motion graphics or interactive elements. Personal branding is your secret sauce. Make it memorable, make it unmistakably you.

How do I display my graphic design portfolio online?

Platforms like Behance or Adobe Portfolio are gold. Customize with a portfolio website template on Squarespace or Wix that fits your vibe. Keep navigation simple, let your work shine. Prioritize a responsive design - your art needs to pop on every device.

Can I include collaborative work in my portfolio?

Absolutely, it's all about teamwork. Just be crystal clear on what was your contribution. Spell it out, separate the you from the we. Potential clients or employers appreciate honesty and the ability to play nice with others.

What if my graphic design work is under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)?

Tricky, yes, but not a dead end. Use mock-ups or hypothetical projects. Show your process without the specifics. Or, seek permission to share the work in a private setting. Be respectful of privacy but find ways to illustrate your expertise.

Should I tailor my portfolio for each job application?

Spot on. Customizing is key. Match your portfolio to the job description. If they're all about brand identity, highlight that. UI/UX design portfolio? Show off your user interface wizardry. Echo their language with semantically relevant keywords to show you're on their wavelength.

How often should I update my graphic design portfolio?

Keep it fresh. Regular updates are essential. Toss out the old, ring in the new. Show you're on the ball with trends and techniques. Once a piece feels dated, replace it. Let your portfolio evolve as you do.

Is feedback on my graphic design portfolio important?

You bet. Fresh eyes spot what you might miss. Regular critique sessions with peers or mentors keep your work tight and on point. Embrace the good, tweak the bad. A polished portfolio is a game-changer.

How should I describe the work in my graphic design portfolio?

Words paint pictures too. For each piece, weave a short story. Include the creative process, the design tools used, and the outcome. Make it concise, make it sparkle. Let the viewer into your creative mind.


So, we've been on a digital trek, eyeing some incredible examples of graphic design portfolios. These bursts of brilliance? They're prime cuts, the kind that spark those 'ah-ha' moments and leave you itching to create. They blend the bold, the minimalist, the edgy, and the subtle into one visual feast.

Now, hold up. ‘Cause here's the kicker:

Your own portfolio? It's gotta be that window into your designer soul. Sprinkle in your personal branding, add a dash of design layout wisdom, and always keep it slick on the UX/UI design game.

Remember, it's your narrative in pixel form, your creative portfolio journey laid bare for the world to peep. The aim? Stir emotions, stir thoughts, but above all, stir action.

So go ahead. Unleash that creative process, get down with the design software skills, and let’s make canvases that don't just hang there but sing.

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