Amazing Website Designs That You Shouldn’t Miss

Amazing Website Designs That You Shouldn’t Miss

The Best Photographer Website Designs to Use for Inspiration
January 3, 2024
Graphic Designers’ Portfolio Websites That Look Amazing
January 3, 2024
The Best Photographer Website Designs to Use for Inspiration
January 3, 2024
Graphic Designers’ Portfolio Websites That Look Amazing
January 3, 2024

Picture this: You've landed on a webpage that sweeps you off your feet—stunning visuals dancing with every scroll, layouts that lead you on a journey, and a user interface so intuitive, it feels like it's reading your mind. This isn't just any webpage; it's the pinnacle of amazing website designs.

In the digital cosmos, a website is the virtual storefront, the first handshake with your audience. As a web designer, I've seen first-hand how a brilliant design can make that all-important difference between a fleeting glance and a lasting engagement.

By the end of our exploration, you'll uncover secrets to crafting web pages that not only catch the eye but also captivate the heart. Expect to dive into the nuts and bolts of innovative design trends, the magic behind responsive web design, and the wizardry of user experience designs that make visitors stick around.

With each pixel perfected and every interaction seamless, we'll dissect the elements that fuse to form a masterpiece in web aesthetics—leaving you inspired and equipped to elevate your online presence.

Here are 92 amazing website designs to help you get some design inspiration and create a memorable web presence.

Amazing website designs



This dynamic website boasts an interactive and engaging experience that starts at the homepage. The visually appealing pages are stunningly animated and draw the user’s attention immediately.

Be Wedding 3


This lingerie website makes good use of images and other media to sell its brand and make its products stand out.


This is a good example of how a minimalistic approach to web design can be used to effectively communicate an idea. With large print and simple images, the user doesn’t get sidetracked and can easily find what they are looking for.

Be Estate 4


This dynamic website design is compelling both visually and audibly. Mubasic is an online catalog of music directed toward children. With their goal audience in mind, the website design is colorful and feels fun and upbeat.

Adobe X Bowie


This website uses video game-like functions to allow visitors to take a virtual tour of Bowie’s dressing room.

Be Burger 3


This web design combines simplicity and classiness. The homepage design conveys the purpose of the website without distracting visitors with too many features. The CTAs are easy to follow and digest. The ratio of text and images to white space is good.

Floyd Home


This homepage design boasts an elegant color scheme. The layout is simple, and the modern feel makes this online store a great source of website design inspiration.



The purpose of this platform is for women to support each other in their career growth. Successful women support each other to succeed and have a healthy life/work relationship by sharing their experiences and tips. The visual design of this site gives off a happy, positive vibe. At the same time, the site is easy to navigate so women can get quick access to the advice they need.

Digital Cover


This is an example of visually outstanding web design. Interactive elements draw the visitor in. As a result, the visitor feels as though they are moving deeper into the site rather than scrolling through information. Each section is a beautiful source of website design inspiration.

Be Renovate 5


This effective website design showcases how a digital marketing website can combine informative and engaging elements.

Spotify - Astrology Club


Astrology Club is a podcast website with several interactive digital design elements. The homepage serves as a landing page. It directs visitors straight to the podcast, or to a quiz to help them understand their star sign and how astrology affects them.



This website is an amazing website design that will inspire you. The company works with brands and marketing. Their website design and visual storytelling encourage visitors to stay and look around. FPP is a great example of creating quality websites that draw people in.

Fold Money


Fold Money is a website that is simple. Visitors can find exactly what they are looking for directly on the homepage without much searching. There are a few images, but they do not distract from the purpose of the website.

Egg Shop


The homepage design of this website is simple but compelling. It starts by providing background for the business and then provides links to other pages featuring its products. High-quality images make the visitor’s mouth water and entice them to keep scrolling.

Makers Bolt


The design of this website has a cohesive theme. The website sells high-quality fasteners, and the website design resembles a blueprint. This keeps the construction theme throughout the page.



The design of this website compliments the purpose of the website. As a visitor scrolls through the options of artists and albums, the page design makes it feel like the visitor is browsing through vinyl or CDs. Or the visitor can adjust the view to a grid view.



The cute cartoon-like drawings of food and the soft color palette make this a great source of website design inspiration for food websites. The change in animation as the visitor scrolls is smooth and easy on the eyes.



This educational website is a good source of design ideas for similar websites. It provides brief overviews of the courses it offers. It also provides profiles of its current and upcoming instructors.

4media Group


This is an international communications company’s website. It makes good use of interactive elements, images, and other media to introduce the company and its purpose.

We Are OSM


The site’s design features bright colors and a variety of text sizes to highlight the main points. The pattern and colors change as the visitor scrolls to provide a visual indicator that they are introducing a new section or topic. The site is easy to navigate and is a good source of design ideas.

Coastal World


In this banking services website, video game-like functions take you on a virtual tour of a cartoon island. Complete with avatars and miniquests, you can also get information on several banks.




This investment website sports a dark theme. The website is easy to navigate. It also includes testimonials from clients and explanations about the services they offer.

What Is Missing?


This website is one of many amazing website designs. The site is developed around a dark theme. Small bursts of color in the form of nature photos draw visitors’ attention and help tell a compelling story.

Torgerson Design Partners


This architecture website design is outstanding. Its simple design makes it easy to follow. Videos and micro animations keep the visitor’s attention while communicating a point.

Unleashing Your Best Version


Unleashing Your Best is another great source of website design inspiration. The video intro to the website sells its point and creates an engaging experience for the visitor. Website visitors can also preview each chapter of the course, which is a fantastic digital marketing tactic.



Wozber is another great example of a simple web design done right. The homepage design is straightforward. The button for a visitor to create a resume is very visible and easy to find. As the visitor scrolls, they can find more information or browse different templates.

Dr. Pepper


The Dr. Pepper website design is a captivating example of how to create an informative and engaging website. It provides information about its products, and it provides information about its company history.



This is an intriguing portfolio website for award-winning artist Luca Franceschetti. Franeschetti is a graphic designer, and his website showcases some of his work.

Persepolis Reimagined


This is more than a website, it’s a virtual experience. Visitors can take a virtual, self-guided tour through a 3D rendering of the ancient city of Persepolis.

Lynn Fisher


Lynn Fisher is an example of how website designs can reflect the personality and the interests of the creator. Lynn Fisher makes it her goal to make the internet a place where people can find creative inspiration or share their own originality.



This brand website blends the elements of an online store and a portfolio site. Besides using models to showcase its products, it also has photos and testimonials from customers. The webpages include a shop page dedicated to men and a VIP club. What we like about it is that it uses a product carousel to showcase its newest products. 

Exo Ape


This is the portfolio website of a digital design agency. Its website design has an elegant, dark-toned theme.



This is a beautifully crafted website and a good source of design ideas. One example of creative elements on this site is the theme index. The list is in black and white outline letters, but hover your cursor over one of the items, and the text bursts into color and an image appears.

UE Fits


This is a great example of an e-commerce website. Each page of the site revolves around the product with images, reviews, and other necessary details. If you are looking for design inspiration for an e-commerce website or a way to effectively market your product, check out this website.

Azimut Yachts


This is a visually appealing e-commerce site. The website design draws visitors in through incredible imagery that showcases each of its yachts.

Red Edition


Red Edition is another representation of well-designed e-commerce stores. The homepage design features a variety of itsr products, and the menu is comprehensive and easy to navigate.



This is a beautiful e-commerce site. The website design is elegant, and the color palate is classy. Besides the online store, it also has pages explaining the background of its products and design patterns. A call to action box invites visitors to join the mailing list.



This digital fashion site takes the latest design trends and redefines them in their own way. The models are 3D and the website strives to create a web presence only digital marketing can.



Compound is a finance website designed to appeal to any technology company. Site visitors will appreciate the straightforward homepage design.

Arazzi Contemporanei


This website design is elegant and simple. The artist makes good use of white space and limited text to let the art speak for itself.

Magical Reflections


This virtual art collection is designed to feel like the visitor is taking a tour of a museum or gallery. A brief text about the piece accompanies each work of art.



This webpage sells natural health products. The website combines white space with effective photos and videos to make the website look both appealing and orderly.



This website does a great job maintaining its online presence. The color palette is consistent throughout the site and uses images to promote the brand. Any technology company looking for website design inspiration should take a look at Workstack.



Fates is an online digital world. The website offers a creative blend of games, real-world events, and short films to draw newcomers into the game.

The Scott Resort & Spa 


The hero header on this website includes an integrated video to give visitors an idea of what the resort is like. Thanks to GSAP integration, the animation for this video is seamless and enjoyable to watch.

Miranda – Paper Portfolio


This award-winning freelance designer works with a variety of digital media, but the website design pays homage to the era of printed work.

Summer McClure


This is a fun example of an interdisciplinary designer website. The artist showcases some of their work and makes use of bright color palettes and large text to capture the visitor’s attention.



This brand is known for attracting the eye of elegant clientele, and the same could be said for their website. The color palette and layout lend themselves to the elegance of the brand. The use of white space and easy-to-read content give this website a professional feel.

The Shift


The responsive design of this website works well with its branding. Its goal is to provide new insights and perspectives to people who are interested in changing things. The website design highlights the concept of movement and change.

Hank Designs


Here is another great example of a design studio website.



The homepage is designed like a stop motion video. In the video, old plastic bottles are gradually converted into the 100% recycled plastic products that the company is proud to use.



Check out Toggl to get inspired by amazing website designs. The website covers all the basics and provides widgets and menus highlighting what they do and what they offer.

Mammut – Local Adventure


This adventure challenge website is a great example of an engaging design. The landing page is a video about the challenge, which automatically connects you to the website’s homepage for more details.



This website is designed around a black-and-white theme.



EightyOne is a design agency website that takes effective design principles and uses them to highlight the company’s best features.

Savage Jerky


Easy-to-read text, mouth-watering images, and simple navigation make this one of the best examples of online stores.

Ceremony Coffee Roasters 


Here is another beautiful example of digital marketing. The website design is clean and well-organized. A call-to-action box offering promotions and discounts appears when the webpage opens.



This is another lovely example of a photographer’s online portfolio. The simple, yet elegant, design showcases the photos to perfection.



This is a great example of an illustration and animation website. The site itself follows a simple layout, which gives its portfolio center stage.



Here is an awesome website for a technology company.

Prometheus Fuels


This website design mimics video game-like design patterns. The images are reminiscent of comic book-style illustrations. The drop-down menu appears similar to the track menu of a racing game. These design trends on the site help to catch the visitors attention and interest.



Simple animations and text allow site visitors to focus on the message. These features make this another great source of website design inspiration.



This website uses bright, eye-catching colors and cartoons as part of its website design.

Allens 200


The homepage of this website uses photographs spanning years to tell the story of how the company was founded.

Kvell Home


This online store provides profiles for each of its products. Each page explains the design, price, and features of each item.



The interactive, responsive design of this website makes it enjoyable to read and easy to follow.



This platform for a technology company is a good example of sleek, professional web development. A bold pink and blue CTA at the top of the page invites site visitors to learn more about what the company does.

Mighty App


This is a somewhat new website. The purpose of this website is to introduce a new web browser that works better and faster than the more popular Google Chrome. This web browser, Mighty, combines the best features of Google and other browsers while increasing loading speeds.

Umami Land


This interactive online world is a great source of design inspiration for educational websites. Visitors can take a tour of traditional Japanese foods. The visitor can also collect badges for every food they learn about.



This is another example of amazing website designs. The site includes links to a blog and to different tools and resources that visitors can use.

The Cool Club x FWA


When a visitor selects a card on the site, a video pops up with a brief explanation of the relevant website. The website is both visually appealing and functional. It branches out from established website designs and creates its own unique experience.

Kode Sports Club


This virtual world is another amazing source of design inspiration for companies who want to engage site visitors.



Kern works with companies to come up with image design inspiration for brands and corporations.

2°C Earth


This interactive website design explores the impact of global warming on our planet.



This is a website for a program that allows collaborators to share their screens, so the team can work together to fix bugs in a program. The site includes videos and text to present the program effectively.

Ali Ali


This is a portfolio site for an award-winning commercial director. The layout of the site is a great source of design inspiration for other artists.



The introductory video of this website is another design inspiration for creating quality websites.



This is a site for a web development and design company. The homepage offers glimpses into the web designs and projects on which it has worked.



This website design shows how superb websites can look in black and white. Using lots of bright colors and flashy animations isn’t always necessary to make a point or draw the visitor in. The layout of this site is orderly and clean.

Alan Menken


Talented artists deserve beautiful websites where they can show off their skills. Award-winning artist Alan Menken’s website design captures the essence of the artist and shows off some of his most famous work.

Powerhouse Company


This architectural company website showcases its projects through images and virtual tours.



This online market sells foods and kitchen products from around the world. But their goal is to also sell experiences. The style of their website lends itself to that goal by being easy to follow and classy.

The Year Of Greta


This website is an interactive timeline of Greta Thunburg’s work in climate change awareness.

Apple AirPods Pro


This e-commerce website is another great example of how online marketing sites can be amazing websites.



This bright website design is both eye-catching and easy to follow.



This website design has the same feel as a PowerPoint presentation. The photographs and the text are easy to follow and make the main points stand out.

Bruno Simon Portfolio


Visitors can drive a little animated truck around the site and discover different pages.

Phillip Lee


This design portfolio webpage is another good source of web design inspiration.

Editorial New


This website is dedicated to advertising a new font. Even if you don’t find the web design inspiration you were looking for, you might like to download the font to use on your own website.



Ness is another positive web design inspiration. The card rewards healthy habits, and the website’s natural green theme complements its purpose.

Commerce Cream



Last on this list of amazing website designs is Commerce Cream. It is a great source of website design inspiration and digital marketing strategies.

FAQ on amazing website designs

What drives a website design to be labeled ‘amazing’?

It's that electric spark. Think user experience that's smoother than your favorite jazz, mixed with creative web layouts that are both feast for the eyes and a breeze to navigate. If a site can balance aesthetics, function, and innovative design trends, it's in the "amazing" league.

Is responsive web design still crucial?

Absolutely. In a world gliding between screens, responsive web design isn't just crucial; it’s the ticket to keeping visitors. It ensures that no matter the device, your site looks sharp, loads quickly, and offers an attractive user interface.

How important is user experience in website design?

User experience is king. A strong UX stands at the heart of amazing website designs, as it defines how visitors interact with the site. It’s about feeling at home: finding what you need with ease and maybe even joy.

Prepare to be dazzled by dark mode dominance, the charm of minimalistic modern web aesthetics, and bold typography in web designInteractivity steps up, too, with CSS animations and 3D elements making pages pop like never before.

Can great website design improve my website's SEO?

You bet. Search engine optimization digs deeper than keywords. Search engines have a soft spot for websites that deliver a fabulous user experience with mobile-friendly design and accessible content. Plus, faster loading times from slick designs are always an SEO win.

How does color theory play into website design?

Color is your secret spell. It's more than just decoration—it sets mood, directs attention, and even influences actions. A harmonious color scheme can elevate web design inspiration while ensuring important features are intuitively recognized.

What role does typography play in web design?

Typography is your written voice’s wardrobe. It needs to match the occasion. Creative web layouts sing with the right fonts. Think clarity, readability, and character. It’s an art, selecting the typography that captures your site’s essence and communicates your message effectively.

How can I make my website design stand out?

Dare to be different with unique custom graphic design. Mix in cutting-edge web technologies for that fresh, ahead-of-the-curve vibe. But remember, standing out should never compromise website usability—balance is paramount.

How do I ensure my web design is user-friendly?

Start with clear navigation, then marry it with interactive elements that guide not perplex. Troubleshoot every user interface to perfection, ensuring buttons and links are tap-friendly. Always keep website usability top of mind; it's the golden rule.

Is it worth investing in a professional web designer?

Think of it as hiring a master chef for a gourmet meal. A pro brings finesse, blending innovative design trends with expert user experiences to whip up an amazing website design that's tailored just for your brand. Consider it a wise investment in your digital presence.


And there you have it! We've surfed the highs and lows of what makes amazing website designs tick. It's clear, isn't it? That mix of eye candy visual appeal and brainy user experience. A design that whispers, "Yeah, you're in the right place," with every pixel.

Summing up, we've zipped through must-knock-your-socks-off layouts, colors that sing, and typography that tells your story.

Remember, it's all about the feels—the clicky feels of a mobile-friendly site, the comfy feels of an attractive user interface, and the got-your-back feels of responsive web design.

Before we part, lock in on this: Keep users at the heart. Whether it’s tapping into those fresh innovative design trends or crafting a personalized web experience, your aim? Give 'em a web home they’ll love to visit again and again. So, go ahead, sprinkle a little more digital magic out there!

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