The best 30 business website designs to take as example
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The best 30 business website designs to take as example

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February 8, 2019
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February 11, 2019

All companies must invest in creating a business website because most clients look for products online too. A business that doesn’t have an online website will lose potential customers.

Reasons why you would need a business website


Business websites include all the necessary information and functions that a person needs to make a purchase, all from the comfort of the client’s home. To raise your customer acquisition cycle, you need to invest in a good business website. Prospective clients that could turn into loyal clients in the future have the following habits regarding eCommerce:

  • Clients do their research regarding the products or services they want to purchase, and they can stumble upon your website
  • Clients always look for trustful reviews, testimonials and other information about the small business website they navigate on, to make sure that the purchase would be safe
  • Clients use the contact information on your website (email, phone, live chat etc.)

Creating the best business website


Creating a website for your business is not that difficult if you choose the best business website builder you can find out there. You need to pay attention to details and include genuine content only. Here are some other tips that could help you build the greatest websites for businesses:

Website content is a priority


If you choose a good business website builder, everything will become much easier. The goal is to figure out the website’s purpose and what you want to include on it. The best business websites turn out to be the ones that are as minimal as possible. You only need to create pages that give users the exact information they are looking for. A small business website is easy to build as long as you know the basics. A business website includes four pages that can’t miss from the scheme:

The homepage


The homepage is the website page that presents the branding details of your company, such as the name, location,and a motto. A few lines about the company’s story can be included here as well. Promotions can also be presented on the homepage.

Selling products or providing services

The next page is related to the products or services that your company offers. Website design for small businesses includes responsive product pages where each item is described thoroughly. Keep the price updated and the categories easy to navigate.

The About Us page


This page presents the story of the company, as well as important memberships and documents that the visitor should know about. The more detailed and professional the About Us page is, the higher the chances to transform a prospect into a client.

The Contact Us page

The Contact Us page includes – as the name says it – contact information regarding your company. All websites for businesses must include such a page to give the visitor an address, email, phone numbers, social media accounts that they can contact. This page should also include the business hours and an embedded Google map.

Responsive websites are appreciated

Great design comes first


If you choose the best business website builder, design won’t be a problem. The business website you create must be both aesthetically pleasing and responsive at the same time. Keep in mind that what you consider attractive other visitors might not, so you should stick to the basic design rules that everyone appreciates and find visually attractive.

Optimizing images is a must

Best small business websites contain optimized images. First of all, it makes the loading times of the business website much better. Second of all, it helps to merge these photos into the overall design of the website. The formats you should use are JPG and PNG. JPG images should be used for images that you upload on the website, while PNG images should be used for logos and icons.

Get rid of lightbox for mobile versions


For websites that include the lightbox effect for their images, it doesn’t translate well to a mobile version, which means it should be completely turned off. When it’s impossible to skip to the next image on a mobile phone, visitors will leave the website, increasing the bounce rate of the website.

Make it scalable

Don’t worry about how much does it cost to build a website for a small business. Instead, make a considerable investment into it to generate profit later. Mobile development may be more expensive, but it is necessary considering the many device sizes out there. Make sure that your business website is scalable on all sorts of screens, to grant people the chance to view it correctly no matter what.

No pop-ups should be present


Pop-ups are a visitor’s greatest nightmare. Consider disabling all pop-ups and finding another way to redirect users to a page.

Use buttons and CTAs

Social media buttons and Call-To-Action buttons are paramount on a business website. The reason behind that is to make users share your content so other people can reach your company.

Keep it simple

Clutter is the biggest enemy of web design. Keep your website simple and captivate users through the message you are trying to send or through the way you present your products. Clutter is overwhelming and unprofessional. It will make it difficult for users to find what they are looking for.

Make it mobile-friendly


When it comes to how to make a business website, opinions differ, but one thing is for sure – you need to develop a mobile-friendly version. The number of mobile devices grows continuously and making sure that users have a great experience with your website on their smartphones and tablets is a must.

Your branding should be professional

Users don’t trust websites that look unprofessional. Be consistent with your branding details. Create a logo that you always use, stick with a color palette that matches the logo or your product packaging or hire a specialist to take care of these aspects.

Quality written content


The written content you post on the website must be relevant for what you sell and come in handy for the users. Using the proper keywords so that you transform your business website in an SEO-friendlyone is also a condition. Irrelevant content will always put visitors off. And while we're at it, make sure you're using SEO optimized themes while doing this.

Examples of business websites



JOIN is the platform for you to reach out to the best candidates for your open positions. It’s super simple and we promise you will get results within a day.



Dims. is different by design. We make furniture for the forward-thinking. World-class designers, premium materials, transparent pricing. We call it new-century modern.

Service List


Find and compare graphic design services. Free, interactive tool to quickly narrow your choices and contact multiple services.



Australia's best massages – delivered to your home, hotel or work.



Relode is healthcare recruiting made easy. We are a referral community connecting healthcare professionals to the best jobs from top companies. View thousands of job listings near you, apply online, or refer candidates and get rewarded.



Build your own type of nail & wax boutique



Stop hair loss before it's too late. Take action today with our scientific and affordable approach.



DeskView is the first window mounted, adjustable standing desk. Great for the office, home or co-working space. DeskView is extremely portable!



BlueSapling is a technology consulting company serving clients with intelligent enterprise software and data analytics solutions.



Your team pays for what they need. You stay in control of company spending.

Patch Property


Increase your Credit Score. Rent your Deposit. Find your Perfect Pad.



We believe credit and personal finances are unnecessarily complex. Upturn's digital service and online financial tools help you get the most out of your credit.



Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are two ground-breaking technological trends which have the potential to become even more revolutionary when put together.


Reconcile Stripe & Paypal sales receipts, fees and even transfers into deposits, automatically



Mixpanel is the most advanced analytics platform in the world for mobile & web.

Creative Tim


The most beautiful freebies, kits and website templates built for the bootstrap framework. A place for designers and developers.

Lauf Forks


Lauf offers carbon gravel bikes and super light carbon suspension forks for mountain bikes, fat bikes and gravel bikes

Future Now


Event madness gathering innovators, startups & tech enthusiasts in Bratislava, the heart of Europe.



Heimdall is a digital agency in Nigeria providing outcomes for forward-thinking brands through design, digital strategy, and engineering



The easy way to accept Bitcoin. Discover new ways to monetize and scale your business globally


It will take some time to create a good business website, but all the efforts will be worth it once you start getting new clients exclusively online. Consider the tips you read here, and everything should turn out as expected. And if you don't have time to work on a client's website, consider outsourcing the work.

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