The Best Photographer Website Designs to Use for Inspiration

The Best Photographer Website Designs to Use for Inspiration

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Imagine your photography—each carefully captured moment—broadcasted across the digital landscape with the same intensity and emotion as the instant the shutter snapped. Welcome to the canvas of the web: your virtual gallery. Your photography deserves a stellar showcase, but the internet's bustling alleyways demand designs that stand out.

Here's where we delve into the realm of photographer website design examples. The art is in weaving together photography portfolio layoutsimage-focused web design, and responsive design into an online space that doesn't just whisper but roars creativity.

By journey’s end, you’ll grasp how to make your work pop on screens big and small. We'll journey through, from minimalistic photographer site examples to the beacons of modern photographer website trends, showing off e-commerce integration and slick user-friendly photography templates.

Your art tells a story. Let's give it the digital megaphone it deserves. Buckle up as we embark on a visual odyssey that elevates your online presence to an unforgettable experience.

Photographer Website Design Examples



Thomas Butler is an award-winning photographer from London, UK.

Be Photography


This photography website is for another London-based photographer. Rhys Frampton takes portraits of both men and women, either in his studio or on location. Nuance and elegance are characteristic of his work. Check out his portfolio and the exciting images that captivate special moments.

Jonathan Alpeyrie


The designer bureau DigitalDesign.NYC created this photography website for Jonathan Alpeyrie. He is a well-known reporter who covers regional conflicts, including the one in Ukraine.

Be Photography 2


This photography website has a simple and clean design and layout. The characteristic you will notice is the large photos on the homepage. On the left, you will see a sticky navigation bar that is visible wherever you go.

Cole Rise


Maybe you have never heard of Cole Rise, but he is the person behind the Instagram icon and filters. Besides design, he is an art and travel photographer. He adds many surreal and special elements to his work. He does many other things as well. He is a pilot, entrepreneur, designer, and innovator of space cameras.

Be Photography 3


Scott Snyder specializes in the photography of products and objects. This photographer from Costa Mesa, California, takes high-quality pictures in a minimalist style. His minimalist style is reflected in the minimalist design of his photography website. This portfolio site shows his best pictures surrounded by vast whitespaces.

Jeremy Chou


This impressive digital portfolio represents Jeremy Chou, a photographer who specializes in weddings. He uses many hero images, which results in an inspiring overall design. This website is not only about photographs. It is about love.

Be Photo


If you click on this link you will find the portfolio page of Andi Mayr.

Peter Fisher


Peter Fisher’s website will also inspire your photography website template. This photography website has a clean and minimalist design with a grid layout. The white background and the two columns with photographs emphasize what it is all about. The simple design gives the website a sophisticated and intriguing appearance.

Benjamin Oddou Photographe


This website is from France. Benjamin Odou presents his own photo galleries.

Be Photo 2


At first glance, this website has a rather traditional approach to photographer website designs with big images that you can browse in an image slider. It has a large picture on the landing page. But notice the sticky footer with the company logo, social media links, and navigation bar.

Virgile Guinard


Virgile Guinard from Paris has his own website for presenting his best work.

Meiwen See


Meiwen See has a design and photography business that covers editorial, interior, people, and travel. The photography website has a minimalist appearance. On the homepage, you will only find a short bio and photo of the artist. Also, there is a link to the portfolio and some featured items. The cream background looks clean and soothing.

This Wild Idea


The homepage of the This Wild Idea photography website features two columns with photographs. In the menu at the top, you will find links to the portfolio and shop where you can buy prints.

Love and Water


The Love and Water photography business comes from Maui, Hawaii. This husband and wife team uses their photography website to increase their online presence. The soft colors and careful design make the photo gallery outstanding and take you straight to the beach.

Marco Rojo


The photography website design by Jan Kasl reveals a passion for amazing photographs. He presents his work freshly and originally.

Peter McKinnon


This photography website has a large background picture of Peter McKinnon. Its web design is interesting because the emphasis is on the web shop rather than the portfolio section. The Squarespace shop features video LUTs, Lightroom presets, and more.

Dina Deykun


This is a website for a photographer who specializes in wedding photography.

Julia and Gil


This photography website presents two professionals from Leipzig. They have more than 10 years of experience in making reportages, portraits, and more. Their inspiration is in fashion, art, and filmmaking.

Giles Clement


Here you find another good photography website. Its design features a centered navigation menu and website title. Large high-quality images form the background. Every few seconds the background image changes. You can click the links to see different sections of the website, such as the photo galleries.

Denis Reggie


Denis Reggie calls himself one of the most important wedding photographers. On this photography website, you can find his portfolio. The pictures reflect a passion for making photographs. An interesting element is the combination of photos and client success stories.

Julien Derreveaux


This professional photographer knows how to combine colorful designs and monochrome pictures. The website is simple but very engaging. Notice the eye for details and how the elements interact.

Xavier Portela


Xavier Portela is from Brussels, Belgium. He is available for any kind of exciting photography project.

Haris Nukem


Haris makes pictures that capture special moments and that convey an important message. Clicking the Press tab on his photography website will lead you to galleries that showcase photography in all its aspects.

Daria IZbash


If you click this link you will find amazing photos that bring people and brands together.

Christian Oth Studio


You will find all the inspiration you need here if you are building a wedding photography website. Christian Oth Studio presents a wedding photography portfolio. Clients can view the selection of pictures to see what they like best.

Yoshio Tomii


Yoshio Tomii shows the magnificence of various World Heritage sites through fascinating photos. Even if you are not able to travel, you can enjoy far-away sites in this amazing experience.

Deanie Chen


This website stands out in showcasing photos. There is a large image as the welcome page. You need to click the Enter button to enter the site. You can scroll through the image galleries.



The website by Maltchique shows love for different expression mediums. Maltchique loves to explore new creative avenues that appeal to dynamic forms of expression.

Levon Biss


It is clear from this website, Levon Bliss loves people, football, and insects. This London-based photographer organizes his photo galleries in an original but logical way. To make the pictures pop, he has left a defined whitespace between them.

Nate Luebbe


You will find different forms of landscape photography on this website, from wild animals to mountain ranges. You will even find some starry night pictures. Nate Luebbe succeeded in making an amazing website that only features his own work.

Matteo Zanga


Although this website represents one person, it has different personalities.

Liller Photo


The main themes of this photography website are engagements, weddings, and family gatherings. The photographer behind Liller Photo is Lauren from Chicago. The web design gives evidence of a fun and soulful personality. Still, the overall design is clean and neat.

Harold Feng Photography


The next example on the list of photographer website designs is a splash page. From the start, you get two options: event or travel. The choice you make determines which portfolio page you will enter.

Lara Jade


Lara Jade is a commercial photographer who specializes in women’s portraits. Her pictures have appeared on the covers of magazines like Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. The web design is neat, and the white background makes the photographs stand out.

Barefoot Photographer


Barefoot Photographer has one of the best photography websites. They are professional photographers that you can book for any kind of event. You own the pictures, and you can edit and print them the way you like.

Brandi Toole


Brandi’s website shows you how she can capture the happy moments of a wedding day. The web design is pleasant and exudes a brilliant and classy atmosphere.

Lisa Bettany


Photography websites often have a specific theme, as you can see in this instance. Lisa Bettany loves to take nature and aviation photographs. When you look at it, you will notice the dynamic element. The different thumbnail sizes help to break the static order. Another cool feature is the webshop where buying Lisa’s products is fast and simple.

Cameron Rad


This link will take you to the homepage of a specialist in professional photography from Orange County, California.

Danilo & Sharon


As a wedding photographer, you need to reach potential clients. This photography website includes videos to capture the attention of engaged couples. A wedding day is special and Danilo and Sharon want to make that day extra special. They offer a luxury product, as their homepage shows. They also showcase photos of publications that have featured their art.

Julia Kathleen Photography


Julia Kathleen is a full-time photographer of couples, weddings, and elopements. As you will notice from the photo galleries, she is from Kauai, Hawaii. Her beautiful site betrays an enthusiasm for the authenticity of true love. She covers every aspect of the wedding, including the planning process and the excitement when the bride walks down the aisle.



You can find more inspiration for your photography website template on this website. The minimalist design contains different elements of the way cameras work.

Lieben Photography


Website visitors will have a chance to enjoy the wedding and family photos by Lieben Photography. The large background photos show people enjoying the moment and life itself. Lieben emphasizes their work as portrait photographers with some beautiful and intimate shoots.

Jean Noël Perez


Here, Jean Noël Perez from France presents his photo gallery.

Sanz Lena


The portfolio of Sanz Lena is very impressive. With more than ten years of experience, he has worked in the fashion and beauty industry. On the website, you will also find editorial work, still lives, and some personal projects. It uses a straightforward Format template, but the result is very impressive.

Wayne Holt Chan


Photography website designs should reflect the work of the artists. Wayne Holt Chan from Hong Kong makes fine-art landscape photographs. The classy design reflects the Instagram style of making galleries. Clicking one of the images will show you a larger version. It will also give you the option of buying the print right away.

Michael Ferire


This website has a very simple design that allows Michael Ferire to add as much content as possible.

Kayla Fisher


Prospective clients of wedding photographer Kayla Fisher will love this unique website. It shows many loving pictures of couples on their big day. Warmth and creativity are the words that best describe this example.

Maine Elopement Collective


Like the name says, Maine Elopement Collective takes elopement photographs. Their name also emphasizes that the eloping couple is part of the team that makes the day and the photos special.

Jack Davison


Jack Davison makes documentaries and portrait photographs. He is from London, UK.

Dolly Ave


Branding photography is an important business. It is one of the core activities of Dolly Ave. She also is a videographer and documentary maker. The full-width background image is very inspiring. It reflects the current standard in photography websites.

Mel Volkman


This webpage showcases the work of a refined photographic artist from Maine. It has a simple and clean design that focuses the visitor’s attention on the photos. You can have a look at the photo gallery. The images are stacked one on top of each other.

Urban Photographe


Capturing the emotion of the moment is one of the most difficult aspects of photography. Lucie from Urban Photographe shows that she knows how to do that. Her portfolio captures the feel and atmosphere of each moment.

Mathieu Stern


This professional in film and photography shows that he loves to create experiments. He uses new-age and vintage lenses to achieve new effects. The results are unique and meaningful.

Mack Eveland Photo


Mack Eveland from Austin, Texas, endeavors to attract more clients with his creative website.

Gavin Gough


An editorial photographer takes photos to complement articles in newspapers and magazines. Gavin Gough has published in National Geographic, New York Times, and Vanity Fair. His portfolio captivates right from the start. The images get added meaning with the brief description that accompanies each one.

Duccio Argentini


Even though Duccio is from Florence, Italy, this website is in English. The focus of the website is on wedding photos. Duccui makes every moment special.

Chris Collado


You will notice right away the full-screen slideshow. You can click them to open the photo galleries. The categories are City of Dreams, Events, Portraits, and Weddings. The website also contains a bio section and a contact page.

Jonny Edward


The site by Jonny Edwards showcases the pictures in two columns. By scrolling down you will find an enormous selection of his best work. On the left, there is a sticky menu with links to other portfolios. In this menu, you will also find his social media links.

Jonathan Gregson


Jonathan Gregson has done photography work for brands like Amazon, Coca-Cola, and Heinz. He is a specialist in food photography, but he does a lot of other things as well. This example shows how to keep the photographs as the site’s focal point. As a side note, the galleries could do with some whitespace.

Hermes Tocchetti


This is the personal site of Hermes Tocchetti from Italy. Here you can see how he has arranged the photographs in his portfolio.

Gione da Silva Images


Gione da Silva is from London, UK, but the website has an international atmosphere. The site presents wedding pictures and videos.

Atul Pratap


From a different part of the world, Atul Pratap captures architecture, food, and interior designs. This Indian photography website has a layout that looks like that of Instagram. There is a menu at the top, and pictures are in a grid arrangement. You can see some of his best images scattered over the website.

Emilee McGovern


In the background of the example, you will see a full-width image. In the forefront, you see two links. Each link leads to a different section. One goes to a journalistic portfolio and the other to an editorial one. The bright color palette makes this photography website stand out.

Izabela Urbaniak


This photography portfolio shows the work of Izabela Urbaniak from Poland.

Mike Kelley


Californian photographer Mike Kelley shows his love for airplanes and architecture. He combines his passions with art and design, as you will notice from his portfolio. The web design is fresh and simple, with a division into two columns.

Pierre Choinière


This is an excellent example of a minimalist photography site. In fact, Pierre Choinière’s page seems almost empty. With each scroll, one new picture enters the screen. Besides giving a clean appearance, it keeps visitors on the website for longer.

Patrick Kirkby


Patrick Kirkby has been a professional photographer for more than 20 years. Have a look at his work and notice the impeccable timing and composition.

Ali Daugherty


You can find more inspiration for your photography website template on this warm homepage.

Janire Najera


Janire is a documentary photographer. Each picture has enough space to speak for itself. The site is easy to navigate and combines different formats and elements.

Tom Hull


This is one of those photography websites that treat the screen as an empty canvas. It gives the illusion of a whiteboard where you will see different pictures appearing from time to time.

Pedro N The World


Find inspiration in this amazing portfolio website. It features some unusual pictures that are beautiful and full of emotion. The organization into three columns mimics the familiar Instagram environment.

Michael Heinsen


Michael Heinsen used Backbone.js, HTML5, and WordPress to create an online portfolio website. Besides all the technical details, he added a lot of love.

Grace Chuang


Grace Chuang introduces herself as an observer rather than a photographer. There are different galleries that center around specific projects. Notice the abundance of whitespace.

Brandon Woelfel


The last on the list of photography websites is the one by Brandon Woelfel from New York. His use of light provides an energetic and dynamic sense. He uses hero images in a very effective way throughout. Your eyes will go immediately to his most successful work.

FAQ on Photographer Website Designs

What's hot in photographer website designs right now?

Boom. Creativity’s the name of the game. Sleek, minimalistic vibes that let the photographs do the talking. Think big, bold, and brave—full-screen images, interactive galleries, and a splash of modern website trends. Oh, and don't forget, mobile responsiveness is key.

How important is UX in photography websites?

Like a camera needs a lens, your website needs solid UX. It's all about a smooth journey through your digital portfolio. User experience is your silent ambassador. It knits together visuals, navigation, and loading times to keep viewers hooked—and happy.

Should my website have an online store for my photos?

E-commerce integration? That's a yes—even if selling's not your main gig. Offering prints or booking sessions? Get yourself an online store. It makes business sense. Makes life easy for clients too. Plus, it's a nifty way to earn passive income. Your future self will thank you.

Can I DIY my photographer website, or should I go pro?

Alright, here's the real talk. Website builders like WordPress or Squarespace? They're goldmines for DIYers. Tons of photography website themes at your fingertips. Got the chops? Go for it. Short on time or need something uber-custom? A pro designer can be worth the dough.

How do I make my photos look good on my website?

Well, first, make sure they're top-notch quality—sharp, well-lit, you know the drill. Then, the magic sauce—high-resolution image display and galleries that adapt to different screens. Spare a thought for format too. JPEGs are your friends for speedy loading without losing the oomph.

What’s the best way to organize my portfolio online?

Tell your story, but keep it classy. Categorize by style, subject, or project—allow viewers to navigate your journey effortlessly. Remember, a curated collection trumps a cluttered one. Use image gallery plugins to sort the gems from the... well, not gems.

How crucial is SEO for my photography website?

In the land of endless scrolls, SEO is your secret weapon. Keywords, meta tags, and alt text for images are crucial checkpoints. Think about photography SEO best practices. It helps people find you, not just by chance, but by design—via the almighty search engines.

Do I need a blog on my photographer website?

A blog's a brilliant touch. It spices up your SEO game with fresh content and helps people connect with your work. Share stories behind the shots or photography tips. Blogs can personify your brand, give depth, and boost those Google Analytics metrics.

What about loading speed? Will heavy photos slow my site down?

Heavy photos, more like heavy anchors, right? But fret not. Optimize image sizes, lean on Content Delivery Network (CDN) services, and maybe get some lazy loading action. Each second off your loading time is a step closer to wowing a potential client. Speed is essential.

How do I keep my photography website secure?

Imagine this—your online space, safe as a vault. Get that SSL Certificate going. Regular updates? Non-negotiable. Backups? Your digital safety net. Keep it tight, keep it right; security isn't just a nice-to-have. It's the lock on the door that keeps the hackers away.


And there you have it. A sweep through the world of photographer website design examples, where each pixel plays a pivotal part in narrating your photographic tales. It's clear—

  • Your shots deserve the spotlight.
  • Your visuals demand the right showcase.
  • Your audience craves a meaningful connection.

Straight up, crafting a digital home isn't just about flashy templates or the latest SEO-optimized photography websites craze. It’s about emotion. That user-friendly navigationresponsive design, and clean photography portfolio layouts? All gears in a clockwork designed to enchant, engage, and retain.

Roll up those sleeves. Boil that coffee. Get those creative juices flowing. Whether you're slinging pixels on a mobile-friendly platform or fine-tuning image gallery plugins, remember—every scroll, every click is a potential fan, turned client, turned advocate.

Ready? Set. Launch. Let your site be more than a gallery; let it be the legacy of your art.

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