Amazingly looking websites using a video background
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Amazingly looking websites using a video background

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January 30, 2019
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When you design a website, you shouldn’t only think about static visuals. There are so many ways to build a website, exactly because of the opportunities that the digital world offers. Websites with video background started to be very popular these days. These videos are browser-sized and offer the visitors a completely new experience when they visit the website.

In a world where User Experience matters the most in the online field, video backgrounds enlarged the possibilities that web designers have, giving them the chance to express a certain message or a certain idea solely by including this one element in their work.

Should you use websites with video background or not?

Business websites choose video backgrounds often

Using a video homepage is common for business websites or other organizations that want to present their services in the most efficient manner. In business, it is very important to give the user the information he looks for before he even starts getting interested in what your company has to offer. Well, video backgrounds have this power and including them in a business website design has more chances of transforming a visitor in a client than static visuals.

Video backgrounds go well with selling products

For businesses that sell individual goods, a large background video will give them the chance to present a specific product in a very good light that is going to quickly stir the interest of the visitor. The way this video is created will influence the final result. When selling products, you need to show customers the act of using it. The only way to do that is by incorporating videos to your website, to make people have an idea of how their life would be changed if they possessed that product.

Shops and location-based businesses definitely need to use it

Another category of websites that should opt for a video background website is represented by physical location businesses that need to present the surroundings of their location in-detail. The most popular businesses in this category are hotels and restaurants. Video backgrounds act as showcases for the location of the business so that they give clients the main idea of what they are going to see if they visit it. It will make visitors want to visit the location and it is much more efficient than adding pictures in the photo gallery because you decide what the visitor gets to see.

Any other businesses in the hospitality industry

Large background videos are also used to create websites for businesses in the hospitality industry. To present events or how tours take place, the best way to do it is by video. The audience will expect to see the experience they would get if they choose your company. There is nobetter method to offer them that excitement other than a video on the website.

What rules you should know about when using video backgrounds?

Select the purpose of the video

The first rule when building websites with video background are to set a purpose. Videos are meant to powerfully express a message that your brand desires to express to the customers. Without setting purpose, you won’t be able to express anything through that video, making it completely irrelevant for your website. Decide what message you want to send and convey it through the use of a website background video.

Your video shouldn’t replace the content

Websites with video background are not supposed to replace using the content. Video backgrounds are versatile, and text can be added on top of them. Of course, you need to keep the amount of text you use limited and you also need to use a contrasting color, so that it is easy to read, but you can save other sections of your website for the actual written information you use. One thing is for sure – you can’t completely get rid of written content.

Perfect examples of websites that use video backgrounds

A list of websites that used cool video backgrounds should help you understand what makes them so useful and appreciated by visitors. Websites with video background seem to be the most efficient method to transmit a message nowadays when everyone is in a hurry and would like to get their information fast. These are some html5 video background examples that should inspire you for your next project:



This website uses a video that has quick cuts from different perspectives. Aerial shots are pretty popular in terms of camera work, and they made use of it exceptionally. Besides using it as a background video, the company made the full video available if visitors want to see more.

Dubai Future Talks


This website has a video background homepage that is, in fact, a looped video of around 2 seconds. Even though it is so short, the video background is very eye-pleasing and effective, keeping the load times of the website extremely fast.

Internet Company


Because it is based on motionmoves that has deep meaning, the Nationale Opera & Ballet presentation is a true work of art. It is an artistic statement that can’t be missed and should be used as inspiration.

The Build Film


The loading times on The Build Film may be a little bit slow, but they made the wait very pleasing and kept the attention of the users by including a speedometer on the main screen, that lets people know when they are about to see the presentation video.



The famous company uses a background video to present their products and story.

Fresh Vegetables


Faraday Future is a great website that includes a car commercial as a video background. Everything you would want to know about that car is presented in the shortest time possible. The website immediately accomplishes the goal of transmitting a message and catching the eye of the visitors, turning them into potential customers.



A simple website with a powerful background video – Oasen makes great use of this technique.

Be Spa


What is great about the Black Negative website is that it introduces you to a serene atmosphere – mighty trees, protruding sunlight, beautiful upshots. The video is accompanied by a beautiful soundtrack.



Station opted for an interactive take for the website video background they used. It is a full-screen video that also has interactive functions. The user is required to do certain actions that will modify the way the video behaves.

Kontra K: Next To You


Kontra K: Next To You presents a touching story in just a few seconds.



Optimo made the greatest combination between static visuals and videos, as users can’t tell from the very beginning that what they are watching is a video. With a little bit of patience, you will notice that their background is a beautiful video that transmits a powerful message.

De Republica


De Republica also made use of a large video for their background. They also used large statements over it and the final message was beautifully expressed.



Brave People has a simple, yet effective background video that should make everyone want to use this technique for their web designs.

Fernando Maclen


This website has a very clean, simple design and it includes a background video of the way the designer Fernando Maclen works.

Y.CO Yachts


Another website using a large video as a background, Y.CO Yachts presents a family having fun on a yacht during their holiday, but in a very appealing manner.

Animal Shelter


This website has a retro touch to it and it presents a fictional world taking place in the ‘50s, that has to do with the advertising agency.

Bienville Capital


This website gives you some picturesque scenes from the daily life of people all around the world.



Flipboard is an app for iPhone and iPad and the designers selected a video background to present the way the app works. This is the easiest and most efficient method to make people curious about the app.


The popularity of websites with video background has grown tremendously. If integrated well, videos can imprint a message in the visitor’s mind, transforming them in customers easier. Videos seem to be more effective than any other method used in web design until now.

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