Inspiring Websites with Video Backgrounds for Designers
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Inspiring Websites with Video Backgrounds for Designers

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October 20, 2023
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Parallax Scrolling Websites That Wow and Engage
October 20, 2023
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October 25, 2023

We ain't talking print here! Websites with video backgrounds are like the hip new kid on the block. If a photo is like a thousand-word novel, then a video is an entire library. Videos? Oh, they totally rock at setting the vibe, pouring out feels, and pumping up a brand's swagger. And, yo, don't get me started on how they play with website analytics.

Here's a little treat for your creative buds! A bunch of rad websites that totally nail the video background game.

Websites with Video Backgrounds To Check Out



Check out Talent10. Their design? Pure future vibes! That homepage video with a chill bluish-purple shade? 10/10. You're in for a trip with slides on tech, gaming, and cool content.

Films by Brett Johnson


This one? It's all about the feels. The video doesn't serve you a story, but man, it's artsy. Pair that with the word 'creative', and it's a total match!

Hospitality Business AE


Looking to dive into the hospitality scene in the UAE? Their landing page is smooth, with spot-on numbered headers guiding you through.






Dude, Pastamancini serves you a visual feast! Videos of wheat fields, their cool factory, delish pasta, and wicked chefs in action. Every time you drop by? Boom! Fresh video to feast on.



Ever dreamt of Manhattan in the '50s? mediaBOOM got you! Their vid? A retro Americana gem that paints a fictional story of their cool agency world.



Get ready to rock with this dark-themed page. It's all about LiveNation's fresh DistroNation division, linking artists with fans and spotlighting them at LiveNation stages.



Biquiti keeps it simple. They're all about helping peeps send money or crypto across the globe. And that design? Spot on! A 3D golden orb zips through the homepage. Given their vibe and the whole Fund-Send-Receive thing, that gold? Probably representing the moolah or crypto coin in action.

Focal Point Homes


Dude, ever watched HGTV or scrolled through Zillow? Then you know home buyers are all about those videos! And Focal Point Homes? They're dishing it out! Comfy home vibes with shots of interiors, kids playing, and sleek exteriors. Feels just like home, yeah?

The Slow Mo Guys


Alright, this is rad! Hover over with your cursor and the animation totally vibes with your moves. Super slick for The Slow Mo dudes!




Neapolitan Pizzeria & Birreria


Word of advice? Don't check this out on an empty stomach! You'll be drooling over that delicious pizza! If you're vibing with video backgrounds, this is a tasty way to do it!

Video Creator Course


Yo, Oliur's got this game on lock! The landing page? Smooth! Looped video clips that make you wanna dive into the course ASAP.



Fresh air, anyone? Molekule's video background? So fresh and so clean! It's no wonder they're flying off the shelves. It's all about that breezy, serene vibe!



Safety first, right? This Landing Page for Tether totally shines! That hero background video? Sets the scene for a bike-safe zone. Super cool!

Fabio Formato


Big shoutout to Gianluca Armenio for this one! Fabio Formato wanted to make a statement, and oh boy, did he! Big fonts, big graphics, and full-on videos that scream 'world-class videographer'!






Wanna stand out? Matter does it with style! They’ve got this whole rotating video thing of different peeps. Unexpected? Totally. Memorable? Heck, yeah!



Simple but oh-so-stylish! THEDOPECOMPANY has this vibrant reel as their backdrop. Minimalist but packs a punch!



Sneakerheads, this one's for you! That rotating Nike shoe illusion? Dope! It's artsy, it's stylish, and it screams the power of epic design!

Visit Humboldt


Okay, prepare to have your mind blown! The visuals? Jaw-dropping! Makes you wanna pack your bags and visit Humboldt like, right now! And yeah, that sound on/off button? Sweet touch!



So, Nova? It's this sick code editor for Mac, right? And its landing page? Out of this world! There's this fun universe action going on in the backdrop. And oh man, the way they showcase their bright, dark, and cyberpunk themes? On point!






Imagine landing on a page and seeing a smudge. Gross, right? But wait for it... A gloved hand swoops in and gives it a clean swipe! That's the cheeky bit from Eagleclean, a cleaning crew from London. Small touch, big impact!

Dromoland Castle


Ever dreamt of living it up in a castle? Dromoland Castle's site transports you right there. Majestic video backdrop shows off the lush grounds, swanky golf courses, and some wild buddies from the estate.

Spring Mill Creative Campus


Who thought co-working desks could be this cool? Spring Mill Creative Campus did! Their vid? A bird's eye view of the revamped workspace. Unique and catchy!

Y.CO Yachts


Alright, yacht shopping might not be everyone's weekend plan, but Y.CO Yachts' site? Worth the cruise! Their video captures the dreamy fam vacay on one of their luxury yachts. It's dreamy, without the over-the-top sell!



Well, it's Nike. Need I say more?






Ever seen smoke look elegant? Sublimio, an Italian design studio, mastered it. Their one-pager boasts of pristine section transitions with this ethereal white smoke wafting around. It's kinda poetic, really.



In the world of blockchains, Bluzelle Chain is like that genius kid in the class. It's advanced, and it's all about that seamless interoperability with Cosmos Chains. Tech magic, if you ask me!



Last but definitely not the least, Blacknegative is a design powerhouse. Their site? A visual treat! Sleek horizontal scrolling meets suave video backgrounds. Their video choice? Classy, showcasing their killer design skills!

The Future Of Mobility


Oh boy, The Future Of Mobility? Talk about making an entrance! As the page loads, car lights flash on, like a lil' wink. Their long scroll setup? A dream for those curious about what the future holds for wheels.



Hungry for a snack? OLLYS SNACKS got you! These ain't just munchies. These are feel-good, yum yum treats that make your tummy and heart happy.

Havana Club


Wanna feel the Havana vibes without hopping on a plane? Havana Club's site teleports you right there! Their video background? Day shifts to night in the heart of the city. It's like a mini-vacay, showing you the culture, bars, and some dance-worthy nightlife.

Madison + Vine


Madison + Vine keeps it chic and sleek. Their One Pager? It's all about balance. One side flaunts their brand's showreel, and the other? It's all about their original content.



Sun, sea, and a splash of style! Endless summer by Richard Mille is all about the vibes. And their tribute to the Memphis design? Iconic! Oh, and don't even get me started on that RM 07-01 Coloured Ceramics piece. It's like summer wrapped around your wrist!

Better Angels


Friendship goals, anyone? Better Angels is this rad group of pals, and guess what they're doing? Investing in the future, but with a twist!

Sebastian Professional Limited Edition


Ever wondered about the magic behind a collab? Sebastian Professional’s ‘Limited Edition’ takes you backstage! Teaming up with artist Maxime Büchi, they've got this dope product slider. And the background image syncing with the product design? Pure genius!



In the mood for some creativity? HEURE BLEUE is where it's at. Photography, video, and all things artsy. Dive in and get inspired!

FAQ On Websites With Video Backgrounds

Do video backgrounds slow down a website?

Well, ya know, it's a legit concern. Video backgrounds can slow down a website, especially if they're not optimized correctly. You gotta make sure the video file size is small and compressed without losing much quality. Always remember, faster loading times = happier visitors.

Are video backgrounds good for SEO?

SEO, the big mysterious beast, right? Video backgrounds, per se, don't give an SEO boost. But, user engagement and dwell time? They might go up if your background video is eye-catching. Just be mindful and use descriptive alt texts and captions.

Can they be viewed on all devices?

The deal here is, most modern devices support them. But remember, on mobile devices, data usage is a concern. Some mobile browsers might not auto-play videos to save on user data. Always have a fallback image for those cases.

How do I optimize video backgrounds for mobile?

Ah, mobile. Everyone's on their phones nowadays. To optimize, use a shorter, compressed video version for mobile. Consider using a pattern or gradient overlay to ensure text readability. Also, check it on various devices to make sure it looks great everywhere.

What's the ideal video length?

You don't want to bore your visitors, right? So, keep it short and sweet. I'd say anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds is good. If it loops seamlessly, even better!

Do they affect user experience?

Oh, for sure. A well-chosen video can enhance user experience, making your site memorable. But a bad choice, like a too-busy or irrelevant video? It can be super distracting. Always keep your user in mind.

What are the best practices for using video backgrounds?

Alright, listen up! Keep the video muted, no one wants unexpected noise. Ensure the video aligns with your brand message. Optimize it for different devices. And, if you have text, make sure it's still readable with the video playing.

Do they work on all browsers?

Mostly, yeah. Modern browsers handle video backgrounds well. But older versions? Not so much. Always test on different browsers, and like I mentioned before, have that fallback image ready.

How do I ensure the video doesn't overshadow my content?

Content is king, right? If you've got a video background, use subtle videos without too much action. Use overlays if needed. Make sure your primary content stands out and remains the hero of the page.

Can I use any video I find online?

Whoa there, cowboy! You can't just grab any video. Copyright issues are real. Always use videos you have rights to. There are great stock video sites out there, or even better, create your own unique one. Stay legal, my friend.

The Video Backdrop Buzz

Websites with video backgrounds? They're changing the game! It's like walking into a party and there's this captivating music playing - you just wanna stay, right?

From minimalist magic to epic cinematic tales, these sites show off how versatile and powerful video backdrops can be. They're not just following a trend; they're setting the mood, telling stories, and making sure you won't forget that visit.

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