NordVPN review
  • Advanced security features like Double VPN and Onion over VPN. Utilizes next-generation encryption to ensure data security. Private DNS to reduce the risk of third-party spying. Non-VPN privacy tools like Dark Web Monitoring and Threat Protection


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ExpressVPN review
  • Kill switch, split tunneling, and MediaStreamer DNS for enhanced user security and streaming experiences. Effective unblocking of various streaming services. User-friendly app design across various platforms. Lightway protocol for swift connectivity speeds and reduced power consumption.


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Private Internet Access review
  • Extensive app customization for both beginners and power users. User-friendly settings, detailed advanced settings, and split tunneling. Strong commitment to user privacy with a proven no-log audit.


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Wondering how to navigate Netflix’s geographic restrictions? A Netflix VPN is the tool you need. In our comprehensive guide for 2024, discover the top-rated Netflix VPNs that go beyond opening up an international catalog of streaming options. Learn how these VPNs maintain high speeds, thwart bandwidth throttling, and ensure secure streaming. Get answers to why certain VPNs stand out in a crowded market and how you can set them up for an unmatched Netflix experience.

Key Takeaways

  • A VPN for Netflix masks your IP address to bypass geo-restrictions, improve streaming speeds, prevent bandwidth throttling, and ensure secure streaming, particularly on public networks.
  • Key VPN services for Netflix in 2024 include NordVPN for its large server coverage and robust security, Surfshark for its affordability and impressive speeds, and ExpressVPN for its strong privacy protections and reliable unblocking capabilities.
  • Despite the ease of setting up VPNs for Netflix on a wide range of devices, users must navigate around Netflix’s VPN detection and blocking measures, while understanding the legal and content licensing reasons behind geo-restrictions.
VPN Service Best For Price Key Features Pros Cons Overall Rating LEARN MORE
NordVPN Security $3.71/month (2-year plan) Double VPN, Onion over VPN, Advanced Encryption Military-grade encryption, robust security Concerns about transparency, intermittent Kill Switch 4/5 Check offer

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ExpressVPN Overall Performance $8.32/month (1-year plan) Kill switch, split tunneling, MediaStreamer DNS Wide privacy features, strong customer support Higher price 4/5 Check offer

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Surfshark Budget Shoppers $2.49/month (24-month subscription) Multi-hop connections, Kill Switch Budget-friendly, strong encryption Inconsistent P2P speeds 4/5 Check offer

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Unlocking Netflix: How a VPN Can Open Up a World of Content

Fancy watching a show exclusive to Netflix US, but you’re overseas? That’s where a VPN proves its worth. It assigns your device an IP address from the desired location, tricking Netflix into believing you’re browsing from that country, and thus, circumventing geographical restrictions.

But it’s not just about accessing geo-blocked content. A VPN also helps with:

  • maintaining high streaming speeds

  • preventing bandwidth throttling

  • ensuring secure and private streaming, especially when you are connected to public Wi-Fi networks.

How does it work? A VPN encrypts your web traffic, effectively hiding your real IP address. This makes it difficult for Netflix to determine your actual geographic location, allowing you to enjoy your shows without interruption.

This encryption process involves the use of tunneling protocols to protect data as it travels from your device to the VPN server, and then to the internet, enhancing the security and confidentiality of your online activities.

Choosing Your Streaming Champion: Top VPNs for Netflix

Finding the ideal VPN for Netflix streaming can seem overwhelming due to a multitude of options. To make things easier, we’ve sifted through the plethora and zeroed in on three top contenders: NordVPN, Surfshark, and ExpressVPN.

Here’s an in-depth analysis of each one.

The Heavyweight Contender: NordVPN

When it comes to unlocking global content on Netflix, NordVPN is a true heavyweight. With over 5000 servers across 59 countries, it offers a wide coverage and numerous options for accessing Netflix content globally.

Speed is a critical factor for a smooth streaming experience, and NordVPN doesn’t disappoint. Despite a potential 30% speed drop when connected to the closest available server through OpenVPN UDP, tests have shown an average download speed of 196 Mbps.

However, NordVPN offers more than just speed and accessibility. It boasts strong security features, including:

  • Secure encryption

  • A strict no logs policy

  • Threat protection

  • Next-generation encryption

  • An automatic kill switch

  • Sturdy data encryption

With its robust security measures and strong privacy features, NordVPN is a reliable choice for your Netflix streaming experience.

Budget-Friendly Unblocker: Surfshark

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, Surfshark is your best bet. It offers a competitive 24-month plan priced at $2.49 per month, making it a cost-effective choice for Netflix streaming.

When it comes to speed, Surfshark is on par with or even surpasses other VPN providers. It experiences a speed decrease of about 27% compared to NordVPN, and its average speed of around 324 Mbps surpasses ExpressVPN’s average of 193 Mbps.

Surfshark distinguishes itself with its capability to unlock Netflix content libraries, granting access to 30 worldwide libraries. With unlimited server switching and the absence of data caps, it offers an unlimited range of content without limitations.

The Privacy Pioneer: ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN has earned the moniker of ‘privacy pioneer’ - and rightly so. It offers a range of privacy-focused features like:

  • TrustedServer technology

  • A rigorously audited no-logs policy

  • Top-tier encryption

  • Private DNS

  • Network Lock kill switch

These features protect user data and prevent logging of online activities.

When it comes to unblocking Netflix libraries, ExpressVPN proves to be highly reliable. It has successfully provided access to over 20 different Netflix libraries, offering features that enhance the streaming experience for users.

Step-by-Step: Setting Up Your VPN for Netflix Streaming

Are you ready to break down the geographical barriers to your Netflix binge-watching? Setting up your VPN for Netflix streaming is easier than you might think. Here’s how:

  1. Start by selecting a trustworthy VPN provider compatible with Netflix.

  2. Next, download, install, and sign in to the VPN app.

  3. Connect to a server in the country of the Netflix library you wish to access.

  4. Log into Netflix and start streaming.

When choosing a server location, the US and the UK are highly recommended since they have the largest Netflix libraries. For optimal speed, consider using ExpressVPN and allowing it to select the fastest server in your location.

VPNs offer versatility by being compatible with a plethora of devices, including:

  • Windows

  • macOS

  • iOS

  • Android

  • Amazon Fire TV

  • Linux

This ensures you can watch Netflix and enjoy your favorite shows and movies on your preferred mobile device, all while watching Netflix wherever you are.

Navigating the VPN Blockade: What to Do When Netflix Puts Up Barriers

Netflix is known for its stringent measures to uphold territorial licensing agreements with content studios. It uses various methods to detect and block Netflix VPNs, including checking for conflicts between IP addresses and DNS settings, monitoring irregular traffic, and identifying geolocation inconsistencies.

Don’t be discouraged. There exist methods to unblock Netflix and circumvent its VPN blocking techniques. One such way is by:

  • using a dedicated IP

  • switching to a different server

  • employing server and IP address rotation to evade detection

  • using VPN services that have the capability to unblock various streaming services.

Reliable VPN services like Surfshark VPN, ExpressVPN, and NordVPN are known to effectively bypass Netflix’s VPN blockages. Obtaining a dedicated IP can also improve your chances of avoiding blockages.

Diving Deeper: Why Netflix Content Varies by Region

Have you ever wondered why Netflix content varies from region to region? The reason lies in licensing agreements and copyright laws. Netflix must secure permissions from studios to stream their titles in each territory, resulting in variations in available content across regions. For most of its original content, Netflix holds global rights. However, specific titles may be limited in certain regions due to these agreements.

Copyright laws also play a role in Netflix’s regional content variation. These laws require Netflix to negotiate with content providers to obtain the rights to stream their titles in different territories, leading to differences in content availability across regions.

Thus, the availability of content in different regions on Netflix is determined based on licensing agreements and worldwide rights. While Netflix owns the rights for most of its original shows and movies globally, other titles may only be accessible in certain countries due to these licenses.

Maximizing Your Streaming Experience: Tips for Faster VPN Speeds

For a seamless Netflix streaming experience, speed is of paramount importance. Several factors can impact VPN speeds, including:

  • Routing

  • Network setup

  • VPN protocol

  • Server location

  • Encryption

  • Physical distance between the user and the VPN server

  • Overall internet speed

So, how can you optimize your VPN speed for Netflix streaming? Here are some tips:

  1. Select a reputable VPN provider such as NordVPN.

  2. Opt for a server that is closest to your location to minimize latency.

  3. Fine-tune your device and network settings for optimal performance.

  4. Use a wired connection instead of Wi-Fi for faster and more stable speeds.

Different VPN servers or locations can also have an impact on streaming speeds on Netflix. Some server locations may provide faster internet speed than others. Moreover, the use of a VPN for Netflix can have an impact on streaming speed due to the additional encryption and rerouting process. However, in certain instances, VPNs can improve Internet traffic speed through their bandwidth management.

Legalities and Limitations: Understanding Netflix's Policy on VPN Use

Though a VPN provides numerous perks to Netflix users, it’s crucial to understand the legal implications and limitations. Although using a VPN with Netflix is not unlawful, it does violate Netflix’s terms and conditions. Netflix permits the use of VPNs but restricts access to content for which it holds global rights. If Netflix detects VPN usage, it may limit viewing capabilities.

Using a VPN to access Netflix goes against the platform’s terms and conditions, which may lead to restrictions or termination of access. Although using a VPN does not directly result in a ban or suspension, it can prevent you from watching content if detected.

To detect and block VPN usage, Netflix employs several methods, including checking for conflicts between IP addresses and DNS settings, and identifying the digital ports that VPNs use for data transmission.

Broadening Horizons: Other Streaming Services Accessible via VPN

VPN usage isn’t exclusive to Netflix. VPN services like NordVPN and ExpressVPN can unblock a variety of streaming services, including:

  • Hulu

  • BBC iPlayer

  • Amazon Prime Video

  • HBO Max

By utilizing a VPN, you can gain international access to these streaming services and enjoy their content from any location. Consider using NordVPN or Atlas VPN for HBO Max streaming.

For viewers who are fond of British content, accessing BBC iPlayer from abroad is possible by connecting to a UK-based server. ExpressVPN is highly recommended for this purpose.

Versatility at Its Best: VPNs for Every Device

VPNs can be set up on a variety of devices, including:

  • Windows

  • Mac

  • Linux

  • Browsers

  • Amazon Fire TV Stick

  • Streaming devices

  • Routers

This allows users to enjoy their favorite content across different platforms.

If you’re a gamer, you can set up a VPN on your gaming console for Netflix by following these steps:

  1. Connect the console to the router.

  2. Access the network settings on the console.

  3. Install a VPN software on your PC or Mac.

  4. Connect the console to the same network.

  5. Open the VPN software on your PC or Mac.

  6. Sign in to the VPN software.

  7. Select a server.

Similarly, to configure a VPN for Netflix on Smart TVs, you can:

  1. Access the Google Play Store on your Smart TV

  2. Install the VPN app

  3. Log in using your credentials

  4. Connect to a US server optimized for streaming

  5. Launch the Netflix app

Beyond the Basics: Advanced VPN Features for Netflix Users

Certain VPNs come with advanced features that greatly elevate your Netflix streaming experience. For instance, split tunneling allows you to route specific online traffic through a VPN while allowing other traffic to connect directly to the internet, potentially improving streaming performance. Double VPN provides an additional layer of security by encrypting the connection twice, offering more robust protection for your identity and IP address.

A VPN kill switch feature is also quite useful. It promptly disconnects your internet connection if the VPN connection is lost, maintaining the privacy of your streaming session and preventing accidental exposure of your real IP address.

DNS leak protection guarantees that your DNS requests are securely directed through the VPN tunnel, safeguarding your online activities and preventing the revelation of your actual location, which could affect your ability to access various Netflix libraries.

Furthermore, VPN servers optimized for streaming services like Netflix can provide increased reliability, faster connection speeds, and smoother streaming experiences.

Finding Your Fit: Free vs. Paid VPN Services for Netflix

In the realm of VPN selection for Netflix, you’re presented with two choices: free or paid VPN services. While free VPNs can be tempting due to their zero cost, they often come with limitations, including:

  • limited speed

  • server access

  • data transfer limits

  • weaker encryption

  • possible blocking by strong security protocols

These limitations can impact streaming quality.

On the other hand, paid VPN services offer faster and more secure connections and do not have the same limitations as free VPN services. NordVPN, Surfshark, and ExpressVPN are known for providing reliable access to Netflix.

Therefore, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons of free and paid VPN services for Netflix before making a decision. After all, your ultimate goal is to have an uninterrupted, quality streaming experience.

Troubleshooting Common VPN Issues with Netflix

Despite utilizing a VPN, you may stumble upon some hiccups while streaming Netflix. These can include:

  • The streaming service banning the IP address of the VPN server

  • VPNs being incapable of unblocking Netflix

  • Receiving an error message because Netflix has detected an attempt to access content via a proxy or VPN.

If you experience slow streaming speed while using a VPN on Netflix, you can try the following to improve your streaming experience:

  • Test your VPN’s speed on your device to ensure it’s adequate for high-definition streaming.

  • Consider upgrading your internet package for improved streaming.

  • Use wired Ethernet connections when available for a more stable connection.

  • Optimize your Wi-Fi hardware setup by placing your router in a central location and away from obstructions.

  • Reduce the number of connected devices to free up bandwidth.

By following these tips, you can enhance your streaming speed and enjoy a smoother Netflix experience when you stream Netflix.

Frequent disconnection of your VPN during Netflix streaming may be due to instability in the VPN connection or detection mechanisms by Netflix that recognize VPN or proxy use. To prevent your VPN from being detected by Netflix, you could choose a VPN service that provides a dedicated IP or a rotation of IP addresses.


In conclusion, VPNs offer a world of possibilities for Netflix streaming, allowing you to bypass geographical restrictions and access a global library of content. While there are some challenges, such as potential VPN blockages by Netflix and the need for optimal streaming speeds, these can be navigated with the right knowledge and tools. The choice between free and paid VPN services will depend on your individual needs and preferences. With this guide, you’re now equipped to unlock a whole new world of content on Netflix, no matter where you are in the world.

VPN Service Best For Price Overall Rating LEARN MORE
NordVPN Security $3.71/month (2-year plan) 4/5 Compare

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ExpressVPN Overall Performance $8.32/month (1-year plan) 4/5 Compare

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Surfshark Budget Shoppers $2.49/month (24-month subscription) 4/5 Compare

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Frequently Asked Questions

1Can I use Netflix with a VPN?
Yes, you can use a VPN to access Netflix content from different regions by changing your IP address and selecting a server located in the desired country.January 19, 2024.
2Why does Netflix say I'm using a VPN?
Netflix may be detecting a VPN or proxy service on your device or network, which can cause issues with accessing content. To resolve this, you'll need to turn off any active VPNs. Keep in mind that using a VPN during live events or with an ad-supported plan is also not allowed.
3What are the benefits of using a VPN for Netflix?
Using a VPN for Netflix allows you to access geo-blocked content, maintain high streaming speeds, prevent bandwidth throttling, and ensure secure and private streaming, especially on public Wi-Fi networks. These benefits make it a valuable tool for enhancing your Netflix experience.
4How can I improve my VPN speed for Netflix streaming?
You can improve your VPN speed for Netflix streaming by selecting a server that is closest to your location, fine-tuning your device and network settings, using a wired connection instead of Wi-Fi, and closing any unnecessary background applications and processes.
5Are there any legal implications of using a VPN with Netflix?
Using a VPN with Netflix isn't illegal, but it goes against Netflix's terms and conditions and could result in access restrictions or termination. Be aware of the potential consequences.