The Easiest Fonts to Read to Use in Your Websites
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The Easiest Fonts to Read to Use in Your Websites

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Have you ever opened a website and wondered: ‘Who chose this font and what were they thinking?’ If so, then you know how vital it is to select a font that is easy to read.

Visitors use a wide range of devices to access the Internet. These range from very small cellphones to big computer monitors and TV screens. The success of a website depends to a large extent on how easy it is to read the content.

This article reviews 20 fonts that are unobtrusive and easy to read. The information provided can help you choose the best font for your website.



It is important to remember that Georgia is a serif font. A serif is a decorative stroke at the end of a letter stem. Sans-serif fonts (“sans” meaning “without”) do not have that extra detail.

If chosen well, a serif font can be a suitable option for you. Microsoft created Georgia for low-resolution screens. It is one of the best choices for visitors who use PCs or cellphones.



This font is perfect for even the smallest screens. Due to its large corpus size, Merriweather maintains a high level of legibility regardless of size, weight, and style. That makes it a great choice for titles, headlines, and especially for long texts. It will provide an elegant and professional look to any content.



To the majority of people, Arial is the standard font. It is one of the most popular sans-serif choices.

Due to open apertures, it looks natural and is very clear and readable. It is viewed as a typical print font but it is also suitable for web documents. On Windows devices, it is often replaced with more visually attractive fonts.

Droid Sans


Steve Matteson of Ascender Corporation created Droid Sans and Open Sans fonts.

Thanks to its robust structure, open apertures, and tall corpus size Droid Sans maintains high readability. It is one of the best picks for mobile devices.



Courier belongs to the group of monospace fonts. The letters and characters each occupy the same amount of horizontal space. This is in contrast to proportional fonts.

Most operating systems will include the Courier font as standard. It is widely used in the writing of movie screenplays. If movies are the theme of your website the Courier font may lend it a more authentic look.

Playfair Display


This is a modern, sophisticated, and gently feminine serif font. Due to it being often used for content aimed at the female audience. This font can be displayed in a variety of weights. For aesthetic purposes, the lightest weight is most popular.



This is a widely used sans-serif typeface, popular for headlines and logos. It is a simple yet modern font that attracts attention with its professional look.

Helvetica is one of the best fonts to use to give your website a dynamic and innovative appearance.

Open Sans


This Google font is one of the most used typefaces and it is suitable for almost any type of content.

According to Google, this font is “optimized for print, web, and mobile interfaces, and has excellent legibility”. This optimization is to some extent due to kerning (the spaces between characters).

Times New Roman


Times New Roman is the most standard serif font for many users. It is one of the most favored typefaces on Windows devices. It is also a popular choice for many institutions such as news websites.



Futura is a sans-serif typeface based on geometric shapes. That gives it a forward-looking, high-tech vibe while maintaining high readability.

This font is sure to capture the attention of visitors to your website.



Calibri is a default Windows font. Its clean look makes it comfortable to read, and suitable for many scenarios. If you are unsure of which font to choose, although not an innovative choice, Calibri is a safe option.

Microsoft Windows is the most common OS on the PC market. Using Calibri will ensure that website viewers can read HTML content without difficulty.



This is a popular choice from the Google Fonts collection. It is a very clean and friendly typeface with a professional and intelligent look. It offers good legibility on both desktop and mobile devices. Google hand-picked it for its Material Design system and it is a default font for Android and Chrome.



This is a geometric, serif font with thick, block-like serifs. Create a traditional or modern look by switching between different weights and styles. Choose from regular, bold, italic, and bold italic. Arvo is easy to read and is suitable for websites in various industries.



This sans-serif option was specifically created for computer screens and provides high legibility. It is a fresh take on a simple and classic font that can be used for a variety of WordPress websites and print.

Typeface experts confirm that sans-serif fonts are easier to read online. This makes Verdana a reasonable choice for long and flat texts.



Lato is a sans-serif typeface that is part of the Google Font collection.

It has a friendly yet professional look, is inoffensive, and is very readable. The letters are semi-rounded making it both classical and distinctive at the same time.



A few distinctive geometric slab serifs from the turn of the twentieth century inspired the character forms of this font.

Rokkitt was created particularly with headings and headlines in mind. Used within a text it is a good alternative to sans-serif typefaces.

Franklin Gothic


This is another multi-purpose font suitable for many different scenarios. It is clean, modern, highly readable, and slightly unusual. It is a perfect alternative to other more common fonts such as Calibri. It is not ostentatious so it will not distract readers from your content.

Courier New


Created originally for typewriters, Courier New is now one of the most standard computer fonts for Windows. It is thinner and more attractive than Courier, and it can bring a retro look to your website.



This is a geometric, sans-serif typeface suitable for big headlines and smaller text. It has a so-called “city look” that highlights the beauty of urban typography. Digital agencies often use Montserrat as it appeals to the millennial audience.



Oswald is a revised version of Alternate Gothic typefaces. The characters have been re-drawn to work better on standard digital screens. It is a good font to use on computers, tablets, and cellphones. It is a perfect choice for titles or quotes in spaces with size restrictions.

FAQ about the easiest fonts to read

What are the best fonts for reading?

Fonts that are simple, clean, and easy to read are best for reading. Arial, Verdana, Helvetica, and Times New Roman are all popular fonts. Most people think that sans-serif fonts are easier to read than serif fonts, especially on screens.

What is the easiest font to read for long periods of time?

The easiest font to read for a long time is one that is easy on the eyes and doesn't make them strain. Fonts like Arial and Verdana are often recommended for long periods of reading because they are easy to read and easy to read.

What fonts are most legible for people with visual impairments?

People who have trouble seeing can easily read fonts like Arial, Verdana, and Helvetica because they are big and have a lot of contrast. For people who have trouble seeing, sans-serif fonts are usually better than serif fonts.

Are serif or sans-serif fonts easier to read?

Most people think that sans-serif fonts are easier to read than serif fonts, especially on screens. This is because serif fonts can look blurry or hard to read on low-resolution screens, while sans-serif fonts are easier to tell apart.

What font size and spacing should be used for optimal readability?

For the best readability, the font size should be at least 12 points and the space between lines should be 1.5. This makes it easy to read without having to constantly strain your eyes.

Are there any particular font styles or weights that are better for reading than others?

Fonts like Arial and Verdana that are simple and easy to read are usually better for reading than fonts that are more ornate or decorative. It can also be hard to read for a long time if the font weight is too light or too heavy.

Can the choice of font affect reading speed and comprehension?

Yes, the font can change how fast you read and how well you understand what you read. If the fonts are hard to read or too small, it will take longer to read and you won't understand as much. On the other hand, fonts that are easy to read can help speed up and understand reading.

What are some good web-safe fonts that are easy to read?

Arial, Verdana, Helvetica, Georgia, and Times New Roman are all good fonts that can be used on the web and are easy to read. These fonts are easy to find, and most devices and operating systems can use them.

How do different devices, such as computers and e-readers, affect the readability of fonts?

Different screen resolutions, sizes, and lighting can make it hard to read fonts on different devices. Fonts that are easy to read on a computer screen might not be as easy to read on an e-reader or mobile device.

Are there any cultural or language-specific considerations when choosing fonts for readability?

Yes, there are things to think about based on culture and language when choosing fonts for readability. For example, some languages need special characters or marks called diacritics that not all fonts can handle. Also, different cultures may like different font styles or weights.

Ending thoughts on the easiest fonts to read for your website

This article has provided a review of the top 20 HTML fonts available for your online content.

A website is the first thing many customers use to learn about or communicate with you. It is not only the content that is important. How the information is presented will make a great impression on your visitors. To make your website appealing it requires a font that is highly readable and attractive. It should also be suitable for the industry and complement your brand and the message you are conveying.

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