The Best Premium and Free Elementor Addons to Use
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The Best Premium and Free Elementor Addons to Use

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March 10, 2023
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Have you ever considered improving your website design using free Elementor addons? This WordPress page builder was launched in 2016 and has been continuously improved. The 1 million satisfied users around the world confirm its efficiency.

So why not challenge yourself and start using Elementor to its fullest degree, and you can’t do so without checking out its addons. Some Elementor addons are free and some are premium, but those do ensure an amazing page building experience.

Keep reading in order to find out which Elementor addons have the best results and performance. Once you understand what is the advantage of each, you will be able to choose the ones you require. Pay attention to the unique features, the various functions, and what improvements each addon determines.

Free Elementor Addons

Master Addons for Elementor


As promised in their description, Master Addons guarantees to transform your dull and static page. This is a popular free Elementor addon for animating your website to make it striking and accessible. These are some features from Master Addons:

  • Build and edit the header, footer, and comment sections.
  • Create image galleries.
  • Play with the design and create the desired atmosphere on your website.
  • Create a portfolio using image hovers, hotspots, tooltips, and carousels.
  • Show off your team’s accomplishments.

Qi Addons


Qi Addons for Elementor is a completely free plugin that comes with 60 advanced and fully flexible widgets. From business elements to impressive creative showcases, and even SEO widgets that automatically generate schema markup, this plugin has it all. The widgets come with tons of customization options, and there are some great video tutorials to help you get started.

The addons are even conveniently divided into the following categories:

  • 13 Business Addons
  • 15 Typography Addons
  • 9 Showcase Addons
  • 7 Creative Addons
  • 7 Infographic Addons
  • 3 SEO Addons
  • 4 WooCommerce Addons
  • 2 Form Style Addons

Sizzify Lite


This Elementor addon is useful if you own or manage a WooCommerce website to help organize diverse products on your website.

Sizzify Lite has six types of widgets adaptable for different purposes. One of them is to create a side menu with some of the most common categories of products (Types of products, Recently seen, Best Selling Products, New entries).

JetWidgets For Elementor


JetWidgets for Elementor enables you to drag and drop a widget, adjust the design, and add the content you need.

Each widget functions independently, so you can edit them separately, but build the visual and functional coherence you need. Some features of JetWidgets are:

  • Advanced Carousel
  • Animated Box
  • Headline
  • Pricing Table

Stratum Elementor Addon


Stratum Elementor Addon is free and offers many valuable features. The more than 20 Stratum widgets have advanced design and functionality features, including Google Maps, Instagram, Accordion, and Posts.

The widgets adapt to your template and theme while maintaining their responsiveness and efficiency. However, if you need some advice on how to manage them better, don’t hesitate to contact the support team. You can reach them on the official website or through the special support group on Facebook.

Anywhere Elementor


Some consider Anywhere Elementor to be a precursor of Elementor. Anywhere created some functions that Elementor later acquired and improved.

This Elementor addon proposes two different types of subscriptions. The free one offers the following features:

  • Create global widgets using shortcodes
  • Edit the widget in one place and reflect the changes anywhere.

Press Elements


Press Elements is an excellent tool to improve your Elementor&WordPress experience. This simple and intuitive Elementor addon proposes four types of widgets, which are Site Elements, Post Elements, Effects, and Integrations.

All of them automatically link to the code on the back-end, so that you don’t need much coding knowledge, and the widgets are automatically generated.

Moreover, you can save your current design and translate it to all your posts, and it can also possibly apply to old ones.

HT Mega


HTMega presents an impressive list of 85 available elements. This adds to the almost 40 template sets and the 360 blocks with unlimited variations.

HT Mega’s advanced features include:

  • the header/footer builder,
  • theme/template builder,
  • sales notification,
  • menu builder.

Hotel Booking & Elementor Integration


Hotel Booking & Elementor Integration is another Elementor plugin for WordPress, and is recommended for creating your hotel booking system using a page builder.

The interface is intuitive, letting you drag & drop the elements you require. This soft functionality is based on shortcodes, thus, you can edit your bookings in real-time and keep track of any changes while your website is fully functional to the public.

Elementor – Header, Footer & Blocks


Professionally edit the headers, footers, and blocks for free with this Elementor editor. It has an abundance of attractive design possibilities. Using shortcodes, you can create new blocks and place them anywhere on your page, as well as improve the site’s appearance by enabling the plugin’s templates and canvas.

There are also a number of widgets that will organize your page and improve the user’s experience.

Mighty Addons


Mighty Addons is all in one Elementor toolkit that offers you Elementor Widgets, Sections, extensions and full template kits to design the most complex of layouts.

The widgets complete one another’s functions and together they work on building a great website. These are the options you can choose from:

  • Testimonials
  • Opening Hours
  • Flip Box
  • Gradient Heading
  • Before/After
  • Accordion
  • Button Group
  • Counter
  • Progress Bar
  • Team
  • Mailchimp



WunderWP is the external subtle memory card for your potential designs. The plugin is small and inexpensive and can be integrated with Elementor.

When you’re happy with the results of your work, you can save them in WunderWP and have them at your disposal. This Elementor addon offers several inspirational pre-made templates and styles. It’s up to you if you apply pre-set templates to a section or the entire page, and you can enjoy playing with textures and colors.

Elementor Addon Elements


Elementor Addon Elements is another reliable and accessible source of widgets for your website. This software can create progress bars, change color background, and flip boxes.

The addon’s functions are clear and the features will improve specific elements of your page. The goal of this Elementor addon is to challenge you to manipulate your content in innovative ways, creating a professional or playful appearance.

Flexible Elementor Panel


This new free Flexible Elementor Panel allows stronger control over your sidebar menu and website. It offers functions such as:

  • Dark skin experiment
  • Widget categories collapsing
  • Drag and save Panel positions
  • Sort widgets
  • Resize/Collapse the panel

Premium Elementor Addons

PowerPack for Elementor Addon


This premium Elementor Addon is PowerPack from IdeaBox Creation. The company has a strong designer & developers’ team with almost 10 years of experience.

The 70+ widgets from PowerPack cover a wide range of services and actions, allowing you to build everything from headers to time and price tables.

Ultimate Addons for Elementor


Brainstorm Force created this pack of widgets for Elementor. They also created the Astra theme or the Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder plugin.

Their 35 widgets are suitable for any type of user, as they are easy to customize and edit.The interface is intuitive and the features complement Elementor’s functions, and you can also apply your Elementor knowledge.


Elementor Pro


When building a website from scratch, the header, footer, blog area, and dynamism of the pages are of utmost importance so Elementor Pro focuses on these aspects. Therefore, it’s suitable for WooCommerce websites. This Pro version offers many features that significantly improve your website.

For example, you have the possibility of building your landing page using one of the templates from Elementor templates. Once you have the pre-set sections and boxes, it’s easy to customize the site to your desire.

Moreover, if you have a little coding experience, you can use the power of CSS. Simply add custom CSS to your platform and check any modification from the website in real-time.

Livemesh Addons


Livemesh Addons offers the advantage of continuously updating every element of the plugins. This gives you the possibility to integrate widgets within modern themes and templates, as well as being perfectly compatible to any Elementor-built page.

The focus of this widget pack is visual content, so adding photo galleries, carousels, WooCommers grids becomes a more interesting task. The elements are also responsive to mobile devices.

Essential Addons for Elementor


More than 400,00 people actively use Essential’s addons because of their wide variety of products, i.e. more than 65 elements. This makes Essential the most popular plugin for WordPress websites.

They provide both a free and premium version, and the free widgets are excellent.

The premium addon does have unique and advanced features, such as:

  • Interactive Promo & Cards
  • Image comparison
  • Content protection
  • Testimonial Slider

Happy Elementor Addons


This addons pack enables you to easily customize your widgets with its simple interface and function application.

Choose the widgets you need from the 2 types of widgets they provide:

  • General – Almost half of the widgets in this category are free
  • Forms – widgets specialized in combining 3rd party services through forms

A series of other features are also added to the impressive number of widgets, including Floating Effect, Preset, Display Condition, Happy Line Icon, etc.

AnalogWP Elementor Addon


AnalogWP puts hundreds of templates, fonts, and writing styles at your disposal to enhance the style of your website. You can learn how to manage the style kit from the official website of the product.

The Plus Addons for Elementor


The Plus Addons augment your Elementor through the power of more than 80 widgets, grouped in 7 categories:

  • Essentials
  • Creative
  • Sections
  • Tabbed
  • Adaptive
  • Header
  • Scroll

They offer three different pricing plans depending on your number of websites: 1, 3, or unlimited website managing possibility. For each of the plans, you receive more than 300 ready-to-use blocks, 18 website templates, and one-year updates. More is provided with the more expensive plans.

Dynamic Content for Elementor


This addon offers 58 widgets, 20 extensions, and 4 settings for pages to enhance your website. You can add the sticky header, stylish text blocks, to entertain your customers. Other features include the possibility of printing to pdf buttons and new scroll effects. These features and many others create interactions and, eventually, lead to conversions.

The website of Dynamic Content is updated regularly to include new widgets & extensions. These are the latest appearances:

  • Advanced Masking
  • Advanced Video Control
  • Cursos Tracker
  • Background Canvas
  • Animated Text
  • Enchanted Editor

For 1 site, the license of Dynamic Content per year costs $58, while the 3 sites version is double ($118). The Professional is the most expensive license version, costing $200 per year and giving access to up to 1000 websites from a single account.

Master Addons


Master Addon’s website promises reliability, in the display of their integrated widgets and landing page effects. Master takes care of everything from headlines, accordion to animated content, and moving text.

The elements from Master are compatible and complementary with Elementor.

They also offer a 14-day free trial, which enables you to try the premium features. At the end of the trial, you can purchase one of the three plans – Personal, Business, or Developer, and enjoy the perks of the Master Addons.

Elementor Extras Premium Elementor addons


This Premium Extras for Elementor comes with an impressive collection of widgets and extensions. As advertised, the more than 30 widgets are regularly updated, customizable, and reliable.

They are made by passionate designers who focus on both functionality and appearance. Moreover, the team made Elementor Extras to be strongly linked with Elementor itself, thus, you can enhance Elementor’s functions and complete its features.

The widgets are advertised as “uniquely useful”, apparently above and beyond the normal standard.

Element pack


The Element Pack is rich in widgets (almost 100), page templates (60+), and block templates (+100). They all contain advanced features and are entirely customizable.

You’ll find here everything from the basic widget with the simplest functions to other more unique ones, which are well-designed and conversion oriented.

Unlimited Elements for Elementor


Unlimited Elements offers more than 100 easy-to-use and creatively designed widgets.

FAQ about free Elementor addons

What are free Elementor addons?

Free Elementor addons are extra features and functions that can be added to the Elementor plugin for WordPress, which is a page builder. These add-ons were made by people outside of WordPress, and they can be downloaded for free from the WordPress plugin repository.

Where can I find free Elementor addons?

If you search for "Elementor addons" in the WordPress plugin repository, you can find free add-ons for Elementor. There are also sites like and that put together lists of free Elementor add-ons.

Are free Elementor addons safe to use?

Most free Elementor add-ons are safe to use because they were made by reputable developers and have been reviewed by WordPress. But you should always look at reviews, ratings, and how often an addon is updated before putting it on your website.

How do I install free Elementor addons?

To install free Elementor addons, go to the WordPress dashboard, click "Plugins," click "Add New," search for the addon you want to install, click "Install," and then click "Activate."

Can I use free Elementor addons with the Elementor Pro version?

Yes, you can use free add-ons with the Elementor Pro version. In fact, many people who use Elementor Pro also use free addons to make their websites work better.

What features do free Elementor addons provide?

Free Elementor addons offer a wide range of features, such as more widgets, templates, animations, design options, and integration with third-party services.

Do free Elementor addons slow down my website?

How an addon affects the speed of a website depends on what addon it is and how it is used. But most free Elementor add-ons are made to be small and fast, so they shouldn't slow down your website too much.

Can I customize free Elementor addons?

Yes, most of the free Elementor add-ons can be changed to fit the look and function of your website. Depending on the addon, you may be able to change how much you can change things.

Are there any limitations to using free Elementor addons?

The biggest problem with using free Elementor addons is that they might not have as many features or as much support as paid addons. Also, some free add-ons might not be updated often or have few ways to customise them.

What kind of support is available for free Elementor addons?

How well free Elementor add-ons are supported depends on who made them. Some add-ons might have documentation, forums, or email support, while others might not have any kind of support. Before putting an addon on your website, you should find out who made it and how you can get help with it.

Ending thoughts on free Elementor addons

Elementor has one huge advantage over its competitors, represented by the fact that Elementor lets users work extensively on design. The attractive appearance and the visual aspect of the website keeps visitors engaged and desiring to return.

We listed some of the most popular and efficient free Elementor addons along with some premium ones. It’s up to you to choose the one that best suits your needs and expectations. If you need more help constructing an impressive website, here you can watch a series of Elementor tutorials that apply to many types of content and changes.

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