Top-Notch Jewelry Website Designs That Will Inspire

Top-Notch Jewelry Website Designs That Will Inspire

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January 6, 2024
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Modern Kindergarten Websites That Look Good
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Imagine unlocking the allure of glittering jewels with just a click! Jewelry website design is an art that intertwines elegance and technology, creating a digital realm where each pixel reflects the sparkle of a gemstone. Chancing upon the right website design is like finding the perfect setting for a diamond—it should tell a story, evoke emotions, and journey the user into a world of opulence and charm.

In this article, you're about to dive into a gallery of eye-catching design examples. They are not just patterns on a screen, but carefully crafted experiences, each mirroring the unique beauty of the jewelry they showcase. From engagement rings to luxury brand logos, this collection celebrates the fusion of precision and creativity. Whether you're in love with minimalist chic or the grandiose flair, you'll find designs that resonate.

Prepare to explore designs powered by user-friendly navigation, enhanced by high-resolution jewelry images, and fortified with secure shopping cart interfaces.

Jewelry Websites to Inspire You - by Business Location

Read below about the best jewelry website designs to inspire you.    


Abby Seymour


Abby Seymour’s jewelry website makes a fashion statement. She uses traditional methods to create stunning jewelry. Her website design beautifully reflects her work ethic and inspiration.

Be Jeweler 2


By Charlotte has a beautiful website. They create meaningful jewelry with high quality metals. The website design uses light tones and perfectly framed jewelry photos.

Dinosaur Designs


Dinosaur Designs shows how to display your business personality through your jewelry website. These Australian designers offer unique pieces in different colors and forms.

Be Jeweler


At Michael Hill, they design unique, elegant, and personal pieces. This jewelry website has a professional and polished look. The layout and fixed header ease navigation.


Aroz Jewelry


Aroz Jewelry achieves a balance between bold and delicate. Its jewelry website has a distinctive design and offers timeless fashion pieces. It also offers personalized options with custom engravings.

Be Clothing Store


Anice Jewellery has a lovely handwritten logo. It hopes clients feel inspired and lifted by the company’s original and custom creations.

This jewelry website design includes light fonts and delicate photos. Plus, you can book an appointment from the front page.



Bluboho offers hand-crafted jewelry made with recycled materials. The site displays a beautiful background photo expressing a free-spirited lifestyle.

This jewelry website has a simple color scheme. It uses colored shapes and drawings to highlight other categories.

Be Clothing Store 2


Jenny Bird offers awesome, high quality, and in-fashion pieces. Her jewelry website has a shorter front page than other websites.

It uses contrasting colors and highlights the popularity of Jenny’s jewelry.

Gwen Delicious


Gwen Delicious has a simple jewelry website design with a basic color scheme. Most templates have a gallery-style layout. It also keeps a sales page for limited-time deals.

Be Clothing 2


In this jewelry store, customers can shop for affordable and aesthetic silver pieces. The website uses simple templates and clear text to introduce the brand and its products.



Mejuri delivers a dynamic jewelry website design in white, black, beige, and neon green. It displays a video on the homepage and advertises current sales. The linear design is full of personality.


Lin Shiao Tung


This jewelry website delivers excellent video content on the front page. It uses a parallax effect to present the philosophy, the artist, and the collections.

Navigation is simple with both header and sidebar links. The site encourages potential customers to contact the designer for custom pieces.




Pandora is known all over the world. Its eCommerce jewelry website uses its business colors, pink and white. With many pages on the header, the site underscores versatility and value.




Aviva Talmon offers one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces made with love. Her jewelry website uses parallax to layer images and written content. The background is white, while the photography showcases colorful, striking pieces.


Floema Jewelry


Floema welcomes you with a moving photo gallery. This jewelry website is just perfect. To uncover the collections, you can drag the jewelry images or select them to learn more.


The Netherlands



This jewelry website displays the designer’s work philosophy for customers to discover. It shows that a simple design can become stunning.

Each picture highlights the beauty and grace that wearing jewelry brings to life. If you are looking to highlight your jewelry work, this is the best jewelry website design idea.


Skylark Jewelry


Skylark delivers handmade symbolic jewelry to its shoppers. Lena is a Polish artist presenting her unique approach to jewelry. She has a single-page jewelry website with dark colors, full of motion and visual elements.




This brand is the picture of beauty and luxury. Despite being jewelers, the designers at CHARRIOL offer a wide range of other products for customers to shop. The hamburger menu on their website expands to show watches, accessories, and other jewelry products.

JAG Jewelry


Andreas Gmur is the designer behind JAG Jewelry. He crafts unique pieces and integrates emotion in each creation.

His jewelry website design uses black and white. It tells the story of a legacy and passion for jewelry making.

Van Cleef & Arpels


Van Cleef & Arpels is one of the most respected jewelry making companies in the world. They keep a simple design focusing on exquisite gems and pieces. Their jewelry website uses a collapsible side menu for simple navigation.

Vivien Frank


Swiss designer Simona strives to create everyday pieces with an edge. Her eCommerce jewelry store keeps an organized layout with many images. Some of them are clickable and connect to social media.


Ananta Jewelry


Ananta has a simple yet impactful jewelry website. This Thai eCommerce store delivers elegant and timeless pieces in each collection. Through the header on the homepage, you can access different categories, like “gifts” or “loose diamonds.”




GLAMIRA uses bold colors to highlight stunning, sparkling jewelry. They promote sales and exclusive offers on the front page. This jewelry store bets on quantity and quality with a vast premium product range.

United Kingdom

Danielle Draper


Danielle Draper focuses on simplicity, authenticity, and originality. Her jewelry website design is an inspiration, presenting luxury pieces made of recycled gold and silver.

Navigation is intuitive, with header and photography links for men, women, and other collections.

Lily Belle


The Lily Belle shop offers personalized bracelets in all colors imaginable. Their jewelry website design is classy and promotes a bracelet for every fashion and occasion. You can shop by category through the header or by clicking on photos.

Tatty Devine


BLKANDNOIR delivers customizable, handmade pieces. This jewelry website encourages sales by offering easy navigation.

There are multiple categories and search options. They also include a lifestyle blog to share the inspiration behind their in-fashion jewelry.

David Yurman


David Yurman has had fantastic success in the jewelry industry. This family business has received many well-earned awards.

The company’s jewelry website pairs photos with animated elements. It also has gift guides so customers can make a perfect choice.

Harry Winston


Harry Winston was deemed the “King of Diamonds.” Today, his company is one of the most famous jewelers worldwide.

It has the best jewelry website design inspiration if you aim to offer visitors a sense of luxury and character. The site uses elegant blue shades to showcase Harry Winston’s legacy and mastery.



Hortense has one of the most graceful jewelry website designs to promote the artist’s unique creations. As on other websites, the homepage advertises the latest sales and pieces. There is some engaging text and smooth calls to action.



INO maintains an elegant layout and features many images. Unlike other jewelry websites, it keeps navigation links on the footer. The designers focus on creating timeless, top-quality jewelry for their clients.

Kendra Scott


Kendra Scott is a Texas-based designer who creates innovative, quality jewelry. She has various categories and promotes current sales. Her jewelry website includes a quiz to help you find the perfect gift for your loved ones.

King Ice


King Ice is a unique project that is shipping bold jewelry pieces across the world. They promote different sales opportunities to visitors. Shoppers also discover their collections and collaborations with other brands.



Despite not being a jewelry brand, Kitsch has a great website design. Their templates use large photos showcasing different hair care products and accessories. You will find encouraging calls to action throughout the site.



Limnia celebrates good design, business evolution, and the woman on the move. This jewelry website pairs many visual elements portraying different materials and structures. You create your own jewelry or custom set.

Marina B


Marina Bulgari founded this renowned company and inspired women to buy jewelry for themselves. This jewelry website is exquisite and well reflects the brand and its premium pieces. It uses various font styles and sizes.

Metal Marvels


Metal Marvels uses black, white, and gold for their jewelry website. It keeps social media at the header and offers a rewards program to boost sales. The brand’s written content is fierce and relatable.

Paolo Costagli


Paolo Costagli has a jewelry website accessible only through a password. The design is elegant and refined.

You can notice how it highlights the jewelry and has outstanding attention to detail. There is also some insightful information about each piece.

Paris Jewellers


Paris Jewellers uses contrasting colors and dynamic images and text. Its jewelry website is full of clickable elements, inviting customers to explore the shop. The site keeps contact information on the header.



QALO also sells apparel, pet merchandise, and accessories, but their main products are silicone rings. They offer an outstanding collection of colors, patterns, and designs. Their jewelry website is dynamic, with contrasting colors and a light sans-serif font.

Rebel Nell


Rebel Nell is a women-owned business with jewelry for everyone. Their website underscores collaborations with different brands. Besides jewelry, customers can also shop for other unique items.



SHASHI has an appealing background photo on the homepage. You can scroll down to find a gallery of their delicate pieces. This eCommerce jewelry website uses a hamburger menu to ease navigation.

Stone and Strand


Female-founded Stone and Strand offers accessible top-quality jewelry. Customers can shop for materials like gold, silver, or diamond, as well as other types of accessories. Its jewelry website features reviews and underscores company values.

Other Online Retailers

Mancini & Co.


Mancini & Co. has a unique, single-page jewelry website design. It displays a 3D image of a sparkling ring that moves and changes colors as you scroll down. Despite not being a jewelry store, it offers an awesome and fully interactive experience.



ORE designs bespoke diamond jewelry. It delivers premium jewelry and access to unattainable diamonds.

The site displays outstanding video content. There is also a curtain menu for effortless navigation. This makes it one of the best jewelry website designs on this list.

FAQ on Jewelry Website Design

What are the key elements of a successful jewelry website design?

Imagine your site as a grand display case. To tempt and captivate, integrate an elegant layout with sparkling high-resolution images. Ensure user-friendly navigation and secure e-commerce features. It's a waltz of functionality and beauty, with the jewelry collection as the star of the show.

How important is mobile responsiveness for a jewelry website?

In today’s swipe-and-tap era, mobile responsiveness is non-negotiable. Imagine a site that adjusts flawlessly across devices, ensuring that each diamond sparkles as bright on a phone as on a desktop. It's about making sure your online brilliance is not dimmed on smaller screens.

Can website design influence online jewelry sales?

Absolutely. A website acts like your digital salesperson – if it exudes luxury and trust, with a secure shopping cart and an interactive gallery, it can sway browsers into buyers. Remember, every design choice, from color schemes to checkout processes, directly nudges the visitor's decision-making.

Should jewelry websites include customer testimonials?

Definitely. Picture a vote of confidence shining as bright as a polished gem. Customer testimonials add a layer of trust, providing credibility by sharing real stories of customer satisfaction. They're the word-of-mouth for the digital age, whispering reassurances that can tip scales toward a purchase.

What are the best practices for showcasing jewelry on a website?

To show off those sparkles in web pixels, you need picture-perfect high-resolution images, and a product zoom functionality. Imagine giving online window-shoppers the feeling they're almost touching the gems. Categorize wisely, make descriptions poetic yet concise, and let visitors explore every angle with 360-degree views.

How can I make my jewelry website stand out?

Personalize it. Let your brand's story weave throughout the web design. Add unique features like online jewelry customization tools. Inject some creativity with videos, blogs, or designer interviews. You want to be that hidden gem of a boutique that everyone marvels at and remembers.

What security features are essential for jewelry websites?

Considering you're handling jewels and customer data, an SSL certificate is your digital safe. It ensures that transactions within the e-commerce platform are locked tight. Complement this with trusted payment gateways, and privacy compliance, because peace of mind is as priceless as the jewelry you're selling.

How do I optimize my jewelry website for search engines?

Think beyond sparkles. Incorporate keywords naturally, from 'sustainable' to 'engagement rings. Regularly update your blog with content strategy insights and stay active on social media marketing. It's about being seen, much like wearing a striking necklace – you want to be noticed.

What makes for a powerful jewelry website homepage?

It's your storefront window. It should be love at first site—grab attention with a hero image or carousel of your finest pieces. Add a clear call-to-action, and tease them with your bestsellers. It should be aesthetic, inviting, and promise a world of exquisite elegance inside.

When redesigning my jewelry website, what should I keep in mind?

Hold on to what works—like your user engagement strategy and your brand story. Introduce fresh interactive design elements and consider user experience (UX) trends. Above all, remember that your website’s function is to mirror the luxury and finesse of the masterpieces it presents.


So, we've taken quite the journey, haven't we? We've peered, like curious magpies, into a treasure trove of jewelry website design examples. We've seen the sleek, the bold, the minimal, and the outright opulent. Each design, a world of its own, beckoning with a shimmer here, a sparkle there.

Let's wrap it up.

Remember, captivating your visitor is like crafting the finest piece of jewelry. It's about that perfect blend of allure and accessibility.

Key takeaways?

  • Engagement is king. Website not only has to look the part but also feel responsive and personal.
  • Images that can almost let you feel the cool metal against your skin, that’s what you aim for.
  • And don't overlook the nuts and bolts – navigationshopping carts, they're the invisible yet essential threads in this digital tapestry.

So long, and here's to creating online spaces as timeless and beautiful as the jewelry they showcase—because that's what brings back the sparkle-seeking crowds, time and time again.

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