Website Design Quotation Templates and Tips to Set Your Fee
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Website Design Quotation Templates and Tips to Set Your Fee

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Crafting the perfect website design quotation is an art form. Each template not only serves as a blueprint but also embodies the spirit of a bespoke approach tailored to client needs. With an ocean of variables influencing the final price—ranging from web design pricing calculators to creative briefs—navigating this terrain can seem daunting.

In this article, I'll guide you through website design quotation templates examples that strike the elusive balance between comprehensive detail and striking simplicity. You'll learn not just how to concoct numbers but to communicate value, setting the stage for fruitful client relationships right from the proposal.

Expect insights into:

  • Effective structuring of custom web design proposals.
  • Interactive web design templates that respond not just to desktops but also to mobile queries.
  • Keeping up with costs with web design pricing guides.

By the end, you’ll have a better understanding of the elements that make a quote professional and persuasive in this dynamic field of web development.

Tips to set your prices wisely


In order to quote your website services, you first need to research the monetary value of the services that you offer. Even though you might not be experienced with handling finances and everything related to the business world, it is an aspect that you have to master in one way or another. Luckily, there are some tools that can help you with pricing your services by using industry data.

The first tool you can use is called Bonsai Freelance Rate Explorer. It is a simple tool that can compare your rate with how much other web designers in your area charge. What’s great about it is that it also has features that can help simplify your financial projections. One of these features is the annual income calculator which tells you how much you can earn based on the amount of time you’d like to put into your work and other details.

It’s important to notice how the prices vary from one country to another. Location is perhaps the highest influencing factor when it comes to charging for web design services. Depending on your location, you will have to charge according to the average prices of the market. See this report by NJ Creatives Network where web design rates vary from $40 to $75 per hour, reaching an average of $59. In other parts of the world, designers might ask for $100 per hour. Take into account all of these aspects that could affect your web designing quotation.

How to evaluate yourself

You can’t charge a lot if your services don’t add up to the expectations of the clients. Beginner web designers find it the most difficult to set prices for their services because they're unable to evaluate the quality of their work properly. The easiest way to deal with this situation would be to analyze the competition and check the average market rate for people with the same experience as yours. In addition, you could focus on:

Website design quotation tips

Fixed price

The first approach when it comes to quoting website prices is setting the same price for your projects, depending on certain criteria. For instance, you will know in advance how much a small, medium, and big website would cost. Even though it’s a good approach, you must learn when to charge more for more complex requirements. Project-based estimates shouldn’t include additional changes that go beyond the initial project scope.

These additional changes might seem insignificant at first, but they add up to your working hours and you deserve to be paid for them. Set an hourly estimate for extra working hours and include it in your website designing quotation. This way, you will know for sure that your work is paid fairly, and both parties accept the terms and conditions you’ve set for offering your services.



This is the most common way of charging clients in ecommerce web design, and it’s probably the most effective too. Instead of charging per project, set a price for each hour of work that you put into it. In the web design world, creating a website quote based on how much time you invest in it is a practical solution.

Because no website or client is the same, you will always stumble upon different opinions and need to make adjustments before delivering the final project. This is why an hourly price is more convenient. Do the clients want a change? Then they have to pay for it. Beginner web designers are usually paid $20 per hour and experienced ones can earn up to $100 per hour depending on how experienced or sought after they are.


If you don’t know exactly whether to set fixed prices or charge per hour, another web-designing quotation solution would be to create personalized price schemes for each client that wants to make use of your services.

For example, if you offer high-quality web hosting, ongoing maintenance, or site health checks as part of your package, this would be a great item to factor in when creating quotes.

The only inconvenience is that you’ll have to figure out the numbers after each and every project, and it might become quite time-consuming.

Luckily, there is an easier way to personalize your costs: using a web design quote template. They are convenient and free, so don’t be afraid to give them a try.

Website design quotation templates

Once you’re ready to take your web designing quotation to a professional level, you should use a quote template. These are documents that include most of the aspects that a web designer may or may not include on a site. Based on the preferences of the user, a web designer can figure out how much the overall process will cost and how long it will take. With some templates, you have the ability to list the prices for each extra feature that you add to a website, and the client can choose the ones they want in their own project. You may also want to use AI copywriting tools to fill up basic project technical details and FAQs like what is web designing, what is the process followed for web designing, etc. Adding such details can help you make your quotation more informative and attractive.

Here are a few great web design quotation templates that will help you set up appropriate prices for your services. Give them a try:

Free Web Design Quote Template


Web Design Quote Form


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How to develop your negotiation skills

Even while using a perfectly-built web design quotation template, you might still struggle to set prices for some services. Dealing with tough clients who want to obtain a lower price for your services can be overwhelming at times. This is why you should learn how to negotiate.

If communication is not within your top skills, negotiation may seem impossible but it will get easier in time, once you start noticing how people behave during negotiation. Read up on common negotiation techniques and try not to make compromises too often or you might earn less than you deserve. Negotiation is all about being fair both to yourself and your clients.

And above all, be consistent

Being an independent website designer also involves managing your own business. You will have to learn how to set correct prices from the very beginning and adjust them according to the market trends. You may still under- or over-price your services in the future, but it will happen a lot less if you use your web design quotation tools consistently.

There’s no universal way to do it. You should use the approach that you find the most convenient for your own services. The secret is to stick with that approach for the rest of your web designing career. Being constant instead of erratic is necessary when setting good, reasonable prices.

One of the SEO professionals, Yawer Malik of Cloudways shared his feedbacks regarding quotation templates "sending quote is not about the charges your company charge and it's not about just making a deal done, It's about showing your professionalism and reputation by designing a superb template in which you add the quote, It will show your company efforts in it."

FAQs about website design quotation templates

What should be included in a website design quotation template?

A robust template must outline project scope, timelines, pricing breakdown, detailed deliverables, and terms of payment. It's critical to mention specific web design services like SEO optimization and mobile responsiveness, ensuring transparency and setting clear expectations.

How can I make my website design quote stand out to clients?

Focus on delivering a clean, professional layout that reflects your brand. Embed interactive elements such as clickable content in interactive web design templates and personalize each proposal with insights into how your design choices specifically align with the client's business goals.

What common mistakes should I avoid in website design quotes?

Overlooking fine details like licensing fees or maintenance costs is a common pitfall. Ensure your website design quotation templates examples encompass all potential expenses to prevent client disputes. Clarity and inclusivity are your allies.

How do I estimate the cost effectively in a website design quotation?

Utilize a web design pricing calculator to ensure accuracy, taking into account various factors such as design complexity, number of pages, and additional features like e-commerce integration. This method prevents undercharging and helps in setting competitive, realistic prices.

Absolutely, stipulate clear web design contract samples concerning intellectual property rights, confidentiality, and cancellation policies. It's prudent to consult with a legal professional to tailor the terms that protect both you and your client legally.

How can I tailor my quotation template for different industries?

Adapt your template by researching industry-specific functionalities. For instance, a retail business might require an e-commerce design quote example, while a consulting service might need different functionalities, blending versatility with customization in your proposals.

What tools can simplify creating website design quotations?

Software tools like Adobe InDesign can elevate the aesthetics of your proposals, while platforms like Excel are great for detailed web design pricing guides and cost breakdowns. Modern proposal software can also automate much of the workload.

How often should I update my quotation template?

Regular updates are necessary to keep pace with changing web technologies and pricing norms. For freelance web designer quote templates, updating bi-annually or annually, dependent on market trends and personal growth in expertise, keeps your offerings competitive and relevant.

What's the importance of a follow-up after sending a website design quotation?

Following up demonstrates professionalism and keenness to engage. It's a moment to clarify doubts, adjust offerings, and solidify relationships, potentially increasing the chance of sealing the deal.

How do I handle negotiations over my website design quotation?

Be open yet assertive. Understand the client's budget constraints but also highlight the value and outcome of your custom website quotation. Offering modular options or phased pricing can help in reaching a mutually agreeable conclusion without devaluing your work.


Diving into the realm of website design quotation templates examples offers more than just a sneak peek into pricing structures; it's a comprehensive guide touching every facet of crafting the ideal proposal.

By now, a broad spectrum of insights has been unveiled—from detailing essential template components to leveraging tools like web design pricing calculators to sharpen accuracy.

Here’s a bullet list to recap the crucial points touched upon:

  • Professional layout and personalization enhance engagement.
  • Inclusion of all web design services prevents future misunderstandings.
  • Regular updates keep your templates in tune with industry standards.
  • Importantly, the strategic follow-up can pivot a potential no into a resounding yes.

Equipped with this knowledge, one can confidently craft quotes that resonate well with clients, ensuring clarity, professionalism, and, ultimately, success in every project proposal. 

Harness these strategies and watch the transformation in how clients interact with your quotes, driving business growth and fostering stronger client relationships.

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Albert Ślusarczyk
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