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Invincibly fast. Incredibly powerful.
Super intuitive.

Builder UI:
  • Presets
  • Be Custom
  • Favourite elements
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Handy tools on right click
  • Layer Navigator
  • Global Wraps & Sections
  • Single page import/export
  • Custom CSS, Classes and IDs
  • Auto, Light & Dark UI Mode
  • Modern & Classic Navigation
  • User interface

    Default Developer Blocks

Live Editing

What you see is what you get. Live & instant.
All drag&drop builder.

  • Inline editing

    Content editing has never been easier and faster. Do it as you like.

  • Drag & Drop Editor

    The most flexible builder for WP. Simply drag, drop & customize.

  • WYSWIG choice
  • Responsive visiblity

    Switch between various breakpoints and adjust layout.

  • Preview

    Preview changes in the frontend with literally one click.

  • Order Columns & Content

    Order wraps or elements appear in the container with ease.


Switch between global and local options from one place, easily.

  • Page Settings
  • Theme Options
  • Template Settings

Version History
& Data Security

Whatever you do, your data is always safe. Never lose your work progress again.

  • AutosaveUpdateRevisionsBackup

    Choose from 4 types of history storage. In addition, your data is saved automatically.

  • Undo/Redo

    Go back to previous steps or go to next steps using buttons or available shortcuts.

  • Draft Mode

    Switch to draft mode when necessary.

  • History mode


BeBuilder: Better than ever

Better than ever, faster than any other website builder for WordPress!

  • ~200%

    faster than

  • 20x

    less builder
    data storage

  • 3x

    loading speed
    of the builder


Completely rebuilded

The BeBuilder has been completely rewritten with Vanilla JS. Thanks to this, the code is much lighter and the content created in it, loads in the blink of an eye. No other website builder has ever been so fast and stable.


Blazingly fast and light with 100% score on GTMetrix and Google PageSpeed Insights

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From Header to Footer.
Build everything from scratch

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  • Advanced tab

    Style sections, wraps and elements

  • Create any Design with Figma

    and transfer to WordPress using BeBuilder

Use our elements
and libraries

Choose from available predefined elements, libraries and more.

700+ prebuilt websites

Constantly growing collection of fully responsive, fast and feature-rich prebuilt websites.

Meet all 80+ Elements

Add, edit and move the way you like, visually live or within blocks. It's that simple.

Prebuilt sections

Full of variety library of prebuilt blocks ready to use at the click. Amazing, isn’t it?

Icon Library

Choose between various built-in icon sets or upload custom if you like. Sounds great?


Switch between desktop, laptop, tablet & mobile and adjust settings to make it look perfect on any device. With no fuss.

  • Divide page

    Section descriptionWrapsNestes WrapsItems

  • Flexible Positioning

    Position sections, wraps and elements according to needs.

  • Normal/Onepage

    Switch between regular and one page anywhere you like.

  • Sizes (+/-) Custom

    Use predefined grid sizes or custom ones whenever you need.

  • Order Columns & Wraps

    Control the order of wraps & elements in flex container.

  • Positioning


  • Responsive Design


  • Visibility control

    Hide / Show in specific breakpoints or use custom ones.

  • Sticky Wraps

    Increase the attractiveness by "sticking" blocks to the screen.

Dynamic Data

Collection of data such as content, titles, images, excerpts, etc. at your disposal anywhere on the page.

Meet all the
Be's Builders

One tool, infinite possibilities. Build from head to toe, whatever you want, the way you like it with the most intuitive website builder for wordpress on the market.

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Footer Builder

Build your footer with use of our builder, customize all elements and make it looking perfect on every device.

Post Builder

Create a custom layout of posts and assign them to categories, tags and much more.

Portfolio Builder

Manage custom single portfolio templates from one place even more efficiently.

Display content using conditions

Create as many templates you like and assign them for specific kind of pages. Moreover, you can control if the specific template should be displayed on pages by given categories or tags.

  • Create template for Shop Archive or Single Product

  • Set conditions for your template

  • Customize the store details using available options

Work smarter.
Create better.
Build faster.

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Available only on Envato
All pre-built websites are included in a one single theme

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