The Most Popular Beauty Websites to Use as Inspiration

The Most Popular Beauty Websites to Use as Inspiration

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Sophisticated. Simple. Compelling. These are essential epithets to any effective beauty website. From beauty stores to spas, your business website is a window to your style. That means you always need to showcase your best on your website.

This is why so many brands in the beauty world follow specific central design policies. Since the beauty industry is especially fierce for competition, standing out is essential. Very few website visitors will be interested in a generic, run-of-the-mill website. Instead, the best and most popular beauty websites use their websites as a medium to showcase their individuality and creativity.

This article will showcase some of the best beauty websites online today. Each one is innovative, beautiful, and functional in its own way. Hopefully, this article can help inspire new ideas for your website and beauty brand.

GXVE Beauty


GXVE Beauty uses interesting website design features to showcase beauty and skincare products without the user simply scrolling through a menu. It makes online shopping more enjoyable.

Be Beauty


Fenty Beauty focuses on vibrant colors and strong use of images to catch the eye of visitors. It also utilizes clear navigation so you can quickly move in between product pages with ease.

Sikha Haircare


Sikha Haircare also uses vibrant colors to catch viewers’ attention, but it does so in a different manner. Since Sikha focuses on hair products, the site’s color scheme is mostly dependent on the hair color of the model for each photo.

Be Beauty 2


When it comes to online makeup stores, Winky Lux shines above the rest. The website utilizes a simple and clean checkout page with an easy-to-use cart system to make customers’ shopping experiences a breeze.

Dune Suncare


Dune Suncare is a favorite beauty store when it comes to sunscreen. How do they showcase the need for sunscreen on their website? One way is by displaying the temperature of warm areas, demonstrating the difficulty that is the sun, and the solution that is sunscreen.

Be Make Up


Instead of just telling their customers, Studio Sashiko shows they’re the best by showcasing results after their work. From there, the website gives a full description of their beauty products and services, but not before showing the results.

Aleph Beauty


Aleph Beauty uses simple and clean web design to calm their visitors. It’s a beauty site that plays to its own strengths.

Be Beauty 3 


Avene’s beauty website fully leans into the style of their brand. Since they mainly sells skincare products, their site focuses on topics like skin concerns and even offers a skincare regimen quiz.



Vimcosmo is an online beauty retailer that specializes in skin products. The site showcases their products distinctly, while keeping their site interesting with moving elements.

Be Beauty 4


ColourPop is one of the most popular beauty websites on this list, and for good reason. They utilize bright and colorful imagery and externally themed sections to interest their website viewers. Right now, they have a Legend of Korra theme, even going so far as to call their store page “The Republic City.”

Rare Beauty


Rare Beauty wears their values on their sleeve, and their website further demonstrates this. The website includes a mental health blog that shows the percentage of sales directed toward a mental health charity.

Wholy Dose


Wholy Dose offers an entirely different style of beauty products: superfood supplements. Although this site may differ in themes from the rest on this list, this site uses a strong white background and powerful content to demonstrate the unique benefits and ingredients in their products.



D.S. & DURGA uses strong shapes and great product imagery to market their items. They also use soothing colors and an excellent font choice to calm visitors and help them toward making a purchase.



Lancôme’s website uses an interesting new feature that lets customers try out products without spending any money, a “virtual try-on.” With it, customers can try out beauty products, see whether they work for them, and then make the purchase. This reduces many issues caused by conventional eCommerce sales, such as return costs and negative online reviews.

Peach & Lily


Instead of simply guiding customers to the product type, Peach and Lily uses a centralized navigation system that helps users find products useful for their specific skincare-related issue. As an example, if someone struggles with dark spots, they would be able to find a plethora of tailored suggestions and recommendations, regardless of product type.

Arcade Beauty


Arcade Beauty is a leader in the beauty industry, with a wide range of supporting brands and companies. They showcase their strengths on their website with well-written content and their ever-increasing posts.



Since Dior is a household beauty brand, it can relocate much of its web space away from images of products and instead showcase models wearing their makeup. Since most visitors already know their products, they can focus more on marketing their lifestyle, instead of trying to convince customers to buy makeup online.

The Ordinary


While many in the beauty game try to go for classic, old-school designs, The Ordinary instead aims for a modern, new-age design. They use a simple and sleek color scheme on their site to create an attractive and unique experience for visitors.

Tiny Bubbles Salon


Feals uses a simple color scheme to calm visitors on entry. They also separate their products into product categories to help simplify visitors’ shopping experiences.

Andersen Beauty


Anderson Beauty greets visitors with an overhead banner displaying all of their website’s products and features in one central location. Whether visitors are looking for makeup, hair products, or accessories, they can find what they are looking for immediately upon entry.

100% Pure


100% Pure focuses on one thing and one thing only: sales! They start their site with a hero section showcasing their deals. Next, they include a “Most Reviewed” section to showcase their most popular products. And last of all, they round it out with calls-to-action for their collections.



Arcana takes the interesting approach of showcasing the ingredients their products are made from. This shows customers that they aren’t just buying synthetic chemicals, and also demonstrates Arcana’s focus on using the best ingredients possible.

Shen Beauty


Shen Beauty uses plenty of white space and good font choices to place more emphasis on the photos and text on their website. This gives their website a sense of calm, as well as a more professional vibe.

Cloud 10 Beauty


Cloud 10 Beauty’s website is easily one of the best online beauty stores on this list, mainly due to its simplicity. Instead of complicating the site with product description deals, Cloud 10 instead chooses to simply showcase a few products and direct first-time customers to their newsletter.



Tenoverten uses interesting shapes and a smooth color scheme to create an interesting experience for website visitors. They also include quotes from magazines regarding their products, which act as a great referral.

r.e.m. beauty


Ariana Grande’s cosmetics brand, r.e.m. beauty, uses many interesting features to separate their website from other beauty brands, such as image carousels and a detailed search system. Since the beauty industry is naturally competitive, the most popular beauty websites need new, interesting features to stand out from the rest.



Ulé is all about using nature to create the best cosmetic care, and their color scheme further promotes their goals. They use colors like green, brown, and light blue to create a natural vibe while using colorful plants as accent colors to complete the look.

Kylie Cosmetics


Kylie Cosmetics uses their website as an online marketplace for their products. Since their products are known to sell out quickly, they keep their product pages front and center, as customers most likely want to quickly get to the store page upon entry.



Mitsui uses moving text and colorful images to catch visitors’ attention, while convincing calls-to-action work towards keeping visitors for longer. This combination creates a powerful synergy where visitors stay interested throughout the entirety of their journey through the website.

Projekt Glitter


Projekt Glitter starts their website strong with a vibrant homepage that has bright colors and eye-catching designs. Their site also follows a glitter theme, using glitter within nearly all of its features and pages.

Thrive Causemetics


Thrive Causemetics starts their website off by showcasing their promotions and deals. They also show off their products with a social media tab, demonstrating their lineup being used.



Since YOLU focuses on night care, their website follows a night sky theme. It uses a beautiful blue-purple color scheme while using constellation designs as images.



Hazel uses space to their advantage by using grand images that give a strong sense of scale. They then use the extra space as room for text and whitespace so as to not confuse visitors with too much information.

Luseta Beauty


Luseta Beauty’s website follows a simple and consistent design that gives their brand a professional feeling. They also use pastel colors to great effect, which gives the site a calm vibe.

Y’OUR SkinCare


Y’OUR Skincare follows a unique design with a natural and subdued color scheme. Although many beauty industries need vibrant and moving colors, skin care products can instead feel unique and natural with more simple and common colors.



Since Sephora is a global retailer with more than 300 connected product brands, their website need to include a lot of information. They solve this issue by heavily utilizing product categories, and separating products between skincare, fragrances, cosmetics, and the like.



Aevi grabs visitors’ attention instantly on entry with a video background and then keeps their attention with moving text and floating backgrounds. Then they continue to share their mentality toward beauty care and their product’s simple ingredients.



HALEYS Beauty also grabs visitors’ attention, but this time through animated images and morphing scroll animations. They also use moving text and image carousels to further create an interesting and informative experience.

Fable & Mane


Fable & Mane follows a tiger theme throughout their website, which creates an interesting feeling. They also use colorful images to further promote this theme, with an interesting background that acts as an accentuating feature.



Moooi created a dreamy landscape to showcase their products, from a blooming armchair to a silver carpet. It’s as if you’re entering a Salvador Dalí painting while buying furniture online.

Cap Beauty


Cap Beauty uses a chipper yellow color scheme to reflect their brand’s personality. They even further demonstrate their enthusiastic tone with “Yes, please” call-to-action buttons.



Djusie uses video backgrounds and neon colors to create a visually attractive experience for their visitors. They also showcase their product prices on their homepage, which helps customers get an early idea of whether they can afford their products.



Plenair created their website with a natural and organic design. They arrange their images seemingly randomly, without any grid or consistency. They also use a blue and light purple color scheme, which gives the site an open feeling.

Gucci Beauty


This site uses many features like mini video tutorials, interactable shade palettes, and a quiz game. These features help create a more interactable experience for visitors and give the site more value than simple online shopping.

Barry M


In contrast to the last example, this site focuses on simple navigation and clear product pages to help visitors find what they’re looking for as easily as possible. They also use an attractive logo, which is an important element of any successful brand.



Supergoop! is a company with a strong personality, and they demonstrate this through text and their many uses of exclamation marks. They also separate their products into categories, which helps keep their website clean and sorted.

Beauty For All (IPSY)


IPSY uses an eye-catching platform with moving text and video backgrounds to create an unforgettable experience for their visitors.



This site follows a simple, small design that maintains focus on their main point. They also showcase their payment and shipping methods to help customers’ shopping experience.

Coloured Raine


Coloured Raine stands out from the rest through its bold use of colors and imagery. They also promote their business by displaying their Instagram feed and by inviting others to follow them on social media.

Glo Skin Beauty


Glo Skin Beauty uses their website as an opportunity to showcase their new products and to help visitors with all their beauty needs. They do this through both their products and their online blog that answers common beauty questions.

Herb Essentials


Just like the name implies, the Herb Essentials website focuses on only the essentials with their minimalistic design. They use an almost monochromatic color scheme that creates a sense of unity throughout the site.



The website for selfmade uses a sliding hero header and a simple menu to create a simple yet attractive website. They also showcase their product ratings, which act as a great referral system.

Damn Good Beauty


This Australian company built their website with strong colors and shapes that demonstrate their strong personality. They also show exactly how many brands, products, and customers their company has, which can help build trust with website visitors.



Maircare uses a grayscale color scheme that gives their website a dark, brooding look, without overdoing it. They also show reviews from previous customers, all explaining their respect for Maircare’s work.



HETIME’s website starts out with a blended design, the hero image easily blending into the rest of the page with the website’s curved, wavy lines. It also uses moving elements to keep visitors’ attention for longer, while dynamic photography works at converting visitors into buyers.

Hey Pretty! Beauty


This website is attractive and easy to use, making searching for information a breeze for potential clients. Since Hey Pretty! Beauty specializes in weddings, they know that the planning process can be stressful. Their simple website navigation takes away what could be an added stress from their customers, helping them to have a good time on their special day.



KNC Beauty follows a strong pink color scheme that marks the entirety of the website. They also use large and brief text to catch visitors’ attention without boring them with too much information.

frank body


On frank body’s website, the use of casual copytext instantly gives visitors an idea of the feel they’re going for as a brand. They also use word “bubbles” and playful font choices to create a more relaxed experience.

ZIIP Beauty


ZIIP Beauty is a company built upon beauty and science to create a new kind of product. Their website helps follow this design with intellectual designs and charming imagery.



Muax uses a black-and-white color scheme to create the ultimate contrast between their website’s text and background. This contrast focuses viewers’ attention on the imagery within the website.

Surratt Beauty


While Maux used white text with a black background to create contrast with a dark, contemplative feeling, Surratt Beauty does the opposite with black text on a white background to create a chipper, upbeat feeling that makes traversing the website fun.

Sugarpill Cosmetics


Sugarpill Cosmetics is a brand aimed mainly toward millennials, and they do well catering to their audience. From their use of vibrant colors to their relaxed language throughout, it feels like a millennial is writing it.

Dr. Patrick Trevidic


This site uses plenty of engaging imagery and interesting text animations to keep visitors interested. It also makes use of a large font, which helps keep their paragraphs brief and gripping.

Paxo Health & Beauty


Paxo finds the perfect in-between on their website for helpful information and effective online shopping. They do this by combining their online blog and store into one centralized location while helping clients along the way.



Clinique includes many groundbreaking features to create a new experience for their website visitors, the greatest of which is their virtual skincare diagnosis and foundation applicator. This feature combines over 8o data points in a single scan using over 50 years of dermatological research and millions of example face scans.

Lash Star Beauty


Lash Star uses a unique white-and-gold color scheme that creates a feeling of professionalism and class. They also include before-and-after images for their mascara, which is always a good way of proving your product’s quality.

MAKE Beauty


MAKE Beauty uses large and inviting imagery to create a peaceful vibe for their website. They also use simple text so as to not bother visitors.

Addicted to Beauty


Addicted to Beauty is an entirely online brand for beauty accessories and hair tools. This focus on online presence comes through with their simple yet elegant website.

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics


Bobbi Brown is a brand that requires no introduction, and their website meets the brand’s expectations exceptionally. Their homepage does a great job promoting their new products, while their plethora of useful tutorials act well as effective content marketing.

Beyond Beauty


Beyond Beauty makes the brave decision of opening their website with a video, but the rewards much outweigh the risks in this case. Their video homepage succinctly explains the website’s purpose, while not overstaying its welcome for visitors with a purpose.

How Can You Follow the Most Popular Beauty Website Examples?

Since the beauty industry is naturally diverse and complex, it makes sense that there can be no one-mold-fits-all solution to an effective website. The websites on this list prove this point. While they all differ in many ways, each of them finds their own ways to attract, engage, and convert their audiences.

But do remember, the sites listed here are not just the most popular beauty websites because of the brands they represent. The sites listed here all stand out due to their easy navigation, great user experiences, and effective audience targeting.

This is to say that no matter how large your beauty brand is now, you have what it takes to create an amazing online presence. All you have to do is get started. Have fun!

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