Jaw-Dropping Recipe Website Design Examples

Jaw-Dropping Recipe Website Design Examples

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Recipe websites and food bloggers do a lot to help their readers. Besides providing recipes, they often include instructions and DIY information so people can make the recipe themselves. They provide information for those with special dietary requirements and offer substitutions for people with allergies and other dietary restrictions. And sometimes they provide information about the cultural significance or history of certain dishes and foods.

The best recipe website design includes high-quality images of the food or recipe being discussed. A simple website design with good quality photos and images can do more for a food blog or website than branding. But of course, your brand is important as well. So how do you find that balance?

Here are a few recipe website design examples to provide you with some inspiration.

Tried & True Recipes


This recipe blog includes some beautiful photography. The blog sports a custom-built theme, and it loads quickly. The blog posts are easy to read, which makes it enjoyable for visitors to find recipes that interest them.

Be Recipe


This is an online community where people can connect with others and share plant-based recipes.



This blog features an asymmetrical layout which makes the homepage design unique. A slider on the left features articles about cooking, recipes, health and lifestyle, and more. On the other half, visitors can browse the content available on the blog.

Be Recipe 2


This website has extensive archives of recipes from every category. Whether readers are looking for meal options or dessert ideas, this website has plenty of options.

Pierre Thiam


Chef Pierre Thiam is a big name in the culinary world. On his website, people can find articles, youtube videos, and recipe books.

Be Recipes 3


The mouthwatering images on this website inevitably draw visitors in.

The Kitchn


The clean, minimalist style of this website design is visually satisfying. The website design makes good use of white space and organizes elements from most to least important. The recipes, tips, and shopping guides are a great source of inspiration for aspiring cooks.

Be Diet


This website includes lots of options for filtering results, making it easier for visitors to find the exact recipe they want. In addition, there are separate links to vegan and gluten-free recipes so that people have and easy time finding them.

Binging With Babish


This is the website of the chef of a cooking show. On his youtube channel, he educates visitors and creates enthusiasm for cooking.

Be Meat


This is a different kind of food website. Sandra is a Zumba coach, but she is passionate about encouraging healthy eating habits. You can find some of the dishes she makes on this website.

Serious Eats


Here is another modern food blog featuring delicious recipes and eating guides. The website design is comprehensive, but simple, making it easy to navigate. The header features different articles andvisitors can explore the recipes through the search feature.

Damn Delicious


The purpose of this website is to provide quick meals that are easy to make. There is a wide variety of recipes across various categories. There are even dog food recipe ideas.

Heavenlynn Healthy


The creator of this food blog shares her love of food and nutrition through recipes that are both healthy and tasty. Besides being a food blog, the website also includes a lifestyle section with naturally made beauty products.

Just Cooking


The founders of this website put their 20+ years of experience in the food and hospitality industry to good use. They offer cooking classes and courses where they share their passion and experience with others.



This food blog makes it easy for visitors to get the maximum benefit from their resources. The website design is user-friendly and minimalistic. The well-organized content leaves visitors with a good impression of the website. The beautiful images add to the visual appeal of the site.

Green Kitchen Stories


This website includes things that you might not encounter on other food blogs. For example, you can buy supplements and even temporary tattoos on the website as well. They also include more traditional information you would find on a recipe website. They have an excellent collection of recipes across a variety of categories. The website also features some travel-based content.

a fork and a pencil


On this site, you can find collections for meals, snack ideas, and beverages. The design of the site itself is clean and visually pleasing. They also include the option to receive a newsletter with recipes via email.

The Cooking Academy


This cooking website design includes an intuitive eCommerce checkout. The photography is also eye-catching.

Love & Olive Oil


This food blog presents recipes that are quick to make and delicious, but don't cost a fortune to make. The design is both elegant and modern. The hero header features the latest post and the social media and subscription links. This food blog also makes great use of other features, like advertising banners, sticky headers, and search features.

Budget Bytes


This recipe website is a great example of presentation. Even foods that are on clearance are presented in a way that makes them appealing. This website design and the recipes prove that you don't need an elaborate design or a lot of money to create something beautiful (and delicious).

Instinct Origine


This food website includes many delicious gourmet dishes. You can also find tips for home cooking and seasonal products.

Jo Cooks


On this website, you can read the food blog of Joanna Cismaru. You can also purchase her cookbooks, admire the photos of the delicious foods she makes, and access her delicious recipes.

Alexandra Cooks


This fun food blog shares seasonal food recipe ideas. The homepage design uses a boxed layout, which looks well-organized and makes it easy to navigate. Instead of featuring the latest blog post in the hero header, Alexandra Cooks features a subscription block. This food blog also makes good use of images to entice visitors to keep looking around.

Gimme Some Oven


This food website design provides a fresh approach to recipe website design. They use a plain white background for each of their photos, rather than providing a setting for the photo. This results in a unique, crisp appearance for their photos.

Appetite for China


This cultural food recipe website belongs to a New York-based food writer and photographer. Diana Kuan has lived in several different countries outside the US, and on her website she shares her love for cultural dishes. Her work has even been featured on tv and in magazines.

Pinch Of Yum


Here is another modern food blog with a clean, neat appearance. The latest posts are featured on the home page, and the other posts follow as the visitors browse. The fresh, flavorful, healthy recipes featured are the central focus of the website.

Spoon Fork Bacon


Here is another mouth-watering food website.

Cookie and Kate


Kate is an Oklahoma-based food blogger. Her website includes a variety of vegetarian and whole-food recipe ideas.

Joy the Baker


This recipe website has watercolor touches to the design that make it appealing and pretty. The food blog features mouth-watering photos and images that provide some insight into her life in New Orleans.

Tori Avey


This food website beautifully combines the author's love of both cuisine and history. The website is very educational and provides a fresh, unique approach to food website design.

Final Thoughts on Recipe Website Design

There are a lot of elements that can contribute to an effective recipe website design. This list includes many beautiful examples of blending aesthetic and user-friendly elements. Creating a food blog or recipe website that is easy to navigate and includes quality images make visitors keep coming back.

Regardless of whether you are a food blogger or a professional chef, a well-designed website goes a long way toward encouraging visitors to choose your website when they need a recipe. If your recipe website design is both beautiful and functional, visitors will enjoy visiting your website.

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