The Best Retail Websites with Good and Efficient Design

The Best Retail Websites with Good and Efficient Design

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Are you making a website for your shop? What you want to do is create a pleasant online experience and an online community. Yet, do not forget about promoting your physical locations. You will find great inspiration in design examples of retail websites of other local stores.

People love beautiful designs. You see examples of this in the latest iPhones to delicious food in fancy restaurants. Think of this principle when you make a design for your online store. Your income may suffer if you fail to add a beautiful shopping environment for your online customers.

This list of more than 90 retail websites will give you lots of inspiration. All were chosen this year and put together for you.



True is a company of set builders for events and retail experiences.

Be Default Store




This shop offers new designer fashion from major brands and stores. They sell clothes, accessories, handbags, and shoes. This eCommerce website lets you buy these items at reduced prices.



This eCommerce site promotes the latest collection of Tourists of the World SS22.

Be Baby Shop


Central Retail Corporation


This example celebrates life and diversity. It represents Central Retail Corporation, a retail company that offers exciting experiences. Their website has a strong voice supported by matching web design and images.

Blok Watches


On this website, you will find more information about the Blok watch for children. This wristwatch has sapphire glass, a biopolymer casing, and a screw-down crown made of stainless steel. It is waterproof to a depth of 100 meters.

Be Clothing Store




Larq's website design tries to get you excited about drinking water. It uses clear images and animations to promote its reusable water bottle. You can also join the Bottle Movement and explore their other popular products.

Prodotti Indonesia


Prodotti Indonesia is a furniture retail network from Jakarta, Indonesia. They provide integrated luxury furniture.

Be Clothing 2




Rosehouse has an interesting product and a great eCommerce website design. They offer services for sending plants via bike courier. This is not something you forget easily.



It is not easy to describe KITH. Their business consists of two parts. The first is a lifestyle brand for men and women. The other is for  developing a retail shop.

Filling Pieces


The next on the list of eCommerce website examples is Filling Pieces from Amsterdam. They make fashion intersect where high fashion and streetwear meet.

Be Store 2




Lemkus, from South Africa, is a leading sneaker retailer. They make anything sneaker lovers like, including limited-edition clothing.



Lula Pace is a Los Angeles company founded and run by women. It offers a special sunglass collection.

Be Mall


Leis De Buds


This example of a retail website design comes from the flower industry. Leis De Buds brings Hawaiian hakus and leis to Vancouver. They put much emphasis on sustainability.

Spur Line Supply Co.


This eCommerce website design is for a shop from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Its simple design is what makes this site so beautiful and easy to use. Shoppers will find many unique items, but they will not find an overload of unnecessary frills.

Be Store


Clam Outdoors


This eCommerce site sells fishing equipment and other outdoor gear.

The Furniture Gallery


This example is a customized WooCommerce, WordPress, and eCommerce business. It presents the products of an Australian furniture maker.

MSCHF Sneakers


On this great eCommerce site, you can buy shoes made by the American art collective MSCHF. They love using sneakers as a medium for expressing themselves. After trouble with Nike, they decided to make their own shoes.



The website design for U&I BTQ radiates feminine fearlessness. They not only sell products online that are trendy, but encourage, guide, and motivate their customers to be confident.

Satya Organic Skincare


Branding is very important for the web design of this organic skincare retailer. The earthy tones emphasize the organic element of the products. It gives you the idea that their plant-based products are good for skin and that you should feel welcome.

Damian Harris Cycles


This online store offers the biking product of Damian Harris' shop in South Wales.



Sample parties are a great way to help future brides spend their money. Revelry will come to their home with samples and bridesmaids' dresses to try on.

Frock Boutique


The home page of the Frock Boutique gives a lot of general information about styles and brands. Shoppers never get overwhelmed with information. The goal is always clear; shopping. This online store helps its visitors to find what they want.



This next eCommerce website offers mattresses made of sustainable material. Keetsa hired a company, Motto, to rebrand the product and their website.



Are you looking for beautiful "vegan" fur for your couch? UnHide offers sustainable options and you can pick the one you like from your home. These are 100% cruelty-free options that match your preference.

Rivoli Group


Rivoli is an online business that specializes in luxurious lifestyle products. They have a selection of the best worldwide brands. The eCommerce website offers an excellent shopping experience.

Ananta Fine Jewelry


This next eCommerce website design is for a Thai diamond and jewelry retailer.

Books Are Magic


Emma Straub is a writer and entrepreneur from New York. This online store for books has a beautiful web design and offers unique user experiences. The Books Are Magic site sells, but also creates and maintains an online community.

Solo stove


Iconography is an underrated element in online retail websites. Solo Stove is an example of how to use it right. It has custom icons for each of its product category pages. They show what they sell and what the most important elements of each product are.

Early Majority


This website sells outdoor clothing for all circumstances. It uses a membership model based on a commitment to reducing environmental impacts. Early Majority promotes the slogan "Tools for Leaning Out".

My Tool Shed


On this eCommerce website, you will find more than 30,000 DIY and professional tools. You can find hand, cordless, and power tools, as well as consumables and hardware.



SES-Imagotag is one of the biggest names in IT solutions for retail and electronic shelf labels.



BAGGU is the producer of simple and everyday things and markets it through this retail website.

Ballast Point


Ballast Point shows this interesting design on their website. They use a marketing agency to identify the consumers' needs. Based on this knowledge, they adapted their online experience.

Return to OZ consignments


The next example of a great eCommerce site is for a retail shop from Annapolis, Maryland.

Take Heart


Take Heart from Austin, Texas, wanted to make something new. Besides a great online shopping experience, it has an awesome layout. They use heartwarming images that emphasize shadows and texture.

Jacques Marie Mage


On this eCommerce website, you will find Japanese eyewear. All models are exclusive and handcrafted. You will notice inspiration from different eras and disciplines.



Here you will find a great and interesting product made for selling online. Vaayu makes automated software that monitors retailers' carbon footprint.



Bata uses eCommerce stores to sell their international quality footwear.

Alicia Moore


Alicia Moore has her own website for selling her enduring brand. The design is aimed at women that want comfortable clothes with a bold statement.

Haute Living


This luxury furniture retailer has a 4,000 square feet showroom. You can also see their decor, lighting, and furniture on their website.



On this eCommerce site, you will find the right style for you.



This is not a retail website. It promotes a performance service for retailers of big brands in France.

Good Zones


Good Zones offers outdoor clothing and gear. The eCommerce website design is fresh and unexpected.

Area 51


Area 51 is a retailer that offers several special brands. They pick up-and-coming local talent and give them a platform for selling their products online. They also have larger, exciting, international brands.



JR/Group, by James Richardson from Australia, provides office furniture and fabrics.



The Ubac eCommerce store sells environmentally responsible basketballs. Their local manufacturers, in Portugal and France, use recycled wool.

Old World Kitchen


There are so many online shopping options for kitchens and kitchen products, but this one stands out in its clear design. Old World Kitchen offers a great experience for its target audience of shoppers.

Encinitas Surfboards


There is old-fashioned and there is old school. They are definitely e not the same. This online shop is old school in the right way. It is cool and laid back and that is what makes this shop great.

Valiram Group


We are all familiar with going to a physical location and browsing around. Valiram wants to bring that to the online shopping experience. This eCommerce website design is changing all the time, according to the latest trends.



This website is so gorgeous. Bliss is a skincare brand and many spas use it in their treatments. Bliss offers the colors baby blue, Gen Z yellow, and Millenial pink. Each color appeals to a specific group of buyers.



Markarian, by Alexandra, has a romantic and timeless graceful design. The brand is from New York City.

Cloth & Company


Cloth & Company offers this eCommerce store for custom printed textiles. This home furnishing brand works together with artists to make these unique retail collections.

Nite Watches


These special watches will work under all circumstances, even very extreme cases.

Alphalete Athletics


With Alphalete lifestyle and fitness clothing, you will want to work out.

Bindella Wineshop


This eCommerce store is for one of the biggest Swiss wine retailers.

Apple and Oak


This example stands out because of the great copy and charming design. It aims at attracting a certain target audience.

Amsterdam Vintage Watches


This retailer specializes in the sale of vintage watches from Audemars, Cartier, Patek Philippe, Piguet, and Rolex.

Tom's Pies - Food Portfolio


Creasis made this special food portfolio website for Tom's Pies. Besides the food products, the website stands out because of their unique art packaging.

Last Bottle


Last Bottle offers daily fine wine package deals. This online shopping business is from Napa Valley, California.



It is clear from the name. Madhappy is an optimistic brand. Their products and web design aim at making the world a better place.

E-Liquids Superstore


This British eCommerce store has everything for vaping and e-cigarettes.



The people behind Ceraudo call themselves digital sisters. They search for unique antiques and offer them through their eCommerce sites. Their existing site makes these unique items accessible for everyone.



The design for this online store shows the passion this company has for espresso and Italian craftsmanship.

Jean Paul Gaultier


Here you find the official website of the Jean Paul Gaultier brand.



Fresh started as a local small business. Now, it has grown into a complete line of skincare offered through their eCommerce sites. Around the world, people can buy body care, skincare, fragrances, and more. It is a great example of good branding.



This online retailer offers luxury fashion. They have been offering fashion in their Italy and Switzerland stores for 60 years.



You can find lots of skin care products on this list of eCommerce websites. This one is unique in their approach to sourcing its products. They go straight to the roots. The plants they use are the source of inspiration and give you beautiful radiant skin.



Butterworths has been in business for the last 40 years. This family business specializes in casual and fashionable menswear. Their British store now has its own website as well.



If you want to match your dress with your greatest sailing hobby, you will find what you want on this Danish site. Seasonsail has luxury sailing and yacht wear.

Edie Parker


Edie Parker Flowers has everything for entertaining at home or for a night out. It combines the best in fashion and flowers. Their attractive color palette stands out. The color scheme works together with the site’s images and layout.

Hausbrandt Caffee Croatia


The roots of Hausbrandt are in Italy. This website promotes the Croatian version of it. This B2B retail store has a user-friendly catalog where you can manage your favorite products.



E3 wants to bind clients and inspire loyalty and reliability. The user experience focuses on those qualities. The site is simple and easy to use.



Here you find a website for a furniture consultancy firm. They give advice for office, healthcare, hospitality, retail, and educational spaces.

Pure Cycles


The layout of this website is simple. The use of white space draws attention to the stars: their great bikes. The online user experience is very personal.

Concepts x Nike Air Max 1


Nike and Concepts worked together to produce the Air Max 1 SP "Heavy" sneaker. This was to celebrate 35 years of an iconic sneaker model. You can buy them in Concepts stores or on this dedicated online store.

The Horse


The Horse's website is first of all very beautiful and elegant. The visitor first sees the amazing visuals and then the call-to-action buttons that will help them take the next step and buy.



The BedWorld retailers have been online for over 20 years. Through their online store, they have been offering their unique handcrafted beds.



The style and color scheme match the lovely eyewear, jewelry, and watches. Visitors receive extra information on brand collaborations. There is a “Trending Now” section where they can check the latest affordable products.

A Fresh Take


This is a website designed for a special occasion, the 30th anniversary of Fresh. You can take part in the conversation through this new world-changing website.



This Japanese retail website offers different brands. They stock famous ones like Hender, Namacheko, Scheme, and Sunsea.

Couplet Coffee


The next example of one of the nicest retail websites is Couplet Coffee. They go beyond selling coffee beans.



Allbirds sell clothing that is more responsible. People that care about the environment will love shopping here. The content adjusts to the user's language and shows that everything is "made with natural materials".



People around the world enjoy Japanese Matcha. SummerRain has ceremonial type matcha from the area of Kyoto. They deliver wherever you want.

Elements Home & Garden


WooCommerce is an easy platform for building eCommerce stores. Ad Lab used it to make this one for Elements Home & Garden, a leader in garden furniture.



Mahabi wants to convert the humble slipper into a footwear item for modern life. Their website shows how their designs will achieve that.



In this retail store, you can do more than buy stuff. You can also raise money for your favorite charity.

Topo designs


This website uses product images to entice its potential customers. Outdoor enthusiasts will love the high-quality images. The website design uses specific backgrounds to make the picture stand out even more.



Elite Bath+Kitchen offers kitchens, bathrooms, and appliances. The website design aims at evoking an emotion. The emphasis is on the design and usability of their products.



This eCommerce website by Trellis introduces the new Casabella home products line. Based on Magento 2, Bradshaw offers their products via Target and their own website.



Pack4it offers POS software through its cloud solutions. Their target audiences are wholesalers and retailers. They specialize in the best POS system for customers.

Emphasis Jewellery Brand Site


Emphasis, from Hong Kong, has limited edition designer jewelry collections. This luxury store works together with many international jewelry brands.

Canal Street Market


This virtual market sells food and offers a community space in New York's Chinatown.

Anna Clothing


Anna is an independent retailer of women's clothes in the United Kingdom. They specialize in a combination of great customer service and awesome clothes design.

Fantasy Shopping


The last on the list of awesome retail websites is Fantasy Shopping. This concept motivates online sellers to use a good design in combination with functionality.


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