The Best Healthcare Websites for Inspiration
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The Best Healthcare Websites for Inspiration

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February 11, 2024
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The Best Actor Websites You Should Check Out
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February 11, 2024

Navigating the intricate web of online presence, healthcare website design stands as a beacon—vital, yet daunting. Imagine a landscape where functionality marries empathy, where pixel-perfect layouts echo the precision of surgeons. This space is my canvas, where I architect digital experiences tailored for both healers and those in pursuit of healing.

From the sterile corridors of clinics to the intuitive clicks on your screen, the transition is monumental. Here lies the undeniable truth: a well-designed healthcare platform can be as comforting as a physician's reassured smile.

In this article, we'll dive into examples that embody excellence in medical web development. You'll be privy to how the gentle swipes on a User-friendly patient portal or the seamless navigation of a telehealth platform can revolutionize patient care.

By the end, expect an x-ray vision into successful designs. The objective? To inspire standout creations that bridge the gap between medical expertise and patient experience, while ensuring compliance with stringent regulations like HIPAA. Let’s decode the DNA of top-tier healthcare websites together.

Healthcare Website Design Examples



Kindlbody has a very aesthetically pleasing healthcare website design. They use warm and approachable colors in line with their brand and make customers feel calm and welcomed. Navigation is a breeze, and it simply guides you to the service you need.

Also, there is an integrated appointment-making function that makes scheduling very easy to manage.

 Diet Shop


Centura Health


Kindlbody has a very aesthetically pleasing healthcare website design. They use warm and approachable colors in line with their brand and make customers feel calm and welcomed. Navigation is a breeze, and it simply guides you to the service you need.

Also, there is an integrated appointment-making function that makes scheduling very easy to manage.



Fifth Avenue Healthcare Service


This Healthcare Credentialing Group website looks contemporary and clean. The colors are in line with the company's logo, and the accreditation badge is located directly on the home page.



Sunshine State Women’s Care


One could argue there isn't much the healthcare industry can do to make online presence more engaging. And yet, Sunshine State Women’s Care abolished this myth.

Their website focuses on women's health. This explains the aesthetically pleasing lavenders and blues, as well as the imagery. The feminine look is then smartly balanced with clinical expertise. You can see two cheery ladies pointing on the header CTAs, inviting visitors to get involved.

Mayo Clinic


The Mayo Clinic is an experienced healthcare organization represented all over the States. Their health website is best known for the lively colors and vibrant pictures, as well as regularly updated information.

On the Mayo Clinic home page, users can access a medical news section and a full list of products and services. If you envisioned your website design as an education hub, you've got a winner.

University Health


University Health is, in fact, an academic health system for users in San Diego and Bexar County. It is interactive and personalized, and therefore very inviting for younger users,


Sinai Chicago


All best medical websites use real models for online advertising, but Sinai Hospital does it best. Their scene replication is elegant, to say at least. The reason is that they uploaded emotionally-resonant portraits of their actual patients.

The connection is instant. You believe in them, you admire them, and you are ready to entrust them with the most important thing you have - your health.



Tia is a branding master, as shown on their warm and approachable website. They've made some really smart choices when it comes to colors and appeal, and they are often preferred by younger patients. Foremost, they target Gen Z's and Millenials.

This blue-on-white palette is everything a favorite healthcare website should have. It is interactive and casual, and it will never bore you.



How about an app? BetterMe is the current market leader with more than 100 million downloads. They teach visitors about mental health, nutrition, workouts, and many other aspects of a healthy life.

Northwestern Medicine


Let's take a turn to an end-to-end hospital website to learn how to distribute information. The hospital website contains lots of images, but also figures and stats that tell visitors a story.

On the home page, you can learn which physicians are in charge, how many employees there are, and which awards the institution won. There is a call-to-action button on each of the sections to lead you where you want in a matter of seconds.

In the central area, you will find the main 'Request appointment' button that drives most traffic their way.

Olathe Health


At first sight, this website is simplicity itself. There is a white background, a logo, and four essential functions. These are the patient portal, the find-a-doctor button, the find-a-location button, and the payment section.

As you navigate further, you discover how interactive the website is. There is action behind every button, and visitors are provided a virtual tour of the functions. As you see, the streamlined design does have a way of entertaining an audience.

The Royal Melbourne Hospital


Check this traditional hospital website with an ultra-modern content strategy. The landing page is serious and trustworthy, as you'd expect from a hospital with over 170 years of experience.



Healthx is very active in developing healthcare models and best practices for the most concerned patients. They use biometric technologies, AI, and precision medicine, just as indicated on their website.

Deakin Dental


There is hardly any trick out there to make you enjoy dentist visits. This is why dentist websites go the extra mile to provide an interactive and playful experience.

Deakin's site, for instance, is minimalist and fun. There is a smiling family with beautiful teeth in the center, and the used fonts are smooth and nonö-authoritative.

Carson Tahoe


Not that many healthcare organizations tell the story of what happens behind closed doors. Carson took a shot at it with a beautiful sunrise video, with surgeons getting ready to initiate their procedures.

The minimalist design ensures visitors are not overwhelmed with information. There is only the 'Help me find' button at the bottom of the page. So, take your time.

IU Health


Indiana University Health has a website for delivering all sorts of healthcare information. The neat keyword feature will help you find what you need, and even filter through results upon different criteria.

Next to medical records and patient care information, the site offers access to medical news, events, locations, and much more. Best of all, recent searches are saved in the left margin to improve user experience.



ThedaCare wouldn't win the pageant of medical services websites, but its upsides are even more important. The site is fully ADA compliant, takes less than 1 second to lead, and performs at a 98% uptime scale.

Royal Adelaide


Royal Adelaide hospital is a governmental hospital situated in Adelaide, Australia. The website is well-organized. The care of the hospital is displayed in its main question you can see on the homepage on the right side — “Do you have an emergency?”. Users can click on it to get the assistance of specialists as soon as possible.




Dr. Trevidic is a very successful doctor that specializes in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. Today's takeaway is that he is also a web design master.

This website targets a primarily feminine audience. That explains the beautiful imagery, as well as the pastel, spring colors. It is without doubt one of the most aesthetically-pleasing websites on our list.

PIH Health


PIH Health is a California health institute that didn't save when it came to its website. Within seconds, they will tell you a story that is system-centric and friendly, and you will not doubt whether to trust them.

Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU)


This home page is clean and easy to navigate. The institute has a lot of information to display, but they do a great job keeping the content organized.

What we love is how easy it is to find what you need. The website also involves visitors within a traditional, community-centered environment.

Cleveland Clinic


This website is both desktop and mobile-friendly. It is used by patients and doctors likewise, which is why information is divided.

It comes with a very intuitive interface and super-easy navigation. Readers can also benefit from a huge library with articles, videos, and interactive health tools.

Michigan Avenue


If you are looking for a playful website with an eye-catching design, look no further. Call-to-action buttons are easy to find. In addition, visitors register much more often than on similar favorite healthcare websites.

If the goal is simply enabling visitors to book an appointment (even a virtual one), you've got yourself a winner.



BiomeSense revolutionized the discovery of the human microbiome. You can read all about their precision medicine advancements on the elegant website.

The Nudge Group


The Nudge Group tried to create a unique patient website. They didn't abide by the expected parameters of other counseling websites, and that is what made them special.

Consider adopting a similarly warm color scheme, or relaxing nature scenes. The Nudge Group teaches us to be creative with our web projects, regardless of what we do.

Urgent Team


It is difficult to engage site visitors in a branch such as urgent care, but this Team did it. They have one of the catchiest and fastest healthcare websites on this list.

Huntingdale Dental Clinic


Huntingdale keeps visitors hooked site visitors with nothing but simplicity. Scroll down to the bottom of the homepage and you will find all the essential information. The web design also comes with clear calls to action and a simplified appointment form. Does it get easier than this? 

Macquarie University Hospital


What makes this website unique is its focus on scientific research. They also have some of the most creative images on this list, such as geometric insignias imprinted on human bodies.

Research the website, and you will find web pages with information on modern medical equipment.

Rush Medical


Chicago’s Rush Medical does a great job providing its audience with engaging health-related content. With an easy-to-navigate site, Rush makes use of well-written articles on multiple subjects. These range from health conditions and organizational news to health-oriented events and classes. All highlights are shared on their social media profiles. 



This is a great example of a website whose main area of focus is hypernatural aesthetic medicine. The colors are subtle and there is a relatable smiling face to greet you on the landing page.

Scanlons Health Services


This company specializes in developing medical software and hardware. 

Their website is their best piece of work. You can test their responsive design on spot, and use advanced animated navigation bars packed with graphs and icons.

The typography is great and makes reading very easy. In the same fashion, their CTA buttons are straightforward and very likely to spot.

Ghosh Medical Group


Check the healthcare website of these specialists from northwest England. The website works with the most trustworthy color combination ever - blue and gold.

This website also has advanced security features and ensures all health information is well protected.

Phoenix Children’s Hospital


It is amazing how this website balanced a playful, interface with pure medical professionalism. These are not two things you can easily put together on a screen.

The home page is very accessible and uses a warm and inviting palette, mostly based on blue and red tones. Pictures of smiling children are greeting you all the way and they convince you that the health of your child is in safe hands.



The design of SonderMind's website is really simple, but it still provides you with all information you need. The messages they displayed are benefit-driven, which means each of them has a hidden call-to-action button. Signing up is extremely easy, and so is access to relevant health information.

Gritman Medical Center


This beautiful, sunny website belongs to a US-based nonprofit hospital. Their call-to-action buttons are incorporated into interactive icons. Moreover, they use understated blue nuances to underline the quality of their services.

Blue Cross Blue Shield


On this website, you don't have to like ten times until you find the information you need. As you hover over their menu, it expands automatically and shows you which options are available.

Fitwise Physiotherapy


What we are looking at here is a masterpiece of uplifting and contemporary web design. Every single item on this site sends a positive message and improves the whole 'looking for a doctor experience.

Information is packed inside regularly updated tables so that visitors are always on top of their appointments. For those who want to read more, there is a whole section on typical physical problems and how to deal with them.

NYC Health + Hospital


Even if you are not from New York, you will recognize this logo. The website also puts in action heart-touching pictures that resonate with any visitor.

Colorful and heart-touching images on healthcare websites resonate with every visitor. From the homepage to other web pages of the website, the brand talks about the diversity and friendliness of the staff. The navigation is simple and user-friendly.



Ermi reinvented the entire web presence to present its innovative medical devices to wider audiences. On their homepage, it will be more than easy to find the right doctor and insurer.

Cibola Hospital


The Cibola Hospital website makes effective use of colors and all important features. Their service palette is quite wide. Yet, they've managed to arrange information in intuitive sections and health libraries. The navigation bar will take you to the desired information with a single click. 

Greensborough Road Surgery


This website is indeed very simple, but it works. What we learned from it is that complex web design in health care is not always desired.

Navigation is easy, information is on point, and there are beautiful images on every page. Whatever is bothering you, this website will make it easier.



Medtronic is a research & technology leader in the medical branch and has a website that proves it. They lead target audiences exactly where they want them to be, thanks to a state-of-the-art navigation bar.

You can find plenty of useful information on this website. For example, there are discussions on remote monitoring of COVID patients and a visual exhibit about diabetes.

Doctor Steven Park


This is one of the best medical blogs nowadays. The layout is quite standard, but the portrait image of Dr. Steven Park gives it a personal touch. On this website, you can watch videos, listen to coaching podcasts, and learn more about Dr. Park's books and awards.



Gineko's website is the definition of what we call 'friendly medicine'. Designers invested some serious efforts into welcoming all visitors, regardless of their age or needs.

One Medical


One Medical uses an elegant and simple design to engage audiences. You will get inspired by their beautiful and bold fonts, and the comfort they bring to serious medical topics. The color palette relies foremost on earthy greens, all in favor of calming and comforting their visitors. The gallery with well-chosen photos is another important upside.

Karen Threlkel, ND


Dr. Threlkel's website is all about vitality and healthcare. Check it for more ideas on how to promote acupuncturist services.

Children's National


Speaking of intentional design, the first two buttons that capture your attention on this site are 'Find a Doctor' and 'Search Services'. As simple as that.

And yet, some of the US's most prominent pediatric specialists organize this show behind the curtains. The same can be said about the designers, as they did an excellent job easing the pain and disability of children with their fresh and inviting pages.



Lifespan has a clean whitespace design with multiple color accents. The website is comfy and easy on the eye.



ZocDoc is a hub for physicians throughout the United States. On this site, patients enter personal information such as their condition, city, zip code, and insurance carrier. This referral site creates a list of doctors that fit their search query requirements. ZocDoc provides patient ratings for each doctor in the network.

Andrew’s Hospital


Here comes another example of a website created for all ages. There isn't much information on their landing page, but visitors can still accomplish what they came for. They can find the right doctors and book an appointment.

Institute of Dermatologists


This website, as well as the institute behind it, treats patients with respect. They lure you into a relaxing and calming ambiance and make you wish you were a part of their story.

Mayday Healthcare


Let's check this great UK-based platform for medical staff. The website has a parallax effect and predominantly white design, which makes all visitors feel comfortable. There is a know-how section on healthcare web design practices. 

DHR Health


The DHR Health website is the most comprehensive health institute in South Texas. Their wide offering of health services is neatly packed on a single home page.

Rest Assured


This website complies with all accessibility requirements, including the WCAG 2.9 AA Level. This means that the website caters to the needs of all audiences, and can be repurposed to use in any industry. In web design terms, this means using large and accessible icons, keyboard navigation, contrasts, and bold fonts.

Barrett Plastic Surgery


Barrett is a specialist in plastic surgery, and apparently in web design. Their first choice was a strong header to immediately dismiss all 'unrealistic' industry concerns.

The site 'attacks' visitors with bold call-to-action buttons and realistic photos of their work. The color palette is classic black-and-white, here and there followed by inviting browns that inspire trust. 

Clinica Dental Escariz


Nobody likes going to the dentist. Aware of this, Clínica Dental Escariz developed a landing page with just about the right photos to make you want to visit their practice.

NOVA Orthopaedics 


The highlight of this website is easy scheduling. Their advanced calendar is fully integrated with a provider list, a location map, and a healthcare blog. Once an appointment has taken place, the site reminds customers to rate their appointments.

The Alfred


Modern healthcare companies should follow Alfred's example. This means they should use patient stories to get new customers involved. The imagery of physicians helping patients and the patient testimonials bring new clients their way.

They use an image for every section, but they somehow manage not to exaggerate. That's a useful trick to have up the sleeve. 

Virginia Hospital Center


This Arlington-based website has many impressive functionalities, among them its very responsive design. The search functionality is very healthcare-specific. It is related to all information on their website and therefore leads visitors to the desired location, provider, or service with ease.

DHR Health


The reason why DHR has a better site than many competitors is its focus on searching. You can't miss their searching bar, and you don't need an array of keywords to land on the desired page.

Better yet, there is an excellent video that reinforces the 'everybody's brand' feeling. From the first moment you see their website, all other options are out of the question. 

United Healthcare


What makes the United Healthcare website is that it has no target audience. It simply works for every generation. 

Their information is neatly packed on the landing page, and their design highlights the importance of diversity. 

Health Insider


At Health Insider, they strive to produce trustworthy, informative, and thoroughly reviewed articles for people who want to learn more about living a healthy lifestyle. You can read topics covering wellness and diet plans with psychological insight into mental health.

Their medical professionals waste no time sourcing health-based information and ensuring everything is top-notch for their dedicated readers. They are here to answer some questions regarding the emotional and physical aspects of improving your health.

Health Reporter


At Health Reporter, they focus on creating only the best and most trustworthy health articles. Their team of medical professionals and writers works hard to educate readers on the most important topics. You can turn to their range of articles covering weight loss, nutrition, general fitness, and more. In the messy online world, it’s essential to focus on reliable facts. That’s why it’s their mission to publish informative and safe content for curious individuals.


FAQ on Healthcare Website Design

What elements are critical for a healthcare website's user experience?

A well-designed healthcare site blends User Experience (UX) with patient needs. Crucial elements include simple navigation, fast load times, and mobile responsiveness, ensuring users can access health information with ease. Online appointment systems should be intuitive, and content must be engaging, educational, and empathetic.

How does one ensure healthcare website compliance?

Compliance is a cornerstone for healthcare sites. Strict adherence to HIPAA guidelines for patient data and the American Disabilities Act (ADA) for accessibility is non-negotiable. A secure SSL certificate and database encryption safeguard sensitive information, while conspicuous privacy policies and terms highlight transparency.

Can healthcare websites integrate patient portals effectively?

Certainly! Integration of user-friendly patient portals is pivotal. Successful examples showcase seamless login interfaces, secure health messaging, and straightforward access to electronic health records. A robust CMS often supports these features, providing patients a centralized spot for health management.

What role does mobile design play in healthcare websites?

Mobile design is a cornerstone, with more patients turning to their smartphones for health information. A responsive medical site ensures accessibility across devices, maintaining functionality and user experience irrespective of screen size. Crucial services like online health service booking need to be mobile-optimized.

How important is SEO for a healthcare website?

Medical SEO strategies are vital for visibility. Search engine optimization ensures healthcare websites reach the intended audience. Strategic use of medical keywords, quality Healthcare content strategy, and healthcare CRM integration elevate rank and draw in more patient traffic, ultimately improving the site’s presence and reach.

Can a healthcare website feature a blog?

Yes, incorporating a health blog is beneficial, adding a dimension of authority and trust. With a focus on content management and relevant healthcare information architecture, a blog can drive SEO while providing valuable disease education resources and establishing thought leadership in the healthcare industry.

How do telemedicine features integrate into healthcare websites?

Telemedicine is increasingly in demand. Integration involves embedding telehealth platform functionalities such as video consultations, virtual check-in forms, and real-time patient-provider messaging. UX/UI design specifically tailored for these features ensures they're intuitive and secure, fostering patient confidence in remote healthcare services.

What design aspects enhance the credibility of a healthcare website?

Credibility is all about professional aesthetics, accurate health IT solutions, and a tone reflecting expertise. Including patient testimonials, credentials, certifications, and affiliations with healthcare authorities strengthens trust. Responsive web design with a clear, easy-to-navigate layout also reinforces a site’s professionalism and reliability.

How can one optimize the speed of a healthcare website?

Site speed optimization is crucial for user experience and SEO. Techniques involve optimizing image sizes, leveraging browser cache, using a fast content delivery network (CDN), and minimizing HTTP requests. Regularly revisiting the website's technical infrastructure for updates also keeps loading times to a minimum.

How does data privacy factor into healthcare website design?

Data privacy is integral—non-negotiable in healthcare. SSL encryption, secure database management, and compliant data handling practices are the bedrock. The design must facilitate secure login areas and encrypted data transmission to ensure patients' sensitive health data are protected in accordance with industry standards like HIPAA.


So, we've danced through a gallery of healthcare website design examples, each with its own pulse. These digital canvases blend medical web development finesse with empathic user experience. It's not just tech—it's art with a heartbeat.

  • Crisp, clear layouts
  • Secure patient portals
  • Thoughtfully placed online appointment systems

They all sing in harmony to put usability and trust at the forefront.

Each example spotlights the gravity of a responsive medical site—a lifeline in a pinch. As we wrap this up, remember: great design is invisible. It’s the silent custodian that guides a worried visitor to solace or an urgent query to resolution swiftly.

The take-home message? It’s all about creating those silent guides meticulously—patient-centered design that feels both personal and comprehensive, like a well-thumbed brochure handed over with a kind glance, yet accessible at the touch of a fingertip. It's intricate. It's essential. And it's the future of healthcare digital marketing and patient engagement.

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