Great Plastic Surgery Websites with Modern Design
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Great Plastic Surgery Websites with Modern Design

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Imagine this: you're unwrapping a masterpiece, one pixel at a time. That's the essence of top-tier plastic surgery website design examples—where aesthetics meet precision, and function weaves through beauty.

In the realm of digital canvases, a plastic surgeon's website is not just a platform; it's a doorway to transformative journeys. It mirrors the meticulousness of a surgeon's hand, shaping first impressions with the same dedication as the life-altering procedures they perform.

Dive into a curated collection of designs that will guide you through the art of creating a seamless online experience. From cosmetic surgery web layouts to visual portfolios, these pages are stitched with the ethos of patient care and the allure of visual storytelling.

By journey's end, you'll have glimpsed user-friendly interfaces tailored for the medical boutique, decoded the DNA of engaging patient testimonial pages, and discovered the secret sauce that makes a clinic's online presence resonate with potential patrons.

Lean in. This isn't just about the 'what' and 'how'. It's an expedition through the 'why' that carves the path from inspiration to creation in plastic surgery website design.

Best Examples of Plastic Surgery Websites

VIP Plastic Surgery


VIP Plastic Surgery's website has a simple navigation system which makes it user-friendly.

It features testimonials from previous clients. The high-quality and compelling media shows the results of their procedures.

Carmony Oral, Facial & Implant Center


This website uses images with muted colors. Its drop-down menus allow the visitors to navigate without too many clicks.

It also features an unobtrusive back-to-top button on the bottom side of the page.



Studio III designed the website for Rapaport Plastic Surgery. The color is a perfect combination of white and coral pink tones.

The site categorizes the services available according to the parts of the body. This makes it easier to search for the procedures and treatments.

Singapore Plastic Surgery Clinic


Singapore Plastic Surgery Clinic's website is powered by ThemeZee, a WordPress theme provider.

The website design is very simple. It has a clean black and white aesthetic, and a very easy navigation system.

The website copy highlights the benefits of plastic surgery and gives an overview of the services offered.

Bellevue Aesthetic


Bellevue Aesthetic is a German cosmetic surgery clinic. Its website has two language options: German by default and English.

The website has warm earth tones which create a calm, relaxing vibe. It has an appointment booking feature so visitors can schedule an appointment online.

BeBeauty Theme


This has a minimalist web design with a simple yet fun combination of white, black, and pink colors. It is user-friendly thanks to its clean layout and straightforward navigation system.

It also features an online consultation request system. This enables visitors to request a consultation for free.

Contours CLINIC


This website features a consultation request system that automatically pops up upon opening. The website design is modern and it has a white, purple gradient, and blue color theme.

The website also has an appointment booking feature and a search bar.

Shafer Clinic


Shafer Clinic's website has a white color theme with cool grayish-blue tones. It features a variety of image and text animations when you scroll down.

The website also has an Accessibility Menu powered by UserWay.

This allows visitors to adjust the contrast, font size, and text spacing. It is also dyslexia-friendly.

The Oaks Plastic Surgery


This website has a black and white aesthetic with light blue tones which gives an elegant vibe. It has a Facebook Messenger chatbot on the side.

There is also a carousel of their YouTube videos that visitors can watch to know more about the services and procedures they offer.

Aesthetic Medicine Center - Dr. Ushacov


QLab developed the website for the Aesthetic Medicine Center. QLab is a Russian digital design development company.

The website is originally in the Russian language, but it also has an English language option. The website features stunning visuals and graphic design with great animations.



Gawley Plastic Surgery's website is by Digital Limelight Media. It has an Accessibility Menu powered by UserWay that has multiple language options.

The accessibility menu also has a screen reader. The screen reader can read web copy in three speech rates (normal, fast, and slow).

New York Group for Plastic Surgery


The designers of the New York Group for Plastic Surgery's website are S3 Enterprise.

The web design has a white, coral, and dark grey color palette that gives a warm aesthetic. It also has an Accessibility Menu powered by Tresio.

Care Plastic Surgery


This has a white, dark grey, and purple color palette that gives it a sophisticated look.

It features a 3D imaging technology - Crisalix. Visitors can see virtual results of how they will look after the procedure.

Visage Surgical Institute


Visage Surgical Institute's website is designed by PBHS. The website offers a 3D consultation using Crisalix imaging technology.

It also offers a video consultation. It has a chatbot and accessibility menu to further assist visitors.

The website has HTML5 video content for a virtual tour of the clinic and patient testimonials.

Allure Plastic Surgery


This is another site designed by Studio III. It has a white, light blue, and dark grey color scheme, with a simple navigation system.

It also has an accessibility menu and an appointment scheduling system.



Cabinet Stricher is a cosmetic surgery clinic based in Strasbourg, France. The website has two language options: French and German.

Designed by My Client is Rich, it has a white, grey, and pale blue color scheme and an appointment booking system.



CG Cosmetic Surgery's website has a white, black, and pink color scheme.

What makes it a little bit different is the drop-down menu of the plastic surgeons. This enables clients to know which surgeon they prefer to consult.

Cabinet Oulharj Garnier


Cabinet Oulharj Garnier is a plastic surgery clinic based in Besançon, France. This is a website designed by Pixies, a French creative digital agency.

The website has an elegant black and white color scheme, and it is in the French language.

It has an unobtrusive menu button at the top-right corner of the page. Visitors can press it to reveal the hidden menu bar.

Miami Aesthetic


Miami Aesthetic's website is by It has a white and dark grey color scheme with pale orange accents.

It has an accessibility menu provided by UserWay. Also, multiple language options powered by Google Translate.

Qazi Clinic


Qazi Cosmetic Clinic's website offers two language options: English and Spanish. The website has a white and gold color scheme that gives off a luxurious vibe.

It shows a muted video of the clinic that plays upon opening the site. The website also has an online consultation booking system.

305 Plastic Surgery


305 Plastic Surgery's website designers are Loud & Clear. The website has an appointment booking system powered by Bitrix24 that automatically pops out upon opening the site.

It also offers two language options, English and Spanish.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon-Dr. Robert Applebaum


This has a black and white aesthetic with mustard yellow accents. The appointment booking system enables visitors to schedule either in-person or virtual consultations.

It also features reviews from previous clients on digital platforms like Facebook, Yelp, RealSelf, Google, and Health Grade.



Ekwa designed The Nathan Clinic's website. The website has a light blue and mauve color accent that goes well with the white and dark grey color scheme.

It has multiple language options and a chatbot powered by OffHourPatients. There is a scroll-to-top button at the bottom-right corner of the page.

My Cosmetic Surgery


My Cosmetic Surgery has an easy-to-navigate website with violet and dark pink color accents. It has an online consultation booking system.

Two language options are available, English and Spanish. It also features an automated slider that shows their signature treatments.

San Francisco Plastic Surgery & Laser Center


Designed by Nina Chan Creative, it has a simple yet elegant black and white aesthetic.

It has an accessibility menu that has multiple language options. The website also features compelling before-and-after photos of their procedures.

Lexington Plastic Surgery


Lexington Plastic Surgery's website is by Destination Marketing. It has a white color theme with grayish indigo and auburn tones.

It displays a warning for sensitive content on its gallery of before-and-after photos. It also has a consultation booking system.

Bay Area Plastic Surgery


ABM powers the Bay Area Plastic Surgery's website. The website uses high-quality visuals.

It has an elegant design with a white and indigo color scheme. It has an accessibility menu provided by UserWay.

There is also an online booking system for a virtual consultation.

Prischmann Facial Plastic Surgery


The website for Prischmann Facial Plastic Surgery Clinic is designed by Rosemont Media. The web design has a clean, professional look with a white, dark grey, and light blue color scheme.

It has a carousel slider of featured procedures. There is also a specific client support system for new and existing patients.

Wave Plastic Surgery


Wave Plastic Surgery's website has a white and gold aesthetic that reflects their premium quality services.

The website features high-quality visuals and animations that enhance still images and copy. It has a live chat widget powered by Olark.

The accessibility menu has modes for those with epilepsy, ADHD, and cognitive disability. It is also accessible by the blind and visually impaired.



Phi Plastic Surgery's website is designed by Courimo Digital Marketing. The website has a very feminine vibe thanks to its white and pink color scheme.

It has two language options, English and French, and it has a consultation booking widget.

Kansas Plastic Surgery


This has a cool blue and white aesthetic and has a very simple navigation system. It has a video header that plays upon opening the website.

It also has a page for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). This contains information about the surgical procedures, consultation process, pricing, and more.

Union Square Facial Plastic Surgery


NPK Medical designed the website for Union Square Facial Plastic Surgery. Its color scheme is an elegant mix of white, indigo, and gold.

The website has high-quality images and animated transitions. It also features testimonials from their previous clients.



Deschamps-Braly Clinic's website has a distinctive black and brown color scheme. It features high-quality graphics, parallax effects for some still images, and animated transitions.

It also has an accessibility menu powered by UserWay.

Roy Kim, MD


The color scheme is a quirky, sophisticated combination of Prussian blue, white, and coral pink. It has a scroll-to-top button and newsletter subscription pop-up powered by Mailchimp.

The website also features blog articles that provide more information about cosmetic procedures.

Elite Plastic Surgery


Powered by Jack Pine Media, the website exudes a luxurious vibe thanks to its dark color scheme. It has a contact information widget at the bottom of the page, an accessibility menu, and an online consultation request system.

David B. Reath


Dr. Reath's website is by Etna Interactive. The color scheme of the website is a cool mix of black, white, and blue-gray.

The website provides generous information about their treatments. It features a free, downloadable e-book about breast augmentation and articles from Dr. Reath's blog.



Cure Daily's website has a simple yet elegant black and white aesthetic. It features compelling photos and videos of the procedures, products, and other services.

It also has a pop-up booking system powered by Mindbody.

VIP Plastic Surgery-Laser and Hormone Center


This website has a cool dark grey and white color palette with teal tones. It has drop-down menus next to its web header which makes it easier to go to different pages.

It introduces the plastic surgeon, Dr. Choi, and features an appointment booking system.



LidLift is an eyelid and cosmetic surgery clinic that specializes in oculofacial surgery. This is a quite uncommon treatment so the website provides information about it.

This comes in the form of articles, photos, testimonials, and videos. The website has a simple white color theme with turquoise and pale brown accents.

LINE Plastic Surgery Center


LINE Plastic Surgery Center's website has a white and purple color theme. It has a Facebook Messenger chatbot and an online appointment booking system.

The website also has Korean and Chinese versions. Each exhibits stunning visuals and specific features built for Korean and Chinese clients.

Rowe Aesthetics


Designed by O360. It has a simple white color theme and a very user-friendly navigation system.

It has an accessibility menu. The online booking system allows clients to schedule a consultation.

Dr. Kenneth Kim-Dream Medical Group


GrowthMed designed this website.

It has a clean black and white color theme and high-quality visuals that give a professional look. The website also has an accessibility menu powered by UserWay.

The Gentlemen's Clinic


The Gentlemen's Clinic is a German aesthetic surgery clinic for men. The website has a dark color aesthetic that gives off a luxurious, masculine vibe.

It has an online booking system and multiple language options. These include English, French, Italian, German, and Russian.

Cara Plastic Surgery


Cara Plastic Surgery's website has a white, gold, and dark grey color scheme. It has an accessibility menu powered by Tresio and an appointment booking system.

The website also offers multiple language options: English, Korean, Chinese, and Spanish.



Sonaskin's website has a simple navigation system.

It provides a wide range of information and resources about their medical and cosmetic services. These aim to help people decide which procedure they prefer and need.



Nazarian Plastic Surgery's website designer is Titanium Marketing. The website has a PriceChecker chatbot powered by BuildMyBod.

It has an embedded virtual tour video of their clinic. It also has an embedded Instagram feed, Facebook posts, and YouTube videos.

McIndoe Surgical


This has a very simple navigation system and it has a white, pale orange, and blue color scheme. The news and blog articles give more information about their cosmetic procedures.

FAQ on plastic surgery website design

How can I ensure my plastic surgery website design is user-friendly?

Embrace clarity. Everything, from navigation to information on procedures, should be accessible with minimal clicks. Sync the layout with the visitor's journey – think visual portfolios that showcase work, straightforward consultation booking, and clear paths to patient testimonials.

What features are crucial for a plastic surgery website?

High on the list: privacy and security protocols, a sleek before-and-after gallery, and crisp surgeon bios. Don't skimp on responsive design or a solid SEO foundation. Essentials like an online appointment system facilitate a smooth visitor experience.

How do I showcase before and after photos effectively?

Create a dedicated gallery that's tasteful and professional. Ensure high-quality images and offer features for viewers to easily compare results. Privacy consent is paramount, and a narrative that accompanies each transformation personalizes the showcase.

What's the best approach to content for a plastic surgery website?

Strike a balance: informative yet consumer-friendly. Break down complex surgical procedures into digestible content. Provide value with blog posts on aftercare, lifestyle tips, and industry advancements, establishing yourself as a thought leader while bolstering your SEO efforts.

How important is mobile responsiveness for my website?

It's non-negotiable in today's mobile-first world. Your design needs to be flexible across devices, ensuring seamless functionality whether on a smartphone or desktop. Neglecting this can hamper user experience and ultimately, your search engine rankings.

Can SEO strategies improve my plastic surgery website's visibility?

Absolutely! Key is integrating a mix of LSI keywords, semantically relevant keywords, and SEO entities. A strong SEO plan boosts visibility in search rankings, meaning more eyes on your services and success stories, and thus, more potential clients.

How do I integrate patient testimonials into the website design?

Testimonials are trust signals. Feature them prominently, ideally with video or audio to add a personal touch. Storyboard these experiences in a way that echoes the patient's journey, highlighting empathy and expertise.

How should I handle privacy concerns within the website design?

Privacy is paramount. Make sure your site follows all medical website compliance standards, including HIPAA where applicable. Clear privacy policies and secure patient portals for information exchange are a must.

What's the role of color and imagery in my website's design?

Don't underestimate the power of aesthetics. Color and imagery should evoke calm, trust, and professionalism. Opt for a palette that reflects the soothing, yet upscale nature of your practice, and choose images that resonate with your clientele's aspirations.

How often should I update my plastic surgery website content?

Stick to a dynamic content strategy. Update regularly to reflect the latest procedures, technologies, and patient success stories. Keep your blog fresh with new insights and shift design elements as trends evolve, ensuring you're always ahead of the digital curve.


Wrapping this digital odyssey, we've delved deep into the plastic surgery website design examples that blend artistry with precision. Our journey illuminated how aesthetics amplify functionality and the criticality of marrying visual panache with an intuitive user experience.

  • We pinpointed key features, the ones that make a site not just good, but great: responsive designpatient privacy, and a gallery that practically whispers transformation stories.
  • The SEO underpinnings and content delivery—crafted to engage, inform, and reassure—emerged as silent yet potent game-changers.

Drenched in the best practices, these examples serve up a blueprint; a dotted line to trace over for those about to forge their own slice of the web.

Employ these insights, these aesthetic clinic website templates as your own launchpad, and watch a site that simply exists blossom into a destination that compels and converts.

Just as plastic surgery transcends the skin, so should design transcend the screen.

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