Top Doctor Websites That Have a Good Looking Design

Top Doctor Websites That Have a Good Looking Design

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If you have a medical practice of any kind, a good doctor website will help you. Healthcare professionals, like physicians and dentists, can benefit greatly from a good website.

Doctor websites are excellent tools to attract new patients, but this is only one of their advantages. A clean design and specific features will help you provide a great user experience.

Your patients will be able to learn about new procedures, get to know their diagnoses, and find the right doctor.

If you own a medical center, check out these doctor website design options.

Boka Boka


Boka Boka was specially designed to find vegan-friendly doctors. They are recommended by the community.

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One Medical


One Medical attracts patients with its professional website design. Besides, they offer their patients best-in-class attention and state-of-the-art technology.



Their call-to-action is repeated across the website for a better conversion rate. Also, this custom website helps visitors to find doctors nearby. Lifecare offers a layout with plenty of white space, so all of the features are easy to find.

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Skin Clinics


This leading clinic offers dermatology services. Here is a great example of a clean, yet beautiful doctor website design.

Baylor Scott And White


If you want a user-friendly custom website, take a look at this example. On Baylor Scott and White's website, every patient can find same-day care. This website design is ideal for hospitals and medical centers because it allows them to pay bills, examine medical records, and enroll in training courses.

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25th - Save a Child’s Heart


Doctor websites have different goals. In this case, 25th-Save a Child's Heart is committed to saving children's lives. This professional designer created a beautiful website with touching background videos.

Fertility Specialists of WA


If you want a stunning doctor website design, this is a good option. With nice-looking imagery, this format is great for any medical practice.

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Adventist HealthCare


This is a great website to engage patients. It's very user-oriented with custom location pages and provider profiles. Customers can receive help easily, and the website includes a chatbot for Covid-19-related inquiries.

Arkansas Surgical Hospital


This layout is so informative, patients won’t even need to use the contact section. All the information patients need is on the homepage. They also have a large navigation bar to explore the site and find the right treatment.

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Zocdoc is a website that helps insurance carriers find the right health care facility. Clients can find doctors who take their insurance on this healthcare site.



While Alto isn’t a hospital or clinic, it is one of many “doctor websites” you can learn from. Altois a pharmacy website designed to deliver prescriptions. Customers receive medication seven days a week and at the best prices.

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Mississauga Foot Clinic


This type of website design is ideal for a medical practice or clinic. The Mississauga Foot Clinic uses a clean design with plenty of useful features.



TrueCare's custom website is easy to navigate. Its stunning color scheme and modern feel give it a fresh look.

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UT Southwestern Medical Center


A human approach to medicine results in better health services. This doctor website is a clear example of this. It has all the information clearly laid out and displays real pictures of their physicians. These are presented with hero images and include the awards they have received.

Northwestern Medicine


With beautiful pictures and an attractive layout, this design is great for doctor websites. The site has a menu to categorize visitors that come from social media channels or from the website itself. Each sector on the homepage has CTA buttons after the descriptions.



Practo boasts a highly functional doctor website design. Patients can book appointments and ask questions relating to their health.

Anna Family Healthcare


If you are looking for the right combination of functionality and style, this website is an excellent example. The site is easy to navigate. Clients can find all the needed information about their healthcare and medical practice.

Michigan Avenue Primary Care


Michigan Avenue Primary Care has developed a good doctor website design. The navigation is simple and the platform is user-friendly. Thus, all visitors can find important information like appointment requests and contact details.

Gritman Medical Center


This non-profit critical access hospital offers its services through a stunning website. All the content is displayed neatly across the homepage.

Blue Water Dental


This dental clinic has been taking care of patients for 40 years. Its experience and commitment are reflected on its website. You'll find an attractive header and smooth animations.

Doctor Croteau / Plastic Surgeon


This is a nice-looking doctor website featuring the work of a plastic surgeon in Quebec.

Institute of Dermatologists


The Institute of Dermatologists is a high-end clinic offering the best dermatology treatment. Their website design reflects the professionalism of this medical center.

Qazi Cosmetic Clinic


Qazi Cosmetic Clinic's website boasts a unique feature: it's built with stunning color contrasts. Being user-friendly and intuitive, this design is the perfect model for a hospital or medical center. The content is neatly organized in headings and subheadings.

Olathe Health


The first thing that visitors see is a stunning video header with four prominent sections. Finding information and help is quite easy for users.

Clinica Dental Escariz


When scrolling down, you can see Dental Escariz's services displayed in beautiful images. The light colors give the site a comforting feel. Users can navigate it easily thanks to a sidebar menu.



This website model displays all of their achievements on the homepage. It conveys a feeling of trustworthiness, thanks to its large hero image. To increase conversions, Rush places prominent CTAs across their website.

Italian Doctors


Italian Doctors' website design conveys a feeling of trust. Its inspiring layout is modern and elegant. And their background slider is worthy of attention.



If you want to impress your clients with an innovative layout, take a look at this doctor website design.

Arta Dermatology


Simple websites can also be beautiful. Arta Dermatology proves this point with a minimal design. All the information is displayed and available for users. They can even access the paperwork for their next appointment and contact the staff if they have questions.

THE Downtown Sports Clinics


This is a high-end physiotherapy and rehabilitation center with an impressive website. Its large pictures and neat design highlight the center's services.

New York Group for Plastic Surgery


With a sticky contact button, this website has a modern touch. The content is easy to read thanks to the innovative paragraphs and headings.

St. Clair Dental


This unique website design makes you want to go in for dental care even if there's nothing wrong with your teeth. It's characterized by a bright color scheme and rolling sliders. You'll find all the information you need thanks to the site's attractive icons.

Mercy Health


With a stunning combination of shapes and colors, Mercy Health inspires us all with its website design. Being one of the leaders in the Cincinnati region, Mercy Health engages clients through a combination of motion and images.

Weston Davis Equine Surgery


Weston Devis promotes its equine surgery practice through this breathtaking website.

Pinnacle Health Care


This is not an ordinary doctor website. Pinnacle Health Care has managed to build an attractive platform with soft colors and great imagery.

Karen Threlkel


A website like this can be an inspiration for nutritionists and acupuncturists. Check out how Karen Threlkel does it.

Doctor Romeu | Psicologos BCN


Mental health professionals can also benefit from a website. Joan Romeu, for example, promotes his services through this clean doctor website design. Clients can see the doctors' profiles and their activity.

Weber Facial Plastic Surgery


A high-quality service must be offered through a high-quality website. This plastic surgery center will teach you how to promote your services with style. Check out this website, and you'll find different sections including testimonials, reviews, and medical practices.

Nudge Psychology


With this website, users get a great experience even during the loading time. The layout is warm and welcoming thanks to its pictures displayed in an ever-changing background. Clients can navigate easily using the menu at the top of the page.

Comprehensive Healthcare Medical


Physical therapy professionals can also make great use of their online presence. This exquisite and functional design is the perfect example.



Slowpokes focuses on acupuncture and holistic medicine. Its website conveys peace thanks to the pictures and mantras which are highlighted by smooth transitions.

OCOS Oralchirurgisches Centrum Osnabrück


This hospital was founded in 2010 and it's a leader in oral surgery. They provide a variety of treatments from teeth implants to advanced procedures.

SR Psychological Services


SR's website design is consistent with the services they offer. By the color scheme and the fonts, they convey peace and quietness. They've done a great job reflecting their top psychological attention in their website's layout.

Acute Medical Services


Not many doctor websites have this combination of looks and functionality. With large banners, powerful wording, and excellent graphics, Acute Medical Service conveys the right message.

Also, the color scheme on each page is a perfect complement to the site's background.

Integrated Podiatry Clinic


This podiatry center offers very specific services. These are presented in a stylish layout with large pictures and soft colors. However, we must not overlook the descriptions of the services. Their thoughtful language really makes it stand apart from other doctor websites.

Final Thoughts on Doctor Websites and Their Designs

After reading these descriptions, one can conclude that doctor websites are very important. They do more than simply promote services, they reflect the clinic's philosophy.

A good doctor website must convey trust and engage the audience. Also, functionality plays an important role. Give your clients the ability to book appointments online or ask for help right from the platform. You'll see how this translates into more engagement and further success.

If you want a stunning doctor website design, this is a good option. With nice-looking imagery, this format is great for any medical practice.

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Adventist HealthCare

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