Awesome VR Websites Offering a Good Look at the Future

Awesome VR Websites Offering a Good Look at the Future

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Today, websites can be more interactive, engaging, and enjoyable to navigate. So virtual reality technology is now a necessity.

By applying innovative VR solutions, developers create better apps and sites. They can provide an outstanding experience to users. Whether they are gaming, watching videos, or navigating online.

VR websites are paving the pathway to the future. Thus, you must continue to update your resources and know the latest experiments.

Here are the websites that make the best use of virtual reality technology. Go through the list below to find creative, inspirational ideas.

Websites Making the Best Use of VR Technologies

The following VR websites are divided according to the knowledge area they apply to:

Architecture and Design



EuroCity is a mixed-use architecture project in Gibraltar. You can select a building on the 3D schematics to access the plans for each apartment.

There is also the possibility of exploring the facilities in virtual reality.



Award-winning architecture firm EskewDumezRipple uses VR to boost engagement on informative content.

The elegance and taste highlight their fantastic work and philosophy.

Showroom by Little Workshop


Little Workshop created an interior visualization demo that uses WebVR. Users will benefit from using virtual reality headsets.

Besides presenting, the website allows you to alter each product according to your preferences.

Be Technics


Emergence Magazine publishes essays and stories along with stunning photography work.

Their website is intuitive. Note the smooth movements and elegant design. Emergence uses VR to be one step ahead in the publishing industry.

Oubey VR


With Oubey, you can create your own art experiments. They have a single-page interactive website to promote their distinctive experience.

To play, users enter artwork in VR and change it to their liking. They can discover what is underneath each painting and make it a little more like themselves.

Be Smart Home


This culture-related website presents a virtual gallery with several exhibitions. It is one of the most straightforward VR websites on this list.

As you explore each collection, you get to know the artist and understand the trends and viewpoints that shape their work. It's the future of VR in museums.

The Crypt


The Crypt is a virtual environment you can explore to discover more about art, history, and culture.

A serene background sound completes this interactive experience.

Be IT Service 6


Zoo provides a unique VR website focused on photography. You can visit several collections in this digital art gallery.

The calm background song makes this interactive experience even more immersive.


Drone flight experience


This extended reality simulation teaches you to operate a drone. It has excellent graphics, action-boosting music, and clear instructions.

There is an optimized version for headsets for which you must install the Oculos Go app on your mobile.

Fairmont Schools


This American school presents beautiful photography and videos. They do not propose a virtual education experience. But they use VR to give users an idea of all the possibilities their teaching offers.

Be IT Service 5


Here offers a virtual reality tour of the University of Sidney. You can visit anywhere within the premises.

They even include calming music and explanatory, relatable audio.

Osso VR


Osso VR uses Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets to train medical professionals.

They provide advanced computer graphics for them to practice and deliver reliable analytics.

VR Education


VR Education uses augmented reality to offer better, more interactive education. The website is simple and intuitive and highlights the virtual services they provide.


Dance Tonite


Dance Tonite is a WebVR game developed by Google. Music, colors, and interactive figures compose the website.

You can click on elements to see the VR surroundings from different perspectives. Depending on your device, it is possible to add a dance, customizing Dance Tonite.



DRIVRS created a virtual world in a future where the only escape from enslavement is driving. They are building a web community through a shared journey.

You can play a selection of curated music while navigating their website.

Konterball by Google


Developed for the web, this is a virtual version of one of the most popular games in the world – ping-pong.

Google uses bright, contrasting colors and a background EP song. WebVR and WebXR tools offer the best virtual ping-pong game experience through your browser.

Moon Rider


The developers of Moon Rider are looking to show how VR apps can run on the web with outstanding performance.

You can play the game on their interactive and accessible platform. Sign up for updates on upcoming projects.

Planet Voodoo


Planet Voodoo provides HDR casino games. They promise the best experience on the web, with the feel of a live gambling house.

Sandbox VR


Sandbox is a company that provides full-body, multiplayer VR games. They bring cutting-edge technology to different locations.

After choosing one of their games, you get a VR headset and enter the most immersive virtual game on the market.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power


Based on the original Netflix series now streaming, this site introduces the virtual world of Etheria.

You can get to know each character and watch the trailer available on Youtube.



Karsten Weil built a website that resembles the inside of a spaceship. He blends art and technology to generate unique VR environments.

You can play his music or download it through a Soundcloud link.



Augmented reality headsets can make WDR even more fascinating. You can be part of a VR mining operation by building an excavator and exploring the area.

Like games, they deliver a unique opportunity for user experiments.

Environment and Wildlife

Baltic Sea Life


This website provides an original WebVR project. You can dive into the Baltic Sea with relaxing music and detailed explanations.

Use Oculos Rift or HTC Vive headsets to make your experience more fun.

Bear 71


Bear 71 starts by presenting a documentary. They aim to show how humans have affected natural habitats in the Banff National Park in Canada.

There is an interactive map you can explore to get to know other species in the area.

Museu das Toninhas


This Brazilian Museum offers two VR experiences. From the browser, you can visit the museum and the ocean to see these dolphins in their habitat.

NordSee LIFE


One of the most realistic VR websites, NordSeeLIFE reveals the North Sea to the world.

This website provides an experience between watching a documentary and taking a live tour. You can get to know the species that live in and outside the water.

Save the Rainforest


This website shows how much people can benefit from VR experiences. It spreads knowledge about the rainforest and raises awareness of its threats.

With a magnificent visit, they promote the protection of this indispensable environment.

Securing Space


Kaspersky is raising awareness on the matter of space debris around the world. With an interactive website, they use virtual reality to show how serious this issue is.

They mark and explain several pollution clusters that exist in space. The website also introduces experiments thought to help diminish this problem.

Health and Safety

Inside the Coronavirus


Virtual reality is necessary for so much more than games. An example of this is Scientific American and how they used VR to talk about the Coronavirus.

It helps us understand the extensive knowledge scientists have about how the virus functions and how vaccines help fight it.

History, Culture, and Religion

Castello di Monsanto


This Italian winery developed a website to showcase its history and prestige. Beautiful videos telling family stories and traditions complete each page.

Castelo Branco


On this VR site, you visit the city of Castelo Branco. Realistic background sound effects complement this tour concentrating on Portuguese culture and history.

The website is accessible on any computer and smartphone browser. Use a basic headset, like Google Cardboard, to enjoy the perfect VR excursion.



Gigarama is a religious VR experience focused on the Great Saturday. The website shows how VR can apply to many different, singular situations.

With it, you can become one of many visitors who come to Jerusalem for this significant event.

Machu Picchu


Machu Picchu recommends using a VR headset and headphones to visit the most iconic place in Peru.

You are free to navigate the premises and get explanations of each location. It is a trip to a 3D virtual reality where you can experience a complete tour.

Puratos Sourdough Library


This organization preserves sourdoughs from across the world. You can watch a detailed video about the history of sourdough.

The website also includes a complete virtual library so you can form a clear image of each sourdough, its characteristics, and its taste.

VR Story


This website focuses on the VR reproduction project of the Imperial Hotel Wright Building. It presents a Youtube video to introduce this building.

Creating a VR Theatre Room within the space of the Hotel is a superb idea for visitors to get to know its value and story.

White Tower


Learn about the past and influence of the Russian White Tower in this movie-like WebVR excursion.

Besides historical information, you can not miss the panoramas of this valuable building.

Technology and Work Tools

Earth 2050


With Earth 2050, the internet now predicts the future of human society. You can travel throughout the world in 2030, 2040, and 2050.

The website provides an immersive excursion focused on technology and industry.



FIS makes exceptional use of light and shadow with spotless photography work. Their website is simple and intuitive.

They present VR as a tool adaptable to any sector, from financial to gaming, retail, or travel.

Five by Five


Five by Five presents a long homepage design with many moving elements.

They introduce VR solutions that bring humanness to remote working. You can access this platform in both desktop and mobile versions.

Hubs by Mozilla


This website allows you to meet new people, share media and collaborate. It applies different VR products to the web for a better experience.

Like VR games, you can create 3D virtual environments or join a room.



Pluto facilitates using XR apps on the web from anywhere in the world. Their website showcases moving 3D elements.

The use of virtual reality throughout navigation is a prelude to what to expect from this tool.

Wrap-Up on Futuristic VR Websites

These were the most innovative VR websites to inspire you. The continuous progress of virtual reality technologies presents challenges. But it also offers fantastic opportunities.

It does not matter how much experience or skill you have in design. You can create excellent solutions and build engaging websites by thinking outside the box.

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