Examples of Cosmetics Websites with Great Web Design

Examples of Cosmetics Websites with Great Web Design

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May 26, 2023
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Innovative Educational Website Design Examples to Watch
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June 19, 2023

The beauty and cosmetics industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. As such, it is also an industry with a massive online presence. Most skincare brands and businesses have e-commerce websites, brick-and-mortar stores, and blogs.

A good cosmetics website should be purposeful and have a strong emphasis on customer-product interaction. Simultaneously, it should include simple navigation features.

This article will share 78 of the best beauty websites. These cosmetics websites adopt various design elements, features, and concepts. They embrace brand personality and highlight their differentiating products and services.

Below, you will explore some of the most popular beauty websites worldwide. Continue reading to find all the inspiration you need for your cosmetics website design.

78 Beauty Industry Websites to Inspire You

The cosmetics websites listed here are divided into different market segments. Notice how they adapt their design and copy according to their target audiences.

Online Beauty Shops and Distributor Websites

Andersen Beauty


Andersen Beauty is a beauty and wellness curator store with a clean website design. It keeps social media links in the header and a drop-down menu featuring product categories.

Be Cosmetics


The French Beauty Co. introduces itself as Australia’s French beauty destination. It has a warm color scheme and presents cosmetic products from many brands and insightful articles on all things beauty.



Sephora is one of the most successful beauty businesses in the world, with exclusive beauty products and brands. Its website is engaging and highlights the brand’s skincare line and loyalty program.

Be Cosmetics 2


Shen Beauty bets on a beautiful font for the logo while keeping a minimalist cosmetics website design. This business mixes interactiveness with amazing photos and advertises its luxury Brooklyn-based services.



TOP COSMETICS is an industry-leader cosmetics website based in Ukraine. It uses large photos to promote its beauty brands, stores, and services to potential customers.

Be Cosmetics 3


VIMCOSMO opts for an energizing design with responsive and animated elements. This cosmetics website uses parallax to publicize its top beauty brands and customer experience.

Beauty Industry Clinic, Salon, and Studio Website Examples

Élu Cosmetics


Élu Cosmetics is a studio that offers clients a carefully-tailored range of personal and body care treatments. Its website pairs photography and illustration in an elegant layout.

Be Makeup


Fenn is a skincare and wellness destination that offers luxury treatments. Its website promotes the salon’s skincare services and allows customers to shop for various beauty brands.

HD Dermocosmetics


HD Dermocosmetics is a Spanish company that offers three main product lines to address customers’ skin needs. Visitors can find the nearest selling points and contact the company through its website. HD Dermocosmetics does not sell online.

Be Fashion


Australian clinic MOOI specializes in natural cosmetic tattooing. Its website’s graphic design incorporates parallax effects. It also features the company’s Instagram feed, providing social proof of its excellency.

Retief Skin Center


The Retief Skin Center presents a smart way to highlight reliability in cosmetic procedures. You will find engaging and enlightening text to explain each of its services.

Celebrities’ Beauty Brand Websites

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna


Fenty Beauty requires no introductions. Rihanna’s renowned label focuses on beauty and skincare diversity. Its homepage is impactful, presenting its bestsellers and new products. It utilizes quality photography and responsive elements throughout the layout.

GXVE Beauty By Gwen Stefan


GXVE uses a distinctive logo and simple navigation to create an elegant and glamorous feel. It introduces company values on the homepage. Customers can shop by look set or product category.

Humanrace by Pharrell Williams


Humanrace is a beauty brand focused on empowering all people through their pursuit of well-being. Its cosmetics website brings relatable marketing content and introduces an environmentally friendly beauty subscription.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics


YouTube celebrity Jeffree Star uses multiple marketing channels to improve website traffic. Jeffree Star Cosmetics’ candy shop-inspired design displays vibrant colors. Two header menus divide products into varieties.

JLo Beauty


JLo Beauty is all about the actress; signature glow. This cosmetics website introduces customers to current sales opportunities. It highlights press features, client photos, and the label’s money-back guarantee.

Kylie Cosmetics


Kylie Cosmetics is one of the most successful beauty websites among customers. It keeps a simple website design with light pink shades and a gallery-style layout on all product pages.

r.e.m. beauty


R.e.m. beauty inspires people to create and express themselves through makeup. Like other cosmetics websites, it has beautiful images of its beauty products. The sidebar menu ensures straightforward navigation.

Clean Beauty Brands Site Examples

by Humankind


By Humankind takes single-use plastic waste from personal care products. Its homepage displays a video of customers using its products. It is a great example of a purposeful website design.

Glo Skin Beauty


Glo Skin Beauty welcomes clients by promoting its award-winning and new cosmetics. This beauty website has smooth call-to-action buttons and a quiz for customers to get tailored advice on skincare products.

Muddy Body


Muddy Body sets out to create clay-based skin rituals. Its website highlights the use of natural ingredients and includes before-and-after customer photos. The brand also has a loyalty program.

Pür Cosmetics


Pür Cosmetics has one of the top websites with scroll-responsive animations. It emphasizes current sales, company values, the quality of its beauty products, and the latest articles.



Selfmade uses psychodermatology to support clients on the inside and out, pairing mental and physical care. Unlike other beauty websites, it harnesses bright colors, many photos, and elegant movement.

Fragrance Brand Site Examples



Apotheke brings a psychological and emotional approach to scent. Its website has unique fonts, broad images, and little text. The minimal design perfectly highlights its four signature perfumes.



D.S. & DURGA is a business with a strong identity and clear vision, which is reflected in its cosmetics website. You will find a mega menu on a fully responsive layout with elegant animations.



Wakeheart uses lovely pastel shades to introduce its top-quality scented candles. The brand supports its customers through an exclusive Facebook Group in which they can interact.

Hair Care Websites



CurlMix offers clients a 21-day guarantee. Its website includes some text, approaches customer pain points, and introduces the company’s approach to Wash and Go.

Fable & Mane


Fable & Mane brings Indian hair secrets to the world. Its cosmetics website presents the company’s beauty products, press features, and bundles. The brand also highlights client testimonials and donates to wildlife protection organizations.

Luseta Beauty


Luseta Beauty delivers low-cost, high-quality products. Like other brands, it has an elegant logo and signature colors, including its Instagram feed on the homepage.

Sikha Haircare


Sikha Haircare makes the best of its web design with smooth transitions, animations, and vibrant colors. The business applies itself to clean, professional hair care for the younger generation.

YOLU Night Care


YOLU focuses on night care promoting a peaceful end of the day. Its website embraces the brand’s concept and presents its products. Clients can easily discover where to buy and how to use them.

Luxury and Cult Beauty Brands



Australian personal care brand Aesop has a neat cosmetics website design. It pairs video and photography to embrace different market segments, including corporate gifts.

Costa Brazil


Costa Brazil introduces customers to its essential discovery bundles. This luxury cosmetics brand reduces its concept to an enticing tagline. The layout highlights its ingredients and commitment to sustainability.

Ellis Faas Cosmetics


Ellis Faas was a renowned makeup artist who created her own brand. This cosmetics website features distinctive images that revere its founder’s philosophy.



Glossier. delivers an impactful cosmetics website for its strong community and seriously great skincare. The business has a signature tagline and sells branded merchandise besides skincare and makeup products.

Gucci Foundation


The Gucci Foundation welcomes customers with an animated video. This website concentrates on the company’s beauty products and how to use them. You will find interactive and engaging content.



Guerlain embraces its story of creative daring and transmission on a detail-oriented website. It has impactful full-background photos and a sticky header menu for effortless navigation.

Susanne Kaufmann Cosmetics


Susanne Kaufmann focuses on creating quality cosmetics by merging nature with science. Customers can shop by type of cosmetic product, routine, or concern.



Tenoverten has a minimalist approach to nail and hand care, focusing on quality and sustainability. Its website is elegant, with detailed descriptions and article suggestions on product pages.

Thrive Causemetics


Thrive Causemetics develops high-performance cosmetics with the bigger goal of empowering diverse communities. Its website divides products by categories and celebrates women of all ages and backgrounds.

Makeup and Cosmetics Website Examples

Aleph Beauty


Aleph Beauty shares a beautiful tagline that reflects its concept on the homepage. Customers can take a quiz to find their perfect shades or book a color consult.

Barry M


Barry M is a leading color cosmetics business. Hence, its website uses gradient colors and various product pages to introduce its cosmetics. You will find a multitude of makeup and nail color options.

CREATE it! cosmetics


CREATE it! cosmetics emphasizes a bold and expressive use of makeup. Its website design adopts color effects and glitter and emphasizes social media. It also shares makeup tutorials.

Dominique Cosmetics


Dominique Cosmetics creates makeup essentials for all skin types with skin-loving ingredients. Like other beauty websites, this one stays in tune with the brand’s purpose to highlight its products and tools.

Fig.1 Beauty


Fig.1 Beauty welcomes visitors with a lovely video that praises its products and how it makes users feel. The company sells clinical, affordable, and refillable cosmetics.



Maybelline is the number one cosmetics brand in the world. Its website is fun, full of beautiful photos, tutorials, makeup tips and tricks, and a one-of-a-kind virtual beauty studio.



Olay develops science-backed skincare. Its cosmetics website is neat and presents its ingredient-focused approach. Clients can personalize their routines by resorting to the Olay skin advisor.

Surratt Beauty


Surratt Beauty offers customizable and refillable cosmetics. Its site design is bold, with dark contrasting colors interspersed with lighter backgrounds. The layout and the header menu are responsive.

Cosmetics Brand Creator and Manufacturer Websites

Damn Good Beauty


Damn Good Beauty develops and tests beauty products. The Australian company owns multiple brands and introduces its creative approach to cosmetics. Its site has contrasting pastel shades.

G&M Cosmetics


G&M Cosmetics is an Australian natural skincare manufacturer with various beauty brands. Its website underscores its commitment to quality and worldwide availability.

Natural Cosmetics Website Examples



Thriving beauty websites demand that brands embrace a worthwhile purpose. In this case, Aevi embodies its Nordic approach to living in all aspects of its website. You will find a clean design with smooth transitions.



Djusie delivers authentic skincare with a sophisticated formulation. Its cosmetics website is daring, with bright colors and a full-page hamburger menu. The brand promotes skin awareness and self-love.

Miya Cosmetics


Miya Cosmetics provides skincare products to fit every skin type’s needs. The customer can get a quick view or open product pages directly. The website also highlights its bestsellers.



Ulé introduces the first nature-tech skincare to the world. Its product-focused cosmetics website has a beautiful logo. Besides, every element of its content marketing exudes beauty and well-being.

Niche Beauty Brand Websites




Fatty15 is a science-backed, award-winning supplement that supports happy and graceful aging. This website clearly explains how the product works and its benefits, comparing it to other substances.



SpoiledChild focuses on creating skin and hair products that fight aging signs. Brands should have distinctive features. Thus, its cosmetics website introduces the brand’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence tool, SpoiledBrain.


Beauty by Kelsey


Kelsey is a chemist and beauty enthusiast. Her blog pairs both her passions through insightful articles on beauty and lifestyle. The website design is clean, with a section for links.

B2B Cosmetics Website Examples

Bryhel Cosmetic Lab


A business working backstage in the industry must create trust-inspiring communication. After all, its target audience is reliable brand partners. Bryhel has one of the best beauty websites with a tailored page loader and clever animations.

Cosmetic Devices

Vanity Planet


The beauty project Vanity Planet sells essential self-care tools and devices to improve your routine. Its beauty website homepage has easy navigation through product categories and filtering options.

Acne Fighting Products



Apostrophe introduces personalized acne treatments that work. Its cosmetics website is dynamic, focusing on the struggles of those suffering from acne. The brand offers a low-cost, high-convenience dermatology consultation.

Korean Beauty

Peach & Lily


Peach & Lily delivers clean, active ingredients through Korean beauty products for all skin types. Its website also sells other beauty brands. Customers will find detailed product pages with accurate recommendations.

Soko Glam


Soko Glam uses a photo slideshow to present its current offers. You will also find a skin concierge to help you learn more about your skin and how to care for it.


well kept


Well kept produces eco-friendly shaving products, from razor blades to oils and balms. Its cosmetics website perfectly balances customer experience, sustainability, and branding.


Dune Suncare


Dune Suncare introduces its award-winning formulas that suit every skin type. Its website has lots of beach-related images and exudes summer vibes. It also highlights the brand’s community impact.



Renowned brand Supergoop! concentrates on suncare that makes you feel beautiful every time. This beauty website is dynamic and underscores the company’s expertise and versatility. Online customers get exclusive benefits.

Organic Cosmetics and Beauty Websites

100% Pure


100% Pure produces the purest, naturally-pigmented formulas to beautify and nourish your skin. Its website promotes the monthly subscription box. Like other beauty brands, it offers an enticing loyalty program.



Aire is a CBD and hemp seed beauty brand promoting transparency and awareness. Its website relies on impactful photos and a responsive layout with fast-loading pages.

Bathing Culture


Bathing Culture celebrates the power and peace of bathing while benefiting the planet. Its beautiful cosmetics website underscores this approach. The frontpage presents the brand’s bestsellers and press features.

F. Miller


F. Miller supplies essential and effortless beauty products based on the “skinimalism” philosophy. Its cosmetics website embodies the company’s values, from transparency to efficacy and sustainability.

Mount Sapo


Mount Sapo has a unique cosmetics website with bold colors and a massive logo on the homepage. It is responsive with scroll-activated parallax transitions, highlighting the company’s all-over oil.

Vegan and Cruelty-Free Beauty Industry Brand Sites

Bae Body


Bae Body simplified self-care by producing ingredient-led cosmetics. You will find its cosmetics website responsive and easy to navigate. The product gallery-style presentation reacts to mouse placement by activating a photo slideshow.

ColourPop Cosmetics


ColourPop Cosmetics presents product sales and bestsellers on the frontpage. Its colorful makeup website design highlights its mission to make luxury beauty affordable. The business also bets on multiple social channels.



Ella+mila started as a company that produced nail products and later expanded to other types of skincare. Customers can build tailored nail kits and find easy-to-follow tutorials on its website.



With an elegant cosmetics website in nude hues, HALEYS affirms itself as an advocate for value-based beauty. Customers can shop for product samples and discover their dupes of famous cosmetics.



Lush pairs natural ingredients with originality to create fun self-care moments. Thus, it makes sense this cosmetics website would embrace creativity. Besides, the company uses its marketing to highlight its environmental and social impact.

Pauli & Sisters


Pauli & Sisters’ site salutes its only product, the Repair Serum. The company underscores this cosmetic’s benefits, efficacy, and versatility. Its site has large text and eye-catching colors.

Other Beauty Websites

Turkish Cosmetics


Turkish Cosmetics explains the history of the beauty industry in the country. It also explores the sector’s performance over the years. Visitors can easily navigate through the header menu.

Cosmetic Experience


The Cosmetic Experience explores the perfumery and cosmetics universe in France. This award-winning site follows a six-stage journey and has scroll-activated transitions and animations.

The Setting Spray on Cosmetics Websites Examples

A purposeful online presence is essential for any company trying to succeed in the cosmetics industry. A beauty website must have outstanding graphic design, easy navigation, and copy that converts.

This article shared 78 of the best online beauty stores and cosmetics websites. They highlighted the importance of pairing an intelligent layout with engaging content marketing.

Besides, they showed how to incorporate strong branding in a page that is easy to navigate and fosters better sales. In these inspirational examples, you have all the ideas you need for a makeup website design that helps you stand out in the beauty world.

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