Simple Website Designs That Speak Volumes: Examples and Inspiration

Simple Website Designs That Speak Volumes: Examples and Inspiration

Well-Designed Lawyer Websites for Web Design Inspiration
January 4, 2024
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January 5, 2024
Well-Designed Lawyer Websites for Web Design Inspiration
January 4, 2024
The Best Looking Ice Cream Websites to Check Out
January 5, 2024

In a world crammed with flashy graphics and neon lights, there's something to be said about the allure of less. It's the charm of negative space, the elegance of crisp lines. Like a minimalist website layout whispering in a sea of digital noise.

Think streamlined, think intuitive site structure—and voila, you've got yourself a vision of simplicity. In this slice of the internet I'm slicing up for you, we're diving into the heart of simple website design examples that do more with less.

You're here because clutter is not your cup of tea. Because your gut tells you that clean web typography or an uncluttered online presence might just be the secret sauce for digital success. By the time you've scrolled to the bottom of this page, you'll be packing a treasure trove of inspiration so compelling, you'd ditch the bells and whistles in a heartbeat.

After all, sometimes, the most profound statements are the ones softly spoken. Let's journey through the art of 'keep it simple'.

Simple Website Design Examples

Casa Hope


Take note of this first minimalist website design. It is for renting luxury apartments in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Be Design 4


You can find more creative inspiration on the website Superthread. It’s the webpage for a team productivity app for startup companies that want to reach their goals faster.

The Carter Ogunsola


The minimalist website design of this portfolio presents the work of an independent digital designer in Utah. Notice the Xbox-inspired design elements.

Be Webmaster


A beautiful web design that shows everything you sell or create in one link.

Benjamin Hardman


The minimal web design of this photography website shows some great pictures of extreme environments, putting all the focus on the photographic work. The images alone will give you chills. Benjamin Hardman shoots much of his material in Iceland.

Be Interior 4


Femme Fatale Studio is a creative studio for immersive, visual, and interactive experiences.

Nature Morte


The web designers of this online gallery want you to see some of the world’s best paintings, giving you a peek into the special world of art.

Be Decor


Mina is an eCommerce website template that lets you create your online store in a few minutes. It uses vibrant colors but very simple navigation elements. The web design is pleasant to the eye without looking cluttered.



OurRevolution is a creative brand design studio. They make what the future will bring. This studio from London and Sydney makes brands thrive.

Be WebDesign


Froztech makes websites and software and develops cloud architectures. Its simple website offers outstanding user experience and functional flow.

Olha Uzhykova


Olha Uzhykova, from Los Angeles, is an award-winning designer and UI/UX expert. She has over ten years of experience in management and design.



Melula is a Danish fashion and shoe brand for children. It uses children’s imagination as its guide, as you can see from its colorful design ideas. The simple website design shows the brand’s love for colors and playfulness.

Tim Brack


Tim Brack’s website uses only three colors: black, white, and grey. But you can see from this webpage how much you can do with these simple elements. Clicking on an image shows you more information and the story behind the photo. In some instances, you get to see some videos.



This simple website presents a cloud computing product that you can use from your browser.



Prismic helps online shops to grow. It lets marketers and developers ship their products more easily and quickly.



The simple website design exhibits a sense of good taste and craftsmanship. Its unique focus helps to show the beauty.

Apollo Group


Making a simple website also helps with speed. Mobility pioneers at Apollo Group realized that. They use technology and state-of-the-art energy vehicles to maximize luxury.



The eye-catcher of this web design is the full-sized background images. These high quality visuals emphasize the beauty of the natural Oishii product. After the website openers, you will see the menu. Each item on the menu takes you to a page that funnels you to their online store.

Etuk Josiah Benjamin


This African creative developer made a simple but immersive online experience.



This web design uses one main color, leaving space for all the images to speak to you. Despite being simple, the website exhumes confidence. It is interesting to note that you find the menu at the bottom of the page, drawing attention to Bedow’s contact details and social media links.



Oakywood’s foundations are the love of wood, sustainability, and technology. The creators designed a new online shop and upgraded it to Shopify Plus.

Traffic Productions


Traffic Productions designs physical and digital objects from start to finish.

The Salmon Consulting


This consulting bureau invites you to think like no one else but in the right direction. Their consulting services focus on companies.

Josh Rubietta


Globetrotter” is a good description for Josh Rubietta, who comes from the San Francisco area. On his travels, he shares his knowledge and experience in dance, music, and acting. On this simple website, you can find links to his YouTube videos. His site design is minimal but attractive.



This brilliant example shows the beauty of Malva Production’s projects in a simple way. The company works in art, fashion, and lifestyle.

Malva Production


This brilliant example shows the beauty of Malva Production’s projects in a simple way. The company works in art, fashion, and lifestyle.

Women Tell Women


This platform by women gives career advice to other women who want to improve relationships at work.

Scott Snyder Photography 


Product photographer Scott Snyder presents another simple website. His pages show some great examples of his work with plenty of space between them. The web design uses clear fonts and makes effective use of scrolling animations.

ETQ Amsterdam


The ETQ Amsterdam website has a clean design. Its online catalog refers visitors to the brand’s social media accounts. There, they can learn more about the company and its design philosophy.

Milkink Creative Studio


The next example on the list of simple website designs comes from Austria. Milkink Creative Studio specializes in graphic design, visual art, and web design and development.

Central Technology


This company displays a vibrant brand identity and uses this simple website to empower its audience.



The website builder for this example had a complicated task: how to convey the history of communications through one website. It was successful through simple and intentional web design.

Lars Tornøe


Furniture design is the theme of this website. The aesthetic allows you to feel the design and construction efforts behind it, and the simplicity of the website puts Lars Tornøe’s work at the forefront.

IJBDesign Portfolio


The web design of this portfolio page shows new perspectives on IJBDesign’s interactive work.

Wendy Ju


Storytelling and problem solving are two of the elements that Wendy Ju uses in her UI/UX design work. She shows that she is a skilled designer through her minimalist website design.



The next source of design inspiration comes from Cuberto. This is a design studio that makes memorable digital experiences and native apps.



For YAYS, knowledge sharing is a form of hospitality. The creators made a simple website to share stories about their neighborhood and a seamless user experience.



These ClassPass awards celebrate the best instructors, studios, salons, and spas in the fitness and wellness industry.



At first glance, you will notice the clear fonts and the attractive colors. The AIAIAI business website has an unusual but straightforward website design. It shows that with little effort you can make something that is spectacular and effective.



Evervault does not overflow you with unnecessary elements. It allows you to encrypt whatever you want without having to go through plaintext.

Candy Black


Candy Black has a boutique-style simple website, providing consultancy on everything related to communication and visual content design. Its website has a large portfolio that feels clean because it has plenty of white space.



Playful design inspiration is what you will find on this website by Reyna Dashesfsky and Joy Yiu. They build their designs around digital worlds, which appeals to many young creatives.



This simple website uses API and meta-based search features. LAWD makes designs for property websites and has a system for the automatic feeding of new listings.



The company co&co uses a simple website design with a hero video, a clear call to action, and a tagline. This results in a strong and cohesive brand identity. Simplicity makes this website that much stronger.

Primavera Clinic


Primavera Clinic is a clinic of cosmetic and medical services.

UMS-Wright Preparatory School


The simple website design by UMS-Wright Preparatory School spotlights the user experience. In this way, it communicates the quality of the school’s education.



The web design of this website shows that RETN is a company of bridge builders. They connect Europe with Asia in one comprehensive communications infrastructure.

Gomez Sim Industries

This simple website represents a company that produces state-of-the-art racing equipment. The site lets you choose from many different customizable options.

Monograph Communications


The landing pages of Monograph show how to communicate you brand in the best way possible.

Montrose Cannabis


Montrose Cannabis is a luxury online cannabis shop that delivers throughout Canada. It sells different kinds of cannabis and cannabis-related products.



Havas Factory

Havas Factory found inspiration in the U.S. government’s “Turn Off, Turn Down, and Shift” campaign. They made it into an interactive game that helps people understand how to save energy.

Søren Rose Studio


A simple website focuses attention on someone’s work. This portfolio page shows how you can achieve this.

Netil Radio


Radio technology is at the center of this web design. Netil has a business model that focuses on attracting more listeners. Their call to action is obvious: tune in!

Alma Studio


The aim of this website is to change the workplace into an environment where everybody feels safe.

Ruslan Slavniy


Ruslan Slavniy is a prominent portrait photographer. His simple website design shows how to make a powerful portfolio.

North Drive


North Drive is a professional design company that makes iconic buildings that stand out in the community. At the same time, North Drive considers the needs and wishes of its individual clients.



The homepage design makes it clear that GBL means serious business. They are a data-driven communications company that always thinks about digital solutions.

FAQ on Simple Website Design

What's the deal with simple website design anyway?

Look, simple website design—it's all about creating an uncluttered online presence. Think of it as your digital minimalist wardrobe. It's not just a trend; it’s about making things super accessible and effortless for your users. Cutting down on the extra fluff so your message comes through loud and clear.

Can I really make a decent site if I only know the basics of design?

Absolutely. With tools like Squarespace or Wix, you can whip up a clean web design that looks professional. You'd be surprised how far you can get with a user-friendly interface and a few straightforward navigation menus. Sometimes, keeping it simple is the smartest move.

Why do some folks say white space is so important?

White space isn't just empty space—it's breathing room for your content. It's like giving your text and images a nice comfy couch to chill on, so they can really shine. Plus, it’s essential for that clean web design look, steering clear from a cluttered mess.

How does a simple website design convert visitors into customers?

Conversions? Oh, it's all about that intuitive site structure. When visitors can find what they want without a hitch, they’re more likely to take action. Call-to-action buttons that stand out, and an easy path to the checkout—you've nailed it. Conversion rate optimization is hidden in simplicity.

What's responsive design and why do I need it?

Responsive design is your golden ticket in today’s mobile world. It's what makes your site look great on any device—phones, tablets, or desktops. Think of it this way: It’s like having one outfit that magically fits you well, whether you're hitting the gym or attending a gala.

How fast should a simple website load, and why does it matter?

Speed is key. If your page takes ages to load, people bounce. Aim for page load speed that's as quick as a hiccup—under three seconds is ideal. Keep images light and scripts minimal. Faster load times mean happier visitors, and Google’s ranking algorithm loves that.

What's the role of typography in simple website design?

Typography is your silent ambassador of style. It's not just picking pretty fonts—it’s about making your words digestible. A good choice of web typography respects readers' eyes with clean, readable fonts that communicate clearly. When your text looks good, your message sticks better.

Should I care about SEO when working on a simple website design?

Hell yes. Search engine optimization isn't just for complex sites. Keywords, meta tags, mobile-friendliness—all these elements of technical SEO are crucial in a simple website design too. SEO-friendly sites attract more eyeballs. And isn't that the point of having a site to begin with?

Do I need to worry about accessibility in my design?

You bet. Accessibility isn't a nicety, it’s a necessity. Making your site accessible to everyone, including folks with disabilities, isn't just the right thing to do—it expands your audience. Plus, adhering to WCAG guidelines can save you from legal headaches down the road.

What makes a website stand out, even if it's simple?

Personality, man. A splash of unique color, a touch of custom graphics, or a unique layout can put your brand’s stamp on even the most minimalist website layout. Standing out is about resonating with your audience—simple can still be bold and memorable. Just be you.


Imagine walking through a room where every inch is thought out, every corner breathes purpose. That's what we've explored together—spaces online where less hustle makes for more impact.

Simple? Sure, but let's not mistake it for anything less than bold. It's about empowering choices—a user-friendly interface here, a touch of responsive design there. Simple website design examples shine because they make sense. They guide visitors with grace, let content take the spotlight.

The takeaway is crystal. Amidst the chatter of complex lines and busy interfaces, a simplistic web aesthetic draws people in. It's a visual appeal with intent, a streamlined user experience without the noise. A clean web design isn't a fading whisper; it sings.

You’ve seen the beauty in the basics. Take it, run with it. Let your digital presence echo a principle that will never grow old—uncomplicated can be utterly captivating.

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