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Wix Alternatives That Will Get the Job Done Better

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August 27, 2019
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September 4, 2019

If you want to create a stunning website for your site without having to touch a line of code, you’re in the right place.

Those who already tried Wix but simply couldn’t get used to it are few and far between but worry not. There are a couple of Wix alternatives that will get the job done in a much better, more convenient manner.

This article will list a few Wix alternatives but take your time to analyze all the options to make sure that you make the correct decision.

Why Would You Need Wix Alternatives?


Before listing out the Wix alternatives that we considered the most relevant, you need to clearly understand why you can’t simply use Wix in the first place, without bothering to find another white-label site builder for your project.

One reason is that, although Wix is relatively bug-free, you might find that your website project requires some functionality that Wix isn’t able to provide. This may be due to a tricky bug that you cannot wait for Wix to fix, or a lack of interest from Wix to offer that feature you need.

Luckily, there are Wix alternatives that go better with a company’s goals, especially when it comes to more advanced or specialized features. It’s normal that some platforms are better than others in certain areas.

All that’s left to do is figure out which one would be best for your situation. You may need a Wix alternative that has a friendlier interface, or you may need one that offers more templates. All needs are different, and that’s why you need to personalize your choice.

The 4 most common reasons why people choose something else besides Wix would be:

  • Price: Wix is not the cheapest solution out there, and people who are on a tight budget would rather check out other options as well.
  • Templates: Once the website is published with a specific template, you won’t be able to change it in the future without losing content. You can customize bits of it, but that’s all you get.
  • Large eCommerce websites: Wix can’t handle websites that are meant for selling wares at a very large scale. You can definitely manage small websites, but don’t opt for large online stores with Wix.
  • Design: Overdoing your website’s design with Wix is possible, given the freedom you get. You can add all sorts of animations to the page, and if you don’t have an eye for design, it might become a mess.

11 Wix Alternatives That You Absolutely Need to Try

Moving on to the list you are so interested in:


WordPress – Self-Hosted


If you’d rather have full control over all aspects of your website, the Wix alternatives you can opt for are quite scarce. One of them is self-hosted WordPress, which is known for its power and versatility as a full-fledged CMS (Content Management System).

It is hugely appreciated world-wide, and some people call it the king of CMS. You can do everything with WordPress, from creating simple blogs to complex eCommerce websites. It’s all up to you.

Compared to Wix, which keeps the code behind it secret and doesn’t let anyone make use of it in any way, WordPress gives you access to the code, sharing its software and letting you modify it as you please, thus contributing to the community.

All people can contribute in one way or another, by coming up with useful plugins, beautiful themes, or other helpful tools that may improve the WordPress experience.

And because a lot of developers contribute to the platform by adding free plugins and themes, but also paid ones, people have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to their websites.

We recommend Be Theme, as it's by far the most versatile theme out there.

WordPress is accessible to all, regardless of their budgets or requirements.

So, why should you choose WordPress over Wix?

This is the answer you’ve probably been waiting for, so let’s point it out clearly. Open-source content is better in terms of flexibility because there are almost unlimited options to choose from.

Customization becomes the least of your problems, as you can easily become overwhelmed with all the options you have. There are both paid and free options to choose from and the range of themes is so diverse that you won’t be stuck wanting more, as in other cases.

GoDaddy Website Builder


GoDaddy has a website builder that’s called GoCentral and it’s a new, innovative product exclusive to the giant hosting provider.

GoDaddy is not similar to other website builders when discussing template systems. It is based on an Artificial Intelligence designer that creates your site from scratch.

Simply put, you answer a few questions and the AI designer gets the website done for you, based on what your answers were. Pretty neat, right?

GoCentral is very easy to use as well, so you don’t have to possess a lot of knowledge in the field of technology to give it a try. It has drag and drop functionality that can also be used with the mobile version of the platform, thus allowing you to make changes on the go, on your mobile phone or tablet.

Of course, it’s not recommended to create a website from scratch within the mobile editor, but it is a useful function indeed, for quick changes and modifications.

Why choose GoDaddy from all Wix alternatives?

You can create a website and have it up and running in minutes. GoDaddy is convenient to use and it’s great in terms of SEO. It comes equipped with built-in tools to analyze your website’s performance and many other perks that will grant your site visibility in the online world.



Squarespace has become really popular during the past few years. It’s similar to Wix from a multitude of standpoints, and it is thus one of the best Wix alternatives. It doesn’t have a drag and drop interface, but the platform is very user-friendly and has a low learning curve.



Another company that started with hosting services but later focused on website building, Gator derived from HostGator and is now one of the top Wix alternatives you can try. The product is new on the market, but it can already be compared to Wix directly.

Moreover, Gator is very easy to use, so people with less tech expertise can successfully figure out how it works. Gator is ultimately a simple website builder, but it gets the job done, and that’s more than enough for those who seek comfort and peace of mind.

Should you choose Gator over Wix?

I think the answer is yes, mainly because it is very convenient to use. It can be integrated with social media, which is an important aspect for gaining website recognition fast and easy. Gator is just as good as Wix, but you get similar features for a cheaper price.



Weebly is great if you want to build a business or eCommerce site quick and easy. It has more storage space available, so you won’t have to think twice about what you upload on your site.

Wix has fewer features than Weebly in terms of customization. Even though it had a difficult start, Weebly eventually gained the appreciation of the public through the years. It is now supporting 40 million websites or more.

They work day after day to improve their products and their pricing offer is more than convenient. The interface is simple and uncluttered —everyone can use it without facing any issues, including the least experienced in website building.

Best of all, Weebly leads to very professional-looking results, so you’re paying less money for a top-notch product.

Why should you choose Weebly instead of Wix?

Weebly is the right choice for good blogging options and medium/large business websites. Their designs are well-structured and full of relevant features that would make it easier for you to build on and manage in the long run.

You can create websites with more than 20 pages with Weebly, which makes it one of the best Wix alternatives out there.



Shopify might be even more famous than Wix is when talking about eCommerce websites. Shopify is a Canadian provider that built its strong reputation during the past decade.

Considering the great listing at NASDAQ, the company is continuously growing and there’s a big chance to see an even greater improvement in the future.

Shopify offers a wide range of features that Wix doesn’t, propelling it to the top of the alternatives. Its cherished features include bulk product imports, login checkouts, many payment options, eCommerce-related notifications, multi-channel integrations, and more.

Wix doesn’t support such things, so an alternative is needed to make use of these features.

Why choose Shopify over Wix?

If it’s not obvious enough, among the Wix alternatives listed here, Shopify is the strongest and most complex in terms of eCommerce. You should definitely opt for it if your website is eCommerce-oriented.



Webflow is not regularly listed as one of the best Wix alternatives, but this time it’s worth including here because we are going to tackle it from a different standpoint. Thisis a solution that’s suitable for experienced designers who simply want to reduce their work time.

It’s not only convenient for developers who want to create custom-code websites at a glance, but also for people who simply don’t possess the huge budgets required for having them built from scratch.

That’s where Webflow steps in and truly make a difference. Using a visual canvas, Webflow users can design their sites in properly marked-up code without having to code. Even animations and interactions can be created with the visual editor.

Why would Webflow be better?

Among Wix alternatives, Webflow is impressive because it’s not your basic website builder. It’s more than that. The design tools it replicates are similar to Adobe’s Photoshop or InDesign, so there’s no wonder why it is highly appreciated. It’s a pro tool that deserves a try.



Those who want more control over how their website works and feels should try Strikingly over Wix. It’s mostly focused on making things easy for all users, regardless of their experience with creating websites.

More than that, the platform’s aim is to help users build a website in the quickest time possible — in less than 15 minutes.

The fact that you can obtain a customized website that you design yourself in as low as 15 minutes can be called revolutionary in this industry. You get the satisfaction of doing it yourself, but the platform helps you do it with ease and comfort.

It’s one of the easiest platforms to use out there, and it can’t even be compared to Wix from this standpoint.

Should you choose Strikingly over Wix?

Both are good for different purposes. Strikingly is visibly better in terms of investment, as it offers many templates, impressive features, and helpful tools.

Moreover, you get 24/7 customer support and you don’t have to upgrade from the free plan to access basic functions that you would need in managing a website from day-to-day.



Duda is one of the Wix alternatives that is focused on mobile only. They have offered scalable designs since the very first moment the word “responsive” became an unavoidable trend.

They have evolved tremendously and now have an option that is quite rare on a responsive design which is the multilingual option that you can add to your website with ease.

Duda is neat in terms of marketing, but it’s also a great alternative to Wix if you want a light website with interesting features that create a unique experience for your visitors.

Why would you choose Duda?

Simply because it’s nice to work with and it has some features that make it stand out from the rest out there. It is especially useful when you need to offer your site in different regions with different languages, as it supports over 50 languages out of the box.



There’s not that much to say about uKit. It’s a good website builder for simpler business websites instead of complex ones. People use it instead of Wix for creating portfolios or professional landing pages.

It has some benefits like affordability, simplicity, responsiveness, but it mostly impresses through its intuitiveness and the possibility to easily switch themes at a later stage.

When would uKit beat Wix?

Wix and uKit are comparable, but it depends on the purpose you have. If you choose uKit, you will build simple websites easier than you would with Wix. Plus, you can switch the theme later if you decide to do so.

IM Creator


This is not a design-heavy website builder, but it’s enough for those who don’t need websites full of irrelevant details. For instance, those who need a website for their brand without filling it with all sorts of bells and whistles will definitely like IM Creator more than they like Wix.

The website will come pre-filled with dummy content and you only need to drop your own copy here and replace the images —as simple as that.

IM Creator has a few downsides as well, one of them being the slight delay that you will experience while you switch content. The drag and drop repositioning should run smoothly to save time.

So, IM Creator or Wix?

Wix might be faster in terms of editing your website, but IM Creator lets you build a site without using a template in the first place. Instead, IM Creator lets you create a design from scratch on your own. That’s great for a high level of customization.

Ending thoughts on these Wix Alternatives

All the Wix alternatives we listed here are suitable for building websites. The choice you make depends on the factors we discussed during the introduction.

The tighter your budget, the better it would be to use a free website builder. The less time you have, the faster the builder should be. Approach the issue with these points in mind and your choice will become easier to make.

Hopefully, the Wix alternatives we listed here will be helpful for those who decided to migrate from Wix to something else. As an overall winner, we would recommend using WordPress and enhance it with Be Theme for a larger design variety. You’ll be glad you did!

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