Top Carpet Cleaning Websites with Modern Design

Top Carpet Cleaning Websites with Modern Design

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August 17, 2021
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Growing companies often boost their sales through their website. They manage to create a credible online platform that attracts new customers.

So, with the right web design, a carpet cleaning business can generate more profit. The key is to make a good first impression.

But it's not just about an engaging look. The site must be easy to navigate too.

There are some great carpet cleaning websites online. Not only do they look good, but they repeatedly convert visitors into new clients.

These sites can be a source of inspiration and help you to build a stronger online presence.

This article presents a list of the top carpet cleaning websites with modern design. But first, let’s analyze the secret of their success.

Key Features of Successful Carpet Cleaning Websites

Profitable businesses know how to reach their target customers. They understand the needs of their online visitors and adapt the web design to them.

So what are some of the key features that visitors are looking for?

  • A good company introduction or a unique brand story.
  • A clear explanation of the services.
  • Attractive and captivating images.
  • Pricing lists or quote requests that are easy to access.
  • Discounts and promotions.
  • Reviews and testimonials of past customers.
  • Answers to questions that are specific to the industry and the target audience.
  • Quick access to contact information.
  • Clean navigation and menu.

The following websites are great examples of these key features in action.

SteamPro, Inc.


There's a lot of content on the page, but it's well organized. The contact information and a Get a Quote button stand out in the header.

This business uses a categorized image gallery to list their services on the homepage.



This web design uses a picture slider in the header to capture visitors' attention. Contact information and a chat field make it easy for customers to order their service.

There's also a Quotes section and a video on the homepage.



This website belongs to a family-owned carpet cleaning business. The header includes their phone number, services, and promotions.

Visitors can find customer testimonials and the brand story on the homepage. The site presents the company as professional and friendly.

It features pictures of the family, but also 'before and after' photos. That’s a great marketing strategy.



J. D. Dixon offers professional services for residential and commercial spaces.

The web design includes all the elements of a successful carpet cleaning website. It features high-quality images, Our Services, and Contact Us CTA buttons.

It also benefits from a FAQs section and easy navigation.

Denver Pros


This carpet cleaning website matches the brand's logo and their vans’ design. The header includes social media icons and the company's phone number.

The homepage features a chat window, a Get a Free Quote button, and a Book Online Today CTA. It lists their services and five stars testimonials.

Although there's a lot of information, it's easy to navigate.

Rug Doctor


The homepage includes an image slider that spotlights their professional-level cleaning machines. It captures the attention of the site's visitors straight away.

Clean Carpet RX


The owners of this carpet cleaning website know that the competition is fierce. So they waste no time in explaining why to choose their services.

The brand backs their reasons up with eco credentials and testimonials on the sidebar. The web design of the homepage is captivating, using a family-oriented photo.

Captain Steamer


Future customers will appreciate the clean layout and easy navigation of this website. There’s no excess information or visuals, but it’s enough to capture visitors’ attention.

A white background makes the brand logo and the photos stand out.

The navigation menu has straightforward links to additional information. It’s accessible from any page.

USA Clean Master


The visuals on this website are captivating. The web designers used pictures and colors to highlight important information.

The CTA is prominent throughout the page, making it easy to call and order the service right away.

Cosmopolitan Carpet & Rug Cleaning


This carpet cleaning website is customer-oriented. It offers all the information clients want to know right at the start of the page.

There's also a popup chat window for extra questions. The header displays the phone number, address, and business hours.

The navigation includes both primary and secondary navigation menus. This kind of design makes it clear which links are most important.

Bio-Clean Carpet Cleaning


The Bio-Clean website is all about clean design. The main colors, white and green, match the brand's eco-friendly vision.

The header offers easy access to customer service and social media icons. It also includes a navigation menu with a Free Quote CTA button.

The actual estimate form is very straightforward and quick to fill out. The testimonials on the side of it are a good marketing trick.

N.S.E.W. Carpet Cleaning


This is a carpet cleaning website with its own personality. It introduces the brand first and gives some good reasons to hire professionals to do the job.

The colors, fonts, and pictures used on the site build trust in the business.

TMQ Carpet Cleaning


TMQ Carpet Cleaning is a company that also offers upholstery and tile cleaning. There are a lot of visuals, but the homepage is easy to navigate.

The content is well organized. There are primary and secondary navigation menus in the header.

CTA buttons are quick to access. The minimal design on the other pages balances out the number of visuals on the homepage.

D & K Carpet Cleaning


The background picture of the company's truck is a great way to introduce the brand and its services.

My Clean


Online customers get tired and may lose interest if they have to read through a lot of content. The trick is to understand what they're looking for and answer their questions even before they ask.

My Clean starts by offering help with choosing a clean type.

Next comes a service request form with drop-down menus to select from. It includes a price quote.

Chemdry Central


This carpet cleaning website is a WordPress site. It has a responsive design.

We Clean Carpet


Here's another carpet cleaning website that has all the elements of a successful online business.

The header includes the contact details, a link to a free estimate form, and a simple navigation menu. Promotions, testimonials, and FAQs are also easily accessible.

The company's motto “Quality service since 1957” builds trust in the well-established brand.

Real Green Cleaning


A great way to build trust in online customers is to post a picture of the owner and their family. That’s what makes this carpet cleaning website friendly and credible.

Their eco-friendly vision is explained in their own words. So clients have no doubt about their dedication to their cleaning service.

Extreme Total Cleaning Services


The first thing that online visitors notice on a website is usually the header. This brand designed it with the target customers in mind.

Visitors can find contact details and click on the Book Now CTA button. The navigation menu includes all the essential links.

Customer reviews and a picture gallery lie further down on the homepage.

Jose’s Deep Carpet Cleaning


This carpet cleaning website is quite overcrowded. But there's one inspiring element in the design.

Customers don't have to search the content to find the product they need. The header contains a list of them all, which allows for intuitive navigation.

Excellent Carpet Cleaning


The last example combines all the principles of a successful business website. It’s engaging, captivating, and created with the customer in mind.

The top of the homepage displays all the relevant information about the business and its products. There are pictures, CTA buttons, reviews, and promotions.

Easy navigation tops up this excellent web design.

Ending thoughts on successful carpet cleaning websites

Creating a strong website can be a daunting task. But this article highlights many inspiring brands that apply similar web design techniques.

Easy navigation, pictures, CTA, estimation forms, and promotions are among the important elements. It's vital to have a clear brand vision and a personalized approach.

Customers need to understand the products. As well, businesses need to understand the customers and their needs.

Sticking to those principles is the key to more sales and many happy clients.

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