Awesome House Cleaning Websites That Look Good
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Awesome House Cleaning Websites That Look Good

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August 18, 2021
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There's a great demand for cleaning services. But the truth is, you can't grow your business on referrals alone.

A good website brings new sales opportunities and generates more profit. With consistent branding and responsive design, you can attract more visitors. A clear CTA will allow you to capture the leads and convert them.

House cleaning websites should be well-organized, tidy, and neat. The design needs to build trust in the company.

All the websites on our list have the features mentioned above. Not only do they look good, but they convert visitors into new clients. By applying the same techniques, you too can build a strong online business platform.

Men In Kilts


This website is a great example of consistent branding. All the visual features are in harmony with the brand name- the logo, the colors, and, of course, their work uniforms.



MyClean offers a responsive design and clean layout. The content is well-organized and easy to navigate.

The visitors are greeted by the company's motto- to make homes clean, safe, and healthy. Then they're directed to book their services straight away.



This cleaning company offers many different services, but their website is easy to navigate. Customers can fill out a service request form right at the top of the homepage.

The call-to-action buttons are prominent and easy to find throughout the page.



This is an example of an engaging house cleaning website. The vertical scrolling banner presents photos of their services. The web design is creative but not messy.

Squeaky Clean House


Online businesses face the challenge of building trust in their company. One way of doing that is to show "Before and After" pictures. Adding the name of the cleaning person makes it even more personal.

Better Life Maids


A catchy brand name, photos, and customer reviews make this site attractive, engaging, and trustworthy.

We can also highlight the tidy layout and easy navigation. The company introduces its values and services through interactive videos.

Alpine Maids


People looking for a maid service prefer websites that are intuitive and answer all their questions.

This cleaning service knows its target audience. The header contains categories such as About Us, Services, Reviews, and Locations. There's also CTA and contact information.

Easy access to quote forms and professional pictures successfully convert leads into sales.



This one is a well-established family business. The secret of their successful online platform lies in its simplicity.

The design is neat, clean, and attractive. The CTA buttons are easy to access but not intrusive. The colors used on the site are consistent with the branding.



The company offers many cleaning services. In this case, it's important to keep the website well-organized and easy to navigate.

This web design features a sticky header that stays at the top of the window no matter where you navigate. It allows for quick access not only to all the important categories but also to the CTA and contact information.

Sparkle & Shine


Successful house cleaning websites connect with their clients.

Merry Maids build trust in their brand through a friendly and yet professional web design. The carefully selected photos feature families and even pets. The green color used in the logo and on the site makes the company appear credible and reliable.



Every cleaning company needs to communicate clearly what makes their brand special.

This website has all the key features. Right at the top of the homepage, the image slider introduces their unique high-rise building cleaning services.

The header is minimal. It includes only the logo, Services, About Us, and Contact.

There are great pictures that stand out on the white background. The web design showcases consistent branding.



The competition among house cleaning services is tough. So some websites create special features to win over customers.

This company used the power of its clients' reviews. They embedded a commercial on the homepage. It serves as a credible backup of the company's commitment and brand vision.

Molly Maid


The header looks a bit overcrowded, but there are some great features to highlight.

One of them is the brand consistency in the visuals. They use pink in the logo, the CTA buttons, and on their service cars.

The Find a Location tool and Request a Free Estimate button make it quick and easy to order their cleaning services.

The website also includes testimonials.



Simple, neat, and clear- that's how we could describe the next home cleaning website.

The brand's logo, a quotation form, and a Call button make up the minimal header.

The rest of the page follows the minimal design but has all the important information, including reviews.

There's consistent branding throughout the page.

Cullens Cleaning


This next inspiring website is very informative and yet tidy.

The power of this online platform lies with the testimonials- both written and in a video.

The top of the page features a tool that allows visitors to get a price and schedule their home cleaning in 60 seconds.



The Harding’s Services website includes social media icons in the footer.

Being featured on social media platforms brings a lot of benefits to cleaning businesses. They can reach a wider audience and gain new customers. It also allows them to keep their existing customers up to date through new posts. Moreover, they can hyperlink testimonials from their clients' accounts.

Cleaner Cleaner


Moppers’ web design is sleek and modern. The color choice matches the branding, and professional pictures capture attention. To back up the brand’s credibility, they list their awards and some big organizations they've worked with.

The website also includes their blog.

Maid Marines


This professional-looking website is a great example of a tidy layout.

The header includes a collapsed menu that opens up only when visitors click on it. There are also CTA buttons for easy booking.

Photos and colors used in the web design work in harmony with the brand and what it stands for.

Planet Maids


Even house cleaning websites can be creative and fun. The web design of the Klean Sweep platform makes visitors smile. They want their customers to enjoy life and delegate the cleaning to them.

The branding is consistent, and the layout is clean. The menu is also easy to navigate.

Long Island Maids


This company offers niche cleaning services. It specializes in cleaning offices and medical and sports facilities. The target audience is different from the private home cleaning sector. So the web design is adapted to its clients.

The website looks very professional and functional. The image slider includes high-quality photos and a price calculator.

The navigation menu in the header is neat and clear. And the site maintains the same sleek design throughout the page.



The next cleaning company uses a little “old school” web design, but it works! Visitors can find out reasons for choosing them, and a list of their cleaning services.

The navigation menu is clean, and the website is easy to navigate.



This cleaning company stands out thanks to an engaging and creative web design. It uses animations and images of families who are happy with the cleaning service.

This is a good marketing technique that builds confidence in the brand. The design’s blue color also evokes feelings of trust.

Other great features include CTA buttons, a free estimate form, and a service locator tool.

Maid Sailors


House cleaning websites need to be easy to navigate so that visitors can quickly find all the information.

The Maid Sailors cleaning service designed its site with both primary and secondary navigation menus in the header. This solution makes the important CTA tools stand out.

Customer communication is encouraged through the contact information at the top of the page. There’s also an online help chat.



The homepage features two prominent CTA buttons right at the top of the page. Visitors can place an order or view their rates.

The navigation menu’s design in the header keeps the customers in mind. It includes Why Us, Locations, Pricing, and Contact.

The website includes the brand's credentials, media that have featured them, and what their satisfied clients have to say.

This cleaning company went one step further by offering its own app that makes it easy to book its services repeatedly.



GrimeStoppers is a well-established cleaning service with a modern, fresh-looking website. It includes their star ratings, testimonials, and where they have been featured.

Visitors can click on social media and other platform icons to leave the company a review in the footer. This is a great marketing idea.

Maids 2 Match


The Superb Maids cleaning service is a successful business with an awesome website.

They list their awards, recognitions, and other credentials. The pictures and videos of the team build trust in the brand, and so does the list of their values.

The CTA buttons make it easy to book a cleaning immediately.

Geaux Maids


A responsive design is a must for any website, including house cleaning websites. This brand is aware of that, so the web design looks great on any device.

Los Angeles House Cleaners


Ending thoughts on house cleaning websites

These awesome websites belong to a group of growing businesses. Applying the same web design techniques can boost your brand, too.

The examples share some key features that make the sites successful. These include consistent branding, clear CTA, and easy navigation. The overall design should be neat, tidy, and responsive.

Customers always look for price quotes and calculators, credentials, and contact information. Photos and videos make the brand more credible and the site more engaging.

There are plenty of ideas to take away and apply to your unique brand and services.

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