Top Wellness Websites with Appealing Web Design
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Top Wellness Websites with Appealing Web Design

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The wellness industry is one of the fastest-growing industries to date. Keeping a healthy body and mind and making better lifestyle choices have moved onto one of people's top priorities. Many people now frequent gyms, subscribe to a fitness plan, and even check health and wellness websites. They do this to learn more about wellness tips, healthy lifestyle, mental health, and healthy eating.

A wellness website is a great platform for gyms, fitness instructors, health products, and wellness advocates. It aids in conveying key messages and visuals about health and wellness. It also promotes their businesses. With great web design, a website can attract and motivate more people to live healthier lives.

So when building a wellness website, it would be best to explore a wide range of websites in the same niche. This will gather ideas on what kind of web design would appeal more to the site visitors. But don't fret; because we have already listed down the best examples of health and wellness websites for your ultimate reference.

Best Examples of Health and Wellness Websites with Great Web Designs



Wellory promotes sustainable and personalized nutrition habits instead of strict diets. So, upon opening the website, it tells you to "dump dieting for good." Its website has an inviting web theme with vibrant photos of healthy foods and a bright color scheme. It is also easy to navigate, and it also features healthy recipes and blog articles.



The Real Food Dietitians, founded by registered dietitians and nutritionists, promotes healthy eating. And they do so without breaking the bank. The website features downloadable meal plans and healthy recipes. It uses vibrant and appetizing photos of healthy meals, and it has a clean white web theme with soft color tones.



One Medical's website has a minimalist web design with a white and dark green color scheme. It uses high-quality images and graphics. And it has great call-to-action design elements, such as the animated scroll down icon, for example. It also has great typography and the use of whitespace.



MyFitnessPal is a weight-loss digital tool that helps users keep track of the food they eat. Its website has a simple modern web design, multi-language options, and a layout that is easy to navigate. It also features a database that enables visitors to search for nutritional information and calorie content of food.



ACE or American Council on Exercise is a non-profit organization. It offers exercise professional and health coach certifications. The homepage of its easy-to-navigate website displays call-to-action web copies and buttons to promote its certification programs. It also has a collapsible sidebar menu that provides quick access to other web pages and widgets.



Bold Botanica sells health products that are sustainably sourced, gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan. Its website has a full-screen video header and great typography. The visually appealing images feature Bold Botanica's environmental, health, and wellness mission. It also features its online store where visitors can buy dietary supplements.



Livestrong is a health and wellness website that provides a wide variety of information on living healthier. It features a lot of articles on topics such as eating habits, fitness, weight loss, and healthy living. It has a modern black and white design theme and a simple web layout. It also features a hover effect on article thumbnails.



LOFF is a Dutch spa that offers different kinds of beauty and wellness services. Its website has a relaxing feminine vibe thanks to softer shades of pink. It has a hover drop-down menu which makes the site easy to navigate. It also has its own online reservation system that allows clients to book a session.



Andrea Dahlman is a digestive expert that provides health solutions to digestive problems. Her website contains a lot of call-to-action elements and blog articles related to gut health. The website has a white web theme with purple and green color accents. It also enables visitors to book a free discovery call with the doctor.



As the name implies, Yoga in Demun is a yoga site that offers online yoga courses and yoga classes via Zoom. It also displays a yoga class schedule for its Taiwanese branch in the Chinese language. Yoga in Demun has a simple black and white theme and an easy navigation system. It also has embedded YouTube videos about yoga.



Healthline is a health and wellness website that provides expert information on various health topics. For example, different medical conditions, the latest health news, wellness, nutrition, and more. The website features a symptom checker that enables visitors to search for the possible causes of their symptoms. It is also easy to navigate and very responsive.



L'instant Unique is a French beauty and wellness clinic that offers various facial and body care treatments. Its website has a pampering white and pink color theme with great typography and visually appealing images. It also has many call-to-action design elements, such as the animated scroll up and down buttons.



I Love Me Wellness helps people achieve mental clarity. Its website contains advanced design elements, including a customized pointer and loading graphics, parallax scroll effect, and animated call-to-action icons. Despite the advanced features, the website is easy to navigate and user-friendly. Awwwards has recognized the website twice for its design.



Willow MedSpa's website features a full-screen video content background. It plays automatically on its homepage. Its anchored menu bar scrolls with you down the page, and it has a cool underline hover effect. It also enables visitors to book a virtual consultation and schedule a clinic visit on the site.



Queen Garnet is the flagship store of Australian plum-derived food products and supplements. Since it promotes a range of Queen Garnet plum-derived products, its website has a deep purple color scheme. It displays high-quality images of the products and a parallax scroll effect. It also features recipes and frequently asked questions about the Australian plum.



Avocadu is a health and wellness website that promotes healthy living and helps people with weight loss. The website features its signature 21-day weight loss challenge. Its blog articles are about health and fitness and free yoga resources. It also has an accessibility menu powered by UserWay to help those with reading difficulties.

Dharma Yoga Wheel


Dharma Yoga Wheel's website contains a lot of call-to-action elements to market their flagship product, the yoga wheel. It features embedded photos of people using the yoga wheel as well as extensive information about the health benefits of the product. Since it is also an e-commerce website, it has a duty and tax calculator widget for international purchases.



Natreve is a flagship store of plant-based protein powders. Its website has a vibrant and colorful design theme, typography, and vector graphics. It also has a hover effect, parallax scroll effect, and a photo marquee effect controlled by a pause and play button.

Zen Of Healing


Zen of Healing practices Seattle acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. True to its name, the website exudes zen vibes thanks to its dark web theme and media content. The website is very easy to navigate. It also features testimonials from Zen practitioners and clients. Resources, links, and blog articles are available.



Well+Good is a well-rounded health and wellness website that features an array of articles about different topics. Included are articles on skincare, mental health, healthy lifestyle, nutrition, and even relationships. Its website has a chic, modern black and white theme, clean typography, and simple navigation.



MySweetDreams has one of the visually appealing web designs. It makes great use of typography, high-quality interactive graphics, organized layout, and advanced scrolling effects. It also has an embedded Instagram account that features more dreamy content.



The informational site has a clean, modern black and white theme, easy navigation, and a change color text hover effect. It is functional and user-friendly. Its articles are also optimized for web search.



The website of this French aesthetic clinic has a stylish, modern design with a structured web layout. It features bold typography and clear-cut images. It also has an integrated booking system that allows clients and visitors to schedule an appointment online.

Greta Hill Wellness


Greta Hill is an international yoga and Ayurveda instructor. Her website hence contains design elements attributed to the yoga culture. The website has an elegant purple theme with gold color accents, and it features tons of information about yoga and Ayurveda.

Women's Health


Women’s Health website follows a design theme like its famous magazine. The website groups organized layout, articles, and media content in their respective categories. And it uses vibrant and crisp images.

Cienega MedSpa


Cienega MedSpa's website has a blue and white color scheme. The simple and well-structured web layout is easy to navigate. The website has a great UX design, allowing visitors to learn vital information about the medical spa immediately.

Exhale Spa


Exhale Spa has a minimalist website that uses high-quality images, modern typography, and a neutral color palette. It provides separate page links for its eight different locations in the United States. The website is also responsive and has a lot of calls to action.

Ray Care


Ray Care is a Dutch company that sells a line of sustainable hair and body care products. Its website has a very minimalist theme design and aesthetic photography, which reflects the image branding. It is also functional and very easy to use.

Furthermore from Equinox


This website is another example of a minimalist website with a black and white aesthetic. This website has modern design elements and typography. It has easy navigation, GIF images, and zoom hover effects.

Yoga Journal


Yoga Journal’s website has a clean white theme design with gray and pale blue accents. It contains a library of media content such as podcasts and embedded videos.

Health Nut Nutrition


This health and wellness website uses quality images, graphics, embedded YouTube videos, and modern typefaces. The website is also responsive and easy to navigate.

Luminous Face Yoga


The website’s home page has a full-screen video background that plays automatically upon opening the website. It also has calls to action, enabling visitors to take a quiz and subscribe to a newsletter.

Eden MedSpa


Eden MedSpa’s website has a functional web design that provides a better user experience to visitors. It has a simple yet attractive web theme.

Verywell Health


The website has an easy navigation system and a more professional look. Despite the bulk of information, the website keeps it organized. It also provides tools and resources such as Thyroid Test Analyzer, Doctor Discussion Guides, and more.

Joyous Health


Joyous Health’s website uses vibrant photography and vector graphics that make the website colorful. The website has a clean web layout and clear call to action.



This white and purple-themed website has a well-structured web layout. This allows the quality images of the products and product descriptions to stand out. It also allows visitors to have an online health assessment to know which they need.

Fit Bottomed Girls


The website features a variety of color-coded articles that make the website colorful. It has a library of embedded podcasts, downloadable plans, and videos.



Olive’s website is another example of great UX design. Thanks to the well-structured web layout, it will be easier to navigate. Articles and recipes are divided according to their category.

The art of healthy living


This informational site contains a variety of articles about health and wellness. It has a structured web layout that makes it easy to use and navigate. The website has a gear icon at the bottom left corner of the page that allows the visitor to change cookie settings.

Mineral Health


Mineral sells a range of body oils online. Its website has a simple black and white theme that helps emphasize the oil products and reflects the brand. It is also functional, responsive and scalable to different devices, and easy to navigate.

Matcha Kari is a website that promotes the health benefits of matcha tea. Since it also sells matcha products, the website has a lot of calls to action. It features an array of information about matcha green tea, such as recipes and nutritional value. It also has an embedded Instagram account.

The Fit Mother


The Fit Mother's website has a white and peach theme and empowering photos of women, particularly pregnant ladies and mothers. It contains minimal concepts for better UI and UX. It also features a parallax scrolling effect and bold typography.



Fuoripista has a visually innovative website with advanced scrolling effects, a customized mouse pointer, and a dark color scheme. It has two language options, Italian and English, and it also has great calls to action.



OvulifeMD helps women enhance their natural fertility potential. The website has a magenta theme that matches the elegant and bold typography. It also has a great user interface, organized layout, and clear calls to action.

Bites of Wellness


Bites of Wellness provides a wide variety of gluten-free recipes and food budget tips. The website has affiliate links, subscription ads, and downloadable resources. Recipes are organized into multiple categories, which makes it easier for visitors to search.



Iglucraft provides a variety of incredibly designed outdoor garden saunas and glamping pods. Its website uses amazing photography of its saunas and cabins as its main background. It also has advanced scroll and hover effects, multiple language options, and a call to action.

Build Your Best Day


Build Your Best Day is a tool that helps youth and their parents learn about the Canadian 24-hour Movement Guideline. The homepage has background audio that plays automatically and repeats. It has different kinds of hover effects and call-to-action elements, and it has two language options, English and French.

Final thoughts on health and wellness websites with appealing designs

Building a responsive and visually stunning yet user-friendly website is highly recommended for health and wellness businesses. It will help them market their products and services while promoting healthy living. A well-designed wellness website generates leads and helps grow the client base.

The examples provided show ideal web designs and site features relevant to a health and wellness website. These websites also feature health news and inspirational stories through articles and blogs, keeping visitors informed and motivated.

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