WordPress Posting to Facebook Done Automatically
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WordPress Posting to Facebook Done Automatically

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February 9, 2021
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February 9, 2021
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February 13, 2021

One of the best ways to share blog posts with more people is via social media. An engaging Facebook post can bring more traffic to your WordPress website.

If you publish a new blog post or article every day, sharing each one of them to Facebook manually will take a lot of time. With so many other business tasks to care for, it’s even possible to forget to share each post.

To make things easier, here are a few ways to share a WordPress posting to Facebook automatically. This will direct more traffic from Facebook back to your website.

Reasons for Sharing WordPress Posts on Facebook Automatically

Facebook is the biggest social media platform with over 2.71 billion active users all over the world. This makes it a remarkable wellspring of traffic for any website.

To create a strong following site owners need to engage with Facebook users. This can be through answering comments, sharing content, and updating your Facebook page with fresh posts.

A key point is that sharing content needs to occur at regular intervals. This will make it easier for loyal followers to anticipate your posts.

Sharing a WordPress posting to Facebook automatically keeps your profile active. It will also engage followers with regular new posts from the website.

It is impossible to automate engagement. However, it is possible to automate the sharing of content from a blog to a Facebook page.

It is a tiresome and painstaking task to figure out what and when to post. It is even more challenging to remember to do it at that exact day and time.

Automatic posting eliminates these issues. It will enable you to focus time and energy on other important business tasks.

There are five simple methods to share WordPress posts on Facebook automatically. Take time to review the following information and then you’ll be able to decide which one to utilize.

Auto-posting from WordPress to Facebook Using IFTTT


Using IFTTT is a straightforward method of sharing a WordPress posting to Facebook automatically.

IFTTT (If This Then That) is an online tool for automating interactions between apps and devices for free. It’s all about using applets - little applications for specific tasks.

An applet connects two online accounts and detects triggers. When a trigger occurs, the applet performs a predetermined action on the other account.

Follow the steps below to use IFTTT to automatically share new posts from your WordPress blog to your Facebook page.

  • Go to the IFTTT website and sign up.
  • Log in to your account.
  • In the search bar on the top of the page type: ‘WordPress blog to Facebook’ and click the “Search” button.
  • Hit the “Share new WordPress Blog posts to your Facebook Page” button.
  • Click on the “Connect” button. This will redirect users to Facebook. From there they can create a connection between their IFTTT and Facebook accounts.
  • Ensure your Facebook account is connected and hit “OK.” This allows IFTTT to share your new WordPress posts to your Facebook page.
  • Click on “Continue as [insert your name here].”
  • To link a WordPress blog click on the “Connect” button. IFTTT will save the information provided and connect to your WordPress website.
  • Swipe right on the “Get notifications when this connection is active” button. Users will receive a notification that their WordPress blog and Facebook are now connected.

Automatic Sharing from WordPress to Facebook Using CoSchedule


CoSchedule is a premium tool that offers new users a free 14-day trial.

To set it up follow these steps:

  • Sign up for a new CoSchedule account.
  • The platform will ask if you use WordPress. Confirm.
  • Type in your website address and follow the prompts.

CoSchedule will synchronize your newest drafts, published posts, as well as scheduled posts.


Another option is to get the CoSchedule plugin. Users can link their social media accounts directly from the dashboard.

You can then use the blog calendar to set up scheduling. CoSchedule can publish posts on social media for any linked account.

Automatic Posting From WordPress to Facebook Using Zapier


Using IFTTT or CoSchedule is great for auto-sharing blog posts on social media. However, if there are multiple daily responsibilities, then Zapier might be more suitable.

It enables users to link several apps, employ ‘triggers’ to streamline recurring tasks, and use one centralized control panel to manage them all.

Create a new account for free. Define your “Zaps” (their name for workflows) and choose applicable apps.

There are various integrations available and new scenarios arise as the platform expands.


Setting up Zaps using their ultra intuitive screen is a cakewalk. All users need to do is select a workflow and follow simple directions that show in each window.

Sign in to your selected accounts to link the apps to your WordPress website. Then, define a trigger to automatically share new blog posts on Facebook and other social media.

Auto-sharing from WordPress to Facebook Using Buffer


Buffer enables users to schedule status updates for Facebook and other platforms.

It offers a limited free account that connects to a maximum of three social media accounts. The free account also allows users to schedule up to ten posts at a time.

One strong point of Buffer is that users can set the optimal time for sharing their posts. This is not dependent on the time of the original WordPress publication.

The steps to follow are simple:

  • Go to the Buffer website and create a new account.
  • Click on “Connect Your Social Accounts” and follow the prompts to link a Facebook profile.
  • Next, install the WordPress to Buffer plugin
  • In the plugin, go to settings and click on “Authorize Plugin.” Go through the prompts.
  • When completed, users will be redirected to the settings page. All the connected social media accounts are on the left-hand side.
  • Choose the Facebook profile to synchronize.
  • Check the “Account enables” box and hit “Save.”
  • Go to your Buffer account and set up the days and times for the automatic shares.
  • When users publish a blog post, it appears on their Buffer schedule. This means that it is ready to share to their Facebook at the set time.
    • Automated Posting from WordPress to Facebook using Plugins

      FAuto Poster


This tool can share WordPress posts on a Facebook profile page and fan pages. Users can customize what they share, for example, custom pages or posts with specific category tags.

They can also analyze their auto-shares as the plugin keeps track of them all.

Social Media Auto Publish


Use this plugin to create a Facebook app that links to your WordPress site. Then set up auto-sharing to Facebook.

It also offers several sharing options such as text, text with an image, or a link. It also allows users to choose custom post types, post categories, and more.

Nelio Content


Nelio Content is an uncomplicated plugin. It is useful for those who do not have time to play around with more advanced tools.

This plugin functions as an integrated editorial calendar that helps to schedule sharing posts and keep track of them.

Setting it up is quite straightforward. Install the plugin and follow the prompts.

Provide the relevant information to link your WordPress website with your Facebook account. This enables the automatic sharing of future content.



Automatic posting from WordPress to Facebook is one of many features users can enjoy. It also offers other functionalities for your website, such as content creation, security, analytics, and SEO.

WP2Social Auto Publish


This is another uncomplicated plugin that shares blog posts from WordPress to Facebook.

Choose from different sharing options, such as simple text, text with an image, or a link. It also allows users to turn on/off sharing specific WordPress pages.

Ending thoughts on automatic WordPress posting to Facebook

Facebook is the largest social media platform. This makes it the perfect means to reach millions of people with your content.

However, for your efforts to be worthwhile it’s vital to be active and consistent. It’s also important to share exclusive and enjoyable content.

So make full use of Facebook. It will not generate any increase in your WordPress traffic if you only use it for sporadic notifications.

A following will grow in direct proportion to the growth of the content.

Manually sharing each blog post on social media can be a tiresome job if there is new content daily. Automated sharing from WordPress to Facebook will save valuable time.

This will allow you to concentrate on other important aspects of the business.

This article provided five simple ways to automatically share WordPress blog posts on Facebook. They are:

  • CoSchedule
  • Zapier
  • Buffer
  • Plugins

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