Restaurant Website Design: Great Looking Sites to Check Out

Restaurant Website Design: Great Looking Sites to Check Out

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Website design for restaurants is a demanding artistic process and it doesn’t end with good looks and tasty photos. You also have to invest resources into making it responsive, functional, and effective for your purposes – that is, to get people to come and eat. In the hospitality industry, presenting your services in a beautiful manner and showing signs of professionalism is a must. Instead of distracting people, focus on what truly matters – quality content, responsiveness to user's needs, and usefulness.

If you own a restaurant, you must find ways to present your services in the most alluring way possible. After all, your restaurant website design will convince people whether to visit the place or not. Read on to discover some fantastic examples of restaurant website design and several great tips on how to create your own.

Is a restaurant website important?


Running a restaurant is difficult enough without paying attention to the small details, like keeping up with what people are saying about your eatery online. The fact is that your online presence and reputation can matter more than you think. Today’s society heavily relies on gathering information from the Web. The image you build online will influence all the numbers – how much profit you make, how many clients your restaurant gets, how many events you host, and so on. Clearly, then, a good-looking restaurant website design can make a huge difference to your business.

After analyzing the information from this Constant Contact/Single Platform survey, you will discover the unsurprising fact that almost 75% of consumers choose their restaurant based on the information they found online. Starting with that fact, you should already understand how important owning a quality website is nowadays and begin to work on your own.The best restaurant websites include details regarding location, menu, reviews, prices, specials, and events. Most of them also give clients the chance to book a table or order online for delivery, and if your website doesn't have these features, your patrons may go elsewhere.


Once you’ve built your website, you will also have to deal with its promotion on social media platforms and SEO aspects that bring it to the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Your restaurant website is the virtual representation of your physical establishment, and your aim is to build it so well that it makes people grab their keys and come to your establishment right after checking out the site. Below you will find some tips on how to generate such a reaction through your restaurant site.

Does a restaurant website have to be visually-pleasing?


Of course. The best restaurant websites rely on visual elements. Have you ever bought something to eat just because it looked so delightfully scrumptious? If yes, you already understand the psychology behind owning an aesthetic website for your restaurant. Usability is just as important, but without the visual pizazz to attract users and stir their interest, you will lose their interest. Focus on:

  • Professional visual materials
  • Error-free copywriting
  • Easy-to-follow layout
  • Quick access to the most important parts of the site
  • Branding elements
  • Eye-pleasing color palettes

How can I design a restaurant website?

HQ photos


High-quality photography is a downright requirement for any restaurant website. It’s pretty self-explanatory why this is so. If people won’t be convinced by the content you publish or the name of the dishes listed in the menu, they will certainly be convinced by how good your food looks. Don’t hesitate to contact a photographer and establish a professional photo session for your dishes, team, kitchen, tables, and any other aspect of your restaurant that may be pleasing to the eye.

Apply solid SEO

As with any website, your restaurant website design won't be as effective unless you apply good SEO practices. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the only element that can bring your restaurant to the top in search engine results. Try to find keywords that your ideal patrons would use to find you easily. Maybe it’s a specific dish that people can find only at your restaurant, or the name of one of your chefs. Location keywords are also a great source of search traffic for restaurants. Essentially, choose keywords that are relevant for your restaurant and that you would personally use to look up something on the Internet. If you’re not good with technicalities, it would be best to hire a company to handle this for you.

Add a Specials menu


Besides your main menu that includes all the dishes you serve, you should add a separate Specials menu to your restaurant website. This should contain fewer dishes and consist of only the best that people can find when visiting your establishment. These dishes are supposed to attract people and stir curiosity. Don’t forget to add niche categories like vegan options or lactose-free options. Today, inclusiveness and tolerance seem to be the keys to being appreciated in the hospitality industry.


In restaurant website design, you have to learn how to present your services in a catchy manner. On one hand, you need to emphasize how good your dishes look . On the other hand, you should showcase the experience that people can have when visiting your establishment. A restaurant is not only about the food – it’s about how you feel while eating there. Present key features of your venue like the bar, outdoor terrace, dining room, comfy chairs, and so on.

Make it trustworthy


Instead of letting the Internet take over how your restaurant website is perceived, take the lead yourself. Reviews can be submitted on all sorts of websites, and you don’t want people to read them unless they are positive and true. To avoid forcing people to look up your business’ name on search engines, you should incorporate Google Business page reviews in your restaurant website design or upload testimonials in a separate category of the site. It’s important to build trust in the online environment. As stated by BrightLocal, almost 85% of people trust online reviews as if they are a personal recommendation. Official Google Business reviews are more trusted than testimonials because they are more difficult to counterfeit.

Use quality content


Don’t include filler content on your site. You want to keep users informed about your products and what your restaurant has to offer. Keep them posted with every change that you make, both to the menu and the venue, and stay focused on providing content that your patrons want.

Make your competitive advantage stand out


The Internet is full of restaurant websites, so you will have to make sure that yours is more special than the rest. How can you do that? By emphasizing your competitive advantage. This should be one element of your restaurant that no other similar business has. Steal the show by placing emphasis on what makes your venue different. This will help tremendously if your establishment is in an area with tough competition.


Once they find relevant information about your restaurant’s menu, visitors will want to learn more about it. For a convenient restaurant website design, make sure to include an easy-to-access contact section in the layout. The easier people can find the contact details, the happier they will be. Don’t overlook this tiny detail, as it can make the difference between gaining a potential client and losing one. List the location, opening times, phone numbers, emails, or anything that you consider relevant in this section.

Where to start with a restaurant website?

Purchase a domain


To purchase and set up a domain, you will have to search for a URL that is available, then utilize the services of a domain registration company to register it for you. Keep in mind that the domain needs to be paid regularly and it can take a few days until it gets activated and appears as “taken”.

Create a structure

Before taking any of the steps listed above, put together a website structure. This structure will help you with the rest of your restaurant website design process. It is the skeleton of your entire site, and you can add new elements to it as and when you think of them. Starting in any other way would result in a cluttered site.

Build a brand


If your restaurant already has a recognizable brand, use the same color schemes, logo design, and details on the website too. It will make it easier for people to remember it and it’s a great way to distinguish your own restaurant from the competition.

Final thoughts


Restaurant website design is not simple, just as in the case of all the other industries. What is even more difficult about restaurant sites is that the competition is rough. But, if you approach building your website with all the passion you use to run your physical restaurant, you'll be A-OK.

Albert Ślusarczyk
Albert Ślusarczyk
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