Pick the Best Automotive WordPress Theme from This Selection
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Pick the Best Automotive WordPress Theme from This Selection

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March 11, 2023
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The Best Premium and Free Elementor Addons to Use
March 11, 2023
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March 13, 2023

Starting an automotive blog is a creative way to share your passion for cars. If you have an obsession and want to start a blog, this article is for you.

WordPress themes are tools that help you create and maintain a website or a blog. Some themes are explicitly designed for displaying cars and car design.

These automotive WordPress themes are also handy for making other car-related websites. Car dealerships, marketing, or promotionsare sites that work well with these themes.

This article offers sample car WordPress themes. After testing each one, only the best made it on this list. The result is a list of the very best automotive WordPress themes.



BeTheme is the definitive multipurpose theme. It has a huge array of power tools and design elements it places at your disposal. It’s easy for beginners to work with. If trying to satisfy multiple clients has become more stressful than rewarding, BeTheme has a solution for that as well.

BeTheme’s selection of hundreds of customizable, responsive pre-built websites is the highlight and a proven stress reducer. These professionally crafted, pre-built websites cover 30 industry sectors, all the common websites, and an impressive range of business niches.

The customizability of the theme makes it a dream come true for its users. There are 4 types of Page Builders that you can use with it: WPBakery, BeBuilder, and Elementor among them.

And now with the BeBuilder Woo, it’s even more impressive.

But this is us talking about our theme. Why believe us, right? Here’s what a user had to say on Themeforest recently:

And there are thousands of reviews like this one.

Check out BeTheme and see why our users love it!



This next automotive WordPress theme specializes in car dealership websites. The header has a large background image and a call to action. When the visitor scrolls down, they will find the main content.

Carutos is a smooth design that flows well when navigating through the site. The classic white and gray color scheme works perfectly and makes content stand out. A product and service section, eye-catching images, a booking form, and some variations on the central theme are also included.

Be Car Parts


Listings are the main focus of the Motors theme, concentrating, of course, on automobiles. It is a robust seven-in-one solution with some exciting solutions.

The layout and features it offers make it ideal for car dealers,car rentals, blogs, magazines, and similar projects. The eight demos take a lot of hard work offyour hands. However, you can still customize them to your brand. And intuitive settings guide you through the process.

Add search filtersto help visitors find what they want. You can upload an entire catalog and display entries on practical inventory pages.

Be Car Rental


To make a car dealership website or an automobile directory, Vehica is the right choice.

The Vehica package comes with seven website demos, all of them suitable for the automotive industry. Still, each demo has its own style that appeals to different audiences.

For example, some of the demos use sliders to display vehicles. That way, visitors to browse available inventory. Other demos provide a search tool so that visitors can narrow their searches if they are looking for something in particular.

You can create listings and include detailed specifications with the entries.

Be Car


Try Harrier if you are looking for a responsive WordPress theme with a modern look. This theme ranks very high on ThemeForest.

Harrier includes a powerful search function so that visitors can find their car of choice with ease. On the other hand, visitors can put their own vehicle up for sale directly on the website.

The webmaster has complete control over the theme and can customize anything at will. Harrier offers a broad range of options. These options include colors, footers, headers, logos, a shop, and a blog.

Be Car Wash


The Automobile is a free automotive WordPress theme for dealerships and automotive businesses. The opening header has a gorgeous image slider.

This theme has ahighlighted blog posts option right on the homepage. The Live Customizer or options panel allows you to change settings quickly.

Be Car


The following car WordPress theme is perfect for a taxi or limo service website. It presents a stylish design and includes an online booking calendar that visitors can use to book a service.

The templates are easy to use, and the resulting websites provide an excellent user experience that makes people want to come back. The practical booking system even gives potential clients the option of paying online for their services in a few simple steps.

You can add a limitless number of cars, car types, add-ons, and destinations.

Be Car Rental


Garax is the right tool for building a solid reputation and presenting services. This automotive WordPress theme is most suitable for a garage, car service business, or car repair services.

The robust Contact Form 7 is an excellent feature of the Garax car repair theme. Website visitors can quickly fill in the form and get in touch with you. The big "Appointment Now" button allows them to schedule an appointment in advance with the workshop.

The Google Maps plugin shows your location, which makes it easy for people to find you. MailChimp integration makes sending out newsletters is fast and reliable, a great way to stay in touch with clients.

Be Scooter Rental


Autoimage's unique design for car dealer websites aims at attracting a wider audience. However, Autoimage's usefulness is not limited to car dealerships. Other car corporations can use the design and features of this practical theme as well.

Autoimage has various features to sell cars online.It has a long list of options that fit the needs of automotive websites. Visitors can filter their searches to view by car type or special offers. And special sections display the company's services and testimonials.

Be Bike Rental


AnyCar is a multipurpose WordPress theme that focuses on the automotive industry. The demos have a rich design that looks great on a website for car dealers, mechanics, or auto repair shops.

You can use various styles to make a website with the one-click installation feature. The theme and resulting website are of the highest quality, thanks to its strict quality assurance procedures.



This next WordPress theme has a design that works outstandingly for the car industry. Car agencies, car repair shops, dealerships, and others will find this an attractive theme.

AutoPro is based around Bootstrap, facilitating customizations. Also, the shortcodes make expanding functionalities easy. There are limitless color options and a choice between full-screen and boxed views.

This theme's design is clean and smooth and has a professional look. AutoPro also offers WPBakery Page Builder and Slider Revolution. Both tools are ideal for building unique websites. Onenotable feature is the budget and loan calculator.

Auto Showroom


There is much to choose from in Auto Showroom, the next automotive WordPress theme. There are three homepages, each appealing to a different audience.

After choosing the homepage, you can import the demo content into the website. Setting up your website is only a few clicks away.

The Pro Car Dealership plugin turns this into a car dealer WordPress theme. This plugin has a couple of features necessary to build and maintain a website to sell cars online.

The WooCommerce plugin is also crucial. This plugin is the most popular for opening a webshop. You can easily activate the plugin and start selling products today.



autoRoyal's design unites the needfor a car website and a beautifully minimal design. This modern WordPress theme has auser-friendly frontend design.

It also has special features for charging for its services. Subscribers can choose to pay a one-time fee or a daily rate tolist their car.

Featured items appear in search results and on archived pages. A uniqueshortcode places these featured listings on the homepage or prominently on other pages.



The list continues with Autlines, an expandable WordPress theme for building automotive websites. A booking system makes it suitable for car rentals. You can also tempt your visitors with discounts and options for long-term rentals.

Additionally, Autlines offersa range of other necessary plugins, like WPBakery Page Builder and Slider Revolution. You can customize it to your company's needs. User-friendly navigation guarantees a pleasant user experience.



This professional WordPress theme helps create a rental or car dealer website. It features complete solutions for:

  • Listing submissions
  • Listing layouts
  • Advanced statistics
  • Premium dashboard
  • User notifications
  • Advanced searching

There is no need to purchase additional plugins because Autohub has everything you need.



As evident from the name, Rentit is a WordPress theme specifically for car rental services. This theme will save you a lot of time if you plan on making a rental company site. It has a multipage layout and one demo.

And it includes some advanced features as well. There is a search function for the lowest prices and drop-off locations. The visitor can also filter by dates and times.



This WordPress theme is especially suited for car rental company websites. It puts the visitor's needs first by making it easy to find the necessary information, pick a car, and reserve it.

Wheelsberry offers choices in cars, offices, and add-ons, such as GPS and baby seats.



KarDealer is a free theme for WordPress and is perfect for car dealerships, automotive websites, and blogs. It allows you to list new and used cars with the help of third-party plugins.

This responsive theme offers the following features:

  • Back to top button
  • Full-color control
  • Full-width or boxed layouts
  • Hacker protection
  • One-click installation
  • Social media menu
  • Sticky header
  • Three footer widgets
  • Toggle light or dark skin
  • WooCommerce compatibility



This premium automotive WordPress theme is best for car dealerships and similar websites.

The simple design has a lot of white space, which helps the primary information stand out. The ample image space and banner helppromote branding.

This responsive theme has an online booking system. Visitors can use it to see which cars are available, pick which one they prefer, and pay online.

You can set up a discount system and adjust it how you want. Discounts motivate people to rent vehicles for extended periods.



Next on the list is Revus, a car dealer WordPress theme. If you want to sell cars online, Revus has a couple of demos perfect for you.

Without a double, the homepage is the most important part of a website. This crucial moment is when visitors decide whether they want to stay or not. Revus pays special attention to the design of your automotive website's landing page.

Besides homepage templates, this theme offers a couple of different layouts. They serve to display car listings and individual items.



Maxwheels is a multipurpose WordPress theme for automobile, bike, and boat businesses. Auto repair services, rental businesses, and car accessory shops can also build an awesome website.

It is packed with features necessary for building an automotive website. It has an exciting car review system. You can customize it and add as many custom fields as you want.

Maxwheels has six different home page layouts. For car listings, you can pick from the Grid, Classic, or Default layout. There is a Simple and a Modern gallery for displaying pictures.



The next choice on this list is a WordPress theme explicitly designed for car rental business websites. Chauffeur includes an advanced online booking system. It can handle different rates, such as flat, hourly, or distance. You can include a table that gives an overview of the different fees.

Customers can choose payment gateways, such as Cash Payments, PayPal, or Stripe. You can also opt-out of displaying payment options.

Advance Automobile


This free WordPress theme helps car parts shops, car dealerships, rentals, and car service shops. This advanced theme has a stylish and modern design that allows you to customize the layout.

Advance Automobile includes:

  • full-screen image slider
  • Various call-to-action buttons
  • A straightforward navigation menu
  • Social media icons

The Live WordPress Customizer is the place to customize all website elements.

Expert Mechanic


Another free automotive WordPress theme, Expert Mechanic,is suitable for any car repair shop, car wash, or garage. Its design delivers a fast website that performs well.

This theme includes animated effects, staff pages, WPML, social media icons, image sliders, and more.



CaLeader's three website demos will get your car website up and running in no time. Each demo has a different purpose, so you will find something that works for you. One of the demos even has a design for selling yachts online. However, you can tweak it to list cars if that's the one you want.

This WordPress theme is worth your time to take a peek. It has many different options that you can check out. And you'll get a good idea of what your website will look like with the demos.



Motoro is a WordPress theme that gives total flexibility to build any car website. Examples include car dealerships and other platforms to sell cars online.

Its frontend design quickly brings your website to life. The drag-and-drop page builder makes building and customizing a website an easy job.

The advanced search form that allows visitors to filter their searches is an excellent feature. Motoro includes three ready-made page templates and more than ten Google Map skins.



The Autozone WordPress theme offers website solutions for car dealers and businesses that sell motorbikes, bikes, and even planes. Another application is in the vehicle rental service industry.

This theme is translation-ready, making it possible to turn your website to an international market.

Creating a website with Autozone will help your business to grow and reach new markets. It has separate custom fields for boats, yachts, motorcycles, cars, and other vehicles. Basically, this theme works for promoting anything that has an engine.

FAQ about automotive WordPress themes

What is an automotive WordPress theme?

An automotive WordPress theme is a pre-built website template made for businesses like car dealerships, mechanic shops, and auto repair shops that deal with cars. These themes have different functions and features that meet the needs of the auto industry.

What features should I look for in an automotive WordPress theme?

When choosing an automotive WordPress theme, it's important to look for things like customizable templates, pre-built pages for inventory, responsive design, SEO optimization, and compatibility with popular plugins like WooCommerce and WPForms.

Can I customize the design of my automotive WordPress theme?

Yes, you can change the look of most automotive WordPress themes with a drag-and-drop page builder or customizer. This lets users change the fonts, colors, and layouts to fit their business and brand.

Are automotive WordPress themes mobile responsive?

Yes, most WordPress themes for the auto industry are made with mobile compatibility in mind. This means that the layout and content of the website will change to fit different screen sizes, giving mobile users the best possible experience.

How do I add my automotive listings to the website?

You can add automotive listings to a WordPress site with plugins like Car Dealer or Automotive Listings that are made just for that purpose. These plugins have a variety of features, such as custom fields, search filters, and integration with third-party inventory management systems.

Can I integrate a payment gateway for online transactions?

Yes, payment gateway plugins like PayPal and Stripe can be used with a lot of automotive WordPress themes. This lets businesses take payments online for services, bookings, and sales of goods right on their website.

What is the cost of an automotive WordPress theme?

The price of an automotive WordPress theme can change based on who sells it and what features it has. Prices range from free to more than $100, but most paid themes cost between $50 and $100.

Can I use an automotive WordPress theme for other types of websites?

Even though automotive WordPress themes are made for the auto industry, they can also be used for businesses like real estate or travel agencies that need similar features. But it's important to make sure that the look and functions of the theme match the needs of the business.

Do automotive WordPress themes come with support and documentation?

Most automotive WordPress themes, like video tutorials and user forums, come with support and documentation from the theme provider. Premium themes might offer more ways to get help, like one-on-one sessions with a technical support team.

Can I use third-party plugins with an automotive WordPress theme?

Yes, a lot of third-party plugins work with automotive WordPress themes. This means that businesses can add more features to their website than what comes with the theme. Yoast SEO, Contact Form 7, and Google Maps are all well-known plugins. But it's important to make sure that the plugin works well with the theme to avoid any problems.

Ending thoughts on automotive WordPress theme examples

There you have it! A list of the best WordPress Themes for automotive websites. A few of them are free, but most of them have a price. Still, all of them offer great value for money.

When you are looking for a theme that offers what you need, make sure to keep the following in mind:

  • Check if the theme matches your niche in the industry
  • A theme that works for a car rental may not work as well for a car repair shop. That is because both websites have different needs, features, and functionalities
  • Pay attention to specific features and design characteristics
  • Pick something specific. With so manyspecialized themes available,it's no longer necessary to use a generic theme for an automotive website
  • Pick the theme with the design that fits your business best, even if that means having fewer features or integrations. Sometimes less is more

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