Visual Composer vs. Beaver Builder vs. BeBuilder: Which Is Best?
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Visual Composer vs. Beaver Builder vs. BeBuilder: Which Is Best?

Visual Composer vs. Divi Builder vs. BeBuilder: Which one to Use?
March 18, 2022
Visual Composer vs. WPBakery vs. BeBuilder: the New, the Old, and the Great
March 24, 2022

Do you want to build a website that impresses your visitors and boosts traffic without requiring code? That's where drag-and-drop page builders come in. Visual Composer, Beaver Builder, and BeBuilder are the top three. But which one is right for you? How do they compare? Let's look at Visual Composer vs. Beaver Builder vs. BeBuilder.

Visual Composer


The well-known Visual Composer page builder was one of the first WordPress plugins to provide a drag-and-drop editor. It is now the WPBakery page builder, though many people still use the original name. However, the full-featured Visual Composer website builder still does a great job on web pages.

Recently, developers created a new website builder they wanted to call Visual Composer. But unforeseen contractual obligations forced them to change the original page builder's name to WPBakery. Oh, the confusion! Visual Composer is now the website builder (and page builder), and WPBakery is the page builder.

Confusion out of the way, we will examine how Visual Composer (not WPBakery) stacks up against Beaver Builder and BeBuilder.

The Beaver Builder Plugin


With this page builder plugin's pre-made layouts, you can create attractive web pages. Website builders prize Beaver Builder for several extra features.

The Pro and Agency versions include the Beaver Builder theme. You can customize default fonts, color combinations, and corresponding buttons. And, of course, this page builder fully integrates with the Beaver Builder theme.

The Beaver Builder page builder also integrates well with other themes. It supports shortcodes and integrations, like other handy widget-based plugins. You can easily incorporate forms, tables, and galleries into your design.



BeTheme's all-in-one WordPress toolkit includes the high-speed and straightforward BeBuilder website builder.

Over 240,000 satisfied customers use ThemeForest's popular website builder, BeTheme. And it provides 650+ ready-made websites in every possible style. Also, any industry can benefit from this versatile builder.

Professionals and novices alike enjoy the simple yet powerful Muffin Builder page builder. If you give it a shot, you'll be a fan for life! You can install one of more than fifty website styles in the package with a single click. And you can access all current and future demos with just one license.


Visual Composer


You can add, remove, and resize columns to customize the pre-made column layouts. Once you've selected a layout, just move and drop the desired elements into your columns.

You can edit pages in real-time with the front-end editor. And the backend editor enables you to make changes.

The left-hand menu has all the controls you need to add, edit, and style. You can move page elements, page-wide layout settings, and responsive editing choices to the top of the bar.

Beaver Builder


Anyone can use Beaver Builder's user-friendly interface to set up a website in minutes. And if you've used Gutenberg's editor, you'll have no trouble picking up Beaver Builder. You can drag page elements with the panel's drag-and-drop function. It's that easy! Once you've got the basics, you can create your pages.

First, choose the Beaver Builder editor's layout template you want. The layout template will save you time and give you flexibility. Then you can rearrange the rows and columns and adjust padding and margins with drag handles.



BeBuilder users don't worry about designing a section, thanks to the constantly expanding library of pre-defined sections.

Prebuilt sections

You can choose a pre-made section in the Muffin Builder menu on the right by clicking on the icon.

Locate the block you need

Many different blocks are grouped according to their objective. To add a new part to the page, click the + (Add) button on the block you want to use, and you're done. It's as easy as that!

Elements and Modules

Visual Composer


Visual Composer enables you to choose from various types of content, allowing you to customize your page.

You can add text and images in different ways. Add features, like maps, post grids, and icons, one by one. Also, you can easily install WordPress widgets to add more features to your website.

Adding content elements and arranging them logically is effortless. You can use the drag-and-drop function to move rows and other elements for your unique structure.

The Beaver Builder


This well-rounded builder includes thirty pieces of content, including tabs and media players. The pre-made layouts include all the textual modules and media types you'll need.

The Actions section contains various tools, such as forms and e-mail sign-ups. The Info category displays your company's infographics. You can change the post's category and appearance and solve issues during the page building process.


BeBuilder has more than 80 components

The variety of elements makes customization trouble-free. Developers have listened to their customers' suggestions and constantly update the product catalog. You can decide what you want to add, change, or move.

Categories that make the process even more enjoyable:

  • Typography field
  • Seventeen box items
  • Seven block components
  • Fifteen elements
  • Sixteen loop products
  • Six additional items

This excellent builder includes thousands of icons with a time-saving icon finder. While you can choose from various icon sets, Font Awesome is the default.


Visual Composer


In the WordPress repository, you'll find a wide variety of web page templates, including ones for FAQs, help, services, and about pages. Besides the page and section templates, there are header and footer templates. As a result, you have complete freedom to customize the pages.

In Visual Composer, the content templates aren't organized into sections as they should be. But, you can search for the type of template you're looking for.

You can use a template to save your layouts and reuse them across different website pages.



The Beaver Themer add-on connects to your WordPress themes' templates. Additionally, it can link text fields to other site areas and picture fields to your post's featured image.

The page builder displays layout templates. For example, you can choose one of the home templates for your website's home page.

The two types of templates are full-page and content modules. You can create a fully-designed page before adding content, then align it as you see fit. The content templates enable you to add your unique content to the prebuilt rows and columns.


Many pre-configured layouts

For blog, portfolio, and shop pages, you have various built-in layouts from which to choose. You can also request personalized pixel-perfect design services.

Intuitive toolbar layout

You won't need to switch tabs to use styles, advanced, or settings. The toolbar makes working and editing straightforward.

You can rapidly import any of the 650+ WordPress landing page and website layouts by copying and pasting the URL into the Import section.

Drag-and-drop components

All prebuilt sections enjoy a highly developed filter option. They seamlessly integrate with existing content for seamless changes when necessary.


Visual Composer


Visual Composer's WordPress interface doesn't seem to integrate well. So, making a WordPress page may feel more like a third-party tool than a core part of the site. So, for customization, Visual Composer is the most challenging of the three page builder plugins.

Changing the style options requires altering the elements. But you can modify an element's font, color, shape, alignment, and unique ID attributes. And box shadows are in the settings menu.

In the general settings and design options sections, you can choose the color palette, margins, column spacing, and mobile screen width.

The Beaver Builder


The styling options in Beaver Builder vary by module. If your module contains text, you can change the font, font size, font-weight, color, spacing, and a text-shadow.

You can change the background color, overlays, padding, borders, and box shadows depending on the module you choose. Number Counter's unique style option enables you to select the color of each filled and empty section.

This WordPress plugin's advanced features let you make and customize CSS IDs and classes.


Versatile elements

The BeTheme package, included with the purchase of Live Builder, contains a massive library of 600+ prebuilt websites.

You no longer have to switch between tabs to see the changes you've made in real-time.

  • Customize logos, buttons, sliders, and more in a single place
  • Define header styles to add additional icons to the header and sub-headers
  • A vast array of menu and action bar configurations
  • Define global sidebars or set them up individually
  • Customize image sizes for blogs, portfolios, and online stores
  • Customize comments, 404 error, Under Construction page, copyright, call to action, and more

You can customize everything, from colors and fonts to posts, pages, and sidebars. The numerous options and the superb organization will amaze you. Also, BeTheme customers enjoy the BeCustom add-on, making it effortless to rebrand the entire Muffin Options panel.


Visual Composer


Customizing third-party themes is one advantage Visual Composer website builder has over WPBakery.

You don't have to write a single line of code to design and launch your website. Also, the front-end editor shows you how your content appears to visitors, allowing you to publish valuable content.

Visual Composer's well-documented help system boasts many articles and instructional videos. These tutorials explain in detail the Visual Composer plugin's features for WordPress. So you can rest easy knowing you'll effortlessly learn how to use them.

The Beaver Builder


Developers and agencies appreciate Beaver Builder's white label option. You can change the builder's name and brand it as your plugin. And providing your clients with a custom builder will increase your revenue.

Pages made with the Beaver Builder plugin won't change even if the plugin is off. This is an excellent tool for adding pages to your client's website. Then after creating the pages, you can turn off the plugin without changing the data. Even better, Beaver Builder's Agency plan lets you use it on as many websites as you want.



BeBuilder understands the frustration of forgetting to save your work. Autosave and Revisions cut that frustration.

It includes the most advanced backup system with autosave and revisions features. These features allow you to save changes and revert to a previous version if necessary.

For seamless creation, copy and paste the URL of any page from our 600+ prebuilt website layouts. Then you can import your chosen layout into your website in moments!

With its lightning-fast user interface, this program builds websites that load in seconds.

BeBuilder has a well-organized toolbar. So you can edit and save changes easily because the settings and styles are all in the same tab.

The intuitive user interface simplifies everything, eliminating the challenging learning curve.


Visual Composer


Visual Composer offers five premium plans. The only difference is the number of permitted websites.

  • One website starts at $49 per year
  • Five websites cost $99 per year
  • Twenty websites are $149 per year
  • One hundred websites are $349 per year
  • One thousand websites cost $849 per year

The Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder offers three premium plans:
  • Unlimited site licenses, premium modules and templates, and one year of support and updates come with the standard $99 package.
  • Add the Beaver Builder theme, multisite support, and other perks for $199.
  • Add to the above multisite network settings and white labeling for $399.

You get a 40% discount on the following year if you sign up for auto-renewal. The plans are a little pricey. You'll need the Pro package if you want multisite compatibility and the Beaver Builder Theme. Finally, you'll need the Agency package if you want the white label option.



You get Muffin Woo Builder, Muffin Builder 3 (our backend builder), and 600+ prebuilt WordPress websites for a one-time purchase of $59. And unlimited prebuilt sections and templates are available at no extra cost.

Is this a yearly or monthly membership? Not at all! A $59 one-time fee is all that is required to access all content.

Conclusion on Visual Composer vs. Beaver Builder vs. BeBuilder

Comparing Visual Composer vs. Beaver Builder vs. BeBuilder reveals they're all professional page builders that create a great website. But BeBuilder has the advantage.

BeBuilder is part of the BeTheme family, one of the most popular WordPress themes in the world. It has already sold more than 234,000 licenses. The team is fully committed to making this the best visual builder you've used, so you can rest easy knowing that you will get real value.

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